Best Wishes: New Characters (UPD: Vid)

Normally I don’t cover anime news, but I want to watch ‘Best Wishes’ just for fun, so I’m going to cover some of the major news that comes out.  Thanks PokeMark for the tip off on this news!

UPD: translations and small bits by Kriffix

In the picture above we have a new character, Shooty.

Shooty (reference to his picture taking)

An upstart trainer from Konako Town. He’s aiming to compete in the Isshu league and is the kind of boy who always fights to win whilst searching for high level battles. He keeps records of his travels by taking pictures of Pokemon he’s never seen before. He has a very methodological side and always says “Something like that’s so simple!”

We don’t know his exact role yet, but he may be Ash’s rival or a character that shows up sporadically throughout the season.

It also appears that Joy has been replaced with a new character who looks like her (but YOUNGER) and we have a much more homosexual Police Lady this time around.  Not liking that new haircut, but glad they’re headlining this season with both Dento and Lesbo-Jenny to make it more LGBT friendly.  </silliness>


UPD: Someone uploaded filb’s video to YouTube which shows the Promo.  Picture of Shuuti in the anime and Dento’s gym has rocks in it!  Rock gym leader?  Hmm.  Mijumaru’s shell is DETACHABLE.  Crazy, crazy stuff.  Also TV Tokyo has released 6 second ‘Best Wishes’ ads featuring meguroko, shikijika, and mamambou if you want to check them out :]

<3 pokejungle

ps- Ugh I’m tired.  Only reason I’m up is that McDonald’s called me [AT 6:30AM!!] to see if I could work.  FML.  Can’t work because I need to SLEEP.

pps-Our resident translator Kriffix thinks Dent will be a grass-type Gym leader since he makes his Pokemon use solarbeam.

        1. I guess since there is a new region, and it is so far away, the Jenny and Joy Genes have changes compared to their other region relatives!
          (I still think their family though.. they look alike still)

  1. Lesbo-Jennys, unite! -cue cool, catchy theme song-
    Haha, I couldn’t resitst saying that :p

    Anyways, I’m glad that they’re replacing Joy and Jenny to fit the whole “farther away region than ever before” theme, though the new Jenny is nowhere near as attractive as the original ): New Joy is ok, though (:

  2. The new nurse is hot, but I will miss Jenny… cause ugly lesbian cop is ugly.

  3. I’m sorry to have to say ‘oh god, it’s hideous’ on half of your posts pokejungle, but i’m not liking the jenny replacement 😛

    1. i think she’s the only one out of these that actually look good. 😀

      but the only thing i hate about her is that she looks like a very generic anime character.
      with the pink hair and big blue eyes. ==’

  4. so yeah, the games are supposed to have slightly older characters, and in the anime instead of aging ash, they give him a made up younger character, and from the looks of it give us younger child versions of other characters.

    1. nah, the first character is a シ (shi) so alltogether it’s シューテイ (shuuty) so there for if it was romanized it would be somehtin’ like shooty.
      BUT it can’t possibly be “judy” ’cause then the first kana would hafta be a ジ (ji) so if it were judy it would look like this: ジューテイ。 :D

      1. Even then it’d be JuuTI, since there’s no marker on the second to last character to make it voiced. (Can’t remember what the marker’s called, LOL)

        1. oh ahahah you’re right i forgot to add it. xD
          sooo judy would look like thiss: ジューデイ (except with a small “i” i’m not sure why it’s not leting me make it small. :/ )
          thanks for noticing~ 😀
          and it’s called a “ten-ten” 😀

        2. The technical and correct word is “Dakuten”, but yes as Ozy says it’s often just referred to as “ten ten” since this physically describes it and gets across the message (“Dot dot”). Especially if explaining to children or foreigners.

    2. oh wait…ahahaha you made a joke because he kinda looks like a girl.
      bahahahaha ohhh woww i feel stupid. xD

      so um… imma just pretend that didn’t happen. 😀

  5. Ewwwwwwwww! Do you realize the whole region will be full of bad-haircut Jennys in the anime? But
    i like the younger nurse joy.
    P/S. What makes everyone say Dentou is gay? He dresses like that cause he is a waiter. . . ? And alot pkmn characters have unique hair. If he is tho, since he replaces Brock he cud chase after hot guys instead of hot girls, only to have Isis pull him away XD

    1. Umm, have you read the comments? There are fans. 🙂 I love her. She doesn’t look like she could walk sideways and spear criminals on her mega ultra handlebars of hair doomness.

