Dent a grass-type Gym Leader? With a tsutaaja!?

Hey guys, resident translator Kriffix here!

Reasons that Dent is likely a Grass-type user and most likely has a Tsutaaja, from most solid to weakest.

+He shouts out for his Pokémon to use Solarbeam in the Video released yesterday.

+The background used when he declares an attack is green.

+Said background is identical to when Tsutaaja attacks in a previous video.

+The spotlight that shines down upon him is green.

+His hair, eyes and bow tie are also green!

Remember, if this is for real then you heard it on PokéJungle first!

I personally am pretty convinced on this one. But what I think is not what’s important here. I want to know how you wonderful PokéJunglers out there feel! What do you guys think?

Am I crazy or am I right on this one?

…or both.


PS- It’s worth keeping in mind that even if he gets a Tsutaaja in the anime, this may not reflect the games!

PPS- Even his shadow is green! Over exposure to radiation or grass user?

  1. I thought at the beggining that Dento had bug pokemon… I imagined him with kurumiru xD And also thought that Aloe would have grass pokemon because of her name and hair color xP

    1. Interesting theory.
      Also worth noting that Kurumiru is Bug/grass.

      A waiter who serves bugs though…yuck xD

    1. Uh huh. Care to give a reason for that matter-of-fact assumption?

      I think Dento being Grass is pretty logical.

  2. i could see that 😀

    i was going with either grass,normal or rock and so i’m totally happy :DD

    and krifff!! :DD
    nice job man!
    i noticed he said solorbeam as well, looks like you beta me to it. :/

      1. ahaha i’m kinda hoping he is. ><

        i know SOMEONE would be REALLYREALLY happy if dento was a grass type *looks at paul* 😀

    1. It may be Pokabu that Ash acquires, sigh.
      Those writers hardly ever get Ash one I like.
      Though Ash with a Rankurusu or Hihidaruma might tide me over. Ash getting Pokabu would stop him from getting Hihidaruma.
      One rumor I’m not really fond of- Hihidaruma being a Stage 2 pokemon. I want him to be a Stage 1 so he can have a final that actually resembles a daruma’s design.

  3. I really think that Dento is fire/water/grass all at the same time, or he has all the starters.(same thing) I have some things that can back me up.

    1.It would be fair, instead of having rock gymleader, because fire always had a hard time with that.( or grass for GSC)
    2. Look at the Screenshot of the badge. It has green red and blue, which usually represents grass fire and water.
    3. the gym is based on type questions, assuming from the screen shots. In the screen shots the panels have emblems that clearly represent the 3 starter types.
    4. In the bestwishes promo, One of dento’s pokemon uses solarbeam, which was aimed at a Mijumaru. I think he was training.

    So in conclusion, I think that Dento uses Pokabu, Mijumaru,and Tsutaja all at once.

    1. A very strong and well thought out theory.

      Though I was pretty confident with my theory, I sway at your words.

    2. Damn, got beat to posting that. All of that. >:l

      Additionally, if he was a grass leader his gym shows no indication of that whatsoever. It would’ve been easy for GameFreak to have changed that room he’s fought in just a tad bit to reflect his type. The gym/castle/restaurant itself makes no indication of ANY type at all if you ignore the room with the quiz on type compatibility, which for me points at him using one from each of those basic starting types. Though to be fair, the room where Aloe is fought is equally plain.

      The other areas we can “safely” say are gyms are Hiun City’s beehive (there was that promotional video posted on Pokebeach where White enters a tall building with green stained glass, and inside was the beehive we’re well acquainted with), the place where Black is shot out of a cannon and all of the trainers apparently where hard helmets similar to Byron’s gym, and the rollercoaster area ( that is probably inside one of the buildings inside the carnival town. Bug, Steel… Electric?

      1. Since there is a bug gym elsewhere in Isshu, and we know it is not Dent’s, We can now safely assume he’s not a bug leader at least.
        The whole idea of him having the starters though is genius and I can totally feel that being a possibility too. Kudos to you both for coming up with that, seriously.

    3. OHH!!
      you’re right!
      i never really thought of that! 😀
      it could be a 3 on 3 battle! 😀

      that would be reallly awesome is all the gym leaders had multiple types, i find it sometimes extremley easy to beat them. ==’

      1. What better way to showcase the new triple battles than with the first gym leader using the three starter types in a triple battle!

    4. Interesting theory! I wish it was like that though he should have Pokabu, Mijumaru, Tsutaaja and Kurimuru so he could be grass because Grass, Water and Fire! Surely not all at once?

