Rainbow Rocket Seemingly Confirmed for Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon

We’ve covered various rumors which have mentioned Team Rocket returning under a new name, but we may have finally gotten official confirmation about its existence. A Japanese retail display shows what appear to be Team Rocket grunts in front of a rainbow background preparing to battle the protagonist.

Other screenshots seem to confirm that Team Rocket has set up a headquarters of sorts in Alola (or they could have taken over a certain location). We’ll bring you more as it comes! As always thanks PokéSirena for helping us keep news coming fast!

  1. Really excited for this because it’s a great celebration of the franchise: especially if other evil team members come back for this!

    But if their name is literally Rainbow Rocket my eyes are gonna roll to November 17th

    1. Ikr..absoutely amazing how they’re linking the past with the present/future.
      I wonder how they’ll play in the story and if we really will get the other teams. That would be just amazing

  2. Prepare for trouble…
    …and make it double!
    To protect the world from devastation!
    To unife all peoples within our nation!
    To denounce the evils of truth and love!
    Go extend our reach to the stars above!
    Team Rainbow Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!
    Surrender now or prepare to fight!
    Nebby, dat’s right!
    (Lillie in the background trying to get Nebby in the bag and Hau just watching open mouthed)

  3. Wowowowowow Amazing!
    Tell me! who isn’t hyped to see the original gangsters back!
    Tell me this game is a carbon copy of SM??
    Gamefreak have really out done themselves. I like how they are linking the OLD with the NEW!

    1. To be honest, no. I wouldn’t expect them, but rather be honestly surprised if they do happen. Leaks have gotten stuff wrong/thrown in fake stuff before.

    2. Two different leaks who hinted to rainbow rocket mentioned also new alola forms. So yes, you can expect them.


      1. I’d like to point out it’s from 4chan so it’s not entirely confirmed, but GameFreak/Nintendo deliberately released these download cards knowing what was on it. This isn’t a leak at all, so it’d make sense a trialer actually explaining it is coming soon.

      1. 4chan but it’s a rational guess anyway because GF deliberately released this Rocket info

  5. People are saying the next game may be a reboot
    With the absolute NUTHOUSE that USUM is cracking up to be, I wouldn’t be shocked
    This isn’t the culmination of a system. This is the culmination of a fucking ERA

    1. I want a total reboot where I can’t even transfer my old Pokemon until they reintroduce them in the third version/remakes that come after them

    2. Yeah I was thinking exactly the same.
      They’re throwing everything into these games including elements from past games.
      I definitely see a BW approach coming gen 8 which would be great!

  6. So the rumour of Geovanni getting all the evil teams together and capturing Lusamine where we have to battle them all would be amazing if its true.
    If this makes it then USUM maybe the best poke games of all time !!

    1. Actually it was never specified to be Lusamine. Just someone dear to Lillie, it is probably going to be Nebby in my opinion. However I am quite hyped that the USUM wishlist and Rainbow Rumors are turning out to be true leaks.

    2. can you imagine aqua/magma, galactic, plasma and flare returning because geovanni influenced them.

      1. No. But I don’t have to imagine it because that is what is going to be happening in these games!!!!

        1. These games are gonna be crazy like a culmination of the entire series like one last hooraaaa!
          My imagination is running wild like how will it all play out so much possibilities. I should stop now!

    3. Honestly, if they hadn’t confirmed a game for Switch, I would suspect this would be the last one!

  7. I don’t know why but I feel like GF wanted to make these games the culmination of a long-time plot. With “all comes together” and rainbow as codename it seems like they want to end something with USUM.
    I think Gen 8 will be something completly different from what we have had. Maybe a reboot?

  8. This makes me THAT much more hyped for these games. Can we expect Alolan forms of their original teams? Oh god that would be interesting

        1. Exactly but I was one of the few people on here keeping my hopes on GF. They now seem potentially the best games ever

    1. Well, it’s difficult because if they came to Alola through the wormholes as the leaks say they should have brought their pokemon with them, so they must have their regional pokemon and not the alola forms.

      1. Thats true but you never know what happened to the pokemon traveling through these wormholes. Im sure GF would make up some reason as to why they’re using Alolan formed pokemon lol

  9. The leaks are really!!!!!!!!!! Rainbow rocket for the win!!!! I can’t wait to see the new Alolan forms!!!

  10. Sam Smith comes out as gender non-binary, and Twitter goes into meltdown. At least, on my timeline.

  11. That means Molayne is in E4? Neat, he was kinda cool. And again, What did the RR leak say about new Alolans?

  12. Good moooorning douchebags
    So that new Switch update lets you use GameCube controllers if you have the smash adaptor

    1. Cool? but why on earth would you wanna use a Gamecube controller if you can just get a Pro?

      1. Grass/Flying and it’s become one with the stick

        Dark/Flying and the stick is now a machine gun because now it’s human season

        Ghost/Flying and it’s floating with its stick because it was made into soup

        Steel/Flying and it’s sick of everyone’s shít so it picked up a katana and some armour and let loose

  13. For those wondering, this is the Rainbow Rocket leak:

    – There’s a new battle facility in the festival plaza that resembles the battle factory in past third versions that allow you to rent pokes from your friends and you earn festival coins and rewards after beating your opponents

    – There’s also a level system to it, as you level up you get to rent more powerful pokes
    but it’s true that all of them are coming back

    – RR will capture Aether Paradise and kidnap Lillie’s you-know-who

    – And you will have to fight all of them in order to rescure her

    – Those bosses are summoned by someone from RR from universes in which they accomplished their agendas

    – Gen 1 grass/poison pokemon gets alolan form

    – Molayne is one of the new elite four

    RR is short for Rainbow Rocket, the grass/poison Pokémon is probably Oddish. Those evil teams’ bosses use legendary pokemon and they are summoned by Giovanni (in real world of Alola) from alternate universes…

    1. Actually this leak, is a collection of rumors that someone from 4chan, I believe it is the Chinese Riddler, collected and said that he or she backed them up. Don’t be disheartened, the USUM wishlist is from one source and says the same thing as these rumors but was more vague.

  14. This could play out really nicely in the Anime with Jesse, James and Meowth. Maybe there’s a new Rainbow Rocket trio, with a guy, a girl and an Alolan Meowth.

    1. Wouldnt surprise me if they just bring back Butch and Cassidy because why not & they are lazy

      1. It wouldn’t make sense… Maybe just Jessie and James from the RR universe where they have a talking Alolan Meowth

  15. Inb4 Rainbow Rocket gets co-opted by the lgbtq community and they all start cosplaying as Rocket members lolz

  16. So I guess this means that in this alternate universe Gold/Kris never shut down neo team rocket in Johto because idk how they could’ve opened a new branch in Alola without Giovanni or any of the admins especially when in Johto they were weak enough to be take. Down by one child

          1. Some apparent rumour posted below says an alternative universe where each team accomplished their goals like Magma and Aqua taking over Hoenn with land and water respectively.
            Which I think would be really cool

  17. So at this point, USUM has 4(?) evil teams(and possibly even more). Thats more than the last three gens had combined. But we were told that USUM are crap, have nothing new and are going to flop. Explain?

    1. I think GF have set so high standards and people are just so pessimistic at times it annoys me.
      Anyways just as I predicted USUM are gonna be crazy because its the last 3ds game they need it 2 keep us busy till gen 8!

  18. If we’re really getting a trailer in few hours-predictions?
    Mine are:
    Mimikyu Z-Move
    Rainbow Rocket
    New Alolans
    One new UB
    Necrozma Star Form
    Maybe a Z-move for Necrozma Star Form

    1. Slow down there. We still have like 24 days until these games drop. I would expect them to reveal this info spread over two trailers and a CoroCoro issue. At most I would expect for them to just do a slight review of what was revealed in the interviews last week, Mimikyu’s Z-move because that had been leaked for over a week, and Rainbow Rocket.

  19. Okay okay but how cool would it be if we fought every evil team leader with a Mega Evolution

    1. That’d mean
      Mega Persian (and Probably mega Alolan Persian)
      Mega Honchcrow
      Mega Zoroark/Hydraigon
      Mega Pyroar
      And Maybe
      Mega Clefable
      And Mega Golisopod

        1. It’s annoying that the pokemon he basically resembles didn’t get a mega and they instead gave him Gyarados

      1. Actually Mega Rhyperior, Giovanni anime is the only time he has a persian, his strongest always is Rhydon (except in FRLG were for some bizarre reason his strongest was a Rhyhorn)
        Mega Weavile
        Gyarados is his Mega duhh
        And Lusamine is a wild card

    1. Better question: Why is there no Alolan Clefable for Lusamine, like for God’s Sake why is there no f*cking Alolan Clefable

      1. Maybe because they don’t have a reason to change?
        Maybe the caves and forests suit Clefairy’s existential needs and harbors no need to physically change to suit its environment

          1. Also, Clefable is sort of the Counterpart to Raichu. Clefairy could have been the Pikachu of the series, they got a prevo in gen 2, they both evolve from more popular mon with a stone.

