Dento Just Got Even Cooler (UPD)

Hey guys! Your loyal PJN minion ozymandis here! 😀 We’ve officially past the “one more month” mark until the release of Pokemon: Black and White! Since PJN has now officially started on the Pokemon: Best Wishes anime news, I’ve decided to give you a little news on our own mascot Dento!

The voice actor who will play Dento is none other then Mamoru Miyano! Now some of you might be going “Uh….who in the heck is that?” Well he’s a very, very famous seiyuu (Japanese voice actor) who does many, many famous characters. Most of the characters that he plays have the same personality: over-dramatic, hilarious, and flamboyant. For you anime fans out there (I know you’re out there commentors!) you’ll probably recognize him for his roles as Tamaki Suo from Ouran High Host Club or Light Yagami from Death Note. So, with this little bit of news here is a video of him playing Tamaki Suo. As you can see, over-dramatic as always 😀 (His voice is a bit deeper than most of the chracters he plays, but you get the idea.)


I think with Miyano voicing him with his over-dramatic self just confirms even more how he’ll be in the  Pokemon Musicals and hopefully that personality will cross over to the video game as well.

UPD: Iris will be voiced by Aoi Yuki. She doesn’t really have any noteworthy roles.

So with that, any opinions? Do you love the choice? Hate it? Comment down below! 😀

peace and love-ozymandis

P.S. Paul and I are trying to put together a Pokemon giveaway but we’re having trouble thinking of ideas on how to do it. 😛 So put your ideas in the comments and stay tuned to see what pokemon we’ll give away!

P.P.S Also, i tried finding a good video of of Kida Masaomi from Durarara!! because Miyano plays Kida EXACTLY how he plays Dent. But alas, i couldn’t find a video. DX So if anybody knows one please link it below!