CoroCoro Countdown: Your Predictions?

Since we’re waiting for some news to leak I thought it’d be fun to perhaps talk about our predictions on just what exactly this “Master Document” will reveal about Pokemon Black and White.  Frankly I don’t think we should get our hopes up TOO high, but hopefully it will provide pictures and details of some brand new pokemon!!  I know that I will be hoping to see the new caterpillar’s name and evolutions.  Perhaps we’ll also get to see more about Dento and Aloe’s roles within the game or more about Team Plasma and their connection with N.

Let the discussion commence!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Shoutout to Jonny for giving me a shiny Chikorita named “Mossy” that he hatched <3 Another thank you to David (who won the Scizor) for giving me a mudkip instead of a bidoof or something equally useless :p  I know I would’ve just traded a magikarp or something if it was me :p

pps- Prop 8 was overturned in California <3  </my day was made>

  1. I’d really want to see some evolutions of the starters, but I don’t think we’ll be getting that. :/
    Some more info about Team Plasmeaand Dento and Aloe’s roles would be awesome.

  2. If it’s called a ‘master document’ I’m guessing it’s going to reveal a lot. I’m personally hoping for Desukan and Denchura to be revealed, some brand new pokemon, maybe the third legend that’s supposed to accompany Reshiram and Zekrom (kind of like Giratina with Dialga and Palkia), more info on the region, etc.

    I obviously am asking for far too much ^^

    1. Not Really, because it is called master document 🙂 it would only make sense for ALOT of friggin info to br revealed, or else they lied and i will SUE FOR FALSE ADVERTISEMENT and HURT FEELINGS lol

        1. Sarcopharoah looks cool but doesnt roll of the toung – sarcophagus doesnt end the same way pharoah begins. and Pharomb is cool, and just want the word sarcophagus in there though – and his name, hence “SARCOPHAKAN!!!” All. the. way.

  3. I’m thinking that if Team Plasma is concerned with saving Pokemon from humans, that they probably worship/serve a certain powerful Pokemon. Maybe they serve the box legendary. Hopefully this caterpillar has a useful and logical typing. I could see it as a Grass-Bug, Psychic-Bug, or Dark-Bug. But it’s just a caterpillar sooo….

    1. Woah, I just had a revelation. Maybe others of you have thought of this but, what if Team Plasma is set up like a chess board in ranks and such. Plasma Pawns. The box legendary would be the queen (sort-of). Bishops, Knights, and Rooks. Black and White. Chess.

      1. I spy eight “Plasma Pawns” lined up behind that leader/admin in the picture.

      2. M.A.R. has a similar setup – The bad organization (Called Chess) has a bunch of Pawns, then Rooks, then Bishops, then Knights. At the top, one Queen, one King. I would actually totally dig this for Pokemon. O.o

        @Waal: Good eyes! That gives this a bit more credence!

        My predictions: At least 1 Gym Leader introduced (First gym?), Evolutions of Starters (Finally), and more new pokemon.

        1. Thank you. I try. It would be interesting to see why they’re crowning that guy. Shouldn’t there already be a king?

          1. Maybe there is an overall King of Isshu who is Possessed by Reshiram/Zekrom to make a balanced world.

          2. Oooooo. A ruler of a region would be cool. Maybe that’s why they said Isshu is far away from the other regions, a completely different form of government. Though, I can’t recall what sort of government the other regions had.

  4. I know this may be out there but i really want to see an Alt. Pikachu Evo, that evolves from Pikachu via happiness.

    1. NO PIKA SPLIT EVO!!!! if that happens,i will kill myself!! i love pikachu,pichu,and raichu,but i want it to stay that way,no additions

      1. I like the cute small mouse, the medium sized mouse and the over weight rabbit foot mouse too 🙂 but i mean it seems like something that should be done

      1. Yes it COULD work, I mean Pichu evolves by happiness, so Pikachu could/should too… get it? All happiness 🙂

          1. @ Krake: Yea that normally makes sense, but maybe they would make a way for Pikachu, after it evolves its happiness either resets or is held back…. or maybe need to be doubled from its previous level or something, or learn a specific move.

