At long last: More rumors!

I know my loyal readers have all be wondering where the rumors are.  Unfortunately I have to wait for them to surface before I can report them… but finally I found some dirt.  You should take them exactly as I do; worthless until proven.  But we can have fun discussing them and hypothesizing :3  2 rumors below are from two different sources…

Rumor 1: Starter Evolution names.  I’ve listed in parentheses how the names could be derived.

  • Pokabu -> Hiiton (heat + Ton=Pig) -> Fureiboa (flare boar)
  • Mijumaru -> Rakonosuke(Sea otter+boy’s name) -> Umiemon (Sea+Boy’s name)
  • Tsutaaja -> Hanaaja (flower snake) -> Moriija (forest snake)

Rumor 2: Possible new pokemon that they saw

  • Konotateha – Camouflage Pokemon – Bug/Flying > Poster said its wings look like dead leaves and also speculated it could be the final stage of Kurumiru.  [I’d be devastated if it loses its part grass typing ;_;]
  • Jogatto – Trick Pokemon – Steel > Poster said it looks like a box that Giaru/Gear comes out of, looks kind of antique-ish

That’s all for now!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Glad that some rumors popped up?

  1. I am glad there were finally rumors but those dont sound too believable I personally think theyre made up

  2. Hmmm the second set seem a bit more belivable than the first. I can see gear not evolving but being part of a gimick connected to another pokemon.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Sabonea posting these rumors again.

    I don’t see anything that proves these wrong, but there’s not really anything that proves them right either.

    1. I’d be more worried about Korobooshi Kojiro. Sabonea Masukippa dosen’t strike me as the type to troll made-up rumors.

      1. Sabonea already DID post fake rumors on 2ch. I was not pleased at all 😐 I dunno how Serebii felt about his own translator spreading false information…

        1. I’m quite sure he was fairly amused. But since I wasn’t in contact with him at the time it’s really a moot point.

      2. I’ve only done it twice. 🙂
        I’ll admit it’s not the best thing to do, but the reactions are more fun than reading what usually goes on on 2chan, tbh.

  4. I thought that Tsutarja already had an evo name: Tsutakeeku. Mijumaru’s is the same, though. Not sure bout the second rumor.

    1. That’s what I thought too

      According to a post made by Sabonea at serebiiforums, Mijumaru does evolve into Rakonosuke, but Tsutaaja evolves into Tsutakeeku (apparently from the beta artwork for best wishes)

      And I think the final stages will be water/fighting, Fire/poison and either Grass/electric, grass/flying or grass/dragon

      1. That’s true, but in that image Tsutarja is called Ivy and Mijumaru is called Rakko-something, so they might not be final names for the evos either, although all the other new guys have since turned out to have the same name. So it’s like 50-50

  5. Hmm… Wasn’t Rakonosuke the name of Mijumaru’s evolution in the anime pictures with Kibago and Koromori? I swear I’ve heard that name before.

    1. yeah, but that doesnt say anything. it doesnt prove its true, i mean:

      rakonosuke at level 17, then Mizuagudosan at level 34.


  6. Interesting to say the least and yes i would be upset if Kurumiru lost its grass typing id accept a loss of ability over typing, besides we have enough Bug/Flying types roaming around, i want Kurumiru to be Grass/Bug with the levitate ability for its final form with big leaf wings =], as for the names of the starters im a lil sketchy I mean Hiiton sounds like a move from Naruto lol As for Hanajaa i refuse to see Tsutajaa with flowers >:0

  7. new rumors: pokabu final evolution type is fire/ground
    tsutarja final evolution type is grass/poison
    mujumaru final evolutiontypeis water/fight and knows a new attack called hydro punch

      1. my freind in IM is from japan and he told me that there is a magazine that shows these rumors, he ensured me that they r true!

        1. “there is a magazine that shows these rumors, he ensured me that they r true!”
          That in itself just sounds so messed up.
          Even if such a magazine were to exist, are you familiar with the meaning of the word “rumour”? What you’ve basically just said is “It’s a rumour so its true”.
          I repeat myself, just sounds messed up.

          1. its not a rumor magazine it just predicts!
            and in D/P when every body expected piplup evo to be water/ice or water/flying, they predict it to be water/steel!
            does that prove it know?

    1. CRAP!!!,i do hope the tsutaja final evo rumor is fake,i dont want another grass/poison,i want grass/dragon or grass/flying,but no grass/poison

        1. i think the infois true cz tsutarja is a snake so…its poison
          and i wonder what that hydro punch will be…maybe it is just like fire punch thunder punch and ice punch but water type.

