More Rumors… [FAKE]

These are the most believable I’ve seen in a loooooooong while and I wouldn’t doubt them to be true.  So read up but REMEMBER they remain unconfirmed :3 [Thanks Duh for pointing these out!]

  • Shikijika (normal) has forms based on seasons and the flower on top of its head differs from season to season.  Listed in the rumor was a “withered” flower in the winter, while in Spring it has a large one.  It was rather unspecific as to whether it has an evolution or not.
  • Moguryu is the “Mole Pokemon” and is Ground/Steel; weighs in at 18kg and stands .6m high. Its ability is called “Superhuman Scissors” (bad translation on my part, you’ve been forewarned)
  • Repeats the previous rumor about Mamanbou and Gigaiasu (types match other rumor) although poster does say he thinks Gigaiasu may have an evolution
  • Bakucho is Water/Flying type (swan we saw?) and has the ability “Water Explosion” .  It weighs 14kg and stands 1.2m tall
  • Imomushiba is Bug/Grass type (mentioned before, its supposedly the worm we saw).  When you first start a new game Cheren will show you how to catch Pokemon by battling it
  • Koalagi is mentioned again, Grass type, koala appearance.  Belly is apparently white and has black ears… back is bush-like (other rumor didn’t have those details)
  • Pokemon Musicals replace contest (poster said he … enjoyed them).  The Appeal stage lasts a minute and a half
  • Dento and Aloe work for the Pokemon Hotel (which we may have seen before in those leaked Yahoo! Kids images).  Dento is a Waiter and Aloe is a cook.
  • Dento will also give you a pass in which to compete in the Musicals after you meet him.   I don’t know if I translated this correctly but he seems to love Pokemon Musicals, but has a secret.  The poster said “I think he needs to come out of the closet” LOL
  • N and Team Plasma have the same goal, but apparently N is not working in conjunction with the team

Wonder if these are real :3  Guess we’ll know soon when CoroCoro leaks!!  Remember NOT to treat these until fact until we get some proof to back it up with!!

<3 pokejungle

ps- If anyone has ripped the sprites for the new Pokemon can I use them?  🙁  Working on new version of PokePets!  Thanks <3  Would credit you on the ‘Pet page.

pps- I’ve changed the comment ranking *again*.  Unfortunately we had people abusing the “down rank”.  Now you can just rate people higher :3