More Rumors… [FAKE]

These are the most believable I’ve seen in a loooooooong while and I wouldn’t doubt them to be true.  So read up but REMEMBER they remain unconfirmed :3 [Thanks Duh for pointing these out!]

  • Shikijika (normal) has forms based on seasons and the flower on top of its head differs from season to season.  Listed in the rumor was a “withered” flower in the winter, while in Spring it has a large one.  It was rather unspecific as to whether it has an evolution or not.
  • Moguryu is the “Mole Pokemon” and is Ground/Steel; weighs in at 18kg and stands .6m high. Its ability is called “Superhuman Scissors” (bad translation on my part, you’ve been forewarned)
  • Repeats the previous rumor about Mamanbou and Gigaiasu (types match other rumor) although poster does say he thinks Gigaiasu may have an evolution
  • Bakucho is Water/Flying type (swan we saw?) and has the ability “Water Explosion” .  It weighs 14kg and stands 1.2m tall
  • Imomushiba is Bug/Grass type (mentioned before, its supposedly the worm we saw).  When you first start a new game Cheren will show you how to catch Pokemon by battling it
  • Koalagi is mentioned again, Grass type, koala appearance.  Belly is apparently white and has black ears… back is bush-like (other rumor didn’t have those details)
  • Pokemon Musicals replace contest (poster said he … enjoyed them).  The Appeal stage lasts a minute and a half
  • Dento and Aloe work for the Pokemon Hotel (which we may have seen before in those leaked Yahoo! Kids images).  Dento is a Waiter and Aloe is a cook.
  • Dento will also give you a pass in which to compete in the Musicals after you meet him.   I don’t know if I translated this correctly but he seems to love Pokemon Musicals, but has a secret.  The poster said “I think he needs to come out of the closet” LOL
  • N and Team Plasma have the same goal, but apparently N is not working in conjunction with the team

Wonder if these are real :3  Guess we’ll know soon when CoroCoro leaks!!  Remember NOT to treat these until fact until we get some proof to back it up with!!

<3 pokejungle

ps- If anyone has ripped the sprites for the new Pokemon can I use them?  🙁  Working on new version of PokePets!  Thanks <3  Would credit you on the ‘Pet page.

pps- I’ve changed the comment ranking *again*.  Unfortunately we had people abusing the “down rank”.  Now you can just rate people higher :3

  1. I’m really starting to like Shikijika, I’ll be very happy if these rumors are true. Dento is just adorable. :3

  2. I’m totally wanting that little mole guy. Hopefully Ken’s art of him will be in the next CoroCoro.

    Perhaps N went rogue from Team Plasma? Or maybe he doesn’t work with them at first, but after seeing that rally or whatever that was in that one screenshot with the crowd, he was persuaded to join and quickly rose through the ranks.

  3. The Aloe + Dento thing seems reasonable according to their clothes, but I hope they are of more importance than the rumour suggests.

    Also Koala! <3

    And I like the Season-dependant Pokémon, and the rumour of the season changing weekly seems good too :3

  4. If the Shikijika rumor proves true, I’ll be positively delighted. I love multi-evolution-esque Pokemon like Eevee.

    1. Actually, I reread it.. Does it not evolve but just change appearance based on the season? That seems to be what it’s saying.

        1. Burmy did both when depending on the location. But it only had Grass, Steel, and Ground. I would love for Shijika to evolve depending on the season.

          Winter – Ice (I want a Reindeer, Stantler doesn’t count :v)
          Spring – Grass
          Fall – Either Normal or Ghost (since things wither and die in the fall)
          Summer – Fire

    2. Im pretty sure the dude meant its form changes automatically P: Still pretty cool though 🙂

  5. Hmmmm… The word swan in Japanese does have haku in it, and baku (in bakuchou) is derived from the spelling. Also, choui is a word that has to do with the tides. Lets see if this pans out.