          2. Clefairy isn’t a counterpart to Pikachu. At all. If anything it’s a counterpart to Jigglypuff

          3. …..you constantly give me more reasons i should have your intestine pulled out with rusty farm equipment


      1. Because she’s fused with it in her final battle you dummy. For her Nihilego is more than a mon to battle.

          1. She only caught one of them and that’s the one she fused with though. She didn’t catch any of the other ones because she wasn’t planning on battling with them.

      1. Because she tends to smother people with affection (at least in the anime) and doesn’t realize she’s hurting others
        I imagine GF had this in mind

        1. Or on the outside she doesn’t appear too dangerous, but get too close to her and she’ll smother you

    3. Probably because Acerola has it and they didn’t want overlap because they already had another feminine ghost type in the game

        1. I think her hair subjectively looking like a random Pokemon isn’t a good reason for that tbh

          And arguably, Mismagius is more beautiful than Froslass, at least in the eyes of the people who made Lusamine’s team.

          1. There’s plenty of people who share personality traits with Pokemon and don’t get it. I don’t see why it’s a big deal if she doesn’t have Froslass

    1. Tis going to be a very worthwhile gaming season
      My only fear is our own eagerness will burn out our expectations and blow through the game in a week

    1. Weird one, Araquanid and Masquerain are considered counterparts for some weird reason
      Bulbapedia says it i think

    1. If they really see gen 7 as a celebration of 20 years of Pokemon, they should add at least 1 Alolan form from every generation imo

        1. Real shame because the announcement trailer for SM was a dedication to all games, not just R/B/Y. I dont hate gen 1 at all, but the pampering has gone way too far

        1. Wut

          I was just making a joke about how cynical your comment was, I wasn’t talking about pandering or anything

          1. But like

            I was talking about your comment on only one new alolans, not anything about what the alolans are

  20. Everyone is thinking Oddish will get an Alolan form. But I am here hoping Victreebel gets one. It would be cool to see a Grass/Water Victreebel. Also it would be nice to see other UB’s evolve like Cosmog does. Maybe a Ground or Water type one.

      1. Ah, there are more of my kind on this world. Greetings fellow Sunny. And yeah, if they are sticking to Gen 1, then I’d love a Water/Fairy Rapidash. But low key, every gen had a different pattern Arbok. What if this Gen didn’t get a pattern, but an Alolan form!

  21. Again!? Ok they better be good atleast this time -_- they’ve already appeared in like 4 games and looks like that wasn’t enough, just hoping the admins aren’t bland this time.

    But really tho, why would they bring them back? Team Skull is basically a much better Rocket and they have a lot of things in common so I don’t think they’re gonna play a major role both at the same time, maybe Rocket is just Post-game and you could fight more evil teams as well.

    So… yeah, I kinda feel that this is more pandering than anything, Gen 1 already got Alolan forms and now this.

    1. Maybe they are post game. From the looks of it, it seems the Rocket Hideout is in some odd Rainbow Dimension.

        1. Well yeah
          Only Kanto Alolans
          Red/Blue are back
          Alolan Oak
          Like 5 Kanto pokemon get exclusive z moves
          We literally came from Kanto

        1. Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I meant to say that the 5th Gen was the exception to 1st Gen pandering rule. At least until the 5th Gen remakes come out.

    2. Well a lot of decisions these days boil down to Gen 1 pandering. It’s a sad truth.

      I just hope Galactic is back, I’d love to hear their theme remixed

    3. Maybe my theory is right and each gen after gen 6 will be a celebration of each gen from 1 to 6. So Maybe gen 2 regionals, a Rainbow Neo Rocket and Gen 2 protags in Gen 8, gen 3 regionals, Rainbow Magma and Aqua and Gen 3 Protags in Gen 9 and so on

    4. I feel like I’m the only person who really couldn’t care less about pandering

      It’s not going to kill anyone and using your most popular iteration is what is gonna get you more attention

      I can tell you now that if you randomly asked people on the street a decent amount of people will know what a Team Rocket is and like maybe one or two will know what a Team Plasma is

      1. When it’s a 20 year celebration it is most certainly a problem. On Zelda’s 25th you didn’t see pandering to Ocarina of Time. The official art literally had every incarnation of Link. They celebrated all of the amazing games that people loved.

        Gen 7 is nothing but gen 1 love for no reason other than it gets 90s kids who haven’t touched pokemon since gold/silver to notice when they see Alolan exeggutor on the trending page on YouTube

      2. I’m really, just tired of the amount of attention that they’re giving to one gen and how they’re almost ignoring the others, like this has been like that for gens and gens, just leave Kanto alone, it has their time to shine and shone well.

        And for the popularity thing, yes there are more people who know Gen 1 more than 5, but what about the 15+ million sales that BW got compared to the 10+ Million the FRLG got and is not that BW was despised considering it got a 8.1 rating on metacritic. And it’s almost like, a good chunk of people buying these games are already familiar with other games.

        And yes, I know it’s because of GO, but I just hate when they care for one gen in particular while limiting the other gens in one or two cameos.

  22. I feel like GameFreak is constantly holding itself back.
    Removing features fans love, obsessing over the days where pokemon was everyware and pandering to gen 1 and fans that are 20+ now and if they don’t play Pokémon now they probably won’t because Santalune forest is a 3D viridian forest, and just taking such little risks in the gameplay.

    1. I feel there’s two ways to look at it.

      1. Gamefreak should take risks especially now that we’re approaching gen 8 and I think they will take some on the switch
      2. Many people like myself appreciate the references to gen 1 but I don’t think it’s the be all end all, just GF giving fans some nostalgia

      1. Except the gen 1 pandering is going so far that it is seeping into every aspect of the games

        Alolan Forms
        Z Moves
        Team Rocket for no reason
        Alolan Oak also for no reason just as a cheap joke

        The gen one pandering is annoying and has no place in games that are meant to celebrate the whole series.

        Sonic games celebrate their history better. How sad is that

        1. Yeah it can only go so far. I hope they don’t continue it to gen 8 and we get a fresh BW like start however the points you’ve mentioned above I don’t see them to be that big a deal tbh
          – Alolan forms are a interesting concept and even of you disliked it we only got like 10 mons not the entire kanto dex
          – Not sure how Z moves relates to gen 1? Maybe I’m overlooking something
          – Time will tell what purpose TR holds in USUM. There must be a reason
          – Pokemon characters do have relatives too you know. It’s just continuity I guess

          1. You missed my points

            – The idea of Alolan forms are fine. There is no reason why they should be gen 1 only.
            – most of the exclusive z moves in SuMo were gen 1 pokemon
            – Oh please we know already how this is going to work. Team Skull is Rocket but better in every way. They have no reason to be in this game. GS just crowding up the game.
            – I don’t know about you but my cousin doesn’t have my exact face

          2. Fair enough with the first 2 points ✌
            As for Team Rocket’s return as of now we don’t have enough information and no we don’t know it’s actually rather surprising that they are returning and if it wasn’t for the rumours prior it would have shocked us even further soo we don’t know what role they will play exactly.
            Perhaps a post game delta like plot.
            And lastly yeah big deal it’s just one character star :]

          3. It’s the principle of it though. There is no logic or sense to throwing them in. In any situation. Like…. they are only there for genwunners who won’t buy the game anyways.

            And Alolan Oak is still a waste of time that is once again only there as a cheap joke for gen wunners

          4. I think the Z-moves is because a couple Kanto Pokémon got exclusive Z-moves. While the problem with Alola Oak is that his impressions of Pokémon are quite horrible. In fact if they increased such interactions in USUM then the games will probably get a 7.8/10 because there is too much Alola Oak.

      2. Yeah but having a bunch of “nostalgia” in literally every gen kinda takes away the feeling of it

        1. True but honestly I don’t feel the nostalgia references we got in SM where deal breaking.
          Cameo red and blue was basically a cameo. Alolan mons where what 10 of them and as for USUM we will have to see.
          On the scale of the game they are just small minor references rather than major parts that overshadow the entire game.

          1. X and Y only had Gen 6 and Gen 1 legendaries, megas for the Kanto starters and not even the Kalos starters, SANTALUNE FOREST WAS LITERALLY VIRIDIAN. Look at the lay outs

            This sh*t had been going on for two gens now

  23. Anyone else think Rainbow Rocket is inevitably going to be Necrozma related? Their colours are black and rainbow, just like everyone’s favorite parasitic prism

  24. Seriously? Team Rocket? What is this the anime? I don’t want team rocket back team skull does their Job but way better and funny. Are we ever gonna stop going back to gen 1 things? This is just super tedious. It doesn’t even sound right! Team Rocket in Alola. I’ll give it a chance.

