2ch Rumors I (UPD1)

We’re gonna start NUMBERING these bad boys from now on.  Since I am waaaaaaay too lazy to actually check what rumor post this is we’re gonna start from the beginning: 1.  As usual, these are most likely false and simply intended to give us food for thought and spark discussion.  Read at your own discretion :3 UPD1: As S. Masukippa pointed out I did gloss over a few minor deets.  Have updated in italics.

  • Shimama evolves into Zeboruto (Zebolt) which is an Electric/Dark pokemon
  • Darumakka evolves into Darumanki (darumonkey) which evolves into Hihidaruma [Doesn’t seem like a 3 stage pokemon IMO]
  • Kibago -> Onokkusu -> Ononokusu Which is a pure dragon line
  • One of the new pokemon seen in the video posted the other day is Meguroko’s evo.  Not sure if this is the recent Octopus/Green thing video or that brown pokemon in the entrance to the Pokemon Musical
  • OhaSuta will air a new image next Friday
  • Next month’s CoroCoro issue will focus on Doryuuzu, Desukan, Emonga, Basurao, Tabunne, Darumakka, Kurokodon Aoika, and Wakoiasu.  [Those last three are not pokemon we’ve heard of before]
  • Doryuuzu is Ground/Steel.  Its ‘Drill Liner’ attack has a base power of 95 and the shit-tastic accuracy of 85% [The rumor didn’t SPECIFICALLY say shit-tastic]
  • Desukan is Ground/Ghost.  Rumor says there is only 1 in the game and you encounter it north of Hiun City in the ‘Murai Desert‘.  Apparently there is an underground pass you must go through and Desukan blocks it.  [Sudowoodo much?]  When it’s lid is open it looks like a transparent mummy-ish ghost inside.
  • Other pokemon that they didn’t know the name of include a rabbit, purple poodle-like pokemon, parrot that looked like a grass type, an elephant, a peacock, polar bear, gourd[?], koala, psychic/water dolphin, and finally a cat with brown eyes.

These sound just as fake as most 2ch rumors, but it certainly should spark some conversation!  Psychic dolphin anyone?  The ‘gourd’ katakana has a lot of different translations so it may be something else.  Whatevs.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Really hope OhaSuta DOES show a new pokemon next week!!

  1. Wow… A gourd?

    I though Kibago would evolve into that.. but was thinking pupa-like middle stage and bug/dragon at end.

    Desukan sounds SWEET!

    Gourd? REALLY? Thats taking it too far.

    and YAY! First comment.

    1. Could the polar bear be the ice/ fight thing rumored for the new dex ?
      Ifit is it ill be cool :p

  2. Some of these just seem a little contrived. They are just trying to confirm common speculations to make them seem more real.

    1. I’ll co-sign this comment. Some things seem pretty plausible like Desukan playing Snorlax (or maybe I’m just saying that because I’d like to see the mummy inside). I’d love me a Psychic/Water Dolphin regardless.

  3. sounds pretty believable to me. Nothing too weird. I like the idea of Desukan being unique like that, but i wish he had an evo or pre-evo.

          1. It said that Battle Revolution will be included in some form and will have more Black and White footage.

  4. Please for the Shimama evo!
    The “other Pokemon they didn’t know the names of” sound like Pokemon people have been wishing for for years. A dolphin, a polar bear, a koala, a peacock.. It’d be nice if they were real, but I’m skeptical!

  5. this stuff is awesome!!!

    i may sound weird,but maybe desukaan may be like spinda,always having different apperences,but depending on the ID#,because there might be only one in the game,but i probably sound stuped,so im going to bed.