    1. Cho can also mean bird, I believe, so yeah, I think you’re right about it being the swan.

    2. Right, swan in japanese is “hakuchou”. Baku may have something to do with explosion (like in “bakudan”, bomb). But i cant imagine how a swan can explode things…

  6. Have you tried Bulbapedia, pokejungle? They have sprites of the Pokemon in their respective pages.

    I forgot, when does CoroCoro leak? xD

    1. Yeah, and if you mouseover those sprites they say “THIS SPRIITE IS FAKE”

      And you can’t set a scheduled date for something to “leak”. It is released Aug. 11, but we will probably get leaks somehwere around the 6th or 7th.

      1. Why is the comment thumbs-down’d so many times? Everything in it is true, and nothing about it was rude, offensive, vulgar, or false. It was helpful and should be thumbs-up’d if anything.

      2. FYI, some of the sprites aren’t “fake”; they’re just ripped from screenshots, and recolored/redone to remove JPG/resizing artifacts.

        If you want to use them, I’ll tell you which are fully fake, which are redone, and which are mostly just rips.

    2. Liiike, Friday or Saturday I’m pretty sure.

      as for sprites, Im sure deviantart has a few good fakie sprites P:

  7. Well, the Pokemon Musical thing could be true, since one of the recent video’s shown has a Musical with the 3 starters and Chillarmy with a background which matches Aloe and Dento’s hotel. Suggesting Dento shows the feature off to the player first.

  8. Pokejungle, google ‘ black and white sprites’. Theres a whole bunch there.

  9. Well I guess if dento and aloe work for the pokemon hotel I guess that means the gym leader rumor isn’t true…

  10. Your romanization is inconsistent again xD
    Also you have コアラギ(koaragi) down as Koaraggi

    1. Actually there were two different rumors (this post and the previous) one poster said “コアラギ” and one poster said “コアラッギ”. 😮 But yes, in my previous post I romanized it really weird sorry =[

      1. Don’t apologise dude. I like you and this site and I just wanna help out where I can. So just letting you know.
        Just for the record, a small “tsu” and the G-line of letters (ga gi gu ge go) Can’t be next to eachover. So the guy must of of made a mistake typing with “コアラッギ”

        If anything crops up that you want translated fast just email me. (If I happen to be around I’ll do it in a flash!)
        [email protected]
        Also, mind linking me to the original 2ch thread where you found this info? preferable post number too. I looked for it by typing on google for keywords but came up just with people repeating the info. cheers!

        1. Thanks :p My Japanese is mostly what I picked up in Japan so little stuff like that I don’t know xD

        2. That’s not exactly right – there’s nothing, structurally, stopping the G line from combining with the geminate little-tsu, it’s just uncommon. The loanword バッグ for example. So, it could be either (though I’d probably still place bets on it being just コアラギ, just on gut feel)

  11. OMG I really hope the bug has some sort of ability that help protect it from some of it’s weaknesses, especially fire and ice, I hope they sill introduce a ton of new abilities 😀

    1. All he need is like thick fat or heatproof, and he might even lose one of his types upon evolution, ya’ never know.

    1. i was expecting some sort of joke image, but in the end it was just a jerk. waste of my time.

    2. Some people have too much spare time!
      And their spelling is worse than mine!
      Holy crap I just posted on 2ch and it went up o_0
      I always thought I couldn’t post outside of Japan. w00t!
      I guess I can finally be part of the discussion!

      1. I know they block comcast. My IP from home isn’t banned, but my bf’s from Alabama was. I rarely post though. Since they have their own little memes and stuff so it’d be hard to sound like a real 2ch-er

        1. So Comcast is an American broadband supplier?
          I see! For the first time being in England has paid off!

      1. Erm… that shouldn’t have given you a virus. Perhaps the porn site in the next tab over did? :3

        1. I scanned until I got all the way down, and found some highlighted link s and thought that might be pictures of new pokes, instead it show some msg saying making fun of the ppl clicking on it, and since I still hadn’t updated my norton antivirus i got a virus. I did show somethng that looked like x rated links right before the msg making fun of one.

    3. i looked at those pics, and the picture of the “molten building” looks like it has a butterfly pokemon on the edges… maybe that is the new worms evolution? just thought i would point it out.