    1. Giovanni better NOT be the leader. They have specifically said in multiple places he has quit team rocket.
      Also if all this is just to send a radio signal for giovanni I’m quitting mid game.

          1. Rumor says that StarStorm will be so infuriated at the senseless nature of the antagonists in these games, such that, StarStorm jumps into the game-and here is the plot twist- becomes an actual Star Pokémon revealing that StarStorm was the mysterious Pokémon on both covers all along.

          2. It does make sense as far as his character goes. I can imagine him manipulating all the team leaders.
            I highly doubt it would happen tho I mean he isnt a gen 1 character why would he get the spolight? Lmao

        1. So the guy whose one of his team grunt, criticized team rocket for its incompetence, is now leading them….

    2. Woahh take it easy. I dont get this we’ve had TR in four seperate games cry.
      Yeah just give it a chance for all we know we might get the other evil teams and this won’t be the same TR with GF’s better plot and story telling you can expect some fireworks

  25. Anyone else who doesn’t like trails? I mean they give you no feeling of accomplishment when beaten and some of them just feel like chores. They just kinda feel pointless and doesn’t prove anything as a trainer to me

      1. They just consider it practice for the younger devs, which is annoying.But, they at least seem to be doing a good job so far, and they have some veterans working on it too

    1. Makes sense. The infrastructure is already there for USUM so they can play around and learn without having to worry about making the game from the ground up. Meanwhile the senior members are busy building the foundations of gen 8

  26. USUM has be giga hyped
    This annoucnment
    I just wanna know what a Cyrus and Ghetsis who have succeeded are like :3

    1. Did the leak say the leaders succeeded? I just assumed they were generally just in the game and it wouldn’t mention for certain if they did or didn’t

    2. Succeeded? Cyrus wanted to destroy the universe and create another one for a reason not really well explained, and Ghetsis wanted to conquer the world.

      So the more interesting question would be how’s a world where they’ve succeeded gonna look like :0

      1. I mean … destroyed for Cyrus at least
        Will they be god status?

    1. Idk. With lusamije seemingly being chill it would leave room for another evil entity to take the AFs place. No Team Skull doesn’t count either……hahaha

        1. I don’t think they’ll be evil straight up. They’ve already done the “they’re good! Jk they’re bad” with the AF and I don’t think they’ll do it again

      1. Except for the part about Hau wearing better clothing…wait he is wearing cashmere now. I guess I stand corrected.

          1. Better clothing and pulls a Blue…so halfway through the game he skins Blue and wears his skin.

    1. Crying this dude was leaking details in March and nobody took it seriously for months.

      1. There’s people who have pointed out Camera fixes
        If there’s even a single new pokemon besides a UB, this is true

      2. Well I mean

        UBs are Pokemon, and forms are often treated as new Pokémon

        And just because a leak gets one or two things wrong doesn’t mean it’s automatically a guess lol

      3. You’re forgetting the possibility that GF may have added a new Mythical in these games for next year’s movie.

    2. Why would he want Lusamine to take a chill pill? Her being crazy af made her one of the best villains in Pokemon really

    3. He hasn’t gotten anything wrong yet and his points are also backed up by the Chinese Riddler. That or he is astronomically lucky. Occam’s Razor says that his wishlist is true.

        1. You’re saying this about a game that comes after two games were main characters had significant costume changes during the game

          1. A costume change is not even that much of an issue for me. I want a different Hau though, he was so boring in SM & didn’t act as a rival at all. If he pulls a Blue, i’d be very satisfied.

          2. The DP’s overexcited rival didn’t have any considerable change at all and Cheren and Bianca had them because BW2 was a sequel and they’ve grown up.

            And we’ve seen Hau with the same clothes already

          3. Lillie and Iris. That’s what I’m meaning. Both changed clothes halfway through the story. This literally happened last year. Nothing is preventing Hau from changing clothes in the story. – _-

          4. They both had a reason. The only reason I can find Hau changes clothes if he had a sudden personality change like the “””leak””” seems to be hinting at.

          5. Hau already has a huge personality change in SuMo. He goes from trying to become stronger to surpass and impress other people before becoming stronger for himself.

            And yeah. If the accurate so far leak is right, a costume change isn’t out of order.

          6. Yeah, I forgot about that “huge” personality change, I hope that the costume change makes it a little better developed or something like that but can’t ask much for GF ¯_(ツ)_/¯

          7. If you don’t think a character’s motivations completely changing isn’t huge I think you need to find a dictionary

          8. adjective, huger, hugest.
            extraordinarily large in bulk, quantity, or extent:
            a huge ship; a huge portion of ice cream.
            of unbounded extent, scope, or character; limitless:
            the huge genius of Mozart.
            Slang. very important, successful, popular, etc.:
            The show is huge in Britain.

            Do you think a character change that was not very well conveyed is one of those things?

            Important is a more fitting word that works way better. And I’m the one supposed to find a dictionary :3

        2. As someone mentioned before, that can happen mid game or it could mean something else. Also wishlist is just a name he gave to the thread because he wanted to be subtle for some reason.

          1. Uh, why’d it happen mid game? There’s not much reason and if that’d been the case, they’d probably have already shown us how he looks like

    4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand this totally isn’t any sort of leak don’t screen cap let’s wait for the game to be announced

          1. I mean they were saying it’s a leak but they knew nobody at the time would believe it

      1. Ehm if the RR leak is true that means they take over Aether Paradise and kidnap either Nebby or Lusamine. If thats post game i sure as hell am curious what the main story will be

    1. I’m not gonna lie, Lusamine’s craziness was about as well executed as it could’ve been a Pokémon game

      It wasn’t exposition’d all over your face but the material is there to make it obvious how it happened.

      1. I guess so but I feel like the SuMo plot as good in its own, it just needed characters and relationships fleshed out so the player actually understands stuff like why Skull was working with Aether while minimizing cutscenes and dialogue or adding a skip button

          1. Honestly? I feel like it’s cause GF had certain plotpoints and lore the current plot couldn’t touch so they’re switching things up to get to them
            Plus, the plot honestly isn’t AMAZINGLY different.
            I mean Rocket is 99% postgame

          1. This dickhead who sits next to me in computer science. He took a picture of me and then got my attention to SHOW ME POSTING IT ON SNAPCHAT

            How much of an inconsiderate peice of sh*t do you have to be to do that to me while I tell you I don’t want my picture taken. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me and I’m just livid

    1. Good thing I never do that, if I want a picture I ask first and if they say no oh well, if they say yes then *click*

      I mean if its not going to be posted anywhere its fine, but if they take it then without consent then post, that’s a problem

  27. Can we talk about how USUM’s entire release season is a tease? Like I’m fine with it but it totally was

  28. I need that trailer to drop nao I got nothing even remotely good going on for me right now cause of the stupid annoying stress is giving me PLEASE COME THROUGH GF

    1. I’m not sure if we will get a trailer soon. I mean they didn’t do anything when it was leaked that Mimikyu had a Z-move. I know that situation is slightly different, but I still predict that we will get a trailer as early as Thursday this week. However, I am still hopeful that we will get a trailer today because I share your sentiments.

  29. Tbh I seriously wanna take a break from here because the USUM negativity is super strong rn
    But like… I actually have nobody else to talk to sooooooo……

  30. Am I the only one fed up with Team Rocket appearing so much? Same deal with Kanto in general though.

    1. I mean……it hasn’t? It’s been in 4 sets of games. 2 of which were direct sequels/remakes. This will be the first time they’re making an appearance outside of the Kanto/Johto area.

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    1. Plot twist: They have cheesecake flavored skin and the girl with her tongue out is licking herself to get a taste

  31. So we are getting a battle factory that’s worse than average battle factory. Well that sucks… I just wanted something like PWT or BF. Something where I can accomplish multiple things
    Battle Frontier obviously had the frontier brains and symbols to accomplish.
    PWT also had all the types and leaders and regions. I made a list myself to concur everything on every battle mode which made it fun. Even the medal system was amazing!
    Battle factory+ Tree isn’t enough. I can’t stay on that for a while. I’m really excited for USUM and they still have time to show us something new, but so far it looks as if USUM will have the worst post game content out of any 3rd version

    1. You already know that this battle facility is going to be worse than average battle factory, even though the games wont be released for another 24 days ok.

      1. I’m so sick of this thinking. We know GameFreak by now do we not? We know they don’t care. We know that they know that they can tease us with features we want while cutting them in half.

        Our expectations are so low they’re basically sitting in a grave. If game Freak wants to show they give a sh*t then maybe they should actually try.

          1. Tbh, I don’t really see it. I guess the lack of trailers and the bringing back of the Festival Plaza, but other than that, it seems like they do care. Maybe I just don’t know what I’m talking about, but that’s how I feel

          2. They care greatly as can be seen from the continuity of many features.
            Some may say they’re not taking risks but how many times have we seen a series in games or anime change drastically and fail.
            Also interviews show they have great thought process and effort behind most things.