            @ Gold Starz: Thats true but then again we all that Pikachu isnt normal anyway lol n because that evolution hadnt been revealed yet, its not necessarily true. Just like pokemon *babies* were just smaller versions of themselves back in the day untill the babies were actually revealed, the real evolution wont come into play untill actually revealed. So beat that logic 🙂

  5. Since this month’s corocoro is supposed to be bigger and have a master document as Serebii pointed out in last month’s corocoro, then I am expecting like a few pages with small sugimori artworks of all Pokemon in Black and White or around 10 – 15 new Pokemon but detailed and a lot of Plot and Team Plasma info. That would be great. 😀

    1. hmm idk if theyd reveal that many pokemon but it would be great if they revealed pokemon we didnt already know about for a change

      1. I think they’d have art of new pokes, but not much info, and more info on those already revealed.

    2. i don’t think that mant, wel atleast not the info, i could see the artwork being in there. 😀

  6. STARTER EVOS!!!!!-STARTER EVOS!!!! plz god,do this 4 me(i really want tsutaja evos)

      1. I find that prediction to be probable and rational. (Big words w00t)
        Can’t wait. Lets give CoroCoro a cookie!

  7. The Mastery Document is OBVIOUSLY something you get when you become a Pokemon Master by defeating either the E4 or some new Pokemon organization that NOBODY knows about.


      Sorry, I’m not usually mean but that just ticked me of!

      1. David, as much as I love you (not in that way, I’m a dude) that was pretty mean. I’m gonna have to take a cookie away from you );.

        1. Sorry guys
          I was really tired and in a bad mood 🙁 I don’t deserve this cookie 🙁 *throws cookie away*

    2. um..they allready explained this, but it’s actually a huge booklet of info that is coming with the next corocoro magazine but from the sounds of the thing, anybody could’ve mixed it up with somehting else. 😛

  8. yea i agree we needa see the front sides of the tarantula and the scarcophagus pokemon
    also im hoping maybe we’ll get to know weather that mutli-evo shikijika rumour is true
    on a similar note if that rumour is true normal/ice typing would have a 4x fighting weakness right?
    ill pass on that option ha

  9. *Final Evos of the Starters*
    *New Evolutions for Old Pokemon Revealed*
    *Revealing the Faces of the Pokemon that were revealed*
    *The Whole Storyline Revealed*
    *and More*

  10. Here’s to hoping someone is really excited and rips open and scans the CoroCoro issue EXTRA early, though if I’m right there will be a leak at LEAST around Saturday.

    1. Saturday’s the projected date, since leaks are generally about that early. 🙂 Now, if it’s Friday, BEFORE I head off to the UD PR, I’ll be even happier.

    2. I’d be happy with tomorrow seeing as I leave to the land of no wifi for two weeks starting on FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

    3. well it usually come sout like a few days before so…ya firday would be the earliest it should come out this weekend though right?

  11. hm maybe the gym leaders and the name of the towns cities and locations and maybe a few pokemon n ot confirmed by coro coro like mogoryu and denchura and also some info on team plasma dento aroe and the purpose of N

  12. Even though I’d like another evo/prevo to be introduced, i’d rather have seperate lines of new pokemon. The older ones tend to get boring! But I have a feeling that swan/stork pokemon will be the first flying type. I know it’s been heard over and over again. But storks have a reputation about bringing infants into the world. I also wouldn’t be suprised if Professor Arigari (Or whatever her name is), while having her own line of work, investigates further into the birth of pokemon. You know, coz all women care about babies…. and making me sandwiches =]

    1. Sexism! *tapes mouth closed with tape and adhesive glue* Hooray! No more mean talking for you! The world is at balance again!

  13. Has the game been given a rating, yet? ‘Cause it’d be awesome if the game was rated the equivalent of E10+ over there.

    1. *news anchor* A childrens game was recently rated “M” for having content including fantasy violence and absolutely no blood, so that children can’t get it, and old people don’t want it.

      1. I think all Pokemon games should be E10+. They must think it’s all kid-friendly with the number of cute ones. But…
        Pinsir used Guillotine!
        Stone Edge description:
        “The user stabs the foe with a sharpened stone.”
        Really? EVERYONE? I think not.

