Dent a grass-type Gym Leader? With a tsutaaja!?

Hey guys, resident translator Kriffix here!

Reasons that Dent is likely a Grass-type user and most likely has a Tsutaaja, from most solid to weakest.

+He shouts out for his Pokémon to use Solarbeam in the Video released yesterday.

+The background used when he declares an attack is green.

+Said background is identical to when Tsutaaja attacks in a previous video.

+The spotlight that shines down upon him is green.

+His hair, eyes and bow tie are also green!

Remember, if this is for real then you heard it on PokéJungle first!

I personally am pretty convinced on this one. But what I think is not what’s important here. I want to know how you wonderful PokéJunglers out there feel! What do you guys think?

Am I crazy or am I right on this one?

…or both.


PS- It’s worth keeping in mind that even if he gets a Tsutaaja in the anime, this may not reflect the games!

PPS- Even his shadow is green! Over exposure to radiation or grass user?