These Aren’t Gen VI Pokémon from X & Y (2)


Once again, a fake magazine scan! You guys really seemed to enjoy dissecting the last one, so here’s another 🙂 Essentially proved fake by the amateurish layout and strange Japanese (again). The FAKE details:

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  • Pink dinosaur is named Gurongo
  • Ghost thing is named Darorun
  • Yellow dinosaur is named Anbea


What do you guys think?! The ghost one is the only truly interesting one to me this time around :p By the way, don’t forget to look at our Meloetta distribution details!

<3 pokejungle

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    1. to be honest, i like it. i like all of these fakes that have been appearing, with Anbea as an exception.
      i keep believing that the next issue of corocoro will be that rumour about Duskaman. it seemed very reliable for me: new information, but not a lot of info. moreover, i liked the idea of “P-Link”… the trainer could transfer his/her strength to the pokemon? two pokemon sharing powers?

  1. Awww… I like those guys, although it might be because i like dinosaurs. Too bad they’re fake 🙁

  2. This one is easier to tell that it’s fake imo, but they’re still neat concepts. I like the dinosaur one best, but I love the middle one’s expression. 😀

  3. I think the yellow dinosaur pokemon seems cool, makes me think of a Charonosaurus (duck-billed dinosaur) which would be a nice addition to the fossil category… If it was real!
    I hope more fossil pokemon will be one of the many REAL pokemon to come out in Gen 6! It would make sense, they finally make a game with 3D graphics and want to make this game be a huge hit: add 1+ eeveelutions, add fossil pokemon, add evolutions to sensible old/new past gen pokemon, maybe throw in a new type, and you got a worthy game to live up to the hype!

  4. These ones look extremely like Digimons!
    But they are sweet as well. I hope the so next gen gives us more not so standard types. More Dragons, more steel, rock, ice pokes.

      1. I mean in gen V we got enough dragons. Cause of the legends. But overall there aren’t to much of them.

  5. I like the eyeball guy a lot. I don’t think he’s a ghost though, probably more like Chimecho. (It looks like a Fire/Poison type) The other two looked very fake though….less believable than the previous one.

    I’m already amassing a team of fakes. Hooded bird and eyeball bomb I will miss you. 🙁

  6. This title is just poor. It has a problem with expression. These aren’t Gen VI Pokemon from X & Y, but they’re from another Gen VI game?

    1. The title is poor, but it’s about keyword density. People searching for gen vi or pokemon x and y are more apt to find the post.

        1. Yeah, but Google ranks mostly on the headlines. I’m just experimenting with what the search engines like best. Sadly my site has never gotten much love from Google because of the massive fansites which outrank me.

  7. Can Gamefreak/Nintendo steal a lot of these fakemon, and class them off as their own. I want those three, and that bird yesterday, coupled with Fennekin. I’d have the starting of a pretty good team IMO haha.

  8. These look so terrible, if they were actually real Pokemon, I’d burn my copy of Pokemon Y, burn down a Gamestop, and burn down Nintendo HQ, down to the ground! NO CONSEQUENCES!!

    I don’t like any of them, but I’m intrigued on what that Purple Dragon might evolve into.

  9. These look a little too fake. I liked the other ones better, but i kinda like the pink dragon/dinosaur.

  10. I wonder why fake scans are being made when its still alil early for them to come out..the real ones are prob. still being put together..all the hype I guess

    p.s I actually like this fakes. Cool concepts especially the yellow Dino.

  11. Also, what do you guys think comes to mind when the ppl at gamefreak see these fakes? Kinda cool if they used some but redesigned them n us forgetting about the fakes lol

  12. Since I’m extremely familiar with fakemon, it’s really easy to tell when the pokemon artwork is fake. I could tell immediately on this one, whoever made it kinda failed at sugimori art lol (no offense).

    I’ve been a fakemon artist on deviantART for 3 years now and I can even tell which artist made the fake scans lol. If you wanna see my fakes, I have my whole first region up and I’m working on my second. It’s my own art style btw, not sugimori.

      1. That’s definitely gonna be on everyone’s mind as Fake/real pokemon come out! Those articles went back and forth quite a lot back when black/white was coming out.

      2. No, I thought they looked real when they were leaked. I’m just saying it’s easy to tell when Sugimori art is real or fake. The scan above (the one with Gurongo, Darorun, and Ambea) is clearly fake because the style is different than Sugimori’s. For example, the shading is blended together way too much, and the lineart is slightly different. were meant to be anime scans, so it was hard to tell whether they were real or not.

