PSA: Ad Placement Change

Some of you who don’t block ads may notice that I’ve moved the ad from the sidebar to the top of the page under the banner.  I’m experimenting with ad placement in relation to clicks and whatnot.  Unfortunately ads are a necessary evil because PJN, MMC, and Smeargle cost around $170 to host and I am not swimming in money with my day job @ McDonald’s (but I’m putting in my two weeks today w00t w00t).

Just wanted to apologize for the ad but kind of explain why it’s there 🙁  PJN remained ad-free for most of its existence, but eventually I had to cave because asking for donations really doesn’t get you any money and that can be just as annoying as seeing an ad on the page.  So… forgive me?  Please?

<3 pokejungle

ps- You’ll notice that I do NOT place ads to “Pre-Order Black/White” like some sites do.  I do not believe people should be encouraged to pre-order if they do not have a high level of Japanese reading skill.  I would warn against buying the Japanese version because it may not turn out to be as fun as you think it will when you don’t understand anything 😡

pps- Oh and to make this slightly less boring… ask me a question in comments and I’ll try to reply to you 😀  Keep it appropriate :>