  6. I had to comment on this. Shimama evolving? YES! FINALLY RUMORS THAT ARE TRUE!!!!! THAT POKEMON NEEDS TO EVOLVE. IT CAN NOT BE ANOTHER GIRAFARIG! I love shimama and if it doesn’t evolve I will die a little inside *~*

    1. Yes I don’t want him to be a 1 stage, remove past 1’s too and have logical no-evolvers and I’ll be happy.
      Let’s go through the current known Isshu list and see what would be or will be getting an evo-
      Tsutaja- GUARANTEED
      Pokabu- GUARANTEED
      Mijumaru- GUARANTEED
      Chillarmy- Most likely
      Munna- Mushanna
      Mushanna- It may be possible
      Gear- Recommended
      Mamepato- Hatoopoo
      Hatoopoo- 50/50
      Darumakka- Hihidaruma (I hope)
      Hihidaruma- PLEASE!!
      Shimama- Rumored
      Meguroko- Most likely
      Rankurusu- I’ll be content if he does or doesn’t get an evo, but an evo would be most welcome.
      Gochiruzeru- Possible
      Koromori- Required
      Kibago- Onokusu
      Onokusu- Ononokusu
      Minezumi- Miruhoggu
      Miruhoggu- Plausible but less likely
      Wooguru- Might be a legendary but I’d prefer it to have a pre.
      Gigaiasu- Evo or pre is possible but it might not evolve.
      Emonga- My previous theory of it being a Pachirisu evo has dissipated I’m now leaning towards a split evolution with a pre connecting the two.
      Mamanbou- Not wandering off it being a Luvdisc relative.
      Shikijika- It better!
      Swanna- It would be great to have an evo.
      Moguryu- Doryuuzu (maybe there might be one betwixt those 2)
      Kurumiru- There’s no way it wouldn’t evolve.
      Desukan- Either it is a one time see or it has a pre.
      Denchura- It’s gotta have a pre.
      Basurao- It would have an evo.
      Tabunne- Most likely would evolve.
      Zorua- Zoroark
      Zoroark- I really doubt it.
      Victini- LEGENDARY
      Reshiram- LEGENDARY
      Zekrom- LEGENDARY

      1. i remember when they showed the first details of the games they said that some pokemon would evolve 4 times?!

      2. Personally I think Shikijika falls into the ‘novelty/gimmick’ pokemon category and thus most likely won’t evolve.

      3. Now let me tell you what I think your list will be
        Gear- most likley
        Hatoopoo- most likley
        Gochiruzeru- Pre-evo most likley
        Wooguru-have a pre-evo. or just no evolution. If so I’m ok with that
        Gigaiasu- Pre-evo
        Emonga- I think its another pachirisu
        Swanna- I think this is a one evolution, but if we are lucky there will be a pre-evo
        Moguryu- Doryuuzu
        Kurumiru- There’s no way it wouldn’t evolve.
        Desukan-it has a pre.
        Tabunne- Most likely would evolve. It is the buneary of this generation to me…
        So yeah almost exactly like yours. I think Ononsuku looks like a bigger four-legged yanmega

  7. I love Desukan!! And I like the idea of being unique, like Spiritomb but it was very hard to get it. -.-‘ hope for get Desukan we don’t need to do a event or something like Spiritomb. 😛

  8. Wakoiasu sounds like that fake pebble pokemon and Aoika could be that weird plant owl pokemon. I do not know Japanese so I don’t know if I am right or not, but this just happened to catch my attention.

    1. Aoika is probably the words blue(青、アオ) and squid(イカ) combined. It is a really simple name, but who knows. It’s probably that jellyfish-like pokemon we saw yesterday(well 2 days ago actually), from the demo opening.

      1. That pretty much confirms that rumor is fake because it:

        A. happened after the pokemon was revealed
        B. The name could have been made using Google Translate

  9. Hey a poodle pokemon? Then all my dogs have pokemon look-alikes
    Miniature Pinscher=Houndour
    And my poodle shall finally have a pokemon!

  10. these rumors sound…ok i guess the only one i’m getting my hopes up for is the shimama one PLEASE let it be true

  11. So I took the time to read all of these and spend time thinking about all of them from a logical standpoint with as little “OMGIWANTDATINMYGAMERIGHTNOW” behind any of my reasoning. But it’s in there… I can dream, can’t I? ;-;

    Zeboruto is really believable, Electric Dark seems kind of “out there” but given the “Wind Bolt” recoil damage thing I could definitely see him getting more sinister and tough with an evolution into a Dark Electrified Zebra. This one is very likely to be true.


