Rumor Report: Are Pokémon Sun & Moon Demo Codes Being Sent Out?

Earlier on Twitter images of an email supposedly being sent out by Nintendo offering a code to download a demo of Pokémon Sun or Moon were floating around and some of you may have seen them. This started in the Spanish speaking Pokémon community and turned quite a few heads; we are still more than two months out from the games’ release.

After doing some investigation and checking with reliable sources, I can definitely say that this is fake and there’s no need to be concerned you’re missing out 🙂

It brings up a great topic though: do you think the games should get a demo? It seemed like a good idea for ORAS, but as we ultimately saw there were a lot of spoiled surprises due to datamining. Some fans may not think that the benefits outweigh potential spoilers.

What do you think? Looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comments!

<3 PJ