          1. ahahah true,true but grass/poisons been done before…ALOT.
            i’d like them to suprise with somehting like a gras/dragon kinda like they did with empoleon.

    2. Nooooo Tsutaja’s evo cant be grass/poison if they do that I will hunt them down, I want grass/flying or grass/dragon but grass/electric is also acceptable 😀

      1. I would not be surprised if any of them, including Tsutarja, didn’t gain a second type (although I think it’s likely Mijumaru will get a Fighting type).

  8. These names… I think they’re fake. They just seem like Some guy searched in google translate for words and mixed them.

    1. lol I kind of ignore that site… their info is bogus and instead of giving any disclaimer (like I do) they just pass it off as fact. So does PokeStation.

      Usually they get rumors from English speakers too. If the Japanese don’t know something about a new game, why would someone outside of Japan know something? 😐

    2. what pokejungle said.

      and it just looks like they took reshiram’s features (blue eyes white body) and made it into a humn. ==’

    3. What PJ and ozy said. Basically, the only Pokemon sites you can trust are Serebii and PokeJungle is gaining a good reputation as a trustworthy source now as well. PokeBeach used to be trustworthy but in the last month or two or three WPM has been awful, tbh, passing off rumours as facts.
      So basically, unless it’s on Serebii and confirmed as fact, it’s most likely fake. As is the case here.

      1. serebii also claimed that those exact same rumors were fact. The only negative thing that WPM master did was that thing about the movie, but that doesnt make him any more reliable.

        1. I really don’t see anything wrong with what he did at the movie. I mean, yeah, it’s illegal to record that stuff, but just about every leak we’ve received could be considered illegal.

          1. exactly, i sided with him during the whole thing anyway. im just saying, every rumor/leak that he posted that turned out fake lately, serebii also posted. Hes just as reliable as anyone else

          2. The thing that makes me think WPM is unreliable is that he meshes fact with fiction. The Martijn rumour was terrible. He posted whatever Martijn said like everything was real. And earlier in the year when Pokemon Sunday revealed they would be revealing the star of Phantion Champion Z – A NEW POKEMON – WPM tried to convince everyone that the NEW POKEMON would be a Celebi forme.
            Perhaps it’s just that I’ve been with Serebii for over 4 years and he has built up that trust over that time. I don’t know.

  9. Here is my suggestion for the Starter’s final evolution types: Tsutarja-Grass/Flying Pokabu-Fire Mijumaru-Water/Fighting.

    1. I really like those ideas. tbh i was wanting pokabu to be fire/ground type but now i think i would rather get a pure fire.

  10. hey guys i have just realized somthin, kibago final evo coul be ononokusso! it looks the same! if u look at kibago head you will see a horn-like thing comin out of it, same thing in ononokusso head!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. That’s been said hundreds of times. While it’s plausible, that video doesn’t confirm it.

  11. If the last name for Mijumaru sounds weird, consider this: I was reading a couple theories on how Mijumaru will evolve, and a few pointed to being like a samurai… and, it seems, its second evo was wearing something similar to a samurai (its shells are where a samurai’s swords would be) so the “clothing” part of that rumor name might be related to it having “armor” like a samurai. Like its name being sea-clothing like sea-armor.. but I don’t know Japanese, so whether or not the name can mean something like that is unknown to me.

  12. As much as I love rumors, these don’t seem to be legit.
    Something about it seems so fake and unbelievable.

  13. I’m not so sure about Kurumiru evolving into the CAMOUFLAGE Pokemon. Silk moths, depending on the species, are very strikingly coloured. He’d have to go from a silkworm to a completely different species.

    As for him losing Grass type upon evolution; It would be strange for him to lose the one thing differentiating him from the multitudinous horde of bug-types. However, they have done dumb stuff like that before. Since he will 99% be turning into a moth, I suppose it’s possible for him to become Bug/Flying. I for one would rather they made him Grass/Flying on evolution, and made him much, much better than Tropius. 🙂

    For the names:
    Pokabu line: I think the ‘Ton’ in Hiiton is derived from the same place as ‘Tonkatsu’ which means pork cutlet. XD So the middle one would be Fire Pork. LOL that sounds weird, even for Pokemon. Meh on Fureiboa, I’m hoping it’s fake because it doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way the other Japanese names do.
    Mijumaru line: YAY rumormonger did their research. 😛 Rakonosuke is most likely the real name. Umiemon just sounds awkward, though. Since both ‘maru’ and ‘suke’ are very common male name endings in Japan, I’m betting the final one will have one as well. I’m betting on ‘ro’ or even ‘taro.’
    Tsutaaja line: PLEASE NO! Flower snake???? That’s the worst combination I’ve ever heard of! If that name is true, I am officially not have a Tsutaaja! (Yes, I know I could just nickname it, but still.) I understand where the names are coming from, but I would have preferred Tsutaaja -> Moriaja -> Tsuchiaja instead.

