New BW Vid


Here’s a new video from SPMB.  There might be some new pokemon in it.  Personally I don’t have super-human eyesight so the only thing I could make out was Tabunne’s ears and the back of Ononokusu while he battled Hihidaruma.

Hopefully this does mean better pictures will come out and it’s good there is some new promotional material showing us more pokemon.  =]

<3 pokejungle

ps- any guesses as to what those pokemon are?

  1. i think that blue one in the musical sorta looks like an octopus so i think it may be an octillery evolution

    1. yea the one on the left look like an blue octopus but i don’t think it’s an octillery evo, probably a brand new pokemon

      1. Why People always link pokemon revealed for the 5th gen to the previous Gen pokeys? I’m sometimes it makes sence (Luvdisc-Mamanbou), ANd at other times it is just stupid (Tabunne-Miltank). I don’t think it will evolve from Octillery (If it’s even an Octopus, of course).

        PS. Thumbs up if you believe Venonat should’ve evolved into Butterfree, and Metapod into Venomoth!

          1. People on other forums noticed that there is something round connected to tabunne’s right ear and assumed that it was a bell. Then they connected that with cows and how miltank is a cow and also happens to have the move Heal bell along with a pink body with yellowish belly…

            I won’t be one to quickly judge like that though 😛

        1. Wow, Pokemon fail by GF. Butterfree looks exactly like Venonat. And Metapod like Venomoth to some extent…

        2. BECAUSE we like the idea of new forms of pre-existing pokemon.
          But Octillery is fine as is.
          But another Octopus would be most welcome.

        3. listen if mamanbou is not lovdisc evo then i will stop playing pokemon games forever!that cz m sure it is! and that octupes is 70% the evo of octillary, its obvious!

          1. No its obviously not. It looks like a head with tentacles and octillery is drawn to faintly resemble a tank. And its blue with no distinctive “gun” mouthpart(as far as we can see)

          2. Remoraid and Octillery and associated with guns. Mr Blue Octopus looks completely different by the looks of things.

        4. because octillery needs an evo and it looked like an octillery evo. and im sorry if i offended u i thought the comments were meant for u to tell what you thought about the stuff posted not tell others off that theyre wrong O.o

          1. If u r talking to me i apologize, but the octillery line is based on weapons. A revolver and a tankl and this one looks too small

          2. oh no what u said was fine i was talking to miner whos goin why do u link 5th gen pokemon with past pokemon. it just annoys me that i post what i think which means its my opinion and he has to be rude about how i must be wrong jeez those people just annoy me sorry if it sounded mean saying all this i just mean its truly just my opinion why does he have to spend his time telling me its wrong?

        5. wow, That makes so much sense now that I’ve considered the thought.
          Also It could be a squid.

  2. In the musical I saw a blue octopus, chilarmy, what I think was a classic cartoonish pink pig, and a green and orange thing. So in all two maybe three new pokemon.

    1. It’s just two.

      The musical lineup was:

      Blue squid thing – Chillarmy – Tabunne – Other new one

      1. the last one is basurao… the fish thing that was released within the past two weeks. it’s just trying to cosplay so it’s hard to make out.

        1. Er, I really don’t think it’s Basurao. It looks nothing like it. The colors are off, and the general shape is vastly different, even considered the musical accessories.

  3. I think that “blue octopus” is really just a dressed up Koromori, considering it’s in the air and the same shape.

    Also, what attack was Ononokusu using? It didn’t say, but it looked like either Dragon Pulse or Hydro Pump. I could be completely wrong, though.

    1. It can’t be Koromori, because we also saw the 2 firsts backsprite at first, and that wasn’t Koromoris backsprite :b

    2. I think it might be a Dragon Pulse. The blog that posted the video also was thinking it looked like a Dragon Pulse, making them wonder about Ononokusu’s type being Dragon (and, this is me saying, maybe strengthening the idea of Ononokusu being Kibago’s last evolution).

    3. i think the white thing on the octopus is just a beard that was put on the pokemon to use in pokemon musical

          1. Articuno prevo…Im very sorry for this comment but how long have you been playing pokemon
            Lol jk. Besides it has to be a pokemon not related to another preexisting one because the Isshu dex has only new ones

          2. and also even if they did make pre evos for ledendarys they wouldnt make it for just one of a ledendary trio…….but that is assuming that was the only one but all in all i can tell u its not an articuno pre evo

  4. Actually… The right one from the first seconds of the musical footage.. looks a lot like tabunne… And wow Ononokuse looks cool … and well dragon pulse… could see that coming ;P

    Good job!

  5. Ooh, I hope we get an octopus!
    But that other Pokemon kind of looks like that “plant-owl” thing that was confirmed to be fake. To me, at least. Meh.

