Animal Crossing Mobile: First Look

In the latest Nintendo Direct, a new Animal Crossing title was (FINALLY) announced and it will be accessible, at all times, right from our pockets! Rejoice, because Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is hitting the small screens of our iOS and Android smartphones come late November!

Pocket Camp seems to be nothing like the much despised “train wrecks” Happy Home Designer and Amiibo Festival. The game actually plays like a traditional Animal Crossing only this time you won’t be managing an entire town like in A New Leaf, but rather a campsite! You won’t be decorating houses and sculpting town landmarks in Pocket Camp, no sirree, now you’ll be working on trailers and campgrounds as the new camp manager.

When it comes to getting furniture, you won’t be hitting up the store or shaking trees for now you must get your hands dirty by crafting it with materials that you collect by visiting places called Recreation Sites. You earn these materials through rewards achieved by helping out the villagers there. The collectibles are then given over to a familiar-looking, blue alpaca blacksmith by the name of – you guessed it – Cyrus, who will create the pieces in the blink of an eye.

He can also build different amenities (Public Works are back!) for the campsite, such as a pool, but not in the blink of an eye. Nope, he takes his time for these projects…unless you have Leaf Tickets. Leaf Tickets can be traded for materials or to pressure Cyrus to work faster. You get them from completing in-game quests or in exchange for real money.

Yes, Pocket Camp has micro-transactions, giving you the ability to be in debt to Tom Nook for real. The good news is our favorite evil raccoon shows face in Pocket Camp and only face (he’s not in the game, hehe) and the bad news is you will be in debt to a bunch of penguins this time. However, Nook’s legacy in the form of his nephews Timmy and Tommy will return and so will the Able Sisters, as well as Kicks who is still kicking.

Pocket Camp is multiplayer, as it should be, but only by adding each other’s exchange ID numbers (Friend Codes, lol) and visiting each other’s campsites, with the option of giving pointers on how to improve. And when your campsite looks good, it pays off.  There is a new Friendship Level feature implemented in Pocket Game; players can tell how much an animal likes them – something we Animal Crossing fans have longed for. Also, we can catch use fishing nets to catch multiple fish at a time now – another one!

Additionally, the season system along with seasonal events will be in full effect but in real time! So, when Santa Claus is coming to town shortly after Pocket Camp‘s launch, you can expect beautiful snowfall and decked halls in the game as well.

Last but not least, they launched an official website for the game too – and it’s absolutely adorable. There, you can pre-register to be notified exactly when Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp goes live – like you and I aren’t already mashing the refresh button every second.

Until then, you can watch the original 15 minute long Nintendo Direct here, or check out the trailer below! Excited for Animal Crossing’s first ever venture into mobile gaming? Will it be a regular in the Games folder of your smartphone, or will it be something you think you’ll delete shortly after?

  1. back at it again with the nasty, boizzz

    UB CHANGE (lemme know if you have a better suggestion)

    i really like these simple designs, the whole idea for this was i was thinking “amoeba”, and then “amoebaaaa” lmao

    its like beast boy where it can shape shift into anything heeyyyyy, its
    based off an amoeba, a nonspecific goat / ram type creature, and a
    chimera >:'<<<

    1. UB Change is a pretty good name. You could also use UB Shift or UB Morph. Those would be other good name options. I really like the design and the typing.

  2. Oh by the way Odyssey fanatics
    Both the Japanese, European and North America eShop is now letting us preload Mario Odyssey at the cost of 5.2gs of space

    1. Supposedly that website is known for clickbait and such tho. So it’s best to keep an eye out still. It could very well be a fake interview. That said it’s also best not to get hopes up one way or another

    2. I hope this isn’t true. I feel it would be a missed opportunity if there aren’t any new alolan forms.

  3. Apparently, the Australian App Store accidentally released it earlier this morning for like a second, and then took it down. That kinda sucks since I have an Australian iTunes account, and I missed out on it.

      1. Yeah, I made one back when Pokemon Go came out in Australia, but then I deleted the game because I couldn’t get past naming your Avatar

  4. Now I’m off to my second interview this cycle. It’s not going to be like last time with 7 interviewers over an hour. It will probably be two sessions of 30 minutes with 2-3 interviewers. Thus, I am a little bit intimidated that I will be talking to them for a longer period of time.

