Introducing Merch by PokéJungle

We know all of our readers have excellent taste. You’re on our site, of course you do. Today I’m incredibly proud to announce the launch of our  latest project: Merch by PokéJungle! But I know what you’re thinking…  Merchandise?  By PokéJungle?  What? This project has been in planning for what seems like years, but today I’m … Read more

Looking for Writers, 2019 Edition

We’re looking for people to help write articles for the site! Ever wanted to have your Pokémon thoughts, theories or ideas read by thousands of people? We need you! Primarily we’re looking for people who can do one or more of the following: Write a weekly column (competitive scene, TCG, etc) Write guides (new or … Read more

Share Pokémon Images, Videos & Polls on PokéJungle!

Ready for something exciting? We’ve finally rolled out our community features! We want Pokémon fans to share the images and videos they love right from our site! Our homepage now includes not only the latest news from us, but also what’s been shared by our readers. You can even ask what others think with custom … Read more

Merry Christmas: 2018

It’s that time of the year again! A magical time when family and friends come together to enjoy the festivities and give each other gifts. Not everyone may celebrate Christmas necessarily, but we can all appreciate the holiday cheer! We here at PokéJungle wish you the best of holidays this year and hope you get to … Read more