PSA: Ad Placement Change

Some of you who don’t block ads may notice that I’ve moved the ad from the sidebar to the top of the page under the banner.  I’m experimenting with ad placement in relation to clicks and whatnot.  Unfortunately ads are a necessary evil because PJN, MMC, and Smeargle cost around $170 to host and I am not swimming in money with my day job @ McDonald’s (but I’m putting in my two weeks today w00t w00t).

Just wanted to apologize for the ad but kind of explain why it’s there 🙁  PJN remained ad-free for most of its existence, but eventually I had to cave because asking for donations really doesn’t get you any money and that can be just as annoying as seeing an ad on the page.  So… forgive me?  Please?

<3 pokejungle

ps- You’ll notice that I do NOT place ads to “Pre-Order Black/White” like some sites do.  I do not believe people should be encouraged to pre-order if they do not have a high level of Japanese reading skill.  I would warn against buying the Japanese version because it may not turn out to be as fun as you think it will when you don’t understand anything 😡

pps- Oh and to make this slightly less boring… ask me a question in comments and I’ll try to reply to you 😀  Keep it appropriate :>

      1. English expression… it means fair enough… I am agreeing with your decision to use ads to raise money… the PJ bit may have been a bit much though lol

        1. That’s what I thought xD But then again I was like ‘what if he’s saying something like play fair PJ?’

          1. haha… I see… probably should’ve kept the regional slang to myself and made it more obvious 🙂

  1. i understand about the BW PRE-order,but,i got soulsilver in japanise from ebay,and i couldnt read much,but it was a hell of fun,great thing,so,i would pre-order,maybe

    also,i heard pokemon sunday may reveal a new pokemon today,but may be wrong

    also,♪22’s and my man-boobs!!

    1. …a year. I didn’t specify because I was being a drama queen, but it’s still lame to have to pay it out of my wallet 🙁 I’m sure PokeBeach is more expensive. Serebii has all his costs paid by adsense.

  2. Those ads that you have are fine. It’s the new video ads I hate the most. The sites that have video ads that you can’t pause or turn the sound down on.

    Or even the Pop-up ones that you can’t close.
    Question about the ads though. Do you get paid just for having it on the site? Do you get paid by people clicking on them?

    1. 1) I will NEVER put ads with sound OR pop-ups. If it annoys me I assume that it annoys you.

      2) AdSense is Pay Per Click (PPC). Pretty lame. Web ads should be like TV commercials where you get paid just for having them there. I’m thinking about starting my own ad network.

  3. just a question, why does it take nintendo about 7 months to make an eng version of the games?inventing eng pokemon names and translating the game needs 7 months?! or what?

  4. PJ if you see this I love your site soo much and I like it how you are open about your opinions :3

    1. Umm right now I have on HeartGold: Mareep, Kingdra, Chikorita, Magmortar, Togekiss, and my HM slave Raticate (named Hemlock after my IRL pet rat). That’s obv not a competitive team… just my in-game team :3 Training for the E4 right now so I can explore KANTO!

      1. That’s a coincidence, because my HG team consists of Meganium, Ampharos, Kingdra, Granbull, Forretress, and Xatu. Half of our team is the same.

        I’m glad you brought the site back, I was a fan back in the days leading up to Diamond/Pearl. It’s even better now, keep up the good work!

        1. Forretress sounds fun to play with, didn’t want the 4x fire weakness though >< Xatu's a creative choice as well

          Always good to see some of the few people who knew my site in the D/P release era come back <3

  5. WHAT!?!??!?!?!!!???!!?!!!!!!!!ONE!??!???!??!QUESTIONMAREXPLANATIONPOINT!
    How dare you call paul a bitch he is a nice guy and you have no right to…
    Oh… right… Sorry.
    Wow… i do need to calm myself.
    But really, I dont see anything wrong with ads. i had to put them on my buisnesses website. sometimes it advertises the competition… So many things wrong with that…
    Okay for your question: What is your favorite thing about Black and White so Far?

  6. my team has a secptile,blazikan,rayaquaza,darkrai,wobuffet,and lugia.i know,lot of legends,but im useing some of my favorite pokemon.if anyone wants to battle,my fc is 5156 5417 9344

  7. Any question~?

    What are your thoughts on whether Mamanbou is truly a Luvdisc evo or not?

    I think a lot of people think it’s even out of the question to doubt this. But personally I’m thinking theres a very good chance it’s not.

    How about you? :3 (and anyone else for that matter!)

    1. Ohhhhhh. Tough one. I dunno. I felt that kricketot was a prevo of volbeat/illumise but BAM it wasn’t. Mamambou could be an equally confusing not-related-but-looks-similar pokemon.

      1. i think its a bit rediculous if it isnt an evo
        like we needa another stoopid heart-shaped pink fish without the one we already have sucking as much as it does
        but theres always that possibility i wont rule it out but jeezuz

        1. I say that it’s not related to Luvdisc. After seeing the animation where the fins hug the body and after watching that anime clip with the gang of Mamanbou, I think it’s out of the question.

  8. Which pokemon are you most looking forward to in Black/White?

    And I block ads anyway, so i wouldn’t care if you have 200 ads on the front page xD


  9. I’ll make sure to click an add every day then 🙂
    And I’ve pre-ordered White and I can’t understand much japanese beyond a few words… 😀
    But I managed to mostly get through Diamond fine when I didn’t know any, so here’s hoping?
    Worst case scenario I’ll look online xP. Could be useful to have a post on what areas non-japanese reading(or little in my case) importers may need help with, such as the psyducks in D/P, for example. Like, When X happens, do this.
    Just an idea that would certainly help me, but by no means necissary.
    Keep up the good work!
    *clicks add*

  10. May I suggest ProjectWonderful instead of AdSense? They pay by auction*, not click through. The ads tend not to suck either.

    *People bid on placing ads on your site at hourly rates.

  11. its great to go to a site where someone actually seems to care about u. i dont care if theres ads but that you would actually apologize about it is amazing just because of the interaction and the caring that you give to your readers is what makes me check this site 20 times a day and serebii about once. i love the site and youre doing a great job. keep it up!

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