FAKE: Pokémon Sword & Shield Pokédex Leaks

FAKE: THIS POST IS NOW CONFIRMED AS UNTRUE. It will be left up for archival purposes. A list of Pokémon that claims to be the National Pokédex list for Pokémon Sword & Shield has been posted to an anonymous forum by someone claiming to have extracted it from the E3 demo. Lists like this historically … Read more

FAKE: Pokémon Kingdom: Red & Green [UPD]

WARNING: This post deals with unsubstantiated rumors which are not confirmed and are likely to be false. It is for discussion purposes and not to be disseminated as news. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a proper rumor post, but with Generation VIII’s release drawing ever closer it seems like a good time to examine … Read more

FAKE: Generation VIII Starter Pokémon Revealed?!

THESE HAVE NOW BEEN DEBUNKED AS FAKE! The artist has been found. Now you can let us know if you’re RELIEVED or DISAPPOINTED by the news. We’re still leaving the post up in its original form for continued discussion. A post, apparently made on a Chinese forum, included three photographs of what purport to be … Read more

FAKE: Alolan Mantine, Persian, Jigglypuff & Cubone Surface

Today an anonymous imageboard user 4chan poster uploaded what appears to be Alolan forms for Mantine, Cubone and Persian. Although both exciting (Alolan Mantine) and underwhelming (Alolan Persian), we urge fans to not believe everything they see on the internet and file these away as false, for now. There are a number of strong reasons why these … Read more

FAKE: Rowlet’s Evolution Revealed via CoroCoro Leak?

We’ll get to see Rowlet’s second evolution one day, but today is not that day. The wonderful artist Rafi was responsible for the comic and, if I may say, he did a nice job. Lucky I put, in bold, “this is still unconfirmed” in the post, huh? <3 PJ