      1. Yea, through him it was the first time I saw Alola Dugtrio. It remember dying laughing so hard. Seeing it. Plus he beat me, so hes pretty good in my book

    1. Mwahahahahha, so far who I have voted for has been taken out! Power to those who conform to the status quo.

          1. Thank you. The whole point of this is to choose 3 no matter what. So I appreciate that. If one doesnt choose three it just makes the results harder.

  5. Well today has not gone well at school

    -My web Design project can’t be finished cause my computer is fried
    -Chem. teacher moved our test to the day after Halloween
    -Today is the one day in the 6 day cycle where I have no friends at lunch

    Just another crummy day in my life

    1. My day hasn’t gone too well either:
      -I didn’t finish that Math assignment that was due today (2 days is not enough time for 50 questions)
      -My wrist hurts and I don’t know why
      -I have an English test later today

      I just wanna go home

      1. To harp more on the first part, whenever we get a Castle Learning, it’s half that amount of questions (or less), and it’s due Friday.

    1. Honestly it’s still unknown. The article they say that in is full of holes and comes from a website that is known in the French community as a click bait site. The interview did happen and theoretically the translation isn’t “wrong”, but over all there’s still a lot fo questions that come from it. The way Ohmori and Iwao speak during the interview seem very different than what we’ve heard in past interviews and even the trailers we’ve seen. They contradict themselves by saying that it’s still Alola, but at the same time we’eve had trailers and even interviews where they say it’s not like the Alola we know from SM. Also the explanation they gave form why there wouldn’t be new forms is contradictory to the fact that there are still Pokemon in the game that aren’t in Alola in SM. By that very fact it’s not the same. MAny people that are well informed in this kind of stuff even say the article and interview seem sketchy. At this point it’s best to wait and see what the next trailer or so bring us before we jump the gun. In any event it’s best not to get hopes up.

  6. Well today pretty much has everyone down in the dumps
    Even I woke up sick, but now I’m better waiting on a giant line at subway and going to GameStop to get my gold bottlecaps

          1. Well I’ll just give you the broad strokes
            I bought him a figma figure of Da Vinchi’s Vitruvian man
            Wrapped it in computer paper, and I drew a bunch of dicks all around it, all in multiple colors, some short some long, bald hairy you name it and on the front “Happy Birthday Asshole” in rainbow

  7. Ive always wanted to like this game.. just never got around to shelling out the money for it. Now I’m getting a new phone which can handle it.. maybe I’ll play ?
    Looks super cute

  8. Sounds like there was a huge mistranslation with that interview from this morning. The question asked had to do with Eevee mostly than it did with Alolan forms. They were asked if it’d get a new evo or Alolan form and they said no. Technically they didn’t deny the existence of Alolan forms as a whole. Just that Eevee and it’s family wouldn’t get anything. Which is like no duh……lol So still a little sketchy, but Alolan forms are still kind of on the table. Even if that means they’re on the very edge of said table haha

  9. Wait so it was a mistranslation??
    Any confirmation on this?
    I really hope the stupid interview was not translated correctly. New alolan forms is a big thing for me

    1. No, just the headline was confusing, the article is correct, at least this was stated at the end.

      1. So they are basically saying there will be no new alolan forms??
        But they can’t say everything.
        How does one interpret that??

        1. The only possibility is that the site lied about it and posted a fake interview. But the article states that and a guy who works for tpc said it was translated correctly.

          1. Then it’s likely true and what an absolute lost opportunity. Alolan forms had so much potential and would have been a great addition for usum.
            Yes for the first time I’m extremely unhappy.

          2. I think my hunger is making me more angry at this but I really really want alolan forms. You’d think it was a given.
            We will just have to wait and see!

          3. what bothers me is the reason given for not adding AFormes. It’s always alola so no new formes, but for some reason Lycanrock is getting one, Necrozma is getting two, new z-crystals found from nowhere etc.

  10. This is the correct translation of the article:

    Will there be new regional forms (Alola) of Pokemon or a new Evolution for Eevee in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon? The response of the Pokemon Company here.
    The specific regional forms of the first generation of Pokemon were surely one of the most appreciated features by the players. As we would have liked to see new ones in USUM, we asked about it to Kazumasa Iwao and Shigeru Ohmori, respectively producers of Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon and Sun & Moon.