  14. I want to at least see a new Ice-Type, Poison-Type, Fighting-Type and Ghost-Type.

        1. I guess pichu IS sort of cute :/ but it isn’t my cup of tea (If you know what I’m saying), you know what I do think is cute? Cookies are cute! In that weird sorta way

    1. uhhhhhhh no. -__-‘

      that was just a special looking pichu it’s not gonna evolve into anything except a pikachu. -__-‘

  15. Probably a few Pokemon that haven’t been officially revealed (shikijika, the swan, etc), Victini, some totally new Pokemon, one or two of the gym leaders, more features, etc.

    Hopefully released before Saturday, since I’m going to visit family in Wisconsin (not that I can’t check on the computer there; it’d probably be discouraged).

          1. well i know this is going to seem a bit fan boy-ish lol but i was wondering could i have your name and friend code for a pokemon game you play frequently 🙂 and i could give you mines

          2. Sure, my HG details: Paul / 5414 2095 0277

            btw- I can’t add everyone guys Dx Vekxin what is your name/fc?

          3. thank you and my info is KEVIN (yes all caps) 0432 2796 3121 this is my SS version and thanks again

          1. P.S. New Legendary Pokemon: ManofMtn.Mon, Rock type Base stats:
            HP: 1000000000000
            Attack: 1000000000000
            Defense: 1000000000000
            Sp. At.: 1000000000000
            Sp. Df.: 1000000000000
            Speed: 1000000000000

  16. We have 37 Pokmon (if you confirm the Grass-Type Pokemon Toy with Kibago as one) announced so far, if there is 150 Pokemon then maybe we’ll reach the “50” mark by the time we have Black and White announced so there are 100 left to discover in the game?

    1. Probably. We don’t know the exact number yet. Maybe it will be revealed in this issue?

  17. i wanna see the first gay/transgender pokemon maybe a raibow colored unicorn with a mustach and hairy cheast and a counterpart a “Bear” with a big beard ,earings and a speedo

    1. what would that accomplish? offending not only soccer moms but implying you have to be transgendered to be gay? e_e

      also if you want a speedo… *hands a machoke*

      1. Ok being transgendered shouldn’t be the same category as gay.
        Intersex is affiliated with transgender which is also wrong.

    2. Why not just have HUMAN who is transgendered and/or gay? I respect people’s rights, and by making a Pokemon for gay people, it’s calling them not human.

  18. I hope they explain the dream world more and how the website will work in a bit more detail…….also new pokemon would be nice but I’d prefer to hear more about the online features right now…

    1. ehh i think they’ve explaoined alot and i’m sure pokemon sunday would adress that like crazy. :/

  19. hoping for:
    * evolutions of starters
    * evolutions of other pokemon already revealed
    * brand new pokemon (and their evolutions)
    * evolutions of pokemon from past generations

    ^damn, i sure do want a lot of evolutions^

  20. I hope they revel maybe two completely new pokemon the official art of (I no remember names) spider moles cyrstal monster coffin and axe dragonand the otherpokes that have been revealed but have no official art work. I hope that maybe the swan deer and catepillar will be revealed on pokemonSunday cause they were updated along w/ vitcini type and Info which is what pokesunday is about this week

        1. He didnt know the name for the “coffin” (really a sarcophagus but i wasnt going to correct him)

          1. No, I knew desukan, but by Axe-dragon I thought he meant Ononokusu because it has the axes on its head sort of…

  21. lol finally that prop 8 nonsense is gone :」 that made me smile.

    ok, my thoughts on the mastery doc:
    -few new pokemon
    -evil team and n

    thats really ALL i see us getting. they would never reveal anything major. at most extra we might get a storyline…but im not expecting a whole shibam

  22. i want to know the gym leaders (official artwork, types, names, etc.)
    (i think aloe/aroe might be the grass gym leader)

  23. Well, since its confirmed that there will be no older pokemon prior to the national dex in pokemon Black and White, I wonder why make so much new evolutions of older pokemon. But what I hope is that we see at least the pikachu line, I mean, it is Nintendo’s main game character. But I hope we get the third dragon pokemon, and I think it will be Dragon/Ice type, seeing ice is a solid that was once a liquid, then liquids can conduct electricity, and liquids also puts out fire. So ice maybe, oddly as it seems, can be referred to the frozen plasma liquid in blood, since its a type of plasma, like electricity and fire is, but only in blood. IDK if its a good or weird assumption, but thats what I think it maybe. And this reason also leads me to believe that the third version may or may not be Gray, otherwise what I think it maybe, pokemon Ice version.