        1. Exactly. Its like how we expect Things, in general, we base it on our previous knowledge. And lately GF hasn’t done anything to prove they’ll add a note worthy post game.

          1. Every enhanced version in the past has had a very good & extended post game, why should USUM be any different?

          2. Have you not seen the Alola map? No sign of anything.
            And the rumor already said there is a factory like frontier. Which pretty much implies no frontier

          3. If you gonna judge a game based on a map, which is scaled down in detail my initial point stands.

          4. But judging a game based on a leak that’s been true so far isn’t good, right? Or judging it on its recent history. Those things aren’t good? You say it like were doing a wrong by judging it.

          5. BTW. I’m not judging the game as a whole. I think you’re misunderstanding. I’m gonna love usum as I love alola, but all I’m doing is saying it probably won’t have good post game battle facility

          6. i’ve seen you people bitching about these games since the Direct in which they were announced. Just stay humble and admit that you were wrong

          7. Wrong. I actually haven’t said many things negative about usum. As I just said I fully supported it. So you aren’t talking about me. I’m.just disappointed in lack of post game from what I’ve seen.

          8. Wait BW added a whole new portion of the region to explore? That’s just slightly less than Platinum (Platinum add three islands)

            BW and BW2 added White Hollow and Black City

            XY you caught me with

            ORAS had catching the multiple Legendaries and with the Battle resort trainers who help you train up teams to play with (not my best example)

  32. So I’m thinking we’ll get a trailer either tonight or tomorrow. The Team Rocket event thing Masuda has been tweeting about is set for tomorrow so it makes sense for them to reveal Rainbow Rocket in the next or so. I suppose it depends on when the event opens. if it opens in the morning we may get something tonight as that would line up with Japan’s morning. If in the evening then tomorrow morning for us.

  33. So yeah I decided
    Officially ghosting and skedaddling until a trailer drops
    The negativity is waaaaay too much for me

    1. Aww then see you my friend 🙁

      I shall sit during lunch alone now (literally most of my lunch periods I come here because I have no friends there that day or the one person my friends are friends with, but I hate is there and I just stay silent)

    2. I’m sorry for being a negative nancy :[

      But yeah, hope that when a trailer drops it gets me excited like the Retcon one or the Necrozma one did :0

    3. You’re entitled to an opinion seraph. Don’t let negativity get to you. People can express discontent but don’t let that stop you from saying anything.

  34. I can’t believe how excited I’ve become for these games since their initial reveal. It’s amazing how much info we’ve gotten for them over the past 2 months. I wonder if they knew that they’d get a bad reception right off the bat and then opinions would change

  35. It’s crazy to think that we are almost in November. Surprised to see Team Rocket back. Can’t think of a reason why they’d be back so it should be pretty cool

    1. Im starting to get inclined to consider the possibility that we’re going to travel through alola just like sumo… and in the post game we’re going to travel through a wornwhole to kanto….
      I don’t know about the 8 badges travel… but i can see us having to beat team rocket in some kanto plot thing…

  36. I’m honestly tired of this all
    I’m tired of USUM
    I’m tired of the negativity
    I’m tired of the positivity

    I hate these games for what it’s doing to me and the fan base.

    I’ve never felt this way towards a game and I hate it.

    I want it to come out so we can stop talking about it. Every single peice of news just causes more of a split and it’s ridiculous.

    These 6 months of marketing started off with the worst way possible barely explaining what it is and leaving everyone disappointed. Calling it an alternate story instead of a third version, by clairifying what “new Pokémon” means, and showing it after a Switch Pokémon game and letting us all down by putting it on the 3DS

    So much basic info about the game took months to be explained

    I’m tired of this. F*ck these games and their marketing. They will probably be fine, but they’ve caused me to be pissed at not just Game Freak but my friends on this site. I’m tired of it all.

    1. don’t worry you’ll be fine there’s only a few weeks now. Who knows the games might make up for the strange marketing we’ve seen!

  37. I wonder whose in charge of Rainbow Rocket? Giovanni still…or some one else? As far as news goes I’m kinda *meh*? on this one.

      1. Would be nice for her and james to make a cameo again. As for her being the new leader i could see that. After all her mother was a high ranking member second only to Giovanni right?

    1. According to the leaks it would be Giovanni though that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but eh.

    1. Yeah I’ve been popping in in out since BW and it has increasingly become a place of negativity. The tact is really going down the drain

      1. I never really thought you can outgrow Pokemon, but this site makes me think that some people have outgrown it. There isn’t anything wronf with this site, I think it’s just an overcharge of emotions

      2. Yes and although we all play a part there are certain individuals who play a major role in creating these environments. No need to mention names.

        1. I feel I have been brought to the stand… I feel, I should hold a lot of blame in this.

          I admit I have instigated people with my sometimes poorly worded or just plain hateful comments on this topic 🙁

          I’m sorry to all whom I have fought with and or hurt these past few weeks 🙁

  38. I just find it odd that I’m one of the few people arguing so much over USUM…
    Maybe I’m just losing my touch

    1. What exactly is there to argue about? Think of it like this. They say it’s supposed to be very enhanced versions of sun and moon. We’ve seen a little bit but not everything. There could be more content than anyone here thinks we just don’t know it yet

      1. Zactly (granted I’m too busy to get into the heavy stuff ATM)

        I’m just gonna wait to play the game THEN rail it for the parts that didn’t meet expectations

        1. I mean I’ve been pessimistic because I got bored with sun and moon and I hate Z moves so much. If the story is longer then I’ll be playing for a while. Some of the new areas like the UBs homes or whatever look pretty cool. If anything else just remember there are other arguably more exciting games coming

      2. I think everyone has just set their expectations way too high given the amount of info we have received in the past with XY/ORAS/SM. TBH getting mad over something as small as a video game and its “lack of post game content” is rather ridiculous when theres still new information being revealed. Maybe GF realized their marketing mistakes for SM and not releasing everything at one time. Fans have just becoming spoiled and set themselves up for failure when old features arent in games no more

        1. No matter how you slice it content is getting out. There is no demo but there will be big data dumps before launch I am almost certain

    2. you’ll be ok fam
      I think you’ve had a few tough days judging by recent posts
      just wait till a trailer drops and I bet you’ll be back to your “Conkeldurr stance: 😛

  39. I’m leaving. Don’t know when I’ll be back, maybe when there is a new trailer but I’m just not going to ever be excited for USUM. Don’t even know if I’m getting it. I just have too many bad memories associated with it at this point and I have a list of games I’d rather play

    I’m more unhappy than I’ve ever been and coming here to be repeatedly frustrated at USUM isn’t helping. I’m not even the same person anymore. And I hate that. I’m just that angry girl now. No ones going to say it. But it doesn’t matter. I’ll be back eventually

    1. I’m sorry you feel that way. Hopefully with a little time away you can recharge your batteries and feel better.

    2. I don’t get why dislike of a game is making you crazy and want to leave. Since when is pokemon the only thing people talk about here? Other than USUM there’s no reason to leave.

      1. Pokémon isn’t the only thing making me depressed dude. I have a life and it’s slow, tedious and frustrating.
        Pokémon is something that has always kept me going and now even that is making me angry now.

        I don’t need it in my life if im just going to feel bad. I don’t need to be here if im going to take it out on others

        1. I don’t see how disliking USUM is taking anger and depression out on others. There’s nothing wrong with not being excited. Don’t make yourself crazy over these games it’s really not worth it

          1. Also idk why Alex deleted his post but I cut and pasted my reply:

            Well then shame on those people. It’s better to ignore because apparently if you aren’t excited you aren’t a true fan. Just avoid the negativity and in that case avoid Joe Merricks twitter cuz all you’ll get is negativity towards those who are not hyped

          2. It’s impossible to avoid politics. It’s literally part of everything in everyday life tbh. They can also be fun at times lol

          3. Not when you don’t like the current president. But, I’m getting off topic, it’s not impossible to avoid “negative” opinions, but it’s extremely hard.

          4. Nothing about US politics is fun. Especially when the current administration is quietly phasing out any mention of LGBTQ+ and the president is joking that the Vice President wants to hang me and people like me.

          5. I meant fun as in laughable. The mans a moron. Doesn’t know what he’s doing at all. And the VP is even worse

          6. It’s not that simple. If it was that easy I wouldn’t be making this post.

            People here are either excited or cynical and no one is going to change their mind. The negativity will get to me. And it does. Because human beings aren’t robots who can just filter the bad stuff. Especially when I’m in such an unhappy spot and I’m not all mentally there so I’m going to get mad at people. Im going to scream and yell and cause arguments. No one needs that.