  12. aha!i was right about aloe! :DDD

    and i LOLed at “hes needs to come outta the closet” xDDDDD

    hopefully these some true in corocoro! :DDDD

    1. Nice! 🙂

      Every time i see Mamepato’s sprite my heart melts ;___; I love that pigeon <3

  13. This is a really random thought, but it would be cool if a pokemon character WAS out of the closet. That would be real diversity…and esp if they end up in a major role like Dento in the anime ;D .

    1. its really about time. as long as they don’t add a harsh stereotype background to the character.
      But in all honesty, its 2010, such a thing should be implemented to a popular childrens franchise to teach diversity

      1. mmm it would sure make up for Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus being passed off as cousins here in America
        can i get a HeArD?

        1. Sailor Uranus and Neptune were mutilated by the english dub T__T

          Its a good thing they never did the last season in English 😛

    2. I’m was thinking that Prof Araragi and her “friend/assistant” are a lesbian couple 🙂

      And will continue to think so.

  14. Why, why did they have to make Aloe a cook? I can foretell major backlash. Hopefully they’re other Dark Skinned (of African decent :P) People to avoid stereotype xD

    Like the hotel idea, better be better than the Sinnoh one 🙂 And everything else sounds cool and feasible as well.

    1. If she ends up being a gym leader, i see no problem with it other than a fun restaurant theme lol. If anything its a positive representation since she would be a strong and respected african american woman.

      then again. even Jynx was considered racist.

      1. Or even she herself own the restaurant too. Apparently minority ppl cannot ever be portrayed as ppl that works in jobs other than boss jobs. Which seems ridiculous to me (and I’m latino), b/c it shouldn’t matter, but I guess they have to offset the real stereotypes for ppl who still think low of minorities.

        Maybe even if she was the Head Chef, then it’s prolly cool. I really wanted her to be a gym leader :'(

  15. “Dento will also give you a pass in which to compete in the Musicals after you meet him. I don’t know if I translated this correctly but he seems to love Pokemon Musicals, but has a secret. The poster said “I think he needs to come out of the closet” LOL”

    I do remember hearing a rumor about the Best Wishes anime, back when the silhouetted poster was revealed, that the male character was rather effeminate and had a Munna…?



  16. funny I am a waiter that kinda looks like Dento
    also im gay soooo Thanks for puttin’ me in the game HA

  17. I wonder if the deer’s season gimmick (if this turns out to be true) will go on to his evolution. Maybe his rumored multi-evolution has something to do with this: He evolves into a different Pokemon depending on the season.

    1. I sure hope so. I’ll bow down to Game Freak if Shikijika has split evolutions with different stags depending on the season that Shikijika evolved in. (:

      1. Me too. I just wonder what Autumn’s evo would be. I think it’s easy to guess that Winter would be Ice, Spring would be Grass and Summer would be Fire.

        1. Fall I think would be ghost for halloween or dark because nights last longer during winter, there was also a rumor that it would be psychic but idk

        2. or summer could be water, since that’s the season for beach-going. that would leave fire for autumn…and if i remember right, the kanji for fall involved fire.

        3. It could be ghost or dark, b/c the concept of fall/autumn are always used in literary works as a metaphor for death, or dying, something bad happening.

          That’d be cool. I really like that idea of seasonal evos too, Maybe we’ll be able to evolve eevee this way into either Leafeon (spring), Glaceon (winter) w/o having to be near those rock from last gen.

  18. The Pokemon hotel is giving me images of those hotels specially designed for dogs and cats….

    Maybe it will be similar to Pokemon Daycare in that it levels up your pokemon…..or maybe it just makes them happier while they stay there….

  19. Also with the Shikijika season form changing….

    It could still be something similar to Burmy, whereas Shikijika can change form based on the seasons but when it evolves it keeps the season typing/style it was in when it evolved.

  20. I know is the wrong place to post but,imho the gym rumor makes sense on the video pokemon sunday revealed there was 3 new trainer a american soocer player=fire gym cuz the leader is a cheerleader,the black guy with the big backpack=ground gym,well he is black(racism mode off) and big backpack=traveller=earth=ground gym and the nurse=poison gym like the trainers of the gym are the medics and nurses of the gym leader lol would be epic(terminal illness and have a chairwhells D: ),and the chief guy/girl idk=grass gym=aloe who like the rumor said is a cook makes alot of sense

    And kriffix if you know japanese can you translate the names for us thx : P

    1. Wait, wait wait…what?
      What names do you want me to translate? Where?

      I’m not putting much trust into those gym leader predictions from a couple of news posts ago if thats what you mean. I can’t even find the post that the guy from SPP allegedly translated for a start.