    The Darumanki rumor seems false upon reading, because like PJ said, Hihidaruma doesn’t seem like a 3 stager (also, we already have a “Fire Monkey” pokemon and Hihidaruma isn’t a monkey at all… he’s a doll). But if this is true and he is a 3-stager, AWESOME. THAT GUY WILL WRECK. ENCOURAGE IS SO BROKEN, OH MY GOODNESS. :’D


    Ononokusu doesn’t seem like a pure dragon. If anything it’s a Steel Dragon… And if it’s pure dragon then whatever.


    Meguroko will not be evolving into a blue octopus, obviously. And it’s not gonna turn into a green thing. It’s gonna retain its color and I’m fairly sure it’ll be ground/dark and evolve into a bigger, beefier version of its prior self. Perhaps become Bipedal. Which would explain the image of the standing Meguroko in the musical hall screenshot.


    Aoika… Blue-ka? Bluemon? Pikablu? Fakename sounds fake as shit. And Wakoiasu reminds me of Wakoishi, so… this might just be another pebble pokemon Gigaisu-prevo trololo. I’m calling this fake, although, the next month’s CoroCoro issue BETTER FOCUS ON POKEMON WE HAVE NO DETAILS ON, INCLUDING POKEMON WE’VE NEVER SEEN. I’M TIRED OF OLD NEWS, JAPAN.


    I can see Drill Liner being that crappy, but if it’s just 85% and 95 power and no secondary effect then I’m at a loss. This could very well be real.

    On that note though, anyone else notice that MOST OF THE NEW MOVES REVEALED HAVE SHITTY ACCURACY AND OTHER NEW MOVES/ABILITIES REVEALED INCREASE THE ACCURACY OF POKEMON AND ITS TEAMATES? Double Team is going to be a thousand times more annoying this gen…


    The Desukan rumor seems REALLY idyllic/romanticized/too good to be true. I REALLY want it to play out exactly the way the rumor says it will but it probably won’t. I can see Ground Ghost and honestly, the 1-time-only encounter thing seems pretty legit. Reminds me of Spiritomb, if spiritomb was good and unique and at all interesting.


    1-10, 10 being THIS MUST BE TRUE and 1 being NO CHANCE IN HELL:

    Rabbit Pokemon? Description is lacking. Got one already but another would be cool. Like a fighting jackrabbit guy. On the fence. (4)

    Purple Poodle-like Pokemon? I could see this, more so than the rabbit guy. (5)

    Parrot that looked like a grass type? Description is specific, almost too specific. (2)

    Elephant Pokemon? Dude, that’d be awesome. Only, Phanphy/Donphan said ‘sup. (1)

    Peacock Pokemon? See “Parrot that looked like a grass type.” I could imagine a peacock pokemon, perhaps grass/flying. I think I saw a really nice fakemon Peacock a while back. I could see this. (4)

    Polar Bear Pokemon? Yes please. Ice/Fighting would be sweet. Or Ice/Totallybiteyourfackin’neck type. Probability is low but hope is high. (4)

    Gourd? Are you on crack? Although, with a Mimic-box and two Gears fused together through Pokemon sorcery some kind of water carrying device wouldn’t be that farfetch’d. In fact, Ground/Water or Rock/Water or Steel/Water would all make sense. (2)

    Koala Pokemon? I’ve seen some pretty cool fakemon Koalas, I could see a Koala pokemon, perhaps Grass/Fighting, perhaps Grass/Normal, perhaps Grass/Ground… I don’t even know. Regardless, it seems unlikely. (3)

    Psychic/Water Dolphin? Actually, this… sounds awesome and equally realistic. Echo-location for the win. (5)

    Cat with Brown Eyes? Enough cat pokemon, also, Meowth has brown eyes, as does Persian, as do a lot of other pokemon. I’m tired of shitty cats. Also, derp, this description is worse than a 4 year old’s. (1)

      1. A winner is me. 😀

        And as I’m going through these again, I completely forgot about Bluesquid. Seems Aoika is probably more real than we think. Which may or may not “confirm” pebblemonster.