    3. I’m sorry you feel this way! Pokemon and especially Pokejungle (even if I’m little more than a lurker) has always been my safe space that I escape to when things in real life get too hard. I’m super excited for USUM but everyone doesn’t need to be. They might meet my expectations or even exceed them, or they might disappoint. I’m not thinking about that now. But it’s equally okay to feel uninterested, which is honestly largely what I felt for XY. Remember, no matter what you’re going through, it’s all a phase and will end eventually only to move onto the next phase, as long as you keep moving forward. That’s what I tell myself when things get too hard to deal with. 🙂 Anyways, coming from a longtime lurker, I’ll miss your sardonic humor and ranting. Hope you feel better soon!

  40. Actually, I might just be taking a break too. I don’t really come here as often, and I think I just wanna focus on other things. I know what I just said to Star, but that’s just how I am. This isn’t definite though, so whatever. If I do leave, then I’ll see you in probably a week or something

  41. Well I guess I will be the odd one out and not join the bandwagon that is leaving Pokejungle for a short break. I can see where Star and others are coming from in saying about how some of us will be positive or negative regardless of these games regardless of what info comes out. With me belonging to the former party. If the environment on here is becoming toxic and detrimental to some individuals then it would probably be for the best for a break to be taken. At some points in our lives it is important to take a look atourselves and ask if what we are doing or who we are is congruent with the ideal selves that we want to become. I did not expect for the prerelease season to be as controversial as it has become. Nevertheless, for those who feel it is necessary to take a break from Pokejungle and maybe even Pokémon, whether it is temporary or permanent; I wish them the best of luck in their pursuit of happiness.

    1. Don’t worry I’m not leaving either (I literally do nothing else some days, but come here because got nothing I’d rather do then see y’all)

      But I do feel sorry as I feel I caused much drama and agony in some of these aggressive arguments we have had, and I feel responsible for driving Star away (even though I really like her… In the friends type of way, not the other way). So I can’t recall, but I want to apologize to you in case I ever did fight with you

      1. No worries. I never felt offended nor do I remember having a fight with you. I also share in your sentiments about possibly driving people away. There were times when I would make comments that I thought would lighten the mood but in retrospect they may have been too juvenile in terms of humor. Aside from SM, this is the only prerelease season that I have been through on this site as an active participant. Thus, I did not expect for some people to have left due to the environment created by the discussions of USUM. I feel the same way about Star and the others, but I think at this point it is important for some people to get a break. It might be the breath of fresh air that they needed.

  42. This video by Nintendo UK was posted on a rumor thread. Supposedly they explicitly says that there will be new Pokémon in USUM. I can’t watch it right now so I am posting it to ask if someone could confirm this for me. I don’t know when they say it in the video but it is less than 4 minutes long so it shouldn’t take that long to watch.


    Thus, please let me know if they said anything new and if they do confirm the presence of new Pokémon in USUM and what they mean new Pokémon (do they mean Alola forms, UB, or maybe an actual new Pokémon).

    1. The USUM wishlist also says “new Pokemon” but I always assumed it just meant new to alola

      1. Yes, but I’m wondering in what context they said new Pokémon, I can’t watch this video now without wasting loads of data. Thus, I am asking someone to do me a solid and le that me know of anything peculiar in this video.

        1. I guess we shall see. This time around it feels like they’ve held onto a crap ton of info to reveal just before the release.

      2. The wishlist was before the UBs were announced right? It could just refer to them because like it or not they are new Pokemon, people.

    2. 1st question: are there any new forms of PKMN in this adventure ans are there any entirely new pkmn?

      -New Necrozma forms
      – New UBs (more than Burst/Assembly/Adhesive but can’t talk about them currently)

      2nd question: Returns of legemdaries?

      – Riding Solgaleo/Lunala on the Ultra Warp Ride
      – Meet new pokemon and among them is Mewtwo

      3rd question: how many pkmn featured in the game

      – More additions on top of whats in SM
      – Over 400 types (some you can find using the Warp Hole feature)

        1. And also:
          What’s your favourite Sun/Moon Pokemon?
          Shigeru Ohmori: Rockruff (he has a dog at home and he mentioned LycanDusk and its Z-move)
          Kazumasa Iwao: Togedemaru (he mentions that in USUM there are some new scenes with Togedemaru)

          1. I still hope Toge gets the Z-Move so it’s worth using, but ”New Scenes” sounds more like Totem cutscenes

    1. Rainbow Rocket was hinted by USUM wishlist back in March and less than a month ago it has become public knowledge to the western world that the Chinese Riddler compiled rumors that explicitly backed up the existence of Rainbow Rocket.

      1. Oh I thought maybe the code name of Pokémon rainbow. More meaningless rumors online that people are quick to hype. Even if the stuff rumors say is true, so what? In that case they had to have some connection but you wouldn’t know that till confirmed. They mean nothing lol. Meant for entertainment

  43. Welp. People are leaving. People are fighting. I’ll prolly still drop in out of here like usual, and i hope this place returns to normal and everyone is bqck soon.

  44. Also I haven’t really seen anyone talk about this but if the retail display is showing actual game content then UB-Adhesive (Sticky) is probably not evolving since it was shown in battle at Lv. 50. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/65032bad61263f9a7a20edd17727de0906363d71b23d276af98da15f54839eaa.png Or it evolved at a very late level like a number of 5th Gen Pokémon or by another method. It is also shown that later on in the games the URS will have more than one Pokémon in their teams.

  45. In regards to the video posted below by Sunny they’re basically confirming a Z-move for Togedemaru

    1. Wait with that, It’s actually more likely that Toge is the new Electric Totem, even tho I’d prefer it to get a Z-Move

      1. Either way I hope that the Electric Totem is more threatening this time. I actually struggled a lot with my team but they were weak to that Trial.

          1. Lol i blasted through Wishiwashi, even in my first playthrough. Mimikyu and Lurantis proved rather annoying for me, but maybe my team selection wasnt that good.

          2. I was really anxious about that Totem considering it’s BST and that it got a Defense boost. However, Crabrawler’s All-Out Pummeling one-shotted it. Quite anti-climatic.

          1. I think my team was Primarina, Araquanid, Crabrawler, and Salazzle. I used a Fire type Z-move with Salazzle, not realizing that the Totem Vikavolt was holding an Occa berry. Thus, that trial nearly screwed me over since I was at a significant type disadvantage when Salazzle was rendered obsolete.

  46. Okay Nintendo needs to stop this. They are attacking my wallet way too much. I am currently paying off a switch with BOTW that is on layaway right now. I fully payed off mario odyssey already and there are like 5 more switch games I want. Now they keep making me want USUM more and more. Not to mention the mario and Luigi remake. Nintendo please give my wallet a break ?

      1. I know you are joking but that so wouldn’t work out for me ? the workers would recognize my voice since I come in there ALOT ?

    1. Nintendo has never been better than how they are (and have been) in 2017. I think we can all agree. USUM is like a gift on top of that.

      1. Agreed with you 100 percent and as a huge Nintendo fan it makes me so happy to see them doing so great this year. After the issues with the Wii U it seems that Nintendo is getting back on track with the switch. Hope they keep it up! I think they will with all the games they have under their belt. Metroid prime 4 and Pokémon switch are confirmed. That isn’t even counting the possibilities of smash for switch and animal crossing either! Which let’s be honest both will happen eventually

  47. Im kind of curious as to how the ultra beasts actually exist within their own worlds because they appear to be the only creatures there. What do they eat? Are they cannibalistic? If they don’t eat then why can you feed them pokebeans? I imagine some of them eat natural elements of their world like xurkitree could just eat electricity as its source of nutrition, but surely not Buzzwole.

    1. Maybe their prey isn’t mentioned. Like how did Girtina eat in the distortion world? I mean there’s no life that lives there except it and a small handful of people who went there temporarily

      1. Eh I mean for Giratina, palkia, dialga, and arceus, I kinda see them as being above the necessity of food. They’re living embodiments of time and space and such. Giratina could always just poof out of the distortion world and snatch some children or something anyway lol

        1. True, I do wonder though if Girtina was locked in permanently (like a genie in a bottle till someone opens it) or if its more like it can escape, but it can only be out a short time before being sucked back until a seal is broken

    2. I have long thought this over

      Buzzwole are definitely cannibastic I theorize that Buzzwole’s food chain is purely who can drain the other first
      Pheramosa probably has a type of mold or vegetation in their desert world
      Kartana and Celesteela probably do not to eat or they consist solely on plant nutrition
      Xurkitree only needs electricity
      And Guzzlord Ive theorized its realm is nothing more then a dark void asteroid belt since Guzzlord can eat away their home so all remains are the bits and pieces of a devoured rock

      1. Isn’t it interesting that we haven’t even been shown the world that Guzzlord inhabits in any of the recent trailers.

  48. In case you weren’t aware, NeoGAF has been through a sort of…cleansing recently, and as a result lots of people are requesting to be banned and other crazy stuff. This one guy, however, claims to have had shared insider knowledge in the past and is now purging all of his information before (likely) leaving for good. Of course, there isn’t much of a reason to give this credibility but it is something to consider:

    -A sequel to a 3DS game is coming to Switch. Remember what was said about new character inclusion for Smash.
    -Netflix (but not Hulu) are coming Q1. Announcement will be tied with a Netflix-produced show.
    -Themes will arrive with a Dec. 25 update. Free if you own the game or amiibo.
    -Metroid Prime 4 will have a subtitle that people know, Q4 at the earliest. First footage in January Direct.
    -Little Mac was almost in ARMS. There’s a reason he’s not.
    -A new spinoff is coming exclusively to the eShop using assets from a game already released

      1. No, you read it right. The owner of the site is facing sexual harassment allegations (which he denies) and everyone is really pissed off about it for some reason. I think these people are WAY out of line myself…taking it too personally and imploding the site on their own volition. But it’s just a phase, better people will come through.