  4. Nice finds. He probably does indeed have a Tsutarja. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he is a Grass-type Gym Leader… after all, Brock owned a Marshtomp IIRC, and he was neither a Water nor a Ground-type leader. I also doubt they would have the first Gym Leader use a starter in the games, regardless of whether or not Dento has one in the anime… it seems odd to me, but then again Gardenia boasted a Turtwig as early as the second Gym and you fought a random trainer with a Piplup before then.

    I’m really leaning mostly towards a multi-type Gym based on his Gym Badge shown in the previous Corocoro though. It could be simply based on his gimmick, the type matching, but it seems weird the badge would be based on the gimmick and not the type.

    1. I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but It just seems weird to me that you say that brock had a marshtomp in the anime, and then in the next sentence you say that you doubt that a starter would be the pokemon Dento has regardless of whether or not he has one in the anime. It just seems like a contradiction to me.

      But anyways, I do think that if the starters weren’t what Dento had, He would still have a grass fire and water type pokemon.

      1. Oh, sorry, guess I didn’t clarify what I meant. What I mean is Brock had a Marshtomp in the anime but never owned one in the games. That’s only one of many examples for Brock in particular but I wanted to use a starter for comparison.

        1. oh ok, That makes a lot of sense.Yeah, the anime can change what the gym leaders have… for some reason I remember Anabel had a completly different team from the game.

  5. If this proves to be true, then that means aloe is a fire type gym leader, only evidence being her backshadow and apron.

  6. maybe dento gets the starter stronger to yours(like a rival,but i think im wrong)but if dento is a grass gym leader,i wont be able to use ivy(the nickname for my tsutaja)so ill be pissed off if this is real

    1. i don’t think so. :/
      as bell and cheren would allready have the other two and then battiling dent would be exactly like battling cheren. :/

  7. This is a good theory actually.
    Dento could even be pokejungles mascot or something since pokejungle is obviously in favor of grass 😀

    1. I suggested this lightly in an Email to paul xD

      If this is indeed true I think he’d make a great mascot haha.

      1. Hahaha sweet.
        And he might have a tsutaaji my fav starter. dento couldnt be any cooler if hes a grass gym leader

  8. What if Dento has a pokemon like rotom? Or like castform, and it can learn the three type attacks, one fire attack, a water one, and maybe a normal one…

  9. The rocks in the gym may not be indicative of anything. That seems to be the default battlefield for a lot of Gyms in general.

    But there might be some evidence for a rock gym too; (Don’t get me wrong, I desperately want him to be Grass)
    -His badge is three gemstones.
    -The Pokeball-orbs in front of his Gym are brown, like the light blue ones in front of the Ice Gym.
    -Lets just say Gigiasu has a pre-evo, it could use Solarbeam by refracting light through crystals. (Yes, like Ben 10)
    – He lives in the area that’s equivalent to Brooklyn, which is known for “brown-stone”architecture. XD

    1. Yeah he could have Gigaiasu, though they really need to shake up the acquire total to all be even because Brock only gets 4 pokemon a season, Dento shouldn’t have that same fate.

  10. I have heard all of those theories before on forums I go on … So it shouldn’t be, “I am following the speculation train but I’ll just add that you heard it hear first.”

    The Grass type does indeed suit him. I don’t like the Water/Fire/Grass speculation someone posted further up. Just seems a bit too new. I would think they would do Dual Gyms before Trio Gyms.

    1. But if it’s wrong you DIDN’T hear it here first. That’s actually the important thing.

      1. So it’s important that you try to get credit for saying someone is a ___ Gym Leader, but if you are wrong you are going to act like nothing happens? Really? I am not trying to sound rude at all, but that is a complete idiotic move. Some of us actually give more respect to someone when they admit they were wrong.

  11. I love me some Kriffix <3 I wouldn't mind Dento being grass, just so Kriffix is right.
    But for some reason I think these gyms will be majorly different from the previous gyms. The room Aloe fights you in is just a normal kitchen, and has it been confirmed that Dento's gym is a restaurant? Maybe the gyms won't have any specific types, and the leaders just use random Pokemon. Or maybe I'm reading waaay too into this…

    1. That would make a lot more sense. You would think that the leaders would be the best trainers around. Why would they limit themselves to one type?

  12. You know, I find it funny that there hasn’t been any speculation that the presumed leader of Team Plasma, N, and Dento are all related.

    That hair color isn’t exactly common.

    Also, I find it odd that no one has said anything about the fact that Dento’s eyes don’t have a white-part. It’s just green and skin. Watch the Best Wishes video again… they look REALLY off.