        1. True
          Did you notice that the bottom screenshot looks more like a 2D painting of that ghost creature fighting the yellow dinosaur. Totally photoshopped onto the announcement video screenshot

          1. Exactly, another flaw. The creator did a really nice job with the 3D model of Gurongo, the pink dinosaur.

    1. Pokemon…..More so hopefully typing on the two legendaries, and/or some new pokemon (IE regional bird, regional rat, and something else).

    This is early information I’ve received from an acquaintance in Japan who works at OLM, the animation company who works on the Pokemon anime series, about the X/Y Series. Although production on it has not yet started really, as they’re still finishing up the “N” Saga, there are already various model sheets of the new characters as well as promotional material that’s been produced which will be run in Japanese magazines and such later this year to hype up the premiere in October. Here is some preliminary information he’s shared with me based on various early assets he’s seen at work.

    * The series is called “Pocket Monsters XtraordinarY” [ポケットモンスターイックストロードンリー], and the title is written out in English like that under the katakana, with the X and Y resembling the X and Y logos.
    * The promotional poster for it that’s currently at OLM displays Ash, a young girl, and two guys playing with Pikachu and the Gen VI Starters in a field with a giant tree looming in the background, with Xerneas and Yveltal seen in the distance on the ground and in the air respectively.
    * Ash’s new outfit resembles the Gen VI boy’s, except he’s got on a red leather jacket, and his hat is black with red trimmings, and a white Pokeball. He’s still got the BW eyes. He’s got Fennekin on his other shoulder, with Pikachu on the other, so it appears to be his. One of the character sheets shows him with Scraggy too.
    * According to a character sheet the girl’s name is (マージ), which is written in romanji as “Margy”. She’s the female lead, but apparently lacks Pokemon as there’s no artwork of her with a Pokemon or holding a Pokeball. She’s got long blond hair, a red jacket, and a white sun-dress.
    * One of the male characters is named on the character sheet as (リート), written as Reed. He looks like a jazz musician, with a black fedora, vest, tie, etc. outfit with light purple highlights, and he’s got dark purple hair that spikes up around the rim of the fedora. He’s shown playing a harmonica on the poster, and Froakie is sitting next to him, so it seems they’re distributing the Starters again. Most of his model art shows him looking angry all the time.
    * The other male character is named (エイジ), Eiji. He’s got brownish blonde hair which partially covers one of his eyes, and he wears a little orange helmet-thing, and a greenish tank-top and cargo shorts. On the poster he’s doing a little break-dance move alongside Chespin, and the model sheet shows that he’s got in-line-skates built in to his shoes and is very athletic.
    * One other character not seen on the poster, but appearing on a model sheet, is a guy named (シンヤ), Shinya. He’s got super-slicked back hair, and is wearing a police uniform and one picture shows him with Plusle and Minun sitting on both shoulders. He seems to also be Ash’s new Rival.
    * There are three new Pokemon he’s seen on model sheets. First is Dondonya (ドンドニャ), a fat, bipedal striped cat with a large stomach. It has a long tail which it uses to hit its stomach like a drum-stick it seems as shown by the model art, and it’s Reed’s Pokemon. Second is Bibibatta (ビビバッタ), a small, grasshopper with a springy-coil abdomen and springy antennas, which it can bounce on its bottom or bounce on its head in the art. It’s Eiji’s Pokemon. Finally there’s Kasepio (カセピオ), which looks like a weird armored scorpion creature with manacle claws, and tail. It can extend its tail with chains as the art shows. It belongs to Shinya, the rival character.

    1. Omg im screeching! That sounds so realistic and i hope its true. I didnt really like the BW series that much but this one sounds cool. I really really hope this is true. And thank u for posting this….its been kinda quiet and slow. We Need More News/Rumors 🙂

      1. One of my friends came across this and he had posted it, and it just went from there. I actually like how this one sounds. The Scorpion Pokemon sounds awesome as does the characters. I like the spring like idea on the Pokemon, it reminds me of Spoink which is pretty cool. The title I should have seen coming, but I think it is an excellent title for the series.

        1. Haha the title sounds a little cheesy “XtraodinarY” lol but other than that and the so called “cop” it sounds pretty cool 🙂

  14. -.- kill my dreams why don’t u?????? I will keep the hope alive for that tentacle ghost Pokemon!!!

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