  12. >>Next month’s CoroCoro issue will focus on Doryuuzu, Desukan, Emonga, Basurao, Tabunne, Darumakka, Aoika, and Wakoiasu. [Those last two are not pokemon we’ve heard of before]

    You left out Crocodon!! I just assume that’s Meguroko’s evo.
    Aoika could be blue-squid, which would be the guy from the demo. Not exactly ground breaking name, but Swanna and Gearu so, you know.
    Wakoiasu I assume is supposed to be Gigaiath’s pre-evo, but it’s a little too close to Wakoishi to be 100% believable, in my opinion.

    >>OhaSuta will air a new pokemon next week
    The rumor said they’d air a new video next Friday, not specifically a new Pokemon.

    >> Desukan is Ground/Ghost. Rumor says there is only 1 in the game and you encounter it north of Hiun City in the desert. Apparently there is an underground pass you must go through and Desukan blocks it. [Sudowoodo much?] When it’s lid is open it looks like a transparent mummy-ish ghost inside.

    It was called Murai Desert.

    >> Other pokemon that they didn’t know the name of include a rabbit, purple poodle-like pokemon, parrot that looked like a grass type, an elephant, a peacock, polar bear, gourd[?], koala, psychic/water dolphin, and finally a cat with brown eyes.

    I just assumed the poster meant a Leopard as in 豹 but there’s so many different translations who knows?
    Also, I think it was a brown cat with squinty eyes (like Brock) called something like Kyatsura.

    1. Team Plasma’s agenda: Free all the Pokemon from the Pokemon Zoo. LOL.

      Keep in mind there WAS a zoo in Fuschia City in gen 1. Pokemon Zoos aren’t unheard of (and probably aren’t too uncommon in the world of Pokemon.

  13. thank you, thank you, thank you Coro Coro for focusing on these pokemon in there next copy. i am soooooo excited!

    1. allthough i think alot of the corocoro rumors have been true. 😀
      so i could totally see them showing those pokemon. 😀

  14. I know that. but hopefully, HOPEFULLY:D, it is true(: There has been too much of fake rumors, and we need some to be true(:

  15. I WANT this gourd pokemon to be true and would hope his evo is a jack-o-lantern thing and it could be grass/ dark

  16. I’m calling bullshit only because ALL 2ch rumors have been false. Also, it’s too early to know what’s going to be in CoroCoro, so unless they work for CoroCoro, I’m calling bullshit on that, too.

    1. Not true. Seasons, double battles appearing in the wild, White having torn jeans, Professor Araragi’s name, triple battles, Team Plasma, N, and much more have all been rumored long before CoroCoro or videos have confirmed it.

    2. actualy i’d say a little more than half turn out to be fake, alot from 2ch have turned out to be true

      1. There is hope! I like alot of these rumours to be honest. At least most are believeable for a change. 😛

  17. Interesting rumours…

    Wasn’t Wakoiasu that pebble pokemon that was confirmed fake though?

    1. Kurokodon Is from crocodile and don, which is a popular suffix for big things(Hippowdon has it and the Japanese name for Hippowdon, kabarudon also has it)
      Aoika as I previously said is from “ao” meaning blue and “ika” meaning squid. prehaps referring to the jellyfish like pokemon from the demo opening
      I don’t know what wakoiasu is, probably has to do with Gigaiasu and Wakoishi( which was fake)

      1. Just a small edit, I just think thats where they’re from, kinda sounded like it was confirmed or something so just clarifying.

      2. Not only does Hippowdon have the ‘don,’ so does:
        Rhydon (Saidon)
        Rhyperior (Dosaidon – Japanese only)
        Groudon (Guraadon)
        Shieldon (English only)
        Bastiodon (English only)

        So yeah, it’s a super popular ending in Pokemon. ^^

        As far as Wakoiasu goes, the ‘iasu’ may be a corruption of ‘Earth’ again. For ‘Wako’ all I can think of is ‘wakou’ for pirates…

