Magikarp Jump iOS Release + Sun & Moon Update

After being shrouded in mystery for months, Magikarp Jump is beginning to roll out to countries in the iOS App Store!

Currently only available for a soft launch in the Italian App Store, Magikarp Jump has you play as the titular, weak Magikarp as you face off against other ‘Karp in jumping contests. There’s also a pet simulator aspect to the game where you’re able to collect, feed, train, and grow your Magikarp collection; housing them in a customizable aquarium where other famous and rare Pokémon will help you out along your journey. No word yet on when this mobile game will be released to the Japan, US, UK or other App Stores.



In main game news, Pokémon Sun & Moon version 1.2 is now available for download in the eShop! This 296 block update fixes multiple glitches within the game:

  • Fixes Sky Drop glitch where Pokémon active would remain active despite being knocked out
  • Fixes an issue where Scatterbug wouldn’t remember Egg Moves properly
  • Fixes a problem that allowed Poké Pelago to be manipulated with the 3DS calendar
  • Fixes a glitch where Eggs could be given items and it
  • Resolves a glitch where the game would crash if an Evolution Item was the last item in your bag and was used

As usual, these patches are required to go online in game and to participate in and at official events.