Victini/Manaphy + Rumors [FAKE]

Victini learns new attack which Serebii has translated to “Complete Burn”, but やきつくす means to literally burn until there’s nothing left.  So at the moment I suppose “complete burn” is the best way to phrase it~

Manaphy download will also start in Japan August 14th and run through September 12th.  As you can see from the image above it learns Aqua Ring and Water Sport.

Now!  RUMOR TIME! These come from 2ch so like all other rumors we see they most likely aren’t believable.  :3  But you never know…

  • Gigaiasu is Rock/Dark
  • Moguryuu is Ground/Steel
  • Shikijika is Normal/Grass
  • Mamanbou is indeed Luvdisc’s evo (was there a doubt?) and is Water
  • New pokemon named Bakuchou is Water/Flying (the swan?)
  • Imomushiba is the caterpillar and is Bug/Grass
  • Koalagi is a new Grass type (Koala) which looks similar to child and its backsprite looks like a bush (lolwtf?)
  • Pokemon Musical is indeed the replacement for Contests
  • The “Appeal” portion of the Musical is extremely simple and apparently made for children
  • Seasons will cycle through, each lasting a week
  • Shikijika does have a seasonal gimmick
  • New attack “Seasonal Beam” which changes type based on the season, summer is fire and winter is ice was listed

Probably isn’t trustworthy at all, but is interesting nonetheless :3

<3 pokejungle

ps- Yes, I’m still working on a chat section and a fanart section!

  1. Seasons only last a week? I HIGHLY doubt that. Or I don’t like it and therefore doubt it.

    In the Bible. The if you sin and are damned to eternal hellfire. You are sent into an all consuming fire. A fire that burns untill there is nothing left…

    1. Where in the bible does it say that exactly?

      The bible actually doesn’t mention hell all that much. It doesn’t even give a clear description of what it is. Besides, all people are sinners in Christianity, they are just “forgiven” if they repent and believe in god. Jeez, I’m a godless Satanist and I know your bible better then you do…

      Have fun cutting off your hand, plucking out your eye and amputating your foot!

      1. Presumptuous much?

        I’m actually an Atheist. And I learned about hell from this video by a Christian:
        He does talk about a fire that burns until there’s nothing left.

        And there’s no such thing as a godless satanist. Satanists choose satan as their god, which is just as stupid as any theology.

        1. With a name like divine light, and with a comment talking about sinners burning in hell, is it that odd that I would presume such a thing?

          Just because a Christian says something, doesn’t mean it’s in the bible. Most Christians have not read the bible.

          And yes, yes there is. Modern Satanism does not see Satan as a god, but as symbolic force in nature. I don’t believe in anything supernatural.

  2. sounds more logical than most rumours (typing wise), but again, the seasons part let it down really… although it is unlikely that seasons will last three months (like animal crossing)

  3. koalagi is probs the broccali bear thing leak a while a go, seasons lasting a week meh the musical would be cool if its challanging but probz fake

  4. The poster corrected himself and said that he meant Koalagi was based off of a Koala and that it’s back had a bush on it. Maybe related to Broccoli head?

  5. Wow… I actually believe them! That brocoli we saw together with Kibago with the figures looks like a koala (NOT a monkey) so… its maybe real this time… you know… CoroCoro comes around these days, so people would most likely come with info before scans! Maybe we will get the scans soon! 8D

  6. Yeah I hope the reveal brocoli koala i really like It I hope it’s evo remains skinny and not a fat koala/ bear monster

  7. only a week?
    that’s seems a bit short..oh well it’ll still look cool 😀

    and thanks for posting the rumours~ 😀

    1. agreed…Unless the pokeworld is on a reeeally messed up orbital path around the pokemon sun, i cant see seasons changing THAT fast

    2. I think one week is a perfect amount of time for each season. Let’s face it, it is a game and if you can only catch certain pokemon in certain seasons they’re hardly going to ask you to wait possibly almost a year (if you’re in spring waiting for a winter pokemon) to that pokemon.

