First Trailer for Pokémon Drama PokéTsume Released

You may or may not have missed it, but TV Tokyo and The Pokémon Company have teamed up to create a live action Pokémon drama, and the first trailer has just been released.

PokéTsume (literal translation: Fill Your Pocket With Adventure) follows the story of Madoka Akagi who followed her dream to Tokyo and started working for an advertising agency. Realising Tokyo isn’t quite the sparkling lifestyle it was made out to be, she finds solace in a package sent from her mother containing her GameBoy and copy of Pokémon Red. Valuable lessons in life start to unfold as Madoka plays the game again for the first time in 20 years.

Characters in the drama appear to have Pokémon assigned to them based on traits. For example one of Madoka’s coworkers is close to burnout similar to Charmander, her “useless” coworker is mentioned as Magikarp, and more!

PokéTsume Trailer

The trailer is currently unavailable on YouTube, you can watch it on Twitter below. We’ll update with the YouTube version when available!

PokéTsume is set to start airing October 19th in Japan, on TV Tokyo. It’s currently unknown if there are plans to bring the show to a western audience, but if anything is announced we’ll keep fans up to date!

What are you thoughts on the first live-action Pokémon TV series? Let us know in the comments or take the discussion to our Discord server! Might not be what fans expected but definitely looks like an interesting concept!