          1. This is about NeoGAF, not PokeJungle! But it’s true, I have seen people outside of here give PJ a bad rep for no reason at all.

          2. I have seen the hate pj gets too. I don’t know get it. A lot of people hate that he discusses rumors but that’s the main reason I come to this site. It’s much more welcoming than say serebii

          3. Sometimes it’s the other way around because of the time last year when PJ was so certain about the starter evolution leak (just as I was), and Serebii flat-out denied it.

          4. I still can’t believe how early the evos leaked out. After that I don’t think I will ever outright say a leak is fake again. I still wonder who leaked them out so early. That said I have seen the hate serebii gets as well.

      1. Kid Icarus immediately came to my mind. Could also be Triforce Heroes, Luigi’s Mansion, Codename STEAM, etc.

    1. the sequel game is and this will shock you but the sequel might not be directly from the 3ds just saying ik a few things most likely a bravely default switch game or a fates release but im telling you here and now GS thats all im gunna reply is a simple GS also metroid prime 4 release date september 2018 New smash game on switch is not wrong but not right either just go ahead do yourself a favour look into those games youll thank me later and i hope you figure out what GS is because it all starts with GS GS GS GS

    2. Sounds like bs especially considering the state that NeoGAF is in right now where it is a lawless anything goes wasteland.

  49. So it’s that time again Earthen’s attempt to make a fake on BST

    Today is one of my most positively reviewed creations Sylkommand the bug/psychic puppeteer

    Now it is a parasitic Pokemon who’s only means of attacking is subduing a larger stronger Pokemon in psychically imbued threads and controlling them like a puppet

    It’s only ability Psychic Bond redistributes taken damage back to a ally (or Prankster)
    HP: 115
    Atk: 30
    Def: 135
    SpAtk: 60
    SpDef: 140
    Speed: 55
    BST: 535

    Struggle Bug
    Psych Up
    Teeter Dance
    Light Screen
    Mirror Coat
    Soul Link (Signature attack where for the next 5 turns all taken damage is redistributed to the attacker)
    Sticky Web
    Destiny Bond

  50. Ok guys help me my friend (you all know Sweet Tooth right?) he got his own disqus without using my extra account and now he can’t post without a verification code that won’t go through to his G-mail… Any reason why it won’t go through so I can help him out and can finally get on here?

  51. I just realized that the 3DS has existed through three Nintendo home console generations: 2010-2011, the end of the Wii, all of Wii U until 2017, and now Switch (for at least a year or two). It’s time for something new.

    1. The 3ds was such a great system. I agree though although it will be kind of sad retiring my new 3ds xl eventually. Have played so many great games on it. It’s odd to think at the same time that the ds line overall is most likely ending soon. 2004-2017 at least and probably some of 2018

      1. I think the New 2DS XL shows that they’re not done with their handheld lines. In fact, I expect them to reveal an entirely new generation of handheld in 2019, 2020 or 2021 with exclusive games that go in tandem with the Switch. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I think Nintendo will want another source of revenue besides the Classic line and the Switch when the 3DS officially kicks the bucket. I mean, we all thought the DS could go on forever as well didn’t we?

        1. It’s a possibility for sure. I kind of wonder if they introduce a completely portable Nintendo Switch. Not sure what they would call it but it could be priced at around 199.99 or so and maybe play most of the switch games if not all. Just unable to be hooked up to the tv is all.

          1. I doubt it because they strictly market the Switch as a home console you can take on the go. If you make it a portable home console it’s not the same and wouldn’t be the Switch. But if they were to replace the 3DS with a portable that can play games in 1080p then it would be a technically better experience than the Switch’s portable experience AND be dedicated and different.

          2. We will have to wait and see I guess. Either way Nintendo is getting more of my money most likely lol

  52. posted this in a reply but look into the meaning behind GS you might be suprised and no its not pokemon related but look for a nintendo game with GS youll get a lot of info about nintendo from that

  53. Yay! I guess Kurusu spoiled the surprise, but I got my account now! Sorry to see all these people go though 🙁

    But I’ll be joining more frequently now at least so that’s one thing to hopefully brighten your moods

      1. USUM has created a controversial environment for some that was perpetuating a negative attitude in their personal lives or had a negative effect on them. Thus, to mitigate this, some people decided to take a break.

        1. I see… well what ever helps them cope or what not. I’m sure they’ll be back after the games release if not sooner.

        2. The negativity was becoming too much I’m glad certain people left we can do without that.
          Hopefully the break will do them good once they’ve returned.

        1. True! Kurusu gave me a few names and star’s was among them. from what i can tell she’s been kinda on the edge lately and perhaps this break will do her some good.

      1. Technically new.
        For a while I ghosted and used my friend Kurusu’s secondary account (We are friends irl)

        But this is my own full fledged account I made

        1. Do you really have a sweet tooth or is that a lie in order to make yourself more interesting? (Squints eyes).

  54. Well this could be interesting, I wonder if they’ll be woven into the plot or part of the post-game.

    Also I saw Thor Ragnarok today, ’twas great.

          1. Yes, one after the first credits bit that usually has art/whatever then one after the black background rolling credits, they have been doing this for Marvel movies for a while now.

          2. That was special. Pretty much just stay until the end and the cleaner hits you with a mop until you have to leave.

      1. I had assumed it probably would be since we have enough teams for the main story, hopefully it’s worthwhile.

        1. Yeah well I mean URS is literally just 4 (2 per game) people but yeah. 3 teams is kind of a bit much.

          1. I don’t think so. The name squad implies a smaller group. And eh I think they will be anti-hero-ish.

    1. Gamefreak can be so insensitive at times. We are defined by more than our colors-that includes evil team leaders whose goals range from disruption of the status quo to world domination/destruction. Don’t they consider the feelings of those team leaders. For shame! Gamefreak.

  55. I guess my post didn’t go through? I still can’t believe that Rainbow Rocket is actually real that was like the most stupid bs fake thing I had ever heard, not that I am upset that it is real, I am just like… wow. These games have so much going on in them like I don’t even.

          1. Me too but there’s a strong chance with this being the finale 3ds game they literally are throwing all their cards into this one.
            It honestly would not surprise me if all the evil teams have a role in say post game.

          2. *shrug* I doubt it but I wouldn’t care too much. I don’t really like Aqua/Magma and they just had a game focusing on them so meh, same could be said for Flare though I dislike them less than Aqua/Magma.

    1. Yeah it completely took me by suprise as well. When the rumors were talking about Rainbow Rocket i was like *yeah right*? now I don’t know what to believe , but at any rate these games are gearing up to be something special!

    2. I’ll admit it does sound a little fan fictiony. That said it could be one of the coolest things they’ve done so well have to see what they have planned. I’m just interested to see all the characters from older games in their new 3d model forms. I wonder if they have slight redesigns to match the new game

        1. Well the rumor Ray’s that the old leaders are gonna return too. So maybe they’ll have some slightly new designs to match their reappearances

          1. Leaders like from other teams. The hot theory is that Giovanni has gathered all the other team leaders. Which in a small sense makes some sense? Apparently they consider these games the culmination of everything they’ve worked on up til now. So one final hurrah with all the bad guys on a handheld could be their thought process

          2. Oh you are talking about the rumour Fedex mentioned. Yeah I don’t see Giovanni coming back and I just don’t see why other team leaders would work under Giovanni.

          3. Why would TR come back in general? There’s a lot of things that don’t make sense hahaha

          4. Not the first time Team Rocket has come back. It being based on rainbows to fit Alola is also a cute little thing. It is less odd than Giovanni coming back after explicitly saying he will not come back when Neo Team Rocket was doing its bs. And even if he did come back now that he is extremely old, there is no way other leaders who were in charge of their respective groups would fall in line with Giovanni’s schemes. They would do their own thing if anything. I don’t see that happening either. I think it will just be Rainbow Rocket with its set of grunts and a new leader, maybe some admins but eh maybe not.