    A: “Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon are set in the same region (Alola) and we decided not to add more regional forms of Pokemon. On the subject of Pokemon added, we can not say too much about the subject, but the trailers do not show all the news. There will be about 400 Pokemon that will be able to meet and capture. We do not really know how to answer that, there are different possibilities about Eevee, you will have to ask Professor Kukui if he knows anything about it. “

    1. Where did you get this translation? From what I’m hearing on Bulbagarden the entire part about the Alolan forms is a huge mess. Someone had they’re french friends look into it and it sounds like Alolan forms as a whole were never out right denied. Just that Eevee and it’s line don’t get any forms. Seems like this website is also known for causing trouble and being clickbaity

          1. Guys I don’t know if the site lied about the interview. This is what reported. Rich-Tea (who works for tpc) said: “translation is accurate 🙂 Agreed with you though that the headline is a little misleading” (agreeing with joe merrick not me)

          2. I think that Melty is just full of it and while they did in fact have an interview what they wrote in the article was partially fabricated/misunderstood by many. They seem untrustworthy in any event.

          3. But posting a fake interview is not a small issue, you know…I mean they litteraly reported “Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon are set in the same region (Alola) and we decided not to add more regional forms of Pokemon.” I mean, here we are talking if they reported or invented those lines.
            I mean if they actually invented those lines TPC could denounce them…

          4. It’s kind of a messed up situation honestly. It’s so weird……Idk. I suppose it’s best not to argue about it and just keep in mind that the site shouldn’t be 100% trusted. It’s a weird move on their part to try and pull one over and it’s weird on Pokemons part to even give an interview to a site that’s known to be trouble.

          5. Honestly i’m not surprised about the article. GF had to answer about A Forms at some point and 25 days before release is better then 5 days before when reviews are online and the world will go mad for this

      1. I speak french, this is what is reported on the article. A guy who works for tpc said it was also correctly translated from japanese

      1. I don’t think so…Imo Ohmori was just stating that eeveelutions may happen in the future…”you may ask kukui about that”. If new eeveelution was in the game he would have answered “I cannot talk about this at the moment” as he always says

        1. Well that’s true, but in my opinion “We do not really know how to answer that” is about the same thing .

          1. I think this is the most confused part of the article cause we don’t know for sure what they asked about eevee, so while “translation is accurate 🙂 Agreed with you though that the headline is a little misleading” is a clear statement, the eevee part is really confusing. Anyway I don’t think eevee will have a new evolution. It got a z move where we can see all of them, if they wanted to add a new one, that would have been the best way to promote that.

  11. Well I’m bored as fuk
    I’m running out of things to do in stardew
    Working on my next set of barns and coops and to burn up the last week of winter

  12. Even if it’s still alola, GF has already confirmed multiple times that it’s an alternate world. The plot tskes a drastically different turn, necrozma gets new forms, new z-moves not to mention a heavily expanded alola Dex. I see no reason why this alternate world can’t feature new Pokemon adapting to Alola when new Pokemon are found here anyway. They literally said this isn’t the alola you thought you knew.

    1. I honestly think there will be new Alolan forms. Sure it’s weird they haven’t said anything, but I’d chalk that up to them finally being good at keeping secrets. At least some anyway haha

      1. I’m going to think there won’t be, that way I’m not as disappointed or if there are pleasantly surprised (depending what it is).

  13. How are Z-crystals made/formed? And from that, how do specific pokemon species get their own crystals?

    1. Don’t know, can’t remember it saying in the games. Would be nice if USUM expands on it.

    2. I mean I always saw them as the crystals they are. They’d generally be formed similar to how different kinds of gems/crystals are made in real life via heat and pressure. As for the Pokemon specific ones I actually have a theory. I think that the crystals have a chemical reaction when used and certain crystals only have the reaction when in possession of certain Pokemon

    3. Game logic, I don’t think we have an in-lore reason. Was there ever an in-lore reason for Mega Stones?

    1. I miss Mime Jr and Cacnea…….I also miss Arbok and Weezing….. They should come back!

    2. What’s going on… Are all of Jessie and James Pokémon coming BACK?!!!!!


      I totally want to see this happen so much (I hated it in Black and White when they abandoned all of them, then in Kalos just left them behind again)

      1. I hope so, there is not one Pokémon (except maybe Jessie’s Frillish) that I actually disliked that they caught

        Weezing and Arbok coming home would be so awesome (But I wanna see exactly how they want to explain why they are leaving the groups that they protected in Hoenn all those years ago)

  14. Finished my interview day. I was wrong about the format, it was 3 separate interviews and they were 25 minutes each. My head hurts but I feel much happier about how I did on this one than my last one. Welp, as of now I can relax until Thanksgiving break for my next interview.