    1. Brock technically had 0% eyes and was introduced in Gen 1.
      Dento has 50% eyes and is being introduced in Gen 5.
      The Dento replacement in Gen 10 will have complete eyes.

    2. ya i noticed that to! D<
      he looks really REALLY good in the sugimori art and the game, but in the anime he just doesn't look right. :/

        1. Nah, they just share the same hair color. Tons of characters in the Anime share the same hair color and they are not related.

          1. ….Yeah I know. But think about this specific color of Green. Think about how many other characters have this hair color.

            …Oh wait, only Dent, N, and N’s papa have that color hair.

            Convenient much?

          2. Dento is one letter away from Dent, as in Harvey Dent, as in Two-Face. And the games are Black (like dark) and White (like… white). The White Knight (Dento) and the Dark Knight (player). Convenient much? The games are based on The Dark Knight.

            On a more/possibly less serious note, I refuse to believe that Dento is related to anyone. His lack of proper eyes implies he isn’t even human and more likely just crawled out of Iris’ hair.

  13. I love the idea of Dento beign a Grass-type Gym Leader. So we know that he’s the first gym, for B&W I will choose Pokabu (love it)… I will pwn Dento !! 😀

  14. Wasn’t there a rumor somewhere saying that the gyms this time weren’t entirely usual? Like a trick room gym or something? I can’t find it or remember if it got disproven or not.

    1. There *was* a rumor like that… may have been the gym leader “competition” rumor that was disproven?

    2. ya, i remember when the corocoro was leaking it was something like “there’s some gym leader event that keeps you from battiling some of the gym leaders” or somethin’ like that. xDD
      it didn’t make much sense. O.o

  15. lol just cause he loves green doesnt make him grass type gym leader. i mean i love grenn but if i was a gym leader i would be a water type gym leader.

  16. Taking credit for that theohy is BS IMO… more people, including me, have already said that he might be a grass type, so I think its just wrong for you to say you got it first XD

    1. Why are people saying this? Do none of you understand it means credit to the site for putting it up first, not credit to an individual getting the idea first? None of the other sites have published anything like this, so PJN would get credit as a website for getting it up first (if it turns out to be true), not the person who published it. Jeeeez.

      1. Because it’s an opinion, which we all have. Which we all express on various forums. No site would say, “Oh yes _____ were the first to even think that Dento was a Grass Gym leader.” Because they weren’t. Tons of people on various forums, people that even looked at his artwork, would have thought he could be a Gym Leader.

        1. You’ve completely midunderstood my point. Individual people and websites are completely different. No single person can claim they came up with an idea/theory because someone else will always say they did, or say they share it, but a website can post it before other sites. Which is what PJN has done here.
          The fact people have discussed it in forums is irrelevant because that isn’t the main page of a news website. No other site (Serebii, Pokebeach, whatever else…) hasn’t posted anything like this. So who would get credit for posting it first in that situation? Pokejungle. Ok, so maybe no-one would actually state it (I never implied they would). But there’s alot of fans that don’t go onto forums, that just visit these type of sites for news.

          The simple point I’m trying to make is: PJN is not trying to claim that they had this theory first, they’re simply claiming that “you heard it here first”; meaning as a news site, it’s been the first to post it. And if it comes true people will remember seeing it first here. It really doesn’t matter what people, what forum said it, because forums and news sites aren’t the same.

          1. I go to three Pokemon news sites. Here, Serebii, and Pokebeach. Each of them has a vast difference in covering news. Neither Serebii or Pokebeach would say that their speculation should be kept as number one and if they are correct they should get credit. They mention their opinion and go on.

            That’s right they come for news, not large speculation posts. Yes speculation is key in Pokemon, but it should be kept to news posts if this is a news site. PJN does a great job on rumors and all that jazz, but having a post saying “Dento is grass. Give us credit.” is lame. This site seems to be about community. The blogger could have easily stated their opinion, said it would be cool if (s)he was right, and asked for opinions. “You heard it hear first,” instantly means that you found it out first, you discovered it, so you tell others.

        2. You read way too deep into what I wrote with the “you heard it here first”.
          You think I get paid to do this or something?

          No other major site put this possibility up. Yet each jumped to the possibility of Dent being a rock type due to there being a few rocks in the gym. Not everyone can understand Japanese. Not everyone can translate stuff and come to conclusions. I posted this to let you guys know what other places have neglected (More than anything the Solar beam was hard to catch for some newer translators and was not mentioned anyway)

          It’s interesting how I try to do something nice and let you guys know then I get heckled by pretentious pseudo-righteous interpretations such as yours.

