Dento Just Got Even Cooler (UPD)

Hey guys! Your loyal PJN minion ozymandis here! 😀 We’ve officially past the “one more month” mark until the release of Pokemon: Black and White! Since PJN has now officially started on the Pokemon: Best Wishes anime news, I’ve decided to give you a little news on our own mascot Dento!

The voice actor who will play Dento is none other then Mamoru Miyano! Now some of you might be going “Uh….who in the heck is that?” Well he’s a very, very famous seiyuu (Japanese voice actor) who does many, many famous characters. Most of the characters that he plays have the same personality: over-dramatic, hilarious, and flamboyant. For you anime fans out there (I know you’re out there commentors!) you’ll probably recognize him for his roles as Tamaki Suo from Ouran High Host Club or Light Yagami from Death Note. So, with this little bit of news here is a video of him playing Tamaki Suo. As you can see, over-dramatic as always 😀 (His voice is a bit deeper than most of the chracters he plays, but you get the idea.)


I think with Miyano voicing him with his over-dramatic self just confirms even more how he’ll be in the  Pokemon Musicals and hopefully that personality will cross over to the video game as well.

UPD: Iris will be voiced by Aoi Yuki. She doesn’t really have any noteworthy roles.

So with that, any opinions? Do you love the choice? Hate it? Comment down below! 😀

peace and love-ozymandis

P.S. Paul and I are trying to put together a Pokemon giveaway but we’re having trouble thinking of ideas on how to do it. 😛 So put your ideas in the comments and stay tuned to see what pokemon we’ll give away!

P.P.S Also, i tried finding a good video of of Kida Masaomi from Durarara!! because Miyano plays Kida EXACTLY how he plays Dent. But alas, i couldn’t find a video. DX So if anybody knows one please link it below!

  1. hey everyone,i know this dosent deal with the update,but i need an opinion on my HG evd trained pokemon team

    septile(treeko’s last evo),lv 100,rash natured
    blazikan,lv 100,lax natured
    lugia,lv 82,modest natured
    wobbefet,lv 43,relaxed nature
    rayaquaza,lv 100,lax natured
    and my brand new darkrai,lv 53,timid natured

    now in my opinion,dento is cool,but i hear some people say he’s gay,i dont know why

    1. dont use legendary pokemon, that does not make a good or cool trainer, it makes u weak, if u r a god trainer, u should choose ur pokemon and ev train them well, not just use legendary.

  2. thatz cool maybe for the giveaway u have to come up wit a thing that would be dents signature (i.e. how brock is always hitting on girls)

  3. Can i just say i LOVE ouran high school host club?! and that i’m most likely going to LOVE dento?!

    1. that show was the funniest thing EVER. 😀
      i think one of the only shows that actually made me laugh out loud. xD

      1. from were did find it, i mean japanese?with eng sub?! i searchedall the net without finding these episodes

    1. Lol. That scene in Death Note with the music and edgy shots made eating a potato chip the most epic thing ever. xD

  4. Omigod! Wow…Now I think Dento is amazing. I loved Death Note. I loved Ouran High School Host Club. I loved Durarara. I loved all the characters that Miyano played in those animes!

    1. i love you for loving all of them, ’cause i did to. 😀

      i’m such a kida fan boy. xDD

    1. Yes lol. I commented “I like Reshiram’s penis, it’s my favorite part.” but they censored it ;_;

      Nothing to see though really… I mean… it’s not even a shadow of a pokemon.

      1. LOL! Well I can sort of understand why they would have censored it. I saw your comment btw and the edit they made. hahahaha so funny!

    2. xDD
      niceeee paul XP

      and that picture makes me mad D<
      can't even talk about it if it doesn't even show a single part of it. DD:<

  5. Dento=Meh. Never really cared for any anime characters.

    The idea for a Pokemon give-away event could be based on Mossy. I usually see that as the mascot of the site, seeming that it’s there when I open the page.
    But what moves :/

        1. Just listen to his voice.

          …if thats not Miyano voice then I don’t know who else it could be ><

          1. I still hear a bit of Saigar in him. My initial thought was Saiga Mitsuki from the first trailer shown.

            It could be a newcomer. It could be Okamoto Nobuhiko (…because that guy is fucking talented). It could be anyone, we don’t know for sure.

