Introducing Merch by PokéJungle

We know all of our readers have excellent taste. You’re on our site, of course you do. Today I’m incredibly proud to announce the launch of our  latest project: Merch by PokéJungle! But I know what you’re thinking… 


By PokéJungle? 


This project has been in planning for what seems like years, but today I’m finally happy to open up the virtual doors to our store for everyone! Merch by PokéJungle is essentially an online store full of PokéJungle goodies we think our fans would like to have as part of their collection. Initially we will open with a launch line-up, but further products and designs will be added to the store shortly. We can’t give you too much awesomeness at once! 

I have had the pleasure of working with Paul on PokéJungle for almost 9 years now and I have constantly tried to make everything we publish on the site look beautiful and unique. Our new merchandise is a chance for me personally and the site as a whole to give a little bit of creativity directly to our fans.

All of the products we currently sell and plan to in the future have original designs or artwork that we believe showcases everything that makes PokéJungle truly unique, but also feature flairs of inspiration drawn from the things we all love and care about: Pokémon. Plus, we want to make you stand out like a true champ amongst your friends. 

Without further delay here’s a look at the launch line-up with a brief summary of inspiration and where you can purchase them from:

You may be familiar with this design if you frequent our streams on Twitch or pay attention to the site theme updates we frequently push out (in fact it’s up on the site now!)

The most prominent part of this design is the Japanese katakana that reads PokéJungle, something I chose as Japan holds a sense of wonderment for many of our readers and obviously it looks pretty cool, right? I also included a few other bits of iconography in the design, signalling back to Pokémon and of course the Sewaddle head – our site mascot. Me and Paul have also had bit of a soft spot for early 90s design lately and this design has some huge 90s vibes.

This design was mostly created as something I thought looked cool, but took a lot of inspiration from, you guessed it: Japan. Or at least current design trends I see around Tokyo. It also works pretty well with the Sewaddle head. Green is the colour of PokéJungle, but the bright pink in this design is something I picked to represent the flamboyancy we all hide deep inside ourselves, afraid to truly let free. Just kidding, hot pink looks… hot, so I picked it. Look out for this design featured on more products soon!


We’ve got a lot of fun and exciting things lined up for our store and we can’t wait to share them all with you very soon. For now though, here’s a little tease of some of the things I’ve been working on…

As with almost everything we do here at PokéJungle this is a project we created for our community. We want to bring everyone together and share our love of Pokémon. Both me and Paul really hope this is something everyone enjoys and have been truly excited to share with you all. As always share your thoughts in the comments below and follow us on social media:

We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!