Flying-Type Eevee Evolution: Making Sense of the Evidence

The possibility of Eevee getting a Flying-type evolution has been generating a great deal of buzz within the Pokémon community for several weeks now, and will good reason. Anime Hints: In the first trailer for the upcoming movie Pokémon: Everyone’s Story, we see a young trainer holding her Pokéball up to the sky. The significance of … Read more

CoroCoro Reveals Ultra-Cool New Outfits for Ash & Co

The February issue of popular children’s comic magazine CoroCoro has begun leaking and, while lacking in game-related news so far, has shown off some tantalizing hints that the anime is headed towards facing threats from Ultra Space! As you can see to the right, Ash and his cohorts all are wearing special suits and each … Read more

First Pokémon the Movie 2018 Trailer Released

The trailer for next year’s Pokémon movie has been officially released on YouTube after airing earlier this morning on Japanese television. It has revealed that they are partnering with OLM and that it features a slightly new look for the anime.

Has it gotten you pumped for its release next year?!

Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You Trailer Released

Along with ticket pre-orders going live on Fathom Event’s website, the English trailer for Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You has just been posted on YouTube! The film is in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the animated series, and its plot draws from elements of the series’ birth. It also stars the legendary Pokémon Marshadow … Read more

First Trailer for Misty & Brock’s Return to Pokémon Anime

A Japanese children’s TV show has aired the first footage of the upcoming Pokémon anime episode which will see Ash, Brock and Misty reunited in the Alola region. The two special episodes will air in Japan on September 14th and 21st! Highlights include: Several flashbacks to the original Kanto and Johto saga The return of … Read more

Brock & Misty To Make Anime Comeback

Anime fans rejoice! After several years of absence Brock and Misty are making a (brief) return to the Pokémon anime! Monthly Japanese manga magazine, Televi-Kun, has confirmed in their latest issue that on September 14th and 21st the original trio will be reuniting for two special episodes! In the episodes Ash & Pikachu will briefly … Read more