At long last: More rumors!

I know my loyal readers have all be wondering where the rumors are.  Unfortunately I have to wait for them to surface before I can report them… but finally I found some dirt.  You should take them exactly as I do; worthless until proven.  But we can have fun discussing them and hypothesizing :3  2 rumors below are from two different sources…

Rumor 1: Starter Evolution names.  I’ve listed in parentheses how the names could be derived.

  • Pokabu -> Hiiton (heat + Ton=Pig) -> Fureiboa (flare boar)
  • Mijumaru -> Rakonosuke(Sea otter+boy’s name) -> Umiemon (Sea+Boy’s name)
  • Tsutaaja -> Hanaaja (flower snake) -> Moriija (forest snake)

Rumor 2: Possible new pokemon that they saw

  • Konotateha – Camouflage Pokemon – Bug/Flying > Poster said its wings look like dead leaves and also speculated it could be the final stage of Kurumiru.  [I’d be devastated if it loses its part grass typing ;_;]
  • Jogatto – Trick Pokemon – Steel > Poster said it looks like a box that Giaru/Gear comes out of, looks kind of antique-ish

That’s all for now!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Glad that some rumors popped up?