      1. Yea. I have two more already scheduled and there will undoubtedly be more II (Interview Invites) as time passes. The interview season I believe ends the latest on the month of March for most schools. I may end up rejecting some if I get accepted by a good school.

        1. I failed again. I for a while didn’t play my DS because the battery was shot and after I replaced last Saturday I forgot to get through the thing

          I’m super sorry and will try to make it up somehow 🙁

          1. KURUSUUUUUUU! It’s okay, it’s actually kind of entertaining at this point. I’ll keep asking around to complete that collection someday. You don’t have to make it up!

        2. Hey I have a Sinnoh cap pikachu cause I love Sinnoh but I realised I hate pikachu so if anyone wants it you can have mine.

  15. Siiiiiiiigh my Brother and his moron friends are pre-boozing before his birthday tomorrow, he’s gonna be a total bitch since he’ll be harboring a wicked hangover, I just don’t think I’ll ever drink in my lifetime, I got enough problems and I don’t need my addictive personality getting hooked on drinkable poison

    But at least tomorrow morning we’ll get a good episode of the anime, Type: Null battle and evolution and revealing Duskroc’s Midnight side aka the red eyes, then some kinda Lillie Gladion stuff at a sleepover where it will get a memory so all kinds of interesting stuff

  16. I’m really hoping they add new Dex entries instead of rehashing old ones. It’s a small thing but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless.

  17. Still waiting for Odyssey to ship…it isn’t even Preparing for Shipment yet. I think they’ve shipped out early in the morning before delivery a couple times but I’m still growing concerned.

  18. Oh it’s happy to see that Nintendo is still solid in the mobile gaming, makes me wonder if they’ll continue making more games based on their franchises and the answer is probably yes 😮

    1. There are credible rumors that Nintendo is working on a Zelda mobile app among other RPGs, so they’re going all in.

    1. Imo Infernapes is the best, not only by appearance but also because the stakes are high when Blaze activates and he eventually learns to control it.

  19. Honestly, if GF has even the smallest team handling PR, or TPC, and they haven’t included new Alolan forms, they OUGHT to release a statement to clear up this confusion before it blows up nearing release and they lose a lot of sales.

  20. More considerations on Alolan formes: I’ve been perusing the internet on mention of Team Rainbow and Rainbow Rocket and both the leaks mention Alolan Forms IIRC and the latter mentions a grass/poison type.

  21. Anime Lillie cant touch Pokemon, because she fused with Nihilego when she was younger before Silvally saved her. Lmao this is some messed up show man am out

    1. USUM wishlist said that Lillie was going to surprise us…will the main evil villain in USUM be tentacle monster Lillie!

  22. Ughhhh bad night of sleep, crazy dream
    So we learn something important about Ash’s Lycanroc, it cannot stand having its mane dirty or wet… So it has some vanity issues causing it to fly into an aggressive state

  23. I’ve got all the Ash hat Pikachu’s! Finally done! Btw @Monkeyfuzz I’ll have your pikachu by this evening.

    1. You haven’t got a spare Hoenn one have you?
      That’s the one I wanted to sooo much and missed out on ?

      1. Dang I’ve got three of each, one to keep and the other two to be used for future high-end trades so I’m kinda reluctant to trade them now but I’ll mull it over if the price is right. But if you need the Alola cap let me know and I’ll get that to you.

        1. Omg did you seriously reset for that many? You must be dead tired of the beginning of sun and moon lol

          1. I am?…. all those small meaningless cut scenes, dialogue bubbles, forced tutorials and battles all to get to a Pokemon Center! If there was another cap pikachu i’d probably go mad?

        2. Hmm ok if you can get an alolan cap that would save me trouble.
          I’ll have to see about the Hoenn one another time!

  24. I think I’m gonna make my Spin on the stereotypical Chick into Hen/Rooster depending on the gender. I wanna make Chichen (the female evo) part fairy type, with a motherly love theme and Roosken part Psychic with a Sound/Telekinetic/Waking Up theme (both names may be changed). Now I need you guy’s help. What should the typings be? For Chichen I thought about Normal/Fairy, Fairy/Flying or something like that, for Roosken Psychic/Flying or something like that. And what about the prevo? One idea was an egg themed Hatchick. Really would appreciate your ideas/opinions about all of this

      1. Actually, maybe I’ll make Hatchick Normal/Ground
        Chichen Normal/Fairy (or Fairy/Normal)
        And Roosken Psychic/Ground

        1. I haven’t seen this (I’ve been busy with Odyssey lol) but I’m glad I could help!

  25. Copied and pasted from another forum. These thoughts are not mine but I found them to be quite interesting and wanted to share with everyone here:

    If it’s true that all villains are brought together in USUM, then I think USUM will feel much more like the anniversary games, much more than SM did.

