Magikarp Jump iOS Release + Sun & Moon Update

After being shrouded in mystery for months, Magikarp Jump is beginning to roll out to countries in the iOS App Store! Currently only available for a soft launch in the Italian App Store, Magikarp Jump has you play as the titular, weak Magikarp as you face off against other ‘Karp in jumping contests. There’s also … Read more

PSA: Pokémon X&Y Patch 1.1

Nintendo have released a patch for X&Y which fixes the Lumiose save glitch. It can be obtained in the eShop which you can get to by scanning the QR codes below. For further information visit Nintendo’s help page: Pokémon X         Pokémon Y

Welcome to a New Poké!

Very happy to introduce you to the site’s newest look! Please be aware I will be making changes and fixes for the next couple days! I’ve already spent about 5 hours of my day coding both this and the twitter project so it’s time for me to sleep.  I couldn’t go to sleep without putting up a … Read more

Pokémon Global Link Returns!

After a three week hiatus, the PGL is back up! Here are some of the confirmed new items: [list style=”orb” color=”green”] Rocking chair (40 Belue Berries, 40 Durin Berries) Phonograph (40 Watmel Berries, 20 Leppa Berries) Shampoo & Conditioner (20 Leppa Berries) Flower Bathmat (20 Watmal Berries, 20 Durin Berries) Foliage Plant (100 Duran Berries, … Read more