  6. If that’s the star, CHEESY! Why so much English in it? It’s different. No Mascot in the opening? I thought we’d be seeing the 3D Resh or Zeck at the opening.
    I still think it’s pretty cheesy xD I like the weather teller thing though 🙂

  7. These videos are the intro’s to the demo of the BW tour 😉 you can clearly see that ;P not for the actual games

    1. I really, REALLY doubt it. Then again, last gen we did get a rock with a mustache (Probopass), so a bearded pokemon might not be completely impossible.

  8. Well it was hard to see what they were, but I guess this confirms Tabunny is actually real.
    When is the next Oha Suta show? They usually have good updates.
    To think it’s only 29 days until B/W Release!

      1. I’m not sure, but I think Oha Suta airs each weekday, but they don’t always do Pokemon stuff.

    1. I just about threw up when this confirmed Tabuune. I’m really very disappointed in GF now.

      1. have you not noticed the rest of the pink normal type pokemon out there? how does this one compare any differently? personally I don’t think it seems any different from a clefairy or wigglytuf.

        1. I think aether’s disappointed because it’s yet ANOTHER pink normal-type, cutesy Pokemon that probably won’t be of much use/used much. I don’t mind them since they never end up on my team anyways :p

          1. because it is ANOTHER horribly designed pink generic normal type pokemon. There are plenty, it needs to stop. Not to mention its sprite looks like a fake, its like its tilted at a funny angle or something.

          2. My clefable swept red’s team in heart gold at only a level 60…don’t judge by appearances.

          3. And my Drapion swept about half of Red’s and all of the league at lvl 60, and he looks awesome, your point?

          4. I wouldn’t say awesome. I’d say awkward and deformed. The Drapion/Ononokusu design style is the worst one in pokemon in my opinion. Skorupi I’ll accept, but Drapion… just no. They look like they’ve been haphazardly assembled from a particularly pointy form of lego…
            But I digress.

            The point is, I don’t think you can flat-out state it’s a horrible design from a mere sprite. Often, things look so much better in their Sugimori art than in sprite form.

            Also, it should be noted that we haven’t had a Pink normal pokemon of a new evolution line since Skitty. So, some would say we’re overdue for one. In fact, I can only see 2 (or possibly 3) lines including a Pink Normal pokemon which are notably sub-par, those being the Skitty Line, the Snubbul Line, and possibly the Whismur line.
            One should also be reminded that the biggest fear of a lot of people in HeartGold/SoulSilver was a Pink Normal-type…

  9. That attack Ononokusu used looked suspiciously like Dragon Pulse. If it is, then I’m 100% sold on that he’s Kibago’s final form.

    1. Because there couldn’t possibly be more than one dragon type family released in a single generation, right?

      Or a non-dragon-typed pokemon could never learn a dragon type move.

      1. lol even Steelix learns Dragon Breath. Dont assume hes dragon just because he learns an attack of that type

  10. just a random question: is it correct to say “Adventure awaits FOR you and your friends”? Shouldn’t it be ” Adventure awaits you and your friend”? Perhaps its a dumb question, but im not a native English speaker, sorry

    1. Both are accepted. You’re right in that the one without the ‘for’ is technically more proper, but both can be used without sounding awkward.

      If it were ‘waits’ instead of ‘awaits’ then the ‘for’ would be necessary. But ‘awaits’ is so rarely used people don’t care much about the particular rules. XD Yay for AP English.

      On a completely unrelated note, has anyone found a use for the stones given to you by legendaries in Pokemon Labyrinth? (The Daisuki Club game) I can’t fo rthe life of me figure out what it does.

        1. But I’ve already caught/befriended the Eeveelutions…. and I don’t think I’d need 30+ stones to get 1 pokemon, or even 7. You can’t use them like normal stones, and they show up in the big maze instead of the water that restores health.

  11. I just want to say we do NOT need more baby pre evolution or fat evolutions, or evolutions in any light except eevee to get all typed eeveelutions…. I mean we can have pokemon related to other like connected but not evolve into or from cuz that ruins the newness of it and fun…!!!! why make something new if it turns into something new or vice versa?? Like Yayz! My super cute mega teddy bear pokemon is evolving, should b powerful…. oh… its just teddiursa now BORING! Let new, keep the mystery going by evolving to and from new creatures PLEASE! Keep the originality of it! When i was a kid startin out playing pokemon gold and silver i did everything i could to get, hatch breed evolve every pokemon i could just to have them all and say i did it…. just because of the fun of the new creatures and forms i had never seen… i mean the 1st crop of babies were cool but and so were the new evolutions…. but now, they would ruin it by so many pointless babies and lame evos, i dont even catch em all anymore i catch maybe 100 or so and most of them r just to trade my other pokemon over to use them…. so all im saying THUMBS UP FOR THE LOVE OF ORIGINALITY!!