      1. I, uh, omg that evo would be epic, also if they do that they have just have to make a miltank evo and a gender based spliting pre-evo.

        Minotauros = Epic!

  24. I hope there will be revealed the evolutions of the starters(four years ago CoroCoro August issue revealed the 4th Gen base starters, so I don’t see why not revealed the evo of 5th Gen this time). Or perhaps 10-12 new Pokémon xD Some revelation about Team Plasma and N and maybe more pics and news about the Gym Leaders and the various towns/cities.
    Although there’s the demo tour, so there will be a lot of news this month and I think the starters evolution will revelead in this demo if CoroCoro don’t reveal them, hopefully.

    P.s: I’m sorry if my english suck, but I’m Italian and I don’t know english very well… yet 😛

    1. lol i actually couldnt tell until you said “my english suck” its sucks. but good job!

  25. I want the following from this Fri-Saturday.
    Shikijika art and typing
    Swan art, name and typing
    Bug art and name (obvious typing)

    Mamabou art
    Gigagaisu art and typing
    Desukan art and typing
    Burokku art and typing
    Moguryu and or Doryuuzu art and typing
    The broccoli one art and typing and name

    Another pokemon that stems off previous gen to be with Mamabou.
    A water type I’ll actually like (this gen). (Mijumaru and Mamabou is eh for me)
    Long shot.. a bombardier beetle pokemon.

  26. Do u guys know/remember what the mastery document was when they were about to release D/P? Cuz that’s prolly what were about to get…

        1. was that sarcasm 😛 ?

          -points to all my other points stating i dont believe we’ll get much-


    1. Let’s see..
      The D/P starters were shown. (We got the Isshu starters earlier than that.)
      Roserade was shown, after seeing a sprite.
      Electivire was shown, after seeing a video. (Oha Suta gave us this pleasure.)
      Super Contests were explained. (Musicals will be the equivalent this issue.)
      Underground details were revealed.
      Ending with Wi-Fi/GTS info and Battle Tower.

      They in other words, DIDN’T HAVE A MASTER DOCUMENT.
      This issue will be HUGE!

      1. I also want to see the front sprites and art for Ononokusu, Desukan, Denchura, Mamanbo and any other pokemon they refused to show us the front of.

  27. I wish they’d create a bird line that is Parakeet->Cockatiel->Macaw like the Pidgey/Spearrow/Hoothoot/Swellow/Wingull/Mamepato lines :’o(

    I’m really excited, I want to see more new pokemon, the front of the pokemon that we’ve so far seen their backs in sprite forms, starter evos, the first few gym leaders, more about Team Plasma’s plans yeah a lot I know but I think it’s only fair they please their fans ;op

  28. Has it been confirmed that there are gonna be a lot of post regional dex evos cause I heard a rumor and someone mentioned it on an earlier commet?????? Confused

    1. Basically there won’t be any old pokemon in the Isshu Dex. You won’t be able to get any of the old 493 pokemon until you get the National Dex. There are still new evolutions of old pokemon, Luvdisc evolution for example, but you will have to wait until after you beat the Elite Four to get it.

  29. since we will not be able to get 1-4 generation pkmn until the game’s end,
    Who Will Be Our Ditto?
    ditto “clone” pokemon, maybe

    1. They’ll probably make us wait till the end of the game to get a ditto and get our breed on. ;P

      If they do make another ditto wannabe…I think ill just set down my DS and write an angry letter.