      1. I hate to tell you this, but if you’re hoping for Sarcophakan to be the English name it has too many letters. Pokemon names have a 10 character limit.

  21. It was I who abused the down-voting.
    Also these rumors sound awesome, I hope they are true.

    1. whyyyy?

      it made everyone’s comments look so bad even though the were saying legit stuff about the rumors and such. -__-‘

  22. Koala~~~~ 😀 Grass type? I hope it’s strong so I can add it to my team!

    Exploding swans ftw!

    1. the koala rumor reminds me of this huge bach of fake pokemon and one of them that was supppossed to be a grass starter was a koala. ><

  23. Good rumors! ^_^

    BUT I dislike having no rank down. There are some REALLY bad comments that I have NO way of DISLIKING. It’s like facebook all over again with only a ‘like’ button!!! XD

  24. Corocoro normally leak on the 11th right?
    Plus the Corocoro site says it’ll officially be released around the 11th too.
    Is there any reason you guys think it’ll be leaked faster this month? :3
    Is it normally set to come out the 16th-ish yet leaks one 11th or something?

    Also, it may be worth mentioning that next month’s issue is having a cool BW thingy free with it too!

    1. Yes, leaks generally happen a couple of days before the magazine is released, so if they move up when it’s released it stands to reason the leak would move up, too.

      1. Thanks!

        The thing is though I’m not sure what the usual release date is in comparison lol.

        I hope i’m online the moment they’re leaked.
        There are lots of other aspiring translators here so we can work together and help PokeJungle get the Corocoro translations up before other sites do!

  25. Oh Shikijika has that seasonal gimmick, eh? *tremblesbecauseGameFreakmustbereadingmymindagainbutohwellit’snotyetconfirmed*
    That’s kinda cool 🙂 I’m just imagining the color schemes of Shikijika’s different seasonal forms.
    (please bear with my bad English 🙁 )

  26. Dento, gay? Yesyesyesyes.
    A canon gay character would be great.

    Shikijika looks very promising. I hope it has stats to back up that gimmick. I’d hate for it to become like Spinda.

  27. It’s got to be fake.
    One minute he’s able to translate words like “Stampede” then the next he can’t read Pokabu’s evolutions name which is only in Katakana. If he was in Japan with a friends family or whatever there’s no reason they couldn’t just read the name for him lol.

    Also Zoroa cannot be caught in regular play (Not sure if dreamworld counts as regular play, but all the other stuff is still fishy anyway.

    He’s lying.

  28. such a lie -__-‘

    zorua is an event pokemon ONLY. -__-‘

    he should atleast make it somewhat believable and do his research before making up stuff. -__-‘

  29. To be honest, I’m just happy those starter typings were fake. Water/Fighting is a given for Mijumaru, while Pokabu could do with a unique combination (Such as Psychic). As for Tatujaa (sp) I would like something other than Poison, despite the fact it is quite fitting considering the Coil move. Maybe Dark type?

      1. Are you sure? Hyper cutter’s Japanese name is かいりきバサミ, which is basically exactly “superhuman scissors.”

        1. My bad, you are correct~ D; These rumors are now negated by Gigaiasu’s outing anyways though 8D So no one needs to remember this little mistranslation… now do they…? Dx

    1. It’s unnatural lol.
      What they probably meant to say was “This is the mole Pokemon’s final evolution”.
      They say “Moru” for Mole, literally using the English word instead of the Japanese word (Mogura).
      Also they say “Latest evolving” when I think they mean “Final evolution”.

      1. Just reading over my post, I realised I didn’t explain very well so i’ll elaborate.
        They should use “Shinkakei” not simply “Shinka”. This “Shinka” by itself is only evolution as a concept. Although it is a noun it doesn’t correspond with the English usage in that it cannot mean “A FORM of evolution”.

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