      1. I still want a Mawile evolution because its such a creative unique pokemon with good typing but GF cheaped out on on its stats. Poor thing 🙁

    1. Hmm…I understood your argument in terms of including pre evo’s but for the evolutions aren’t you discovering a new creature to previously loved pokemon. Some pokemon really need evolotions or even need pre evo’s because of stats.

  12. my new theory is

    blue pokemon= kyogre pre evo
    other new green pokemon= rayquaza pre evo

      1. ok listen! if mew does not evolve to mewtoo, how will an octupus evolve to kyogre and a fat green racoon to requaza?!

        1. THANK YOU!

          legendaries have and will NEVER EVER get a evo or pre-evo

          allthoguh back when i was 5 or 6 i thought mew evolved into mewtwo. xDD
          ahhh i spent days trying to get that thing to evolve. xDD

  13. In the video the “blue octopus” looks just like Shuppet.
    Also, none of them are pre-evos or evolutions. There will be 150 NEW pokemon with no ties to the old pokemon. We will only discover the new evolutions once we get the national pokedex. So all the new reveals are most likely (about 95% positive) brand new pokemon.

      1. Yeah, but what he’s saying is, you won’t be able to get him until after the dex is complete. meaning the likelihood of it being a prevo/evo is very unlikley.

    1. or….you know pokemon such as Mamambou will be catchable but will only be able to breed down to their baby form using an incense or other hold item accessable later. That would make it possible to play through the entire story and get national dex without Mamambou being connected to Luvdisc in any way.

    1. Me too people shouldnt diss it it cud evolve into something amazing like Blissey u never know.

  14. A blue octopuss +a green crocodile head? (i see that!!), hmmm…

    Anyway, Pokabu’s evo is really intriguing me so here u can see some animals of the pig family (Suidae) in which i think pokabu’s evo will be based on:
    Red river hog or red potamoquero:
    A extinct genus, Metridiochoerus:
    And the Babirusa:,_Singapore_Zoo_2.JPG
    Those are the most interesting pigs i found, but it could still be based on a regular pig/boar, or they may also mix it with some kind of legend like they did with torterra

    Sorry for the comment but i’m a Pokefreak and a Biofreak :D. I hope you find it interesting at least.

        1. i don’t find it ugly, i just don’t like it. xDD

          i’m still getting over the shock that it was real.xD

  15. Looking at the vid it looks more like a squid than an octopus since the head isn’t spherical it has like a drop like form like squid’s heads looks like.

    Kraken evo anyone lol.


    And I thought the other one looked like a duck…… but hey, thats just me.

  17. What’s with everyone hating Tabunne? I think it’s AWESOME. Far better than Buneary/Lopunny anyways.

    1. I think they just don’t like all these cutesy pokemon. I bet many opinion’s will change when Ken Sugimori artwork arrives.

      But tbh, I kinda like buneary a bit more. Though Tabunne is still quite awesome as well! Kinda reminds me of Clefariy and Jigglypuff 😀

      1. I didn’t really think of Tabunne as “cute”, more of “awesome” but either way.. XD

    1. I noticed. 🙂

      Shouldn’t be that surprising though. Many more people are speaking English worldwide.

  18. i think the blue thing is a wobbefet evo(PLZ GOD),and the other poke,i dont know,and why was some of the demo in english?

    1. dudee no wayyy.

      it doesn’t even look close to one, and personally i don’ think wobeffet needs an evo. xDDDD

  19. and what about mister brocco/goat/koala?/yellowgreen thing you know the broccoli flavored pokemon?

    1. Thinking about that, and then looking back the the video, I think the broccoli pokemon may well be the far-right green pokemon in this video. Oddly though, if it is, the sunglasses have been placed on its broccoli, rather than its eyes. XP
      Otherwise, I think it could be some type of crocodile pokemon. I’m not seeing the racoon/parrot resemblance some people are suggesting.

  20. At first I thought one of the new pokemon was the flower in the back which kind of looked like flowl (or w/e its called) my heart stopped for a bit…:\

  21. Reading through some of these comments almost makes me ashamed to be part of this community. I know Pokémon is mostly aimed at kids, but that doesn’t mean everyone who likes it has to be stupid.
    I’m not only speaking about the ridiculous evolution-theories either. Just… please think a bit more before you comment on something so you won’t look as much as idiots. Please, everyone?

  22. It’s impossible to form a proper opinion on these considering we really can’t see them well. The blue one might not be an octopus at all, but I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if it is. The green one reminds me of the frog pirates from Yoshi’s Island but I think that’s just the eyes and the green. Seems to me like it has little yellow legs (most likely four of them considering the placement) and a big tail. Maybe it’s some sort of lizard? We’ll just have to wait and see I guess, hopefully not very long though.

  23. i want tabunne cause it’s cute. the octopus is the only real new pokemon. the one on the far right is basurao… the ugly fish thing trying to cosplay!

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