          5. How does it make sense that yet another small faction of TR would show up like 20 years later? It made sense for them to appear again after getting beaten by red, but this time what would yet another faction of them want to achieve. TR isn’t really TR without Giovanni. That’s why they failed so badly in Johto. They didn’t have their leader. And yes yes I know technically they failed in Kanto too, but even still they were only able to have solid goals thanks to their boss. What motivation 20 years later would brand new members have. I can’t see them introducing yet another brand new leader for TR this far in the general story.

          6. Maybe there are people in Alola who idolize Team Rocket and after learning about Necrozma and Team Skull/Aether Foundation/Ultra Recon Squad’s failure they want to have a go at it. I don’t see a 50-70 year old Giovanni leading an evil team in a region that is a day or so travel away from his home.

    3. Gotta give gamefreak some credit for really adding to the story. Just wish it had been done this way for sun and moon because the third versions always make the originals obsolete

    1. Yeah should be interesting to see what it is. Paul Ryan seems really well informmed so no need to question whether he’s over hyping stuff or not

    1. Returns home to see that you are done moving in and the boxes are nowhere to be seen.

      You: “Mom when did we finish unpacking?”

      Turns around to see the Kanto Gym Leaders moving the boxes.

      Turns out your home is another battle facility.

  56. I decided to write down every location (including routes) from my fakemon region. I could post some of them if you guys would like to see them.

  57. Idk why, but I thought the Animal Crossing direct was tomorrow. I guess maybe that’s because I care a lot less about Animal Crossing. It’s one of those games I play for a short while and then get really REALLY bored with only to never tough again……..

    1. Also, I need someone to draw a picture of Gabite in All Might’s clothes (they’re both voiced by Kenta Miyake). I would kill to see that happen

  58. (Stolen from a YT comment)
    Rainbow Rocket
    Kanto Team Rocket HQ is in Celadon
    Celadon city Gym Leader us Erika
    Erika has two Grass/Poison mons and gives you the Rainbow Badge

  59. Ahhh enjoying the peace.
    No negativity anywhere I look. You could say the sky is starless..LOL
    Bit quiet though like the quiet before the storm we’re all waiting for GF to drop a trailer and then it begins!

      1. Well you got me there :]
        Wanted to ask you I’ve never read Goblet but apparently they changed the scene for the first task of the Tri wizard tournament.
        Which one did you prefer the book or movie version?
        The movie vers. seems more dramatic and was quite the scene!

        1. Hm. Yeah the Hungarian Horntail doesn’t break free in the book and chase Harry around the school. I do like that, but I don’t like that the dragon just dies. Seems a bit harsh on the dragon

    1. I already miss Star, I know it wasn’t good for Star but I didn’t realized how much I enjoyed the fact that there was someone so vociferous in their opposition of the upcoming games. It was like Star was the Earthen in this pre-release cycle. In all seriousness, I do hope that Star feels better after this break and that Earthen will get a break in life so he can pick up his role of delivering the daily tirade on Pokejungle that has been absent for this pre-release cycle.

      1. I’m sure she’ll be back to debut her Halloween art seeing as she’s been working so hard on it.

      2. She’s really cool deep down and I want her back once she’s feeling better.
        But I have to be honest she was getting out of hand.
        Maybe this break and USUM will do some good for her and she’ll come back shining like a real star!

          1. I think it’s just one of them phases in life. Maybe general things like school and just life was stacking up on her.
            I don’t know her too well so giving her benefit of the doubt that’s what I would say.
            I too often wondered why she would always get upset.

          2. True. Whilst we’re all passionate one shouldn’t get so crazy and mad over every little thing at every opportunity!
            Anyways that’s how the cookie crumbled around here!

          3. Especially with people you dont know from a hole in the wall. Rage-quitting and being triggered by other peoples opinions online is pointless

          4. Exactly. Being unhappy and complaining all the time brings everyone elses mood down spoiling the best part of the game as in the pre release hype season.

          5. I dont see why people are complaining tbh we dont even know if Rainbow Rocket and the URS are post game content or if theyre integrated into the main story? For all we know GF could be keeping the post game content underwraps

          6. I think it was all the stress in her life (Including its gotta be pretty hard being trans, without anymore stress on top of it)

            I sympathise for her and hope she gets in a better state of no d so she can rebecome the happy Star I’ve seen

          7. While I can’t speak on her behalf, I think it’s more like this isn’t quite the direction that she wants pokemon to go, which I totally understand. Her and I usually agree on things like 90% of the time. Now I am definitely anticipating USUM at the current moment, but that’s not to say I don’t have similar reservations about the game/s. I hope that the Switch version can be a fresh start for the series, and perhaps for Star and I’s expectations, and anyone else who might feel similarly.

          8. That’s fine whether he likes the game or not but it’s the attitude that star has adopted causing several fights, imposing himself on others and using the “I’ve been here for many years and im liked” card to get away with this behaviour.
            Unfortunately many people started to see through it.
            Lets hope this break benefits star.
            I for one shall distance myself from these issues in future.

          1. Earthen has been pretty chill lately, I’m happy he’s found a way to be somewhat happier than usual

        1. Earthen is just busy. Everything is cool for him. USUM had became something negative for Star, so she is taking a break from this site.

          1. Lemme check. Nope you’ll have to wait a little longer 😛
            You wanna know what’s killing me?

          2. The rumours about the other past teams reappearing from alternate universes as successfully completing their goals.
            If that is true then I wonder what crazy plot main and post game they’ve got for us.
            And then that raises my hopes for not one but several alolan forms!

          3. But my only thing is even if the achieved their goals why would the ever work for team rocket?the only ones I could see under RR’s control voluntarily are maybe team Aqua and magma. Only time will tell!

          4. That’s the part that is killing me soo many unanswered questions reminds me when the frozen unova map had us on the edge of our seats.
            We’re just waiting, just waiting for one damn trailer now haha :]

  60. Welp just landed back at my home state for my second Medical School Interview that is tomorrow. I feel confident right now but I’m sure that the nerves will creep up on me by tomorrow morning.

      1. Not when your future depends on it and when this school is the one most likely to accept you according to statistics. I don’t want to be the odd 25% that is rejected after this point.

        1. True but because you are nervous that means that YOU realise it’s importance and that will push you forward!
          Don’t they say..when the going gets tough, the tough gets…going!
          And always remember if it’s meant to be then no one can stop you!

    1. So, there’s Skull, Ultra Recon Squad, AF, AND this Rainbow team?!

      (And why they lowkey look like Rocket grunts…)

      I think they’re… Alolan Team Rocket! XD

      1. I can totally see the grunts saying that…”we’re back, we’re the new and improved Alolan team rocket”!

  61. So the big figurine news that Paul Ryan said was coming…was of Ash Ketchum and Serena…yea…this man really likes his merchandise.

    1. I mean his first and foremost interest is in merch. Not every “BIG THING” is gonna be USUM news. His job involves merchandise not the spreading of game info. It’s just that sometimes this stuff intersects. I feel like people need to stop looking to him for every leak and tiny bit of news. When he thinks it’s game related he typically says so. Otherwise you’re only tricking yourself.

    2. Uh… well I mean that is kind of… big? She is the true canon love interest for Ash after all. He was reliable up until this.

  62. 2 hours until Animal Crossing! Pray for even the slightest acknowledgement of future Animal Crossing games…but I’ll be fine with just the mobile game.

    1. They stick to their word when they say X Direct will not feature Y thing. So don’t count on it. It will just be the mobile game. You and others looking for AC Switch need to keep waiting. It will happen just a matter of time, and that time isn’t now.

      1. Didnt they say something along those lines at E3 but still were like, “we’re also working on a pokemon title for switch. Stay tuned for more information”

      2. I never said that, the absolute most I’m expecting is the words “this application will feature compatibility with Animal Crossing on consoles” and leave it at that. Because we all know that it WILL have compatibility, the question is whether they tell us that fact now or later.

        1. Why are you so certain it will have compatibility. Does Mario Run have compatibility with SMO?

  63. So why are people so surprised that Giovanni could come back in USUM? He literally said in the HGSS flashback that he wanted to build a stronger team and eventually return better than ever. IF Rainbow Rocket isn’t that then idk what is. I feel like I’ve seen people saying that he went off and said he’d never return……

  64. My copy of Odyssey is likely going to ship sometime tomorrow, maybe in the early morning. I honestly can’t believe it’s here…the future of Mario is NOW?!? It’s going to be one more notch in Nintendo history, just like Breath of the Wild! Now don’t even get me started on Stranger Things, that’s a whole different beast. It’s going to be one hell of a weekend.

  65. I know that I had no responsibility in anything of what happened, but I’m sorry about all the commotion that these games have stirred among this website. I haven’t been around too much recently on this site, but it sucks to see people taking a hiatus due to conflicting opinions. Y’all are pretty great people, and it just is bittersweet to see this.