  6. About Dento’s gym having rocks in it: If I’m not mistaken that’s what all (or atleast most) the gyms in the DP anime looked like so I wouldn’t bet on him being a rock-type leader just because of that. If anything the preview points to him being a grass-type leader since his Pokémon is using Solar Beam.

    1. I personally think that Dento is Bug type trainer, cause his gym badge reminds me of a sewing needle. I bet he is going to have Kurumiru as his signature Pokemon, and since it is Bug/Grass it can use Solar beam

      1. Having a pokemon with Solar Beam that early in the game would be broken… a base 120 move from the very start???

          1. Well yeah, but still. I can’t imagine his pokemon having Solar Beam and having that not be his signature move. The signature move is the one they give a TM of. Tsutaaja players instantly LEAP ahead, frying everything else in their way!

            But yeah, I get how anime =/= video games. >.< I was just being hopeful that maybe finally THIS season they'd be a little more faithful…. guess not….

        1. That is anime, not a game. Roark used Rampardos with Head Smash – Pokemon with base attack 165 and move with attack 150

      2. Speaking of his badge, doesn’t it have red, blue and green on it? And his puzzle had to do with fire, water and grass. So maybe he trains all three of those types?

        1. I tought of that too. Maybe he doesn’t focus on only one type, because he likes every Pokemon and that’s why he knows how to befriend Pokemon.That would be cool 😀

      3. actually I have a feeling that he’ll be a multi-typed gym leader, well at least one that specializes in water, grass, and fire types. I mean his badge has a (its been a while since I saw it) looks like its three gold shaped diamonds and each diamon has a colored dot on it. one red, one green, and one blue, so I think that he’s got the grass snake starter, swana, and a fire type of some sort.

  7. haha today ash won paul in the sinnoh league but m sure he will loose againts that guy who has a darkrai XD
    by the way any of you guys know a website that features new japanese pokemon episodes with eng subtitlel? i will apreciate your help!

  8. It’s strange to see so many Mamanbou without a single Luvdisc… Except of course if Mamanbou isn’t Luvdisc’s evo! 😛

    1. I think Mamanbou is kinda oogly.
      It’s fake fanarts made it look alot better, in my opinion.
      Guess we’ll have to play the waiting game until next month to find out if Mamanbou really is Luvdisc’s evolved form.

      1. Its like imagine if we had started in the fourth gen rather than the first, then everything else would be new, and there would obviously be pre evos and new evos ect of the pokemon from the 4th gen (which would be our first) in the rest. Sort of like that. They’re basically rebooting pokemon but in the 5th gen for the new characters from that region, of course we know they’re the 5th gen to us.

      2. lol meant this to still be forTackman and well you too but read my response to Tackman first then the firstto you hlc88


    2. I think it is Luvdisc’s evo, and we will see other evos and pre-evos but it will be reversed. Like instead of how we see ourselves going into this new place w new pokemon and some related to old ones, it’s like the otherway around for this gen and this anime, it’ll be like as if this is stage on of pokemon and “we don’t know” that for example mamanbou is related to Luvdisc b/c “the anime characters (not ash of course)”haven’t been to other regions, so it would be new to them. I don’t know if im explaining it right, it’s like a new start, and that’s why I think that in the game we will have new evos and pre-evos but we won’t be able to evolve them or breed them in to the pokemon thay are related to in other regions until we beat the elite four so they’ll be in the wild.

  9. I wonder if this means that Ash will have a Mijumaru? I have the feeling he might have all three starters this time like in Kanto/Johto.

    1. He should have Mijumaru, it’s been two gens since he last had a water starter (totodile), Whereas he’s had the grass one EVERY GENERATION! I REALLY hope he doesn’t get Tsutaaja just for that reason.

