June CoroCoro Gives Better Look at Armored Mewtwo (UPD)

The next Pokémon movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, is a re-telling of the very first feature film. With new CGI graphics, designs for the characters and Pokémon have all been updated. One of the most exciting of those is Mewtwo in its power armor—a fearsome tool of destruction. Japanese magazine CoroCoro has now given us … Read more

First May CoroCoro Details Revealed

Serebii has begun to post details from CoroCoro’s May issue (which hits newsstands on April 15). It announces a contest to choose the name of a new attack in Pokémon Sword & Shield. The details of the new attack are as follows: Steel-type, Special 140 base damage Reduces user’s hitpoints by 50% How does this … Read more

June CoroCoro Leaks Online, Features Zeraora

The upcoming issue of Japanese children’s comic magazine CoroCoro contains information about the newly revealed Pokémon Zeraora and those pages have now made their way online. Unfortunately the scans do not reveal anything particularly new about the Pokémon, but do show off its appearance in Japanese arcade game Ga-Olé. It also highlights its unique attack … Read more

April CoroCoro Begins to Leak [UPD]

A Japanese netizen has uploaded pictures of April’s CoroCoro, which doesn’t tease any Pokémon content on its cover. Because they have only uploaded photos of the Beyblade pages we have yet to see what is contained in the magazine as far as Pokémon content goes, but it is expected that details regarding the upcoming movie … Read more

March CoroCoro Leaking [UPD]

Another month, another CoroCoro leak! The first images of March 2018’s issue have surfaced and bring some minor information about what’s upcoming for Pokémon in 2018! Japan will be having a special distribution for Shiny Poipole to coincide with the TCG merchandise – other regions will most likely get this event in the not too … Read more

CoroCoro Reveals Ultra-Cool New Outfits for Ash & Co

The February issue of popular children’s comic magazine CoroCoro has begun leaking and, while lacking in game-related news so far, has shown off some tantalizing hints that the anime is headed towards facing threats from Ultra Space! As you can see to the right, Ash and his cohorts all are wearing special suits and each … Read more