  18. i’m really hopeing these will be real. 😀
    they’re soo gooddd 😀

    to bad some will probably be fake DDDDDX

  19. Lez see what we have here (in order of rumour):
    ~Shimama might evolve, but into an Electric/Dark? NO, even tough the idea of Norm/Grss->Ele/Drk seems interesting, it wouldnt fit with Shimama.
    ~Hihidaruma looks nothing like a 2nd stage. I’ll bet any amounts of money (fake of course) that its a 1st stage, and Darumakka is a Baby Pokemon.
    ~If I’m correct (which I know I am), we already had a rumour that Kibago evolves into Onokuso and then Ononokuso, just that Kibago had a different name ending in -kuso. Repeated rumour? And pure Dragon does not go well with Ononokuso, as pointed out somewhere above.
    ~No way. Unless the brown thing was really big. I kinda imagine Meguroko’s line to be a 2-evolution one, similar to Hippopotas’s. And the idea of a big brown 2-legged Croc aint bad either (as also pointed out somewhere above).
    ~Those last three names dont sound too Pokemon-ey.
    ~Seems believable. Wish the shit-tastic part were true.
    ~OMG!!!Sudowoodo and Spiritomb fused?? If it were slightly different, I would believe it. Right now, only around 20% belief in its truthness.
    ~Gourd, Koala, and Dolphin seem the only likely ones to me. (Yes, I find the idea of a gourd pokemon completely realistic, innovative, and awesome)

    So it would seem that this is a whole mixture of fakes and reals. In my eyes anyway.

    Now I hunger for more……. Give me more rumours!!

      1. O damn I keeep getting confused between the two! Sorry!

        Here’s what I would rather say:

        ~Shimama evolving is not really a good idea, but making him half-dark while doing it makes it an excellent idea! I’m thinking zebra-shaped mass of dark and electric stripes.

      1. Umm.. yeah its Base Stage -> First Stage -> Second Stage. Thats how the TCG puts it, and I believe thats how its commonly used

        1. TCG is not the game though. They counted the actual fossil of Aerodactyl as a pre-evo iirc.
          And yeah they might be referred to as baby pokemon by a lot of people (including myself) but they still count as a first stage. So Darumakka is first stage (regardless of baby status or not) and (if it’s not a three stage line) Hihi will be the second stage. Babies are the first stage of life.

          But it’s all moot really considering that it doesn’t make any difference.

      1. Suspiciously similar though, wouldn’t you say? And Wakoiasu is clearly supposed to be a Gigaiasu pre-evo, due to the “su/th” suffix.

  20. I might be alone in saying this, but if Dusclops get’s an evo, then surely Banette will…

      1. That would be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet… hope it’s faster than Dusknoir, and looks just as awesome…

  21. Well now I’ll have to get that Zebra. They passed where Luxray failed.

    Also, not wanting Polar, Peacock, Leopard(act?) or Dolphin. Save them for next Gen starters. But tin Polar is probable because of Isshu’s icy terrain.

    1. It’s weird that we have a lack of ice types revealed considering that Isshu has two massive icy mountains on it’s map. Has anyone else noticed that?

        1. I do hope so! Ice types need to get some major loving! One of my favourite types. I want Ice/Fighting so bad! D:

          Besides, I don’t think it would make much point having the Snow/Ice mountains without them. It’s like the Desert not having Ground, Rock and Steel types.

          1. I heart ICE TYPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please make an Ice Gym? And Ice Pokemon Early on? PLEAAASEEEE ARCEUUUUUSS! Lol 😀

  22. Anyone else think that Kibago has no relation to Ononokusu? Think about it: Kibago is the tusk Pokemon, yes? If Kibago was related to Ononokusu, then Ononokusu would have very prominant tusks. Unless those red things on the side of his head are tusks, which they don’t look like to me.

    1. Maybe when he evolves into Ononokusu his tusks become covered by steel or they even become steel

    1. Electr/Dark? YAAAAY! I’ve been waiting for that since the Shinx line~
    2. Darumakka rumor? Fake.
    3. Yes, a pure Dragon line! \o/
    4. Mmm… I couldn’t really see the Pokémon in the video very well… :/
    5. August 27? I’m there.
    7. That sounds…pretty believable.
    8. I don’t know why it would open its lid, but okay. :3
    9. …I’ll wait to pass judgement on this one.