          Excuse me whilst I run off with the money earned I making this post. I’m starting a new life in a Hawaiian mansion with a life-time stock of food. I’ll spend the rest of my days in luxury, because I posted something that other places didn’t, then dared to mention that it was here first.
          Wow, this so called “credit” of yours is worth so much in the real world.

          This is a friendly and relaxed website. We discuss and speculate, we always have without worrying about blind political correctness or having to hold back incase someone decides to analyse and break down what has been said in their own oh-so personal and warped way. I won’t allow thoughts like yours to change that, and i’m sure there are at least a couple of people with me on that.

          This is all I have to say on the matter. First and last comment on it.

  17. Look at Brawly. He looks exactly like a Water type gym leader, But he is Fighting type. Dent Does’nt have to be Grass type, even though he looks like one.

  18. Appearance means zero. Brawly was a surfer. He used Fighting types. Crasher Wake was a Mexican Wrestler. He used water types.
    I’m in favour of the “Dento uses the three different types in a triple battle” due to his badge, the fact that triple battles need to be showcased in some way or another, the fact that it is a good intro to type advantages/disadvantages and the fact that Dento’s gym has type match up related questions.

  19. triple battle for a 1st gym? i don’t think so. remember how hard liza+tate were?
    i do think he has the 3 starters though. a pokabu is shown on a rocky terrain in the animé clip too, so that has to belong to either ash or dento, and since mijumaru is defneding itself from a solarbeam and it knows nitro charge, then i’m gonna say it’s dento’s.

  20. Aloe will be Fire type since her backdrop is red. Also, you use fire, and lots of it, to make whatever PokeBeach said Aloe’s city is named after xD

    Next Gym will be Water, Electric, Normal, Bug, Flying etc.

  21. Alright, straight up, perhaps Dent “has” all three pokemon types. I’m guessing that the one he uses against you has the type advantage. Or, perhaps the quiz thing you take has something to do with the pokemon he uses against you. Or perhaps he’s rock type. Or perhaps he uses your mom.

    I like how people are like “ZOMG THIS IS WUT IT WILL BE I AM SUREEEEEEE”

    You have no way of knowing. Most likely, Dent’s gonna use toothpaste Pokemon. If you didn’t get that pun, you’re too young to be on this site and definitely not bright enough to be speculating about these games.

    I theorize he’s related to N/Plasma in some way, given the hair color.

    1. Although, based on what GF/Nintendo/Filb/Whoever said in that blog, if they’re going to give us an experience like Red and Blue then it’s probably safest to assume that, based on his name (Dent), his Gym and Gym’s battlefield appearance (Stone) and the fact that he’s the first leader, he’ll be a Rock gym.

  22. “I go to three Pokemon news sites. Here, Serebii, and Pokebeach. Each of them has a vast difference in covering news. Neither Serebii or Pokebeach would say that their speculation should be kept as number one and if they are correct they should get credit. They mention their opinion and go on.

    That’s right they come for news, not large speculation posts. Yes speculation is key in Pokemon, but it should be kept to news posts if this is a news site. PJN does a great job on rumors and all that jazz, but having a post saying “Dento is grass. Give us credit.” is lame. This site seems to be about community. The blogger could have easily stated their opinion, said it would be cool if (s)he was right, and asked for opinions. “You heard it hear first,” instantly means that you found it out first, you discovered it, so you tell others.”

    @Melaugh: It wouldn’t let me reply for some reason. So I’ve had to write a new post.

    Where in PJN’s post does it say that their speculation should be kept as number one and they should get credit? It doesn’t. Where did I say that? I didn’t. The post says “You heard it here first” which I already explained. And I meant credit in terms of people remembering who posted this first as I already said. And I already said people won’t state direct credit to PJN and I never implied it. You’re picking a straws.

    You visit Serebii but you think they don’t hold their opinion first? Have you just found Serebii? First I’d like to say that I do like his site alot, and I’m in no way bashing or hating on it. But Serebii thinks his word is God. He’s too scared to post opinions or potential rumours because he alway wants his site to be perfect. (I know there’s nothing wrong with wanting a reliable site.) As for Pokebeach; if they post news first of course they want credit. Why do you think WPM went to Japan? Yeah it was to get news for us first, but surely they wanted to get a scoop on something no other site had to put them infront. If a site didn’t want credit for getting new info then there would be no point in tring to get the new info first. Are you new to PJN? Because whenever they post rumours they always ask opinions. That’s what people comment on them about.

