Share Pokémon Images, Videos & Polls on PokéJungle!

Ready for something exciting? We’ve finally rolled out our community features! We want Pokémon fans to share the images and videos they love right from our site! Our homepage now includes not only the latest news from us, but also what’s been shared by our readers. You can even ask what others think with custom polls.

How to share on PokéJungle

Getting started is easy—just hit the create button on the menu bar.

From there you’ll need to choose what you want to share. If it’s a meme, GIF or other image, choose Image. If it’s a YouTube video, pick Video! If you want to ask something, hit Poll!

You’ll then need to login or register. Since we use Disqus for the comments, this will be a different account than the one you use to write underneath articles. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you’ve been a longtime PokéJungle reader you may already have an account! Forgot the password? There’s a link to reset it on the login pop-up!

Creating a post isn’t hard. Give it a title, add a description and then hit ‘Submit’! All posts are held for moderation before they are approved to make sure they’re appropriate.

You can also contribute to the community by voting on submitted videos, images and polls! See below

Suggestions for what to share

Love a PokéTuber’s video? Share it! Find a funny meme? Share it! The only requirement is that it must be Pokémon-related. Have an image or a video that you made yourself? Feel free to share! We have no rules against submitting your own creations. Fan art may become moderated if it starts to overwhelm other kinds of content, however.

Let us know if you have any ideas for further additions to the community side of the site! You can check out what’s being shared on the front page or from the Community page! Have fun!