            If Dent is voiced by Mamo then Iris is surely voiced by Yuuki Aoi. >>

        2. what they said.
          his voice IS miyano’s voice.
          it’s also been added to his wikipedia and he’s apparently confirmed it on his twitter.

  6. Personally, I don’t think it matters who voices him and I don’t think it can be used to determine his character’s personality and mannerisms – I don’t think you can use who this person has voiced in the past to accurately determine what Dento is going to be like – voice actors/actresses and even regular actors/actresses are always seeking new opportunities that are different from previous roles as a way of expanding themselves and, especially, to prevent them from being type-cast.

    1. yes, that’s why miyano always usually is hired for one of two roles.
      1. super serious serial killer type. (light from death note)
      2. fun-loving overdramatic (kida from DRRR!! and tamaki from OHHC)

      he’s known for doing this and as that we’ve allready seen a video of dento i’s pretty mcuh what it is.

      1. But how can you say that Dento is going to be like that? Has that person ever voiced any characters that aren’t in one of those two categories? Even so, that doesn’t mean that Dento will definitely be one of those two either – as said previously, (voice) actors/tresses are always seeking new roles to expand themselves and to show that they are more than what they’re usually cast as – I know this example is a bit different, but the principle is the same – Sandra Bullock is usually cast in highly stereotypical family comedies, but it doesn’t stop her doing darker films (Premonition), really gritty films (28 Days) or more powerful dramatic films (The Blind Side) – she is, like most actors/tresses (even voice actors/tresses), constantly re-inventing herself to give herself the best acting opportunities possible.

        There is also another point to consider – all we know of Dento is his voice actor and a really short clip that has very little context. Thinking on it, anyone could really mis-interperet any character because of this. Example:

        Take a very short clip of Ash/Satoshi during the Wallace Cup of him performing with Buizel. The right clip coupled with some of the people Rica Matsumoto has voiced in the passed – Aoi Futaba from You’re Under Arrest anime (a male crossdressing police officer); Jim Hawking from Outlaw Star (a young boy genius); in Pretty Sammy and Perfect blue she played mothers with a flare for singing and karaoke; not to mention she also provided voices for some English films translated into Japanese, voicing Bridget Jones from Bridget Jones’ Diary and Flounder from the Little Mermaid – to get back to my point, couple these roles with a short clip of Ash/Satoshi performing in the Wallace Cup and you could easily get the completely wrong idea about his character.

        I’m just saying, yes, you may be right, but I don’t think everyone should just jump straight on-board this and accept it at face value when it’s still completely wide open.

        1. We’ve already seen some clips of Dent though so we have an idea of his character. Have you not seen them?

          “It’s tasting time!”
          “That there request of yours, I shall grant it!’ (Admittedly this one was always neglected to be translated since none of the CM subtitlers were able to pick it up)
          Also the commercial describes his style as being “Super Beautiful”

          Therefore we already kind of know that he’s the latter of the two standard characters that Miyano tends to play.

          1. ahahah thank you for explaining kriff. xD

            but ya pretty much what he said. All of the clips that have been shown of him are very over the top and somewhat flamboyant. XP

            for some reason i laughed when the subtitle said “tottemo byuutafuru!” xDD

          2. Beyond “super beautiful”, neither of those two phrases provide an accurate look at his character because they are out of context – we don’t know why he’s saying those things or who he is saying them to – how does “it’s tasting time” lead you to him being that type of character? The other phrase only says that he is polite and well-spoken, an attribute that could be given to Brock/Takeshi and Dawn/Hikari aswell – they don’t give any indication that he is fun-loving, overdramatic or participating in Pokémon Musicals.

            I’m not saying your wrong, his character could well-be like what you’re all saying, but I don’t understand how you are jumping to those conclusions and completely ignoring all other evidence that suggests he may not be that type of character – my point is, we have very little information, I wouldn’t sell myself on this at this point because all we have are two lines of his, some very short clips, all of which we don’t know what is happening either side (out of context) and thereby can’t really base anything on them because those phrases and clips could, in theory, by a whole host of different conversations, actions and areas that we’re not seeing until the episode actually airs – it’s kinda the whole point of teasers like this – to keep everyone guessing and to keep everyone open-minded.

            And, on that note, I think that, yes, maybe your are right, but I think everyone should keep an open mind because your case for “yes, he is definitely this type of character” is not a strong one.

        2. *This message is aimed at the one you posted after the one above. (there was no room beneath)*

          You’re fighting a lost cause with this my friend.

