Get Your Shiny Silvally Now! [UPD]

The “last” major distribution before the release of Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon is here!

From today until November 13th you can head to your local GameStop (US) or EBGames (Australia, New Zealand, Canada) to pick up a serial code for a Shiny Silvally in your Pokémon Sun & Moon games! This event ‘mon comes at level 100, holds a Gold Bottle Cap, and knows the moves Multi-Attack, Parting Shot, Punishment and Scary Face. Our European readers can get their hands on the shiny Legendary at their local retailers starting November 3rd.

UPDATE: More locations!

  • Belgium – Nintendo Zone, FNAC, Game Mania & Smartoys
  • France – Micromania
  • Germany – Gamestop via Nintendo Zone
  • Italy – Gamestop
  • The Netherlands – Game Mania via Nintendo Zone
  • Spain – GAME via Nintendo Zone
  • Sweden – Gamestop

Satisfied with the event distributions during Pokémon Sun & Moon’s run? Which distribution was your favorite? Or is there a specific Pokémon you would’ve liked to get a world wide distribution?