  10. Also, also: Dento says “Solar Beam”. Grass Leader? He also has green hair and eyes… And Ash chooses Mijumaru, since it’s in the Gym Battle…
    Loving Iris so far! She isn’t gonna take rubbish from Ash xD

  11. I hope there is something for Jenny to do in the Video game, I wish she was in it too, and that every town or inbetween towns there were police stations and firefightes(that would be awesome and the guys would all look the same like some twisted fantasy, um yeah).

    I like all of them, can’t wait, haven’t watched the anime on a regular basis since the 2nd gen. I’m definitely tuning in for this one 🙂

      1. That would be cool, also maybe like a school for joys or something in one of the cities and you get to help them a bit. Missed opportunities.

        I love the new characters, Joy and Jenny look awesome, I’ll have to geused to the new color uniform of Jenny but that’s alright, love Joy’s uniform from what I’ve already seen 🙂

  12. Yay first comment XD
    This anime season looks like it will be pretty good! Hope it is more like the old days then the way Hoenn and Sinnoh were…
    I am starting to wonder if Mamanbou really is related to Luvdisc… The more I see of it the more I question it… Oh well, have to wait til the release to find out, I am very excited for these games!

      1. No I know I’m not first, sorry but I meant it was my first comment on PJN… Sorry Newbie mistake 😛

  13. So I’m about 100%sure that ash will have a mijumaru are how3ver you spell it anyways to me mijumaru kind of reminds me of ash

  14. u guys living in US are lucky, every body in US plays pokemon but in my country, uh maybe m the only one playing pokemon and interrested in pokemon in my country T-T

    1. AHHH who heard kibago say “Kiba”? Awwwwwwwwww!
      And that looked an awful lot like Solarbeam

          1. yeah even though he said solar beam it could be a different move Its my bad I dont know japenese so I didnt know he said Solar Beam sorry

  15. It been shown in several pieces of media for weeks that Mijumaru has a detatchable shell, I thought everyone knew already. Pretty much set on Miju being Water/Fighting, if its evo wasn’t proof enough, the shell weapon should sort it out.
    Well, these new Jenny and Joy’s look…intersting, for sure. They look child-like, so maybe their nothing more than younger Jenny’s and Joy’s who will reoccur through the series as they look distincive from the other Joy’s and Jenny’s.

  16. yeah nurse joy was starting to get boring. I wonder if Brock would like this new one…
    i HATE the ugly jungle girl…
    its pretty cool how mijumaru used its shell as a shield (wonder if that could be a new move?)
    yeah and I hate the new Jenny. but who knows? she might have a ponytail hiding behind her neck?… >_<

  17. Wow… The writing is really going down the drain. “Let’s get rid of characters, but replace them with characters exactly like them!” Yeah, that’ll work.

  18. Ash needs to get Mijumaru and have it evolve all the way. He hasn’t had a water starter for 2 generations now, and the ONLY water Pokemon he’s ever had to evolve was Krabby.

    Please, writers, break Ash’s water Pokemon curse!

    1. Plus he’d end up with a fighting tyoe too (by my reckoning), freeing him up to have other types.

      1. I think that was Ash battling Dento so Im guessing he is going to have a mijumaru anyways mijumaru reminds me of Ash anyways

  19. Cool so I just watched the video, looking nifty!

    It may be worth noting that Dent uses Solar beam too. Grass gym leader anyway? Maybe he’ll even get a tsutaaja (it’s suit him big time after all).

    1. I’m hoping he gets a Burokko, if that is indeed the name of that broccoli-monkey revealed as a toy. It kind of makes sense, seeing as kibago was revealed at the same time and has turned out to be the girl’s main pokemon 😀

    1. Kibago? XD It seems a little silly to get her one of the ‘starters’ when she’s already got a perfectly good pokemon. Maybe Ash will get all thre this gen?

  20. if mijumarus shell is DETACHABLE im gonna predict his final evo gets a big shell SHEILD to use in battle like a otter samurai or maybe a shell sword i hope he gets a helmet to

  21. Hey… this is something that I’ve noticed that’s kind of strange. It really has nothing significant to do with Best Wishes, but has anyone else noticed that Dento’s sclera (the white of his eyes) isn’t there? Go look at his character design in Corocoro and watch the video again. I just find it interesting is all.

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