          On the Japanese website he is described as classy, with a wealth of knowledge on Pokemon and their type-matching and being good at cooking. He is is a waiter and has a host-esque charm about him.

          君のその望み、叶えてあげる!”That wish of yours, I shall grant it!”
          This is by no means a standard way of saying this. It’s very flashy and dramatic. Japanese has a lot of “Quirky” bits that tell you a lot about the person talking, even from just a sentence or too. An English translation can never catch these nuances.

          Please give us translators a bit more credit in future.

          1. also not to mention him sayin’ “it’s tasting time!” in english.
            japanese usually say things in english for emphasis or for dramatic reasons, i mean he oculd’ve said it in japanese. 😀

            i see where you’re coming from dude, i mean you could be just as right as well, so let’s just end it here and see for or selves in a month. 😀

      2. Replace the first with deadpan. Only Light counts there while he voices three deadpan bishies in my knowledge.

          1. やぁ、Ozy!(^0^)


  7. Miyano is one of my all time favourite Seiyuu.

    When I heard Dent’s voice on the CM I thought it might be Jun Fukuyama! To think that it turned out to be Miyano…wow. I’ve always thought their voices to be similar though.

        1. Always a possibility. But we’ve got a poison/bug spider.

          And why would they add the pre-fix for electricity and not have it be that type?

          It’s like if the English name was “Electrantula” it would make no sense for it to be bug/poison. (I know the name is too long, btw. It’s just an example.)

    1. Wow… What do you think he would do with a big ____ on a kids show? and if he was gay, they would probably censor/change/not show it because there are too many haters in America! >.<

      1. well i don’t think even on japanese TV they’d have him come out and be all like “i’m gay. and i want you ash.” people usually asume on how they talk. 😀
        when we get to see him in a full ep we’ll be able to tell. 😀

        but hopefully he won’t be girl crazy like brock that would just ruin it for me. DX

        speakin’ of america really needs to get over the whole gay thing. ==’
        i mean if a person’s gay, he/she is gay.
        big fuckin’ whoop.
        it’d be good for the world to have an openly gay cartoon character.

        1. Amen, amen, amen. XD

          I think it’d be fun if he were open about it. I mean, kids are supposed to LEARN from kid’s show, right? Great opportunity for some (finally) positive press. However, most likely they’ll smother every possible sign of it. =.=

      1. There really isnt anything wrong with a gay person on the show, like there isnt anythiing wrong with a bloack person on the show. They can’t help it. Straight people are just as promiscuous as gay ppl (BROCK) so having a homosexual character should not provide a problem IM LOOKING AT YOU UNITED STATES.
        Im also straight btw.

    1. ahaha i know him for it. 😀
      but i think tamaki and kida showcased what he’d be like as dento the best and used light as an exmaple how big he is and how serious he can be.
      allthough Ling Yao from FMA brotherhood is prety funny. xD
      and death the kid in soul eater *_*

  8. Oh La Voz De Dento es muy buena suena muy graciosa, GENIAL , 1000 gracias por las noticias pokejungle son los primeros en todo………esta es mi pagina favorita 😎


        nico: “Oh, the voice of Dento is very good it sounds very funny, NICE, 1000 thanks for the news pokejungle they’re the first in all………this is my favorite page 8)

        MA: “This is astonishing! But, why are you writing in Spanish?”


    1. ahahah that took a while for me to figure out what you were sayin’ xD

      but you’re welcome!
      come back anytime! 😀

  9. This single trailer makes me want to start watching the anime again after seven years.

    I love flamboyant characters like Tamaki and Kida, so I know I’ll like Dento. :’D
    And Iris looks very tsundere, so she’ll be fun to watch too. (Even though I still can’t get over that crazy hair)

  10. Giveaway:
    PokéSav a Lv.15 Chikorita named Mossy and:
    a.) Post the PokéSav download, or
    b.) Make a whole bunch, have people post/PM their FCs, and trade the Chikoritas to them.

  11. LIGHT YAGAMI’S SEIYUU IS VOICING DENTO!? O.O *faints* I’m gonna watch this season now…

  12. AAAAAAAAAH! How could I forget??? Miyano is the Japanese voice for Riku in the Kingdom Hearts games! D:


  13. I forgot to mention: that video you posted made me watch the first episode of Ouran High School Host Club. And then the next four after it.

    I hope you’re happy, ozy. >3>


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