  30. I liked reading all your comments. Very very interesting. (Somebody please get the reference)

    Let’s see, I honestly expect by now to hear more about Ononokusu, Denchura, Desukan, and Gigaisu. (May have misspelled the last one) because we’ve known about them for so long. I mean, Denchura is electric/bug, but we haven’t seen its front side yet! What’s with that? And does Ononokusu evolve from Kibago or not?
    Are there fossils in Isshu or artefacts? (Referring to Desukan)

    Gym leaders? I think it’s possible but maybe not in this update?
    I think the Dream World/High Link/C-gear info is already pretty extensive. I wouldn’t be surprised not to hear more about it during this update.

    We’ll hear more about team Plasma, and although I don’t see how “plasma” is related to “chess” I think it’s an interesting idea. Plasma Pawn wants to battle! Plasma Pawn sends out Koromori! The new Zubat :3

    Also I’m sure we’ll hear more about the Isshu region and whether it’s true there won’t be a zubat or geodude in sight!

    I hope (although don’t expect) to find:
    Dunsparce evo (Hopefully it changes its type because I think of it as Ground/Flying)
    Fire/Bug poke’mon. There are too many ideas for this to still not have happened. Bombardier beetle, fire ant, firefly, those instantly come to mind.
    Mawile Evo (Steel/Dark?)
    Ghost/Steel pokemon. (It has to be lead-oriented)
    More forms?
    I can has Meguroko’s evo plz?

    And I feel safe saying there won’t be:
    More eeveelutions other than a plausible Dragon type.
    A Spinda evo, or for that matter, a Wobbuffet evo (O…O)

    1. “Ghost/Steel pokemon. (It has to be lead-oriented)”
      I just want to say, that’s what I hope Desukan is… or Ghost/Rock, but Ghost/Steel would kick a lot of ass.

      1. That would be awesome, but sarcophakan doesnt look steel at all, actually he looks like he could be ghost normal O.o

          1. Sometimes a pokemon’s typing is based on its personality. Mawile could be so mean and distant that it could be called as cold hearted as Steel itself.

    2. The thing about Dunsparce is he seems more like a bug. Heck even all of those kids that adored Dunsparce in that one Johto Anime episode thought of him as a Bug. Misty even said he was cute for a bug.

  31. Corocoro’s site presents Victini, but just showing its picture, calling it an Illusion Pokémon and #000. Just the information we had before the Yahoo leak (its species, height, weight, ability, types).

    And then it says:


    Which translates to:
    Detailed information in the supplement “Mastery Document” of September issue of Monthly Corocoro.
    Pokémon information faster than anywhere is in the Corocoro Comic!

    What I can make from it is that there is a separate volume, extra issue, annex of some sort about BW and it will, among other things, detail Victini. That means those info from Yahoo are the next Corocoro stuff, just waiting to be released to the media after Corocoro goes on sale.

    So, as much as I expect a lot from a supplement issue on Corocoro near the release of a hyped game, seeing how little stuff were leaked from Yahoo, I predict this document will feature only a compilation of all known info, some new ones (swan and caterpillar) and focus a little on the history and characters (like Team Plasma, Dento and Aloe), rather than shocking reveals about Pokémon.

      1. we have 30+ Pokemanz revealed already P: Besides, it wouldn’t be corocoro without at least 1 new pokemon

        1. Well, there surely will be at least Swan and Caterpillar. But I just prefer not to set my expectations too high so I can’t get disappointed.

  32. MINOTAURUS = must happen
    Sarcophakan (Desukan the sarcophagus) art is needed!!!
    Miltank evo would also be nice
    Denchura and Weederpie info/evos

    1. wasn’t there some rumor about a pre evo tauros and milktank?
      and hey like have the same one or somehtin’ like that? @@”

      1. Yeah ppl are spreading a rumor that a poke is going to evolve into either miltank or tauros based on gender, but that wouldnt make sense, cuz that would mean all tauros are male and all miltank are female, and i dont think they can change that, but i could be wrong

        1. it would just be a little Calf pokemon that would become offensive if it was a male (tauros) and defensive if it was a female (miltank).