    In short, I’m calling the names fake (Other than Rakonosuke) until someone shoves an official document down my throat proving without a doubt that these names are real.

    1. Nincada was the only Bug/ground type pokemon until Wormadam-SC, and it loses its ground type, so…, i wouldn’t be surprised if kurumiru’s final stage is Bug/non-grass type, but i’d be quite disappointed :S
      If it maintains its typing i’d love to see an ability that can reduce/cancel its weaknesses, after all, it is supposed to be the camouflage pkmn <3<3

      btw, i'm spanish, so sorry if i made a mistake up there

        1. I’d like it to keep it’s Bug/Grass typing. Parasect is a bit lonely as the only fully evolved Bug/Grass Poke out there.

    2. “Ton” is simply a different reading for “Buta”/pig. It is indeed the “Ton” from “Tonakatsu” but unless the “katsu” is on the end does not explicitly mean “pork”.
      “~emon” is also a name ending. Are you familiar with Doraemon?

      For the record, I’m in the same boat as you. Besides “Rakonosuke” I think these are likely to be fake.
      Also I feel less concrete about it than when I first read this post half asleep last night.

      1. Oh, so it’s just an alternate reading. >.< I never got very far in my kanji lessons.

        I know -emon is a name ending, but it feels a bit too old fashioned. I suppose if they're going with the samurai bit full tilt it makes sense, but -suke and -maru are still used for names (-maru maybe not as much).

  14. The names don’t seem particularly believe as far as the starters are concerned. I appreciate “Umiemon” though. “-emon”, or specifically, “-zaemon” is probably supposed to be a typical Japanese suffix, sort of like -maru and -nosuke. On Smogon I mentioned a while back, if Mijumaru’s evolution is still Rakonosuke (which is what it was on the anime pre-production sketches way back when), I wouldn’t have been surprised if the final evolution had a suffix like “-zaemon”.

    The other names don’t seem that great and thus I don’t think they’re real, besides the fact that they’re just random rumors. I wish these names were crafted as well as that huge debunked rumor a while back, like the one with “Ranranbo” as Pokabu’s final evo. That guy had some amazing names.

    1. Monzaemon and Doraemon are the things that spring to mind for me first haha.
      Indeed it does add up.

    1. bahaahahahahah xDDDDDDDDDDDD
      now i’m imaging the jack in the box mascot head poping out of a box. ><

    1. it could be. it has leafy ridges on its neck that could be really colorful like flowers. all we have is a black and white sketch of it.

  15. I highly doubt the first set’s authenticity. The second one is much more believable…

    I predict Tsutaajara will end up as pure Grass, Pokabu will end up Fire/Ground, and Mijumaru will end up Water/Fighting.

    If I had my way, though, I’d pick Grass (maybe Grass/Dark), Fire/Flying, and Water/Psychic.

    1. Yeah I predict that Tsutarja will be a Grass/Flying because of Grass Mixer’s animation and Tsutarja’s evolution’s “collar” which makes me think it’ll become wings.

    2. It’s highly unlikely I’d get what I want, but I hope the starters turn out to be Grass/Poison, pure Fire and Water/Ice.
      Poison needs some love, all the Fire starters except Typhlosion have been dual types so it’s Fire’s turn to be a singular type starter. Water/Ice was a popular combo in Gen I, but since then we’ve only had the Ice/Water Spheal line.

  16. Hey Paul,
    I just made a few small edits to the above post with some more name derivementness 😀

    Peace out!

    P.S I really doubt any of the above rumours our true~
    The names just don’t have the right ring to them.

    1. i was thiking that to when i read seems different from other pokemon names for some reason. :/

  17. i hope the first rumors arent true it may be a long shot but i want the fire piggy to end up being a fire/poison type and i think it would be pretty cool tsutaaja will be grass/electric. but wotter being water/fighting is fine by me

    1. I would really love for pokabu to be fire poison type and to be honest i had a dream a couple of months ago that tstuuga became grass electric. and i defiantly think mijumaru will become water fighting.

