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New Pokemon Revealed?

pokejungleAug 9, 20101 min read

This image has now surfaced from the demo~ From anonymous comment on spmb. We have what COULD BE (ie: this…

FAKE CoroCoro Scan

DaigoAug 8, 20101 min read

My good friend Kriffix has a large amount of evidence to show that this fellow above is indeed fake. Here’s…

CoroCoro Leaks (UPD1)

pokejungleAug 8, 20102 min read

Ok, finally we get them. (My computer just locked up, restarted, then got a BSOD so…

Bus Tour pics (UPD2)

pokejungleAug 7, 20101 min read

Only one new pic from the bus tour so far, and its nothing new, but I just…

Pokemon Sunday Recap (UPD3)

pokejungleAug 7, 20101 min read

Going to be revealing Gigaiasu, Caterpillar, and Mamambou next week.  We simply got information on Victini.…

Pokemon Sunday: Stream [LIVE]

pokejungleAug 7, 20101 min read

Alright guys, per usual I have embedded the stream of Pokemon Sunday for you~  This week’s episode is NOT supposed…



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