    2. I really want all you said pluss a pre-evo that evolves based on it’s gender into either miltank or tauros.

      I really hope that the bug evolves into a bug/dark pokemon, just look at it it looks like a little dracula w it’s leaf collar, fangs, and empty eyes (cute), it feels like it could hang upside down from trees and use silk to lower its self down to it’s prey (paul) 🙂

      1. That would be really cool, but don’t you think it’s gonna be grass type? look at the leaf. although it may lose that type upon evolving, so you could still be right.

        1. I see it but I really hope it’s just some form of camouflage by the pokemon and hopefully nothing to do w it’s type, but it could def be bug/grass, hopefully it’ll have thick fat as it’s ability to somewhat protect it from fire and ice type moves tho, lol.

  33. newpokemonnewpokemonnewpokemone…ummm i NEED some info about the storyline. D:<
    we haven't gotten anything on that, um…..and gym leader art!!! :DD

    strater evos please? 😀

    1. Storyline has already been HEAVILY hinted at lol. although i would like some confirmation if N is with plasma, or a separate threat.

      as for starter evos…wait till September 18th. i have a hunch they’ll be released then ;P

  34. im sorta hoping that the new bug keeps the grass type its whole line. far as what i hope to see in this final corocoro.

    id like to see evidence one what you do post game. perhaps revelation on what the fabled airplane takes you to. several new pokemon including a new legendary, perhaps this games trio. and proof that there are new evo’s in the national dex. also i wouldnt be surprised if we see what ever the new bicycle is (ive heard rumors that the bike isnt gonna be in this game)

    1. I like that but the fact that it will have a lot of weaknesses, 4x weak to fire and flying, 2x to poison, rock, bug and ice. Maybe if it had some sort of ability that would compensate for some of it’s weaknesses it would be cool.

      I like the idea od a flying bug grass pokemon though.

      1. Regardless at the moment this adorable buggy friend of ours destined for the NU tear, as well as a sub par type combo.

        unless we get a total makeover that is.

        1. I hope that this gen Bug types get more luv. I’m so mad about what people say about Kricketune! >.<

          1. Yeah, besides it owned everybody in my first Platinum! I have a strategy that I just made up.
            Focus Sash
            Perish Song
            Swords Dance
            Strategy- Perish Song- switch into an Arena trap Pokemon. Give that Pokemon Protect and Endure/Detect and have it use them alternatively. See what happens. 😉

  35. Everybody, check Pokebeach for TCG info. Just sayin.
    Anyways, I’m game for Miltank evolution. A super mecha giant cow with time ripping plasma cannon utters. That would be epic. Armegatank I really want them to reveal Gigaiasu and Desukan. The starter evos are a must, some old poke evos, some recent poke evos, and lotsa new Pokemon in general. I want to know more about Mandibite (David and I’s nickname for the leaf bug) and it’s evolution. That’s say this prayer at night that satisfies everybody’s needs-

    Dear Lord, in your awesome glory please allow CoroCoro to reveal evolution for the starters, old Pokemon evolutions, Desukan, Gigaisu and Denchura, transexual Pokemon, the evolution of Shijika, plasma cannon mecha Miltank evolution, Minotauros, info on the relations to N and Team Plasma, more info on Plasma, the exact number of Pokemon, a plasma cannon mecha evolution of Miltank, SERIOUSLY a plasma cannon mecha Miltank evolution, C’MON PLEASE A PLASMA CANNON MECHA EVOLUTION OF MILTANK, and story information. Amen. Oh and add a plasma cannon mecha Miltank evolution. Just sayin’


    1. ear Lord, in your awesome glory please allow CoroCoro to reveal evolution for the starters, old Pokemon evolutions, Desukan, Gigaisu and Denchura, transexual Pokemon, the evolution of Shijika, plasma cannon mecha Miltank evolution, Minotauros, info on the relations to N and Team Plasma, more info on Plasma, the exact number of Pokemon, a plasma cannon mecha evolution of Miltank, SERIOUSLY a plasma cannon mecha Miltank evolution, C’MON PLEASE A PLASMA CANNON MECHA EVOLUTION OF MILTANK, and story information. Amen. Oh and add a plasma cannon mecha Miltank evolution. Just sayin’

  36. I’m hoping that it will reveal some information on the already released pokemon, and I hope it will give us some new pokes! 😀 also, this is a little off subject… but has anyone seen the pics from pokebeach about the new card packs? the one pic show mijumaru using his shell to create water? maybe this goes along with the whole rumor about fighting/ samurai? O.o just thought I would point it out lol Thanks goes to

    1. I like the idea of Mijumaru’s final being part fighting, so long as tsutaja’s final is not another grass/ground. I didn’t like how we had fire/fighting final one after the next with torchic and chimchar. If using the same type combo for starters skips gens it’s fine w me but not in a row.