    BTW I’m not angry with anyone, just expressing my opinion on the matter prior.

    1. I had no control over others reactions either and I still feel bad that it escalated to such degree’s

      And Idk anyone who could be mad at you, you, UltraMonster and Monkeyfuzz are like the three most likable people here because you express your opinions in a passive way without trying to hurt others opinions in the process.

          1. Yeah Gen.3 will probably have some Pokémon that will have erratic changes

            I wonder though why everyone thinks Slaking will break the 4000 CP barrier, I mean Mewtwo can’t even get that high and its a Legendary

          2. Yeah but slakings bst is super high so it’s possible. It’ll probably be a tank in gyms at least

          3. Yeah I gotta say it possible, but I think it will be around 3500 something for its highest

            And a tank… Completely agree
            I think Gen.3’s Top 10 in no order
            1. Swampert
            2. Sceptile
            3. Blaziken
            4. Slaking
            5. Salamence
            6. Metagross
            7. Ludicolo (always possible)
            8. Gardevoir
            9. Hariyama
            10. Aggron

            I also think Manectric will also be very resourceful

          4. Outside of the awesome legends (excluding the stupid latis) I don’t care for Gen 3 too much. The best pokemon designs are gen 4 and 5 for me. But:

            1) Milotic
            2) Sharpedo
            3) Aggron
            4) Flygon
            5) Sableye
            6) Swampert
            7) Blaziken
            8) Sceptile
            9) Torkoal
            10) Kecleon

            This order def is not set in stone, but Milotic for sure is my #1 Hoenn mon

  66. Hmm.

    That’s pretty much my reaction to this. I don’t really know what to think, there are so many possibilities with this.
    – It’s Team freakin’ Rocket! Maybe they have a good motive this time
    – It’s possible the story goes deeper than we know now, but this is more than likely just an extra feature I’d assume.
    – 3 (maybe 4) evil teams– that could get a bit crowded. I worry the story will get too tangled up. Having too many evil teams sounds like something my 7 year old mind would have loved when I was jotting down notes for my own pokemon game, but it’d get cluttered in practice I’m sure
    – More Gen 1 stuff, and of course we can never move past that.

    Really don’t know how I feel. I’m going to stay cautiously optimistic, but this could really mean anything.

    1. It’s strange because we thought the URS took Aether’s place and now all of a sudden we have Rainbow Rocket claiming Lusamine’s mansion… maybe Skull and Aether are in the background now, with the URS and RR at the forefront.

      Whatever the case, Team Rocket in any form is a welcome addition.

        1. It’s possible. Although I hope they actually have some sort of involvement as opposed to just fighting them and doing a small sidequest.

    2. I just like the whole idea of “Rainbow Rocket”: it builds off of the whole prism/light refraction concept of Necrozma as well as ties back to the roots of Gen 7 with Hawaii and its rainbow themes! It really does come together in USUM.

      1. I’m curious as to what their mission in Alola really is. They could pull it off well, but I’m hoping they take the safe route and have it be unconnected to the main Necrozma plotline. Too convoluted, possibly.

        1. I’m just curious as to HOW Team Rocket came into control at the Aether Paradise. I guess since this is an alternate universe or something, they rise to power before Lusamine can?

          1. Could just be a post game thing. Maybe Aether disbanded completely, and now there’s an empty cool floating island thingy to take over.

          2. I’ve been reading in places that apparently Giovanni summons past team leaders from timelines where they achieved their goals. I think that would be insanely cool, but part of me believes if this ends up being true, it will simply be a “battle him, then him, then him” kinda deal. No real tie to the story.

  67. As amazing as breath of the wild is, I really wish there were dual hook shots or something because it takes so long to climb mountains

    1. Yeah. Item and enemy variety is a definition an issue, hopefully they won’t impact how the game is looked back on in the future. The wow factor saved them for the initial run.

    2. I think the next game will do something like Link to the Past which gave him Pegasus Boots to fly across the map. They’ll probably go a bit wild with power-ups instead of the pure nature themes.

      1. Yeah that would be nice. I do hope that whatever comes next the map isn’t quite so big though. I like big open world, but perhaps this particular Hyrule is enough for one lifetime.

  68. Why do I do this to myself? I have a 50 question Math assignment that I got on Monday and it’s due tomorrow. I’m not even halfway done with it…

  69. I’m really not liking all the reused characters and assets from New Leaf. That doesn’t make me feel optimistic…

      1. But I’m thinking that in the Switch game, we could possibly visit the camp we made in the app!

    1. Nrrrrrr I’m not sold, it’s just a constant mat grind and churning out items and micro payments to avoid grinding

  70. You know, I’m beginning to think that AC Switch will be a direct sequel to New Leaf. Also, Nooklings Global! I’m proud of them.

  71. “Leaf Tickets”…disgusting. I can’t believe they’re associating micro-transactions with MY Animal Crossing.

      1. Yeah you did. I told you it wouldn’t happen not even “yeah this will connect to the next REAL not trash “game” in the series”.

        1. Who cares what I think, GameXplain will still try to analyze how this will connect to future games in their discussion. I pass this argument over to them.

          1. GameXplain is full of a bunch of nutjobs who have their heads so far up Nintendo’s a’s it isn’t even funny.

  72. Blehhhhhh it looks like a decent time waster but I’ve been down this road with Dragon City….

    If it’s free I’ll pick it up otherwise I’ll just focus on more important things like busting rocks with my skull or being a certified grime taster

    1. To me it just looks like another battery sucker. Pokemon Go completely drained my battery AND my back up battery in like 1 hour.

  73. Whelp I cared just as little about this AC game as I thought I would. Sooooooooo boring…….hahaha

    1. Animal Crossing is not boring. This app doesn’t look that exciting though, but I mean…it’s a free app. What were you expecting

      1. It totally is. I always get sucked in because it’s a cute series and then not long into I wonder what the hell I’m doing and don’t want to play anymore. Not saying others can’t enjoy it, but my own opinion is that it’s crazy boring in the long run.

        1. Nah I can play it for months. I do get bored eventually when I’ve basically completed the collections and gone through all the events, but then I jump back in usually with a new town and I’m hooked.

          1. Not a big fan of the series. I just don’t really like turned based rpgs…pokemon being the exception because it’s quite different

  74. So I stupidly forgot about the direct after talking about it on discord a lot. Does the mobile game look good? Would it appeal to someone like me who finds AC to be a little boring?

    1. It looks like a very polished game. I’ll give it that. It’s well constructed and for fans of the series I’m sure it’ll be a good time waster. For those that find the series boring it may not have much longevity. Worth a shot at the very least. It seems kind of like a Happy Home Designer for camps

      1. I’ll definitely try it. I’ve definitely gained an appreciation for mobile games because of FEH Which is incredible. Mario run got boring to me and the mii app wasn’t really a game so let’s see how this goes

      1. It has the one thing I’ve ever done in AC, fishing. I used to fish for my brother when he played ACNL

        1. I was so happy to see that we could fish AND catch bugs! Really, you can do everything you can do in a normal Animal Crossing game, just in a much more limited way.

          1. I found it fun especially when you reeled in something good and we would catch specific Beatles I believe. My reason for disliking AC however was just that I didn’t get the appeal and how you can play for such an extensive amount of time

      2. Ugh this is just going to kill my phone battery. I wonder if it will be downloadable on ipad though…

  75. Getting awfully tired of my posts getting held for review when I use the “S” word. I’m not even using it in a negative way towards the people I’m talking to……

  76. I can safely say that I understand the angle they’re going with for Pocket Camp. Give people a tiny space to decorate, catch bugs, fish, etc. and when people say “I’m tired of this, I love it, but I need more room!” SMACK THEM IN THE FACE with Animal Crossing Switch!

    1. It’s a mobile game. I think in general people should understand that. You can’t expect that much from a mobile game (FEH has A LOT however)

      1. I know that, and it is its own thing of course, but I’m thinking about Reggie’s comments when he said that it’s going to bring new people into the Animal Crossing franchise. It makes sense to me at least.

        1. They should’ve released this like 2 years ago instead of all that energy wasted with amiibo festival.

          1. Yes and it was all about using amiibos and sh*t. It was a horrible direction for the franchise. They released like 50 amiibos of all of these super side characters that no one likes instead of popular villagers. I remember seeing all of them on sale that’s how stupid of an idea it was. Like who wants to pay $10+ for an amiibo of lyle’s sister or Isabelle’s ugly brother? NO ONE.

    2. What if they’re just setting us up for an animal crossing with…. you guessed It! POKEMON! That would be a nice crossover.

  77. To be honest all I’ll say about AC PC is that if it distracts me from PAD, it’s good. FEH does

      1. Lol yes I play FEH. Fire Emblem is one of my favorite series if not my favorite. Pad is Puzzle and dragons. A gacha game that makes me sick

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