      1. i kinda love how there’s no doubt that mijumaru’s final evo will be water fighting, watch it just be pure water or somethin’. xDD

  18. Well, for Tsuta’s final type, I predict: Grass/Electric (PLEASE ;-;??), Grass/Flying (it would be like charizard, looks like a dragon but it’s flying type) (Not competitive. At all) or Grass/Dragon (unlikely, but after Empoleon, who knows?). For Miju’s: Water/Fighting. I mean, did you look at it’s second evo? It even had a battle skirt! For Poka’s: Fire/- (makes sense. Like Typlo, he doesn’t look like anthing) or Fire/Ground (I mean, it IS a pig).

    1. I’d be more inclined to believe fire/ground if its stats were more tankish. But IIRC the person who played the demo said it had low defense. If it were going in the earth piggy type direction, it would need to be bulky, kinda like Torterra.

      1. my guess is that Pokabu will be low defense up until his final evo, which will be a motorcycle, which would be Fire/Steel.

  19. @Kriffix: I believe Paul had it right. Rakonosuke is correct, since Rakkonosuke would break the 5-character naming limit, and the “Rakonosuke” shortening was used in the anime pre-production sketches. “-emon” is a name suffix like “-nosuke” and “-maru”, meaning, in its original form as a title, a “guard”, apparently. But I don’t think it necessarily carries that meaning anymore, it’s just a name suffix now.

    1. Thanks Enzio,
      I wasn’t aware of there being a 5-character limit so I just assumed it was a typo.

      It’s interesting how this rumour is choosing name endings for the Mijumaru line. (Clearly playing on the first “Maru” in Mijumaru). It was an interesting route to take.
      If it does turn out to be a fighting type, it would make perfect sense to have these names.

      1. It’s fine, I figured you assumed it was a typo, but it was probably actually spelled Rakonosuke because of the character limit and pre-production sketches. I also really like the naming scheme. I think it’s pretty creative, and I’m glad whoever made the names picked up on it– after Rakonosuke on those anime sketches, I had a hunch that was the intention, albeit we don’t know if Rakonosuke is the final name for Mijumaru’s evolution. It’s also why I think it might become part-Fighting, because those suffixes have a real old-timey, samurai-like feel.

  20. i know the creation of bug pokemon is at least partially to stay true to satoshi tajiri’s original vision but they’ve really got to start doing more than making weak, generic bugs with booooring type combos. fuck

  21. nargghhhhhh i’m getting real pissed at these obviosuly fake rumors… DX

    oh and Rakkonosuke .. the character limit is 5 right?
    so then io guess that shows it’s a fake? O.o

    1. Might be a dumb question but what’s to say the character limt in B&W is the same as the older games?

      1. That’s actually a valid point. Since the connectivity to DPPtHGSS is so far only one way, they COULD change it.

        …………….if they did, I would be ecstatic if the English version gets more than 7 spaces for names. Do you know how many 8 letter names there are??? I’ve got one of them, and it’s driven me crazy since Blue. I mean, Japan gets 10 characters and we’re only good enough for 7?

      2. well so far, yes. :/
        that’s what makes this rumor reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll fake. XP

  22. Do u guys remeber the REALLY ol drumor that said Gearu had a “controversial relationship” with another pokemon?

  23. I have a hard time predicting secondary types for the starters… Besides Mijumaru, I definitely believe it’ll be Water/Fighting.

  24. jadokuchiba jadoku= snake venom, kuchiba= decayed leaves… i think this would work work for a grass poison.

      1. Maybe Thursday, Oha Suta will reveal more information on the games, as well as some new Pokemon.

  25. I would like to see this : grass/ghost fire/dark and water/fighting. Have anyone ever consider the fact that pokemon often splice and or change there entire species after evelution?
    Tsutaaja: ivy snake, second stage: skink/Cherry Plum flower, third stage: komodo dragon/Prunus pendula????
    Pokabu: saddleback pig, second stage saddleback pig, third stage: warthog/boar
    Mijumaru: sea otter, second stage: sea otter, third stage: giant otter?????
    I obviously wrong.