    Speaking of bringing the series together, it might be a stretch, but I believe USUM mascots are meant to combine the traits from some mascots of all previous regions because they:

    – are created when Necrozma absorbs Solgaleo or Lunala, Pokemon that are the second stages of evolution, like Kanto mascots,

    – represent Sun and Moon motif, the same motif like Ho-oh and Lugia represent,

    – are called Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings, which means they represent the endings and the beginnings, like Groudon and Kyogre,

    – can travel through portals to different places, like Sinnoh mascots,

    – are formed by one Pokemon absorbing the other, like B2W2 mascots,

    – are created when Necrozma absorbs Solgaleo or Lunala, the former produces the energy like Xerneas, the latter absorbs it like Yveltal.

      1. Whether or not they are, it is interesting that Gamefreak created mascots with the design and lore that allows some of us fans to draw these connections. Remember, when interpreting a piece of art the experience we have is subjective to each individual.

        1. Because they’re gamefreak. They design first and go from there, hench alolan raichu and most other alolans

          1. I think you’d be surprised you know. When I see some interviews you can see the designing process and all the details of the games do have quite a bit of thought!

          2. Oh I mean they do put a lot of thought into it, but not quite like that. At least I not in my opinion

  26. Ughhhhhh guys I need help, my brain is totally whack yo…
    I woke up at like 4am freaked out of my mind sweating and gasping for breath, then I had an extremely bizarre dream with Team Rocket’s Jessie but it wasn’t a perv dream I was apparently helping her catch a new Pokemon, and there was a real alligator in a pit and it just ate anything that fell in…
    On a scale of 1 to Tom Cruise how crazy or disturbed this was

  27. Odyssey is still on track to be delivered tomorrow, the game is getting 10’s almost across the board, Stranger Things is also coming, and basically this is the weekend to end all weekends. My current mood (I just want an excuse to post this):

    1. I have mine preloaded and ready to go, hopefully my brain issue will be resolved by the end of the day, I just feel like I’ve legitimately lost some IQ

  28. Slow….well as with all Thursday and or Friday’s starting tomorrow it’s officially three weeks until USUM

    So start gearing up now, Mario Odyssey fans be sure to collect anything that moves, I for one will be attempting to 100% the game

  29. I’m losing my freaking mind
    My iPad is clearly broken
    I kept it on charge all night and morning, I take it off to go to work, I periodically check the time every 45 minutes then it’s down from 100 to 98, then the next thing I know it’s 95 and it started ticking down a percent every other minute until 88, I plug it it only to have it say 84 WHAT IS GOING ON I BARELY USE IT AND SOMEHOW IT LOSES THAT MUCH BATTERY

  30. Amazon is taking its own sweet time with Odyssey…but it’s still supposed to come tomorrow! I guess they’re doing overnight shipping so I get it on release day and not any sooner. The fact that this is matching or exceeding Breath of the Wild with its amount of perfect scores makes this wait very, very unbearable.

    1. I’m just gonna go to Best Buy tomorrow and buy it in person. Why wait for the mail when I can just go get it immediately? haha

        1. I suppose that makes sense. I wish I was still a student so I could get the cheapened account haha

      1. Or Orr
        Buy it online and preload it like I did
        At the stroke of 12 (phrasing boom) I will playing Supah Merio Oddasee

      2. I’ve almost never had problems with receiving games on release day with Amazon. Ironically, one of the only delays I’ve had was with 3D World because it was shipping from Pennsylvania or something and the plane got caught in a storm. (It was a few months after release but still).

        1. Yeah, but even if you get it on the day it releases you still have to wait for the mail to arrive haha

  31. Meh I’m so pissed that Odyssey only got 97 metacritic, it’s like Nintendo isn’t even trying anymore. Their quality of games really has dropped a lot, I mean 97 is the same as Breath of the Wild, and we all know that was one of the weakest efforts Nintendo has done the past five years. Therefore I cancelled my SMO preorder, I knew that the 39/40 Famitsu didn’t bode well for the game.

