Important Upcoming Changes at PokéJungle!


Hey everyone, just a quick note to the community! First of all I’d like to say THANK YOU to all of our loyal visitors and commenters who make updating and searching for Pokémon news worth it 😀 Very soon I will be overhauling the site’s design to be more in line with what I think the site should be focused on: getting you news. Currently the layout I’m using, which I’ve never been particularly happy with, utilizes a chronologically ordered list of news which can easily bury important articles if we publish too often.  That needs to change. The new design reflects our focus on different aspects of the fandom, such as gaming, anime, etc, in a more easily read manner which is conducive to frequent updates.  This will allow us to publish news that is of smaller importance without worrying that monumental story breaks will be pushed out of site.

Since I relaunched the site on WordPress in June 2010 we’ve now surpassed 5,500,000 visits in under three years. For a site that I opened in 2004 (9 years old now!!) that never garnered a large following, it’s been a great journey to build up the blog and to meet so many wonderful people through it. Again, thank you to everyone.  We’ve already seen a tremendous pickup in traffic since the announcement of Pokémon X & Y and expect to see a continued trend of people discovering the site and realizing that we offer fast news along with a selection of original Pokémon-related articles that no other site produces.

Unfortunately, this success does have a consequence.  I had continued to provide a ‘social’ atmosphere here which included user profiles and messaging on the main site, but that will be discontinued in several days. Please go through your messages and save any text you need to an editor such as Notepad or Microsoft Word. If you need help checking this please ask in the comments, but if you don’t know what I’m talking about… you probably didn’t use this feature :p Commenting will not be affected, don’t worry!! This is a last ditch effort to dramatically reduce server resources that the site is using and avoid having to double my hosting costs to switch to a larger server.  Sorry 🙁

If you’re interested… please follow us on TWITTER and “like” us on FACEBOOK! We also still provide a very social Pokémon forum which will be where you can message each other and keep a public profile 🙂

<3 pokejungle

ps- We’ll also be launching a new Twitter service soon! Love you guys!

pps- Hope to have our PokéDex finished by May!! Have always always always wanted to add one and my staff and I are plugging away on it.  Our project name has switched from Prof. to Leavanny’s Library which was the original name which site visitors chose originally 🙂