    Yes people come just for news, but people can also come for both. And why can a news site not post news and rumours? I’m pretty sure it makes the site better having both as it will bring more kinds of fans. The people who like just news, the people who like the rumours and spec. and the people who like both. Why you’re saying a news site should only post just news is ridiculous. They can play in both sides of the garden, and that’s what makes PJN unique where Serebii and Pokebeach aren’t.

    And you’re completely ignoring the first part of the sentence there. It says “Remember if this is true, you heard it here first.” So no you’re wrong. You aren’t applying the full sentence to the context you’re trying to use it in so it doesn’t work. And as I said, they aren’t meaning they found it out first, they mean PJN posted it first. Whether it’s rumour or truth, being said by people in forums or comments, is irrelevant as this is the first big site to post this. That’s all. You are applying it to an individual person saying it rather than a website, it’s meaning is different. You heard it here first (at this site not any other). I’d take your point if a person was saying it in a post in a forum.

    1. Yes I accidental wrote that and it was an error. I am a pretty horrible double checker/speller/grammatical person all together.

      Preferably I am glad Serebii, if he does, think so “high of himself.” I go there mainly because he usually posts real things and I can be sure that he just didn’t get the info from under the sofa some where. Even when he, along with other websites, screw up and post fakes I am okay with it. Fakes have evolved into realism very quickly. So it’s hard to separate fact from fakes sometimes. Pokebeach obviously did something far different from this post. He actually got a fact, not mere speculation. Yes I am partially new to this site, but I do understand they ask for opinions. I was merely saying they should have kept that along with saying that it is a decent speculation that Dento is a Grass Gym Leader.

      & They should clearly say that then. “We are possibly the first to post that Dento is a /possible/ Grass Gym Leader. These facts give us clues.” Even then it’s kind of odd for someone to say on a website for me. It’s like I said, “Hey I think it’s going to rain tomorrow. The clouds look like they will produce rain, etc. First one to talk about it!” You Heard It Hear First can be taken into so many different zones of definitions, leaving us to bicker forever.

      1. It”s ok everyone makes mistakes. I thought you were making stuff up. And them type of discussions annoy me.

        So you have double standards? You’re glad Serebii has a high opinion of it’s site. But as soon as you thought PJN was doing the same you were the one to say that it shouldn’t do that? And that then shows that you prefer Serebii because you’re the type of fan that just prefers news/confirmed info. But you were still drawn to this site despite the fact it doesn’t post just news? That’s just reinforcing my point in my last post.

        They shouldn’t need to post that. The title clearly is littered with question marks. And they even say:
        “Remember, if this is for real then you heard it on PokéJungle first!
        I personally am pretty convinced on this one. But what I think is not what’s important here. I want to know how you wonderful PokéJunglers out there feel! What do you guys think?”
        Clearly asking opinions on what the members/fans think…

        I didn’t want to sound argumentative, throughout any of my posts so if I did I apologise, my points tend to sound like I am being. But it just seemed that you are misinterpretting what has being posted into something it isn’t. It isn’t looking for glory.

        As a side-note I just noticed Kriffix posted this. 😛

        And I think Dento should be mixed personally. Like a lot of people have said. I’d like it more for a first Gym than the usual rock. But if it turns out to be mixed, I wonder whether that means none of the gyms will have singular types?

        1. Dude, you speak so much sense and are a real ray of light.

          So long as people like yourself are here I am proud to be amongst you all here on PJN.

  23. And if Paul could take Melaugh’s section out of the first part of mine that’d be great! Sorry for spamming aswell. Haha.

  24. There could be a possibility that Dento is a Rock Type gym leader and there may be a new Pokemon which is Rock/Grass Type which he owns.

  25. 3 reason why you theory is false

    1. what grass gym is know to have a rock theme arena for grass pokemon?
    2.Ash has gotta the grass starter since the beginning of pokemon as there his favorite
    3.The grass and water 2nd evos was shown together on the beta artwork meaning ash might get both of those starters

  26. I also believe that Dento a grass Gym Leader, but at first I thought Aloe was Grass because she is a cook and they use herbs and spices. Sometimes at the back of my head I think that Dento/waiter, Aloe/chef and that the other Gym leaders will have an everyday job like this too! But I hope not!

    P.S- To anyone who read this comment, wich starters are u choosing? Me? TSUTAAJA OF COURSE!

    1. pokemon sunday basically gave away the pokemon that dento was using in the video that new grass pokemon

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