Welcome to a New PokéJungle.net!


Very happy to introduce you to the site’s newest look! Please be aware I will be making changes and fixes for the next couple days! I’ve already spent about 5 hours of my day coding both this and the twitter project so it’s time for me to sleep.  I couldn’t go to sleep without putting up a post though 🙂  Please enjoy some of the new features:

  • New gallery! Up top on the front page is a giant canvas that I get to play with when big news comes out.  That means that you should be able to see breaking news instantly when you visit the site.
  • Better commenting! I’ve upgraded to a commenting system hosted by Disqus, widely used throughout the web, so that you can comment and get real-time updates to the stream.  It also allows for a wider range of comment flexibility and account logins for Twitter.
  • Full mobile support! iPhone? Nexus? Tablet? Doesn’t matter! Our site should resize and respond to your device without any issues 😀
  • …and more! Besides look better and more modern, I’ll also be revamping the sidebar and various other parts of the site to make it easier to use 🙂

And with that… it’s time for me to sleep 🙂  If you aren’t too thrilled about the theme please give it at least a week.  It takes a lot of work for me to tailor our content for a new look so there’s not as much polish right now as I’d really like.  It’ll get a bit better!

<3 pokejungle

ps- I’ll be revealing our new service on Sunday 🙂