    2. Personally, kind of want them to go old school and have the final forms be a single type.

      1. interesting thing though is first gen only had one starter that was a single type in its final form

    1. Sorry to hear that 🙁 Hope you one day gain enough confidence in your heterosexuality to stop hating those who are different.

      1. Props to you Pokejungle! Im straight and I still think that comment was unnecessary DigDogger.

        1. I have to agree with you too . i am straight as well and have to agree that what digdogger said was uncalled for. imo people should be able to marry who they want whether it be a man and a woman , two men , or even two women. it really ticks me off when people treat people like dirt just because they are different. and props to you too pokejungle.

          1. Digdogger you’ve been banned from commenting, sorry. I asked you to be respectful and you have a firm will to not be tolerant of others. You have no place with us.

  37. I have a gut feeling that there won’t be anymore gyms 🙁

    didn’t Junichi Masuda tell us that BW would be some sort of rebirth? I guess there are new mechanics on the plot, and no more gyms…. practically a new feeling just like Red and Blue 🙁

    1. I believe one of the gameplay previews showed us some character talking about Gym Leader, but I’m too lazy to look into that now. ^^”

      1. but that isn’t confirmed yet, that doesn’t even look like a gym. A gym on a cave? unlikely

        1. In the bus demo video, after the guy goes in search of Prof. Araragi, but first he battles and defeats Belle. Then he talks to a NPC blocking an entrance with two balls/globes, one at each side (just like that castle/restaurant we saw on the leaked screen from Yahoo).

          This NPC says:

          ここには つよい トレーナー・・・・・・ ジムリーダーが いるんだけど いま しゅぎょうちゅう なんだ たたかえる ひが くるのを たのしみに まっててね!

          A bad translation to that would be:

          Here is a strong trainer… A Gym Leader, however (s)he is now training. Wait and look forward to the day of the battle!

          The guy playing says he can’t go in and heads to リュウラセンのとう (Ryuurasen no Tou), something like Spiral Dragon Tower, where Prof. Araragi is waiting. This place is said to be a resting place to legendary Pokémon.

          Besides, when Cheren was first introduced, he was saying he wants to be the Isshu Champion. What would he be champion of if there weren’t gyms and a league?

    2. uhhh didn’t cheren and N both say they would be the chapion or somehting?

      so with a chapion there hasta be a leage which means gyms and gym leaders! :DDD

      plus, what would a pokemon game be without gyms? :DD

  38. Why does everyone think the starters are gonna be dual types?
    Anyways I want the new pokemon types and i would be happy with that

  39. Yay for prop 8!!! :))

    I’m hoping to see Desukan already, that pokemon makes me curious.

  40. I’m hoping for at least some evolutions… I’d love to see the evolution of the croc, pigeon, gear and starters of course

  41. im hoping for some starter evos because the games come out next month and we have been waiting for them for a while… umm 3rd legendary would be cool and the legendary trio but i doubt they will show all of that but its called the master document you never know

  42. i predict the worm thing, gigaisu, mamanbou, miruhoggu, moguryu, (swan), and shikijika since they do 7 at a time. either that or all at once since the game is out next month.
    p.s.-This time on topic
    P.P.s.-I said i was sorry! but thx 4 removing my comments 🙂

    1. yeah just replying to your comment to let you know i do forgive you because imo when you admitted your mistake you gained my respect.

      1. yeah, your replies helped me realize that i was bein a real d-bag. No matter what my views are on certain issues, this website is about pokemon and no more, and it just wasn’t the christian thing to do. btw how many people has PJ ever had to ban? Not that im proud to join the group, but just wondering…

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