English trailer released for Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution

A trailer has been revealed for Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, the CGI remake of the very first Pokémon film. The film was first released in Japan last year. It will be available to stream on Netflix starting February 27, at least in the US. Let us know if you’re excited to see the movie or … Read more

Pokémon Games that Need Live-Action Adaptions

With the success of the Detective Pikachu movie this year, a door has been opened that can never be closed. Nintendo has just joined the likes of Sega and Disney with its own line of live-action movie adaptions. This is very exciting when you think of all the properties that Nintendo owns. If they can … Read more

Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Impressions

Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution has just finished its opening weekend here in Japan and the theater was filled to the brim with Pokémon fans, both young and old.  This isn’t so much a review of the movie, rather a write-up of my personal thoughts, feelings, and observations about the movie. Let’s begin! The Looks The movie is … Read more