Pokémon UNITE

Fast facts

  • Release date:
    • July 21, 2021 (Nintendo Switch)
    • September 2021 (Android, iOS)
  • Developer: TiMi Studios
  • Console: Nintendo Switch, Mobile (Android, iOS)
  • Players: 1-10
  • Official Site

Pokémon UNITE is a multi-player online battle arena (MOBA) game with similarities to other popular titles in the genre such as League of Legends. Instead of a roster of heroes, players take control of a Pokémon and face off in 5-v-5 battles.

What sets UNITE apart is its focus on scoring goals instead of destroying towers and lack of minions that continually push their lanes. Instead, players must defeat their opponents and wild Pokémon in order to gain XP and level up, all the while gathering Aeos energy into the opposing team’s goal zones.

Just like the main RPG series, Pokémon can be equipped with held items and players can also use other items, such as potions, during battle.

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