  26. I didn’t have the time to look through every comment so I’m not sure if anyone said this yet.

    -I don’t believe kurumiru will lose it’s grass/bug type upon evolution. Just because it has wings doesn’t mean it’s a flying type (just look at vibrava: it has wings but it’s ground/dragon)

    -Plus many people are calling it a moth or something similar when from the description of it’s evolution: it’s no doubtingly gonna turn into a “leaf insect” pokemon. (leaf insect is actually the name of the bug, google it!)

    Also I had heard somewhere that Pokabu aka Hiiton was gonna gain dark type as it’s secondary element. Not ground!!

  27. @Pokejungle:If Pokaby turns out to be Fire/Poison, I’m naming mine Naga or Okkoto. Demon Boar FTW

  28. Gear evolving into a Trick pokemon makes sense….I’ve always thought gear looked a bit like a joker/clown.

    1. i don’t think it will evolve into it, but there was a rumor wayyyyyyyyyyy back that said it woyuld have a relationship with a pokemon. (like remoraid and manatine)

  29. i am pretty exited for the anime, too bad i dont know japanese:(
    i have searched all the net for a website tha feature new japanese episodes with english subs but i couldnt find:(
    could anybody give me a website that feature this?

  30. Oh, while I’m thinking about it–

    Konotateha is a strange combination of “konoha” or “leaves” (I’m sure you know Naruto fans out there know this one…) and… my best bet is like, “tate” or “shield” or something.

    Jogatto… really no idea, best guess is a combination of “joke” and a corruption of “gotta”, a jumbled mess.

  31. My guesses- Starters- Tsutaja will evolve into either a Grass/ Poison or a Grass/ Psychic, Mijumaru will be Water/Fighting, and Pokabu will either be pure fire or Fire/Dark (as he kind of reminds me of a bandit of some sort.)
    As for the rumors… I really don’t know. I kind of hope the gear evolution and camoflage pokemon (although I don’t like that it’s Bug/Flying) happen though.

    And in other news, I finally persuaded my mom to import me a copy of Black. Yay ^^

    1. Grass/Psychic seems a stretch…tbh it doesn’t look like a Pokemon that will evolve into a Psychic type. Dark is more plausible what with its smug expression and stuff.

      1. nahh i don’t think it would become grass/dark.
        grass/psychic would be more realistic.

        1. I don’t think it will become Grass/Dark, I was just saying that imo Grass/Dark seems more plausible than Grass/Psychic. However both of these combinations are unlikely.

          1. I was hoping Grass/psychic since the beginning. Usually when a Pokemon has a “classy” look like that, they become psychic.
            Pokabu is meant to be either a bandit or a biker. Its pretty obvious with the shaping of his ears and suggestion of a mask.

      2. Actually, Tsutarja’s Pokedex seemed to imply it was very intelligent, and it was said to grow more insightful in sunlight. Psychic is actually a pretty understandable secondary type, albeit it wouldn’t be my favorite…

        1. you never know what will the final evo type will be, i mean come on, who on earth expected piplup final evo to be water/steel?!

        2. really? O.o

          well then that makes psychic more likely!! :DDDDD

          now just watch all of the starter evo’s be pure grass, water fire. xD

  32. Personaly I believe (and want) the startels to be like this:
    Tsutaaja/Grass, next evo-Grass/Poison (or just grass you decide), final evo-Grass/Poison
    Mijumaru/Water, next evo-Water/Fighting, final evo-Water/Fighting
    And I believe that Pokabu and the rest of its evo’s will be pure Fire
    I really want a Grass/Poison type evo for Tsutaaja!
    As for that camouflage poke… I’d really like a silkmoth evo for Kurimuru and that box thing…I dont really know.
    I believe this info is all fake except for the fighting type evo’s for Mijumaru but I dont know you choose what you want to believe!

  33. tomorow paul will kick ash but in the sinnoh league 🙂
    good luck pikachu fighting electrive hahahahah 😛

  34. pokabu final evo as a pure wild pig which scares his foe would be a perfekt dark typ (equals fire/dark) mijumaru with revange as move learned by level up sure is a water /fighting typ and tsutarja …mhh no idea may grass/ground with the thought that all of these types were unique befor b/w ( houndoom(houndure) ,torterra, Poliwrath )

    1. Im with you Typhlonruxs, and besides, the secondary type of the Starter has to be a type from the “Physical Catagory”.

      1. Good observation!! I have never noticed that the secondary types are all of physical ones!

  35. final evolves

    mijumaru = water/ fighting

    pig thingy = fire/ ground or fire/ poison

    snake dude = grass/ dragon or grass/ flying

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