        1. They’re all rumours. Singling out the Dolphin in particular just seemed weird.

          Psychic/Water is at least a rare typing. It only belongs to the Slowpoke line(s), Starmie and Lugia. I don’t why it’s booooooooooooooooooo! What type would you rather have for a dolphin?

          1. Yah the psychic water typing for a dolphine actually makes some sense since dolphines are often linked to scifi things like being connectedd to space and they are said to have high intelligence bordering that on human level so I think it makes perfect sense imo…..I JUST WANT A DOLPHIN DAMMIT, I’VE BEEN WAITING TOO LONG FOR THIS SHIT!!! I’VE WANTED ONE SINCE GEN 3!! XD

  24. Pleasse my life will br nothing without Desukahn! I was kinda hoping for a tiny lil mummy prevo.
    Kibago and Ononokusu look so different, but then again so do Bagon and Salamence.
    And please let pirate octopus stay ALIVE!!!! MAKE HIM A PIRATE! ARRRRRRRGH!
    Guord is a yes, polar baear…..thank god i LOVE ice types we need so much more pure Ice types. But the grass parrot. . . .it sounds so overdone in fanart and fakemon it wud just annoy me to have to deal with it 😛

    1. Actually, they not only share the protrutions from their mouths, but they also share the pointy (lavitar-esque) part which you can find on their heads. Also, around Kibago’s neckline is the start of the armour on Ononokusu, which no doubt the middle stage would develop.

      1. Hmm the more I look at the two of them the more I want to agree. Ononokusu did use dragon pulse

  25. desukan rumor is sweet as hell even if it turns out false haha. surprised whoever it was went with rock/ghost but i guess they’re interchangeable

  26. I don’t particulary like the idea of Shimama becoming Electric/Dark. I much prefer my Electric/Flying zebra pegasus idea :p

    1. dude the gourd pokemen seems the best to me mostly then he evolve can be a jack-o-lantern thing with vines coming ot and he can be a grass/ ghost pokemon

  27. If the zebra actually evolves into a dark-type… DEFINATELY I’ll have it in my team <3

    And about Hihidaruma's prevos, I agree with you, I think there's only 1 ev for darumakka…

    PS: I want more information about burokko 🙁

      1. I would find it hilarious if he turned out to be a legendary and that’s why we haven’t seen anything of him ^^

        1. I would love it if he was a legendary, it wud be real funny but something tells me Dento will have one.

  28. Has everyone forgotten about something very very important?
    Remember on the beta anime sheets [the ones that first revealed Iris, Koromori, Kibago, and the potential Mijumaru and Tsutaaja evolutions] how there was that old man with an Umbreon? What would his role be?? Everybody seems to have forgotten about him but I’m still wondering who he might be…

  29. Oh que bien ojala sigan con rumores para que lluevan notcias porque a mi me parece que esta generacion a ido algo lenta y quiero mas pokemon, a pesar de que su pagina este en ingles me encanta porque haci sean puros rumores son interesantes…………….:-)

    1. In other words…

      “Oh that well ojala continue with rumors so that they rain notcias because to my seems me that this generacion to gone somewhat slow and I want but pokemon, in spite of the fact that their paginates this in English I love because haci be pure rumors are interesting”

      Because online translators are so damn accurate. :p

    2. I decided to take a stab at translating this so that it’s less literal and more understandable. To accomplish this, I used the original post and Hejiru’s translation (my knowledge of Spanish is not yet perfect… ^^; ). :3

      “Oh, how great! I hope that the rumors continue so that they rain news on me. It seems to me that this generation has gone somewhat slow, and I want more Pokémon. Despite the fact that this site is in English, I love it because it has been [reporting] pure rumors that are very interesting…………….:-)”


  30. *facepalm* I always think Lugia is part Water cos of some of it’s pokedex entries and the Whirl Islands. Thanks for correcting me, I wouldn’t have remembered it’s Psychic/Flying. 😛

    1. Lugia was also a Water-type Legend card in the HGSS card expansion and is also featured as a sihlouette (sp?) on the new Water-type energy cards. =_=


  31. Who else think’s that the Psychic/Water Dolphin is related to Sharpedo in someway. Maybe a Sharpedo evolution? Dark is pretty much there to weaken Psychic and they’re both Water.

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