September Giveaway: Skeledirge plushie

Hope you’re ready to get fired up for another Pokémon giveaway! Our friends at Nin-Nin-Game, an online store where you can buy authentic Japanese goods and have them shipped to almost anywhere in the world, have supplied a scorching prize for September: a Skeledirge plushie! September’s prize from Nin-Nin-Game One lucky winner will receive a … Read more

September Giveaway: Floragato plushie giveaway

The adorable partner Pokémon Sprigatito evolves into the more mature Floragato who uses its hard flower bud to lash out at enemies, and this month we’re celebrating this fearsome feline Pokémon in our giveaway with Meccha Japan! Learn how to win below! September’s prize from Meccha Japan One lucky winner will receive a Floragato plushie … Read more

August Giveaway: Sleeping Pikachu plushie

Trainers need proper sleep if they’re going to become the very best and we’re giving away a sleeping Pikachu thanks to our friends at Nin-Nin Game! Learn how you can win this adorable snoozing plushie, who can be a friend for your Pokémon Sleep adventures, below. August’s prize from Nin-Nin Game One lucky winner will … Read more

August Giveaway: Sleeping Chikorita plushie

The Chikorita may be sleeping but you’ll want to stay awake for this giveaway! Our friends at Meccha Japan have generously supplied a plushie for us to give to one of you! I have also purchased one for myself and you can see it in our YouTube Short below! August’s prize from Meccha Japan One … Read more

July Giveaway: Win a Premium Bandai Gengar plushie!

Summer spookiness is back with a second Gengar plushie giveaway with Nin-Nin Game! Their online store allows people to buy authentic Japanese goods from overseas and they’ve generously given us this prize that one of you can win! July’s prize from Nin-Nin Game The prize this month is a Gengar PC plushie from Premium Bandai! … Read more

July Giveaway: Win a Jirachi plushie and card sleeves!

Tanabata, also known as the Star Festival, was recently celebrated in Japan on July 7 and, since Jirachi is commonly associated with it, we’re celebrating with a Jirachi giveaway! Our prize this was generously provided by Meccha Japan, an online store that allows fans worldwide to purchase Pokémon merchandise. July’s prize from Meccha Japan One … Read more