2ch Rumors I (UPD1)

We’re gonna start NUMBERING these bad boys from now on.  Since I am waaaaaaay too lazy to actually check what rumor post this is we’re gonna start from the beginning: 1.  As usual, these are most likely false and simply intended to give us food for thought and spark discussion.  Read at your own discretion :3 UPD1: As S. Masukippa pointed out I did gloss over a few minor deets.  Have updated in italics.

  • Shimama evolves into Zeboruto (Zebolt) which is an Electric/Dark pokemon
  • Darumakka evolves into Darumanki (darumonkey) which evolves into Hihidaruma [Doesn’t seem like a 3 stage pokemon IMO]
  • Kibago -> Onokkusu -> Ononokusu Which is a pure dragon line
  • One of the new pokemon seen in the video posted the other day is Meguroko’s evo.  Not sure if this is the recent Octopus/Green thing video or that brown pokemon in the entrance to the Pokemon Musical
  • OhaSuta will air a new image next Friday
  • Next month’s CoroCoro issue will focus on Doryuuzu, Desukan, Emonga, Basurao, Tabunne, Darumakka, Kurokodon Aoika, and Wakoiasu.  [Those last three are not pokemon we’ve heard of before]
  • Doryuuzu is Ground/Steel.  Its ‘Drill Liner’ attack has a base power of 95 and the shit-tastic accuracy of 85% [The rumor didn’t SPECIFICALLY say shit-tastic]
  • Desukan is Ground/Ghost.  Rumor says there is only 1 in the game and you encounter it north of Hiun City in the ‘Murai Desert‘.  Apparently there is an underground pass you must go through and Desukan blocks it.  [Sudowoodo much?]  When it’s lid is open it looks like a transparent mummy-ish ghost inside.
  • Other pokemon that they didn’t know the name of include a rabbit, purple poodle-like pokemon, parrot that looked like a grass type, an elephant, a peacock, polar bear, gourd[?], koala, psychic/water dolphin, and finally a cat with brown eyes.

These sound just as fake as most 2ch rumors, but it certainly should spark some conversation!  Psychic dolphin anyone?  The ‘gourd’ katakana has a lot of different translations so it may be something else.  Whatevs.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Really hope OhaSuta DOES show a new pokemon next week!!