    1. You’re absolutely right. I expect Nintendo’s mascot to no less than exceed Link’s efforts. If Odyssey is less than 99, I’m not buying. It’s disgraceful.

  32. Anybody need the game stop code? Got an extra, want to give it to somebody who isn’t near one to get it!

    1. You mean Silvally right? I do need one but I don’t want to be selfish and take it if someone else doesn’t have access to GameStop. So, maybe?

    1. I don’t think it’s odd. The only reason it’s type null is because they put the helmet on it, beforehand it was Silvally

    2. I thought Gladion is the one that named Silvally, Silvally. Like it would be called whatever name Gladion chose for it. Im pretty sure thats how it was.

  33. Started to Magikarp Method for a Shiny Mimikyu for UM (I’ll probably need your help to trade it to my USUM). I’m at 40 eggs and nothing yet (saved first at 20th egg, then after each of two series of 5 eggs).

    1. You don’t have Pokémon Bank? It really is worth the $5 a year for the sheer number of boxes you get.

    2. You’ll love it! I bred one for Ultra Sun and Moon and I absolutely love it’s shiny colors however drab they may be!? if you need any of my breedjects let me know I have a few with perfect IV’s

    3. Breeding is such a pain in the butt……Especially the Magikarp one. You end up with boxes full of Pokemon you don’t need and then have to figure out what you’re gonna do with them. I really hope in gen 8 they add in a option to mass release Pokemon.Sure that can be dangerous, but ultimately it would a huge time saver.

      1. Each time I have my team of 5 Magikarp (and my Inci) after hatching 5 eggs, I just release the karps.

        1. I typically do that for normal breeding. Keeping the karps just helps keep track I suppose. You should swap Incinroar for a Pokemon with flame body. Eggs will hatch quicker

    4. I do it like this:
      1.Save before putting anything in.
      2. Put both in (I usually use Ditto+Magikarp, Male and Female ‘mon are different to Ditto)
      3. Breed a box of eggs
      4. Remove one of the ‘mon from Daycare, I usually remove Magikarp.
      5. Hatch all the eggs, releasing the ‘karp as I go.
      6. No shiny, then repeat from step 1.
      Only save when you have no eggs and 1 or none in the daycare.

      1. AC Origins comes out tomorrow as well and i just had to set priorities. So i’m getting SMO for my bday

        1. Well 2 weeks ins’t THAT long. You’ll have your hands full that couple of weeks after tho with both Odyssey and then Pokemon the following week lol

    1. Think of it this way: people are still going to be playing Odyssey 20 years from now because it’s one of the best games of all time. There’s no rush.

  34. We’ll I just got my shiny Silvally code! They also gave me extra Marshadow codes and they still work could’ve sworn it ended a few days ago. Maybe they extended it?

    1. They prolly just had extras and were being nice. I still need to get Silvally myself. Just gotta find the time to stop in. Would be much simpler if it was an online event or something I could just swing by and download without having to get out of my car.

        1. OK, I’m still SRing Uxie in AS at the moment so just let me know when and I’ll switch games. I might need to catch something to put the Ability Capsule on too.

  35. So i donno if any of you know Shadypenguinn on YT? Check out his channel if you dont, does cool videos.

    But anyway to get to the point, he says that the Rainbow Rocket stuff is post-game. He was told by a friend of his who has a contact over at GF.

      1. One of his current projects on the channel is a Soul Link randomized Nuzlocke with TheKingNappy and he sort of casually mentioned it in today’s video lol

        1. Hmmmm seems like a long video…I’ll have to scrub through. Unless you know the time code for it?

    1. I know gone but I lurked
      1. I love shadypenguinn :3
      2. Nick apparently said it and he reads these leaks. Not all too reliable in the past but it actually makes total sense

      1. Shady himself used to work for TPCI, so wouldn’t surprise me if he heard some stuff off the record tbh

        1. Agreed, but he SPECIFICALLY mentioned Nick, aka someone who’s also a youtuber

          …and nicks track record isn’t exactly AMAZING

    1. I feel like the list is filled with all super likable characters. It’s really hard to say a character is my least favorite when most ARE my favorites lol That said I suppose there are still a few that are lower on the totem (Pokemon) pole as far as favs go.

  36. I have a feeling we’re going to get a trailer tomorrow to coincide with Odyssey’s release. They did it on September 22 when the two ports came out, so I think they’ll take advantage of this high profile day at Nintendo.

