Rumor Report: Are Pokémon Sun & Moon Demo Codes Being Sent Out?

Earlier on Twitter images of an email supposedly being sent out by Nintendo offering a code to download a demo of Pokémon Sun or Moon were floating around and some of you may have seen them. This started in the Spanish speaking Pokémon community and turned quite a few heads; we are still more than two months out from the games’ release.

After doing some investigation and checking with reliable sources, I can definitely say that this is fake and there’s no need to be concerned you’re missing out 🙂

It brings up a great topic though: do you think the games should get a demo? It seemed like a good idea for ORAS, but as we ultimately saw there were a lot of spoiled surprises due to datamining. Some fans may not think that the benefits outweigh potential spoilers.

What do you think? Looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I personally hope they don’t do a demo of this game. I mean it was different for ORAS seeing as it was a remake game. I want footage of the game to only be from what they show us in videos etc.
    Doesn’t really bother me if they spoil it since I’m not really phased by spoilers (I mean I read the plot of Suicide Squad the day it came out)

      1. In my opinion, the thing that saves it are the actors (mainly Viola, Will & Margot), the plot is a bit lacking – they should’ve gone for a more…human antagonists to help ground it but I can see why they did what they did (with the whole meta human Justice League approaching deal)

  2. Honestly I’m not sure pokémon games need a demo, the proportion of series regulars to new players is probably ridiculously high, and besides most new players would probably be kids who I’m not sure would even try a demo. Does pokémon even need a demo for new players anyway? It’s ingrained enough in the popular mindset that they’d be able to pick it up faster than they’d think…

    So I dont really think there should be a demo, but I guess having one could be fun and build some hype. AS LONG AS THEY DON’T KEEP THE WHOLE GAME FILE DUMP IN THERE LIKE LAZY IDIOTS. Tbf that was probably because every mega had been revealed bar hoopa unbound, but still, we know they’d somehow be capable of it… Eh, they probably wouldn’t be that stupid. But no way in hell would some vaguely entertaining demo be worth the spoilers.

    1. Last time we got a free Glalie with mega stone among other items.
      Demos that come with free pokemon and items are alright in my book.

      The easiest way to prevent people hacking in is to overwrite the pokedex entry of every pokemon and item that don’t appear with Missingno and Teru-sama. Then the joke is on the hackers 😀

      1. I didn’t find the free glalie particularly useful as it just gave me a duplicate stone, but the pokeballs and especially the heartscales came in handy. I hardly think the free stuff justifies the need for a demo IMO, but I would absolutely love your hackbait scenario. People always go on about missigno, but teru-sama never gets any love!

        1. I never used it either, but I appreciated getting it. If they’d done something a bit rarer or made it shiny it would have been more handy. In all fairness though, if they’d given away something rare, people would have complained about missing the chance to get it, and they couldn’t have supplied something outside the regional dex or people wouldn’t be able to use it before completing the main story.

          Another reason I liked the ORAS demo was seeing the player models before the game was fully released. They always look better in game than in screenshots on the internet.

          Probably because teru-sama didn’t do anything, but that’s the main reason it’s so apt XD

  3. I wouldn’t get the demo. Unless I happen to go to a movie theater and they have demo codes there like when ORAS special demo was available

  4. How technically feasible is it to release a demo without spoilers in its files? I’d think it should be relatively easy, but if so, why didn’t they do it for ORAS.

  5. I’d like a demo version. Gives us something to be hyped for until the games release 🙂 unfortunately if the data is there to mine, someone will do the mining, it’s inevitable. I don’t mind, personally, I love spoilers, they’ve never ‘spoiled’ a game for me 🙂

    1. The simple solution is to seriously reduce the data contained in the demo.
      Replace the pokedex entry of every pokemon that doesn’t appear in the demo with Missingno XD

  6. Ok so I don’t want to stir the pot, so to speak, but I’m genuinely curious, what happened here last night? I read some of the comments but couldn’t get the full story, but if someone is claiming to be leaving, and a few people said they need to take a break, then it was probably something big. I know I probably shouldn’t be bringing this up. Also you don’t have to name names if you answer, if that makes it easier. Thanks.

    1. I’m being careful as a mod did say they would delete comments that could escalate things, but the easiest way I can say it would be that one person insulted someone else, said that the mods haven’t done anything about the person’s insults, and then pretty much gave an ultimatum to either ban the person insulting them or ban the person being insulted. In the end they simply said they would crack down on things to prevent things from escalating further and delete comments that insult people, comments that respond to people starting drama, and people talking about past drama to restart Drama.

      So here’s hoping it isn’t deleted since things are vague enough and trying to explain what happened and not start anything.

      1. Thanks. Honestly I don’t mind if my comment get deleted. I got what I was looking for. 🙂

      2. Based on that explanation they should have given both a 1 week/5 day ban as a warning and kept an eye on them. Assuming it was only the two people.

  7. One person from Deviantart (thought you might have already read this) told me of where the Row in Rowlet came from, and it’s not ‘Arrow’ to what you may think, but instead ‘Rowling’, as in J.K.Rowling. Leading us to think that these starters are actually based on Fairy Tale characters, such as Robin Hood and Little Mermaid and such. With a theme going with Rowlet (Hero), Litten (Villain), Popplio (Damsel)

  8. they can avoid spoils threw datamining if they code it right, like how the demo only had 4 moves for each of the pokemon they give you, and they also gave blazican thunder punch after the demo was data mined so lots of things they could do, heck maybe give all the pokemon splash to troll the dataminers

  9. I think they should do a demo, but put a secret program in the code of the demo that completely wipes the data off your 3DS if you try to data mine or hack.

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