Animal Crossing Mobile: First Look

In the latest Nintendo Direct, a new Animal Crossing title was (FINALLY) announced and it will be accessible, at all times, right from our pockets! Rejoice, because Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is hitting the small screens of our iOS and Android smartphones come late November! Pocket Camp seems to be nothing like the much despised “train wrecks” … Read more

Magikarp Jump iOS Release + Sun & Moon Update

After being shrouded in mystery for months, Magikarp Jump is beginning to roll out to countries in the iOS App Store! Currently only available for a soft launch in the Italian App Store, Magikarp Jump has you play as the titular, weak Magikarp as you face off against other ‘Karp in jumping contests. There’s also … Read more

Pokémon Sticker Pack Comes to iOS!

For those with iOS 10, you can download the Pokémon Pixel Art Sticker Pack via the Messaging App for $1.99! Based on a similar sticker pack made for LINE, you can send them normally as pictures or actually stick them to different parts of your conversation using 3D touch! This pack is called “Part 1”, so … Read more