    1. We shall see. Could happen. Not sure it will, but certainly within the realm of possibility. I can’t believe I’m seeing people around saying that they’d never do a trailer tomorrow BECAUSE Mario is coming out. As if Nintendo and TPCI give crap about each others marketing scheduling. As if them releasing a trailer would conflict with Mario’s release. So dumb haha I’m still not sure it’ll happen, but it certainly CAN happen. We shall see tho. I think if not tomorrow then next week

  37. I wish I could afford to buy the giant Lapras plush they’re selling……Also I’d need a place for it haha

    1. It would be pretty great if Pokémon Switch could high scores like these so we could have all 3 of the major Nintendo franchises with their first games on the Switch met with critical acclaim. Then again, I might be overhyping myself lol.

  38. Just got 2 Shiny Silvally from someone on 4chan. This is definitely going to be my go-to method of getting codes (unless someone here gives me one :P). I feel bad for those people who I beat to the punch though…but hey, that’s the gift of trigger fingers.

  39. Blerrrrrrrr just got back from barbecue…..bloated and sleepies, Mario Odyssey in 3 hours

  40. Hey, I can’t access the comment section on my Chromebook here. Anyone have any idea what that’s about? I doubt anyone knows (except for maybe Dae or Xatu), but I’m asking anyways

    1. Get a new computer. Any computer that restricts your right to complain on a Pokemon website is no friend to you XP

        1. I was joking. Either way maybe start saving up for a new compy. Eventually you’ll have to give the computer back I assume and when the time comes you’ll likely need a new one. One that won’t block porn… I mean PokeJungle…..yeah that’s right PokeJungle XD

  41. Ok I have to make a gigantic decision
    Sleep and play in the morning or wait 2 hours and play it at midnight

    I’m pretty tired (and gassy) and need rest after working 8 hours and eating at least 2 pounds ribs

    The only reason to play at midnight is the eternal bragging right of starting the return of a good Mario game on the dot

  42. Also playing with the old gen 6 UI is SOOOOO weird after so long playing SM. Amie is kind of slow actually compared to Refresh lol

  43. How to improve the beginning of Sun and Moon:
    -Cut the entire first day. It’s pointless for there to be two entire days before we really start our journey. Just condense it with the second day
    -Have Kukui give us our pokemon immediately as he comes to our house. One of the great things about Black and White is that we get our pokemon within the first minute of playing and are off. If it really needs to be Hala, have him come to our house instead of Kukui. We already meet him via skype, it’s not super important to meet him immediately as we settle in. Hala could fill that role just as well.
    -Make the hand holding tutorials optional. I’m aware pokemon will probably never do this, but a boy can dream. And I get Sun and Moon were supposed to serve as introductions to new players, but now that we’re at the remakes, let’s get right down to it or at least give us the option.
    -Cut the pointless scenes. For example: After Tapu Koko rescues us eventually Lillie wants us to go back to the town so the cutscene/dialogue ends. Then we walk two feet before we enter another cutscene with her….just combine those or something.

  44. New trailer coming next Thursday. I wonder why they told us in advance this time around. Maybe something big?

    1. Sweet! I hate waiting a whole week though. Usually we only have to wait a few days. Must be something good.

      1. Hopefully it’ll be worth them announcing that it’s coming. I feel like for USUM they haven’t done that. Not like how they did for SM last year.

        1. Kinda hope it’s light on the story details. Currently I’m more interesting in post game content and geographical differences from S/M Alola. I really want there to be new islands or something to explore.

          1. I’m thinking given the trailer will be in November that it’ll be the last BIG info drop and then the most we’ll see after that will be a wrap up trailer maybe the week of the release. I think they’ll prolly reveal what the light form is for Necrozma and maybe one more thing we don’t know about yet. I could see them also showing off one final UB before launch. That being if there is more than just one left. I don’t think they’d reveal ALL the new UBs as that’d be lame, but hell if that hasn’t stopped them before lol

          2. Part of me wants to see the light form creature thing, but part of me also wants for them not to reveal it yet!! But at the same time I play games so slow so I know that even if they don’t reveal it beforehand I will see it somewhere on the internet before I get there in game xD

  45. Guhhhhhhh body tired motion sickness from bad chimera need too sleeeep but must keep playing oddasaseee
    Already collected 17 moons and all the purple coins in fossil Dino Dino world with the trex
    Earthen sleep now bye night

    OR 6TH

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