New Pokémon Concierge episodes are in production

Pokémon has announced that new episodes of the stop-motion animated series Pokémon Concierge are now in production! This should please many fans who liked watching Haru’s story of helping at a Pokémon resort. Right now there’s no scheduled release date for these new episodes that are being produced but we will keep you updated with … Read more

First Trailer for Pokémon Drama PokéTsume Released

You may or may not have missed it, but TV Tokyo and The Pokémon Company have teamed up to create a live action Pokémon drama, and the first trailer has just been released. PokéTsume (literal translation: Fill Your Pocket With Adventure) follows the story of Madoka Akagi who followed her dream to Tokyo and started … Read more

Behind-the-scenes look at upcoming series Pokémon Concierge

Netflix has posted a short behind-the-scenes look at their upcoming series Pokémon Concierge. Voice actress of the human protagonist Haru, Rena Nōnen (known professionally as Non), visits the studio where the stop-motion production takes place and gives us a look behind the curtains. You can watch in the embedded YouTube video below. When will Pokémon … Read more

Live-action Pokémon series reportedly in development for Netflix

Entertainment publication Variety reports that a live-action Pokémon series is in the works for Netflix. Lucifer-producer Joe Henderson is apparently attached to the project and will serve as its writer and executive producer. No further details are known, but we’re certainly excited to hear more! The Detective Pikachu movie certainly gave fans a new take … Read more

New Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION Reveals CGI Ash & Co

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming film Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION and it gives us our first look at CGI Ash, Misty, Brock… and even Nurse Joy! The film will debut in Japan on July 12 in theaters. Watch it below: We know these new designs may be a bit controversial, so we want to … Read more

First Trailer for Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION [LIVE]

The first trailer for the upcoming Pokémon film Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION will be premiering at midnight, just hours away from this article’s posting. You can watch live from the tweet we’ve embedded below which is counting down to the release. The title of the article will be updated when the trailer is finally live!