  8. These rumors actually sound believable; much more than “I got this demo that had 40 new Pokemon in it.”

    Glad the seasons only last a week. Can you imagine having to wait three whole months to get a new Shikijika form? I bet this means the kinds of Pokemon running around in the wild will rotate each week. That’ll be so cool. 😀

    Moguryu being Ground/Steel seems a little soon, though. Doryuuzu I can understand, but I dunno about Moguryu. I guess those shovels on its hands qualify it to be a Steel type?

    Anyway, I believe this is true.

    1. Shut. up. NOW.

      If season only last a week, there is NO F***ING WAY I WILL PLAY THESE VERSIONS! It makes NO sense, if sesons only last a week than you become a year older every month! I mean SERIOUSLY?!

      Also, Shijinka, if it does change, will CHANGE formes like Castform, not like Shellos/Gastrodon. So yeah.

      1. Wow. You’re a douche.

        That the biggest over reaction I’ve ever seen to a fairly mild comment ever.


        1. Yea and we don’t even know if it effects some days like at winter, it snows some days and then its sun is shining and blaa… then summer its shining and raining :3

      2. Not to sound as douchey as you, but what the hell? Seriously, you can be nice around here to those that are just speculating and want to get their hopes up. These rumors are the most believable I’ve seen to date. Nothing shocking or out of the water, which is why I like them. Everything kinda fits, so I’m really putting my faith into these being real.

        Now, if you can’t play nicely, you’ll be suspended from the playground and be put in timeout. No orange juice for you today, either.

    2. Wow, I’m sorry you were the unlucky poster to get a reply like that.

      In any case, I really hope the rumors are true, especially the one about seasons. I wouldn’t want to wait months just to see a new season come around. I’m too impatient! But I bet there will be seasonal evolutions as well. Leafeon and Glaceon anyone?

  9. Can anyone tell me where I can find 2ch rumors. I want the original website where he post them. Thanks

  10. I don’t see why some people are mad about the weekly seasonal changes. I don’t know if I remember correctly, but doesn’t HG and SS have “time-shift guards”? Like, you can’t change the date on your DS and the game changes with it so things like Pokeathelon prizes change and stuff. If I do remember correctly, then who’s to say they won’t do that with Black and White? I don’t think they’ll let it change like animal crossing can, hence the weekly seasonal changes.

    1. A week is reeeally short. it would eventually just become a gimmick as opposed to a cool feature. I personally Don’t want 3 months in between season changes, But one month seems more balanced out so you can actually get a chance to explore/enjoy/etc. the entire region in its new season.

      but of course, people are uber impatient and want things now now now P:

  11. Shikijika is Normal/Grass -people just think that because of the energy ball (maybe its TM learned)
    Koalagi is a new Grass type (Koala) which looks similar to child and its backsprite looks like a bush Pokemon – arghhh when i saw this i was like yeyy a koala pokemon , but when i read the rest that it could be that broccoli thing i was dissapointed
    The “Appeal” portion of the Musical is extremely simple and apparently made for children-lol
    Seasons will cycle through, each lasting a week- i’m fine with that
    Shikijika does have a seasonal gimmick- i hope so
    New attack “Seasonal Beam” which changes type based on the season- AWSOME

    1. I doubt it’s TM learned since we saw it in a trailer. They were almost showcasing Shikijika, as if it learned Energy Ball naturally. Only Grass types learn Energy Ball via level up.

      1. This is true, only the Treeko, Lotad, and
        Lileep line can learn it by level up and the only ‘single’ pokemon that does so is Shaymin.

  12. just pointing this out, but every single comment that ahs the opinion that a week is too short is being thumbs downed e___e

    Its nice to see the pokemon community is open to many ideas <3

  13. I hope Shikijika isn’t a novelty Pokemon cause it could have a pretty awesome evolution (deers are cool) and not sure if the season rumor is true since they’ve made such a big deal about the realistic day/night features in the past.

    1. Yup that’s ze koala grass type.
      Funny it’s a grass type, it’s practically a cannibal of fellow plants.

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