Lugia & Ho-oh Distribution Begins

Players who own a copy of Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon will be able to pick up a code to receive the legendary Lugia or Ho-oh depending on the version of their game. These codes will be available in the United States at GameStop, so trainers will need to head to their local store to pick … Read more

May’s Year of Legendary Pokémon Event Now Live

Happy Year of Legendary Pokémon! …you guys still care about these distributions, right? For those stateside, from today until May 25th you can head to your local Gamestop and pick up a serial code for Xerneas (Moon/Ultra Moon) or Yveltal (Sun/Ultra Sun)! For those outside the States, check out where you can snag a serial … Read more

TPCi Announces Year of Legendary Pokémon

The Pokémon Company International has announced 2018 as the Year of Legendary Pokémon! To celebrate, special distributions for several Gen VII version exclusive Legendaries will be ongoing for the remainder of the year! These Legendaries can be obtained with any copies of Sun & Moon and Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, however, the game you’re … Read more

Mimikyu’s Z-Move Revealed + Second Chance Cap Pikachu!

The official Japanese Pokémon channel on YouTube has uploaded a video of Mimikyu’s new Z-Move which is exclusive the upcoming games Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. It is accessible with a new Mimikyu Z-Crystal and powers up the move Play Rough to become Let’s Snuggle Forever.

In addition, Japanese and North American players can get the original-style Cap Pikachu with code PIKACHUM20 until November 23rd! This works even if you received a different Cap Pikachu during the previous event!

Get Your Shiny Silvally Now! [UPD]

The “last” major distribution before the release of Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon is here! From today until November 13th you can head to your local GameStop (US) or EBGames (Australia, New Zealand, Canada) to pick up a serial code for a Shiny Silvally in your Pokémon Sun & Moon games! This event ‘mon … Read more

Get Your Marshadow Now! [UPD]

UPDATE: Added more Countries and Regions! Marshadow is finally here! From today until October 23rd, those in the US can pick up a serial code to obtain Marshadow in their copies of Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon at their local GameStop! Our European readers can pick up the serial code from several retailers who have … Read more