Best Wishes: New Characters (UPD: Vid)

Normally I don’t cover anime news, but I want to watch ‘Best Wishes’ just for fun, so I’m going to cover some of the major news that comes out.  Thanks PokeMark for the tip off on this news!

UPD: translations and small bits by Kriffix

In the picture above we have a new character, Shooty.

Shooty (reference to his picture taking)

An upstart trainer from Konako Town. He’s aiming to compete in the Isshu league and is the kind of boy who always fights to win whilst searching for high level battles. He keeps records of his travels by taking pictures of Pokemon he’s never seen before. He has a very methodological side and always says “Something like that’s so simple!”

We don’t know his exact role yet, but he may be Ash’s rival or a character that shows up sporadically throughout the season.

It also appears that Joy has been replaced with a new character who looks like her (but YOUNGER) and we have a much more homosexual Police Lady this time around.  Not liking that new haircut, but glad they’re headlining this season with both Dento and Lesbo-Jenny to make it more LGBT friendly.  </silliness>


UPD: Someone uploaded filb’s video to YouTube which shows the Promo.  Picture of Shuuti in the anime and Dento’s gym has rocks in it!  Rock gym leader?  Hmm.  Mijumaru’s shell is DETACHABLE.  Crazy, crazy stuff.  Also TV Tokyo has released 6 second ‘Best Wishes’ ads featuring meguroko, shikijika, and mamambou if you want to check them out :]

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ps- Ugh I’m tired.  Only reason I’m up is that McDonald’s called me [AT 6:30AM!!] to see if I could work.  FML.  Can’t work because I need to SLEEP.

pps-Our resident translator Kriffix thinks Dent will be a grass-type Gym leader since he makes his Pokemon use solarbeam.