Play the PokéJungle puzzle at PokeDoku! Plus an interview with their team

PokeDoku is a relatively new website that offers a daily puzzle for Pokémon fans to complete and is somewhat similar to a sudoku puzzle. Today is a special puzzle in which the categories were all chosen by me! So please let me know what you think and you’ll be able to see my personal answers once you complete the puzzle!

The image above shows the puzzle, but you’ll have to put your answers in over on the PokeDoku website!

In addition to seeing my answers, you can also see the most popular choices for each square too, which is a fun way to see what other fans were thinking.

An interview with the PokeDoku team

I thought it would be fun for our readers to learn a little bit more about the people behind PokeDoku, so I asked them to answer a few questions for us.

What inspired you to create PokeDoku?

What inspired us to make the website is a great question. I am a really huge hockey fan and when I first found out about Immaculate Grid, for those who don’t know it’s PokeDoku but instead of Pokémon the answers are Baseball players, I was super upset that there wasn’t a hockey version. I looked everywhere but to no avail. Half joking half serious, I sent Ryan the link to Immaculate Grid asking him how hard it would be to make a hockey version of this game. Being the computer wizard that he is, he says “shouldn’t be that hard”.

We don’t even have time to pursue this idea further because BOOM Puckdoku (Immaculate Grid but with hockey) comes out a couple days later. Didn’t stop there either, Crossover Grid came out which featured multiple sports including hockey then Immaculate Grid added hockey and about every other sport. We weren’t too serious about the idea so we weren’t upset. Honestly, I was just happy someone finally made a hockey version! Naturally as the hockey nerd I am, I started playing all of these grid games every morning.

One day while playing I randomly thought, “hey, a Pokémon version of this game would be so fun!”, so I shot Ryan another text and this time I was fully serious. Luckily, so was he. I did my research and saw that no one has made a Sudoku Grid style Pokémon game yet so we both got serious about it and made our dreams a reality.

How many people are working on the website?

We are only a team of two. My name is Joe and I run the website from a marketing perspective. I run all the PokeDoku social media accounts. Ryan is our software engineer. He made the whole website by himself. I make sure people play our game and Ryan makes sure it continues being the best game possible for our fans.  

Are there any future feature additions or improvements you’d feel comfortable sharing?

Some features we plan on implementing eventually are: 

  • A user system to better track solutions and streaks
  • Solution leaderboards
  • Puzzle histories
  • More enriched puzzle categories

We are planning to add a lot more than just this but without giving away too much, those are a few updates you will see added in the near future. 

When did you first start playing or getting interested in Pokémon?

I’ve played Pokémon all my life. My Dad always tells me about how he would just say a number 1-151 and I would tell him what Pokémon it was. Fun fact, I can not do that now haha. I’ve played about every single Pokémon game, maybe missing some of the spin offs. I’ve never gotten into the competitive aspect of the game. I’ve always used Pokémon as a way to relax. My goal in those games is always, as cliche as it might sound, to “catch ‘em all!” 

What’s your favorite Pokémon and game in the series?

Favorite Pokémon is such a hard question. I’m not even sure I can give you a definite answer. I had a stuffed Charmander growing up that I loved so Charmander has gotta be up there. I also really loved Politoed which I think originated from watching the show. Buttt if I had to dial it down to one Pokémon, I think my favorite is Piplup. I loved the Diamond & Pearl games. As a kid, I went to the Pokémon Center in NYC to get Diamond the day it released. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share with fans about PokeDoku?

Ryan and I have both been so blown away at how amazing the Pokémon community has been. Everyone has welcomed us in with open arms. Our fans have been so supportive. We’ve made some great friends already like PokéJungle. Overall we can’t thank our fans and followers enough. We can’t wait to keep expanding on our game to give everyone the best game we can possibly produce. Love ya’ll ♥ And remember Gotta Solve ‘Em All!

Our socials are:

And you can find our game at

We really appreciate the PokeDoku team reaching out to us to do this collab and it was a blast putting the puzzle together. Sorry if any of you got stumped! Let us know your score in the comments and don’t forget to also join our Discord server!