Victini/Manaphy + Rumors [FAKE]

Victini learns new attack which Serebii has translated to “Complete Burn”, but やきつくす means to literally burn until there’s nothing left.  So at the moment I suppose “complete burn” is the best way to phrase it~

Manaphy download will also start in Japan August 14th and run through September 12th.  As you can see from the image above it learns Aqua Ring and Water Sport.

Now!  RUMOR TIME! These come from 2ch so like all other rumors we see they most likely aren’t believable.  :3  But you never know…

  • Gigaiasu is Rock/Dark
  • Moguryuu is Ground/Steel
  • Shikijika is Normal/Grass
  • Mamanbou is indeed Luvdisc’s evo (was there a doubt?) and is Water
  • New pokemon named Bakuchou is Water/Flying (the swan?)
  • Imomushiba is the caterpillar and is Bug/Grass
  • Koalagi is a new Grass type (Koala) which looks similar to child and its backsprite looks like a bush (lolwtf?)
  • Pokemon Musical is indeed the replacement for Contests
  • The “Appeal” portion of the Musical is extremely simple and apparently made for children
  • Seasons will cycle through, each lasting a week
  • Shikijika does have a seasonal gimmick
  • New attack “Seasonal Beam” which changes type based on the season, summer is fire and winter is ice was listed

Probably isn’t trustworthy at all, but is interesting nonetheless :3

<3 pokejungle

ps- Yes, I’m still working on a chat section and a fanart section!