Pokemon: Origins Reveals Mega Charizard X

As promised, the premiere of Pokemon: Origins brought us not only two hours of fantastic programming, but brand new X & Y information as well! Red ultimately used Charizardite to Mega Evolve it and revealed… Mega Charizard X! That’s right, the one previously revealed is the Pokemon Y version, while this black and blue version is the … Read more

Pokemon: Origins Premiere!

As revealed last night in a press release, tonight’s premiere of Pokemon: Origins will feature brand new Pokemon X & Pokemon Y information! Follow along with us as we provide updates below, newest updates at the bottom. A second post will go up with the new information following it’s announcement. Anime Summary The episode starts with … Read more

What the Fake?! Jynx Evolution Revealed

An interesting fake came out this morning purporting to reveal a Jynx evolution. Sadly, it’s fake, but we can always hope for a real evolution being revealed. What gave it away is the lack of kanji for height/weight and using an odd sentence introducing the evolution method which was listed as trading. The Pokémon’s name … Read more

Eevee’s Newest Evolution: Sylveon

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pse_I1klRhA Ahead of the Nintendo Direct happening in just under an hour, the official Pokemon YouTube channel has revealed a video of the newest Eeveelution.  Although I did want to keep this within spoilers for people who didn’t want it spoiled, this Pokemon will appear in many advertisements over the coming months because of the anime … Read more

These Aren’t Gen VI Pokémon from X & Y (3)

  We’re already on the third installation of our Myth Busters-esque series about fake scans! Can you believe it?  Too many fakes and the game was only announced a month ago… Also: Please note that February 2013’s CoroCoro leaks will probably come in 12-24 hours, check back often!! Beaver & Cat with Male & Female … Read more

These Aren’t Gen VI Pokémon from X & Y (2)

Once again, a fake magazine scan! You guys really seemed to enjoy dissecting the last one, so here’s another 🙂 Essentially proved fake by the amateurish layout and strange Japanese (again). The FAKE details: [list style=”orb” color=”green”] Pink dinosaur is named Gurongo Ghost thing is named Darorun Yellow dinosaur is named Anbea [/list] What do you guys think?! The … Read more