April CoroCoro Begins to Leak [UPD]

A Japanese netizen has uploaded pictures of April’s CoroCoro, which doesn’t tease any Pokémon content on its cover. Because they have only uploaded photos of the Beyblade pages we have yet to see what is contained in the magazine as far as Pokémon content goes, but it is expected that details regarding the upcoming movie and its Lugia distribution will be included.

UPDATE: An additional page has been uploaded and announces a special Lugia distribution for those who pre-purchase tickets to the upcoming film Everyone’s Story. It will be level 100 and know Hurricane (exclusive to this distribution) as well as have it’s hidden ability Multiscale, which halves damage taken from attacks when Lugia is at full HP. As homage to the movie its Original Trainer is listed as Fūra City. Players can download it to any Generation VII game.

Stay tuned!