Pokemon: Origins Premiere!

As revealed last night in a press release, tonight’s premiere of Pokemon: Origins will feature brand new Pokemon X & Pokemon Y information! Follow along with us as we provide updates below, newest updates at the bottom. A second post will go up with the new information following it’s announcement.

Anime Summary

The episode starts with a timeline of the main Pokemon games going backwards from BW2 untul RBY. The anime follows the video games almost precisely – it starts with Professor Oak giving his speech about humans and the Pokemon world on a stage of sorts which then transitions to a battle between a Gengar and a Nidorino – which we find that Red is watching in his room on the computer. His mom is downstairs and calls Red saying that he’ll be late to Professor Oak’s place. Red runs downstairs and out the door to Professor Oak’s place only to into Green on the way. Once in Professor Oak’s lab they have quick whips at each other, receive the Pokedex and choose their starters. Red picks Charmander and Green picks Squirtle – Professor Oak asks if they wants to nickname their new Pokemon but they both say no. Red leaves town and a montage of him trying to capture and battle wild Pokemon and a Youngster follows. He captures Pokemon Spearow, Ratattat and Caterpie. Red then battles Green – his Charmander against Green’s Squirtle – and ultimately loses (you don’t ever see Pokemon faint, the trainer returns them to their ball right before they faint). Brock is shown watching the entire time. Commercial Break!

Brock approaches Red as he sits on a cliff and reflects on the battle. Brock gives Red a talk about the Pokemon League, Pokemon Gyms, and Pokemon Centers. Following Brock’s advice Red goes to the Pokemon Center to heal his Pokemon, talks to Professor Oak using the PC and decides to challenge the Gym Leader in the town. Having trouble getting in at first he is eventually let in and is surprised to find that Brock is the Gym Leader. Red then battles Brock (while battling the Pokemon’s HP bar is shown on a big screen in the gym as well as next to the Pokemon as they take damage) having serious trouble. Red first sends out his Charmander against Brock’s Geodude and defeats it, but once Brock sends out his Onix Red is forced to go through all of his Pokemon (Metapod, Nidoran, etc.). Brock’s Onix easily defeats all of Red’s Pokemon, taking a little bit of damage as each Pokemon is switched out, and Red is left with just his Charmander. Red wins the battle because Metapod was able to slow down Onix using String Shot letting Charmander strike first and take out the last of Onix’s HP. Onix is struck back and about to crush a girl observer, but Brock returns Onix to it’s ball before it happens. Red receives the Boulder Badge and saves his game at one hour and 24 minutes. Comercial Break!

Red loads up his game at 8 hours. A montage of Red going through several key in-game moments ensues – Him defeating Misty and Lt. Surge, him getting his bike, his Charmander evolving, and defeating Team Rocket for the first time. With three badges under his belt he enters Lavender Town. The plot of the anime follows the plot of the game very closely. Red meets the townsfolk as well as a Cubone, among other Pokemon, who tell them Team Rocket is preventing people from visiting the tower where Pokemon’s graves are and kidnapped a man. Red agrees to go in and stop Team Rocket. Green follows Red into the tower. Commerical Break! 

Red and Green enter the tower separately. Green encounters a ghost with a female voice, freak out and runs down the stairs only to run into Red. Red, bewildered, asks what Green is doing here and then sees the ghost. Red tries to battle the ghost while Green runs back up the stairs and battles a Team Rocket grunt. Meanwhile Red tries to battle the ghost but all of his Pokemon’s attack don’t do any effect. Green returns from his fight with the Team Rocket grunt and throws the Silph Scope to Red saying to use it. Red uses it just as the Cubone we saw earlier is trying to get out of it’s play pen. The Cubone breaks out and runs up the tower with its owner. Once the Cubone reachs the floor that Red is on it is revealed that the ghost was a Marowak – Cubone’s mother. The Cubone and Marowak embrace, and as this happens the ghost of Marowak disappears. Red, Green and the girl. Continue up the tower only to be attacked by more Team Rocker grunts. Red quickly defeats their Pokemon with his Jolteon and then continues on to find the girl’s grandfather. The man thanks Red and Green and give Red the PokeFlute. Red saves his game at 11 hours and 22 minutes. Comercail Break!

Livestream: http://www.fengyunzhibo.com/tv/380789_1361122287939-qpss02n8.htm

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