Eevee’s Newest Evolution: Sylveon


Ahead of the Nintendo Direct happening in just under an hour, the official Pokemon YouTube channel has revealed a video of the newest Eeveelution.  Although I did want to keep this within spoilers for people who didn’t want it spoiled, this Pokemon will appear in many advertisements over the coming months because of the anime movie.  It will be spoiled no matter what, sorry 🙁

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  1. The name makes me think its a flying type sylv makes me think sylph feather idk what do u think?

    1. The name may come from Sylvan (Sylv/eon), meaning: Consisting of or associated with woods; wooded OR Pleasantly rural or pastoral: “vistas of sylvan charm”. It’s quite vague considering Grass-type is already taken.

        1. Woodlands can possibly apply to it being a Bug-type.
          Why choose ‘Sylveon’ and not ‘Sylfeon/Sylpheon’? Maybe ‘sylv’ stands for silver as in Silver Wind.
          Those bows do kinda look butterfly-like in appearance. Also, it’s ribbon-like fur could be kinda like a bug’s antennae.
          They did sparkle in the CoroCoro pic that showed Sylveon with the rest of the Eeveelutions, like the silver dust off of a moth’s wings.

          But, then again, those bows and ribbons look a lot more like the bows and ribbons you’d see on a kite.
          Who said a Flying-type Pokemon had to have wings or a beak? Cause, um… Drifloon & Drifblim say, “Hi!,” I mean, “Driiiff…”

  2. “Sylph (also called sylphid) is a mythological creature in the Western tradition. The term originates in Paracelsus, who describes sylphs as invisible beings of the air, his elementals of air.”

    But the problem is it is Slyveon where “v” comes from? I don’t think it is based on sylph, if so it could have been sylpheon or sylfeon.

    1. Sylvia is a drug based from a plant of a similar name. Maybe it’s associated with that somehow, the plant genus?

  3. all the teasing from corocoro and the pokemon company about sylveon’s type makes me think they’re up to a new type….and ya is there a chance tha we could get any new information from pokemon direct today?

    1. They didn’t reveal Reshiram and Zekrom’s types for a while, either. Last generation it was Lucario. I think they’re just being vague and mysterious for the sake of it, this wouldn’t be the first time.

      1. I remember the argument about Reshiram being light type and Zelrom being Dark type. Oh, every generation the same thing…

    1. I saw elsewhere someone suggest what if we’ll get gender specific eevolutions, I really hope this is not the only Eevee evolution we get this time around as there have been two at a time the 2nd and 3rd time they introduced new evolutions for Eevee. What if the counterpart to this female only eevolution (making it rarer than other eevolutions if it’s a Flying type to boot) while the male evolves into something like Rock (if the male is stronger than Sylveon), or if the male evolves into Bug or Fighting if Sylveon is supposed to be stronger than the male eevolution as has been the case with previous eevolutions (Dark stronger than Psychic, Ice stronger than Grass). Seeing as we have Pokemon X(X)-female and Pokemon (X)Y-male coming out. Whatever happens though, I really hope there’s another eevolution though.

      1. Gender based evolutions would be neat, altough it is not a new thing. I agree with what you have said we need another eeveelution to pair with it because Sylveon looks “too much” feminine. It is something new for an Eevee. Yes, most of the eeveelutions somehow have feminine look, but it’s just an aspect. You can still think of an male Leafeon or Espeon right? But I can’t think of a male Sylveon. Remember the eevee banner we had, there were three ornaments in that; an Eevee tail that represents Eevee of course, a bow that represents Sylveon and two stars that represents maybe the other eeveelution(?)

        1. Yes I can definitely see a male Leafeon and Espeon. It’s just exciting not knowing what they’ll do. Could be that’s what i thought too, two stars to represent two new Eevolutions, Sylveon being one and hopefully another as yet to be revealed.

          1. Hahah I replied as I was thinking my response while reading through your post, sorry it ended up weird.

        2. Majority of the Eevee evolutions are feminine by design. Also sylv can be like sylvester name wise so Sylv- itself isn’t purely female.

          I doubt we’re getting any other Eevee evolution since only one is in the movie. Eevee is popular enough to allow two evolutions in one movie. With them focusing on one, seems we are only getting one.

          1. All except Jolteon and Umbreon have to be female while on my team. I can’t see the in any other way. Jolt and umbre have to be male cauae i can’t see them as female.

          2. Same can be said about people who see sylveon as female only. Its not any more feminine than vaporeon or espeon.

  4. im German it’s name is Feelinara. ‘Fee’ is the german word for fairy. That would speak for a psychic typ, flying type or some new type. the former and the latter seem very unlikely to me. What’s confusing me is it’s design. You can immeadiately recognize the other eeveelution’s types.

    1. Most fairy based Pokemon are Normal type, plus Fairy egg group is associated with normal type. So there is a chance it may be Normal type. Or it could be flying type, we can find a little connection between fairies and flying.

      1. That’s a very good point I didn’t consider. It’s pinkness could also stand for a normal type evolution.
        Everything’s so confusing me about this mon. The others have features or characteristics that are typical and obviously hint their type. For me, it’s too much stuff going on for a normal type (those ribbons (and why isn’t it brown as eevee is?)) but these ribbons for me are too subtle to be flying.
        Actually, since B/W2 we all should know that GF and Nintendo give a f*ck about patterns 😀

        1. Isn’t Eevee the representation of Normal-types?
          I kinda thought Eevee would only evolve into a different type, not the same type.

          1. Yes, but it may their way to say stop to further eeveelutions: a normal eevee. If it’s a normal type i’m sure they have thought of a way to explain how it evolves into the same type.

  5. Okay i personally am not keen on the idea of such a type but they really do seem to be pushing the magic line here don’t they… moves with cards, swift, what looks like future sight.. and Sylveon itself has bow-ties on it! I’m thinking we may have a magic type heading our way (cringe) with some re-typing of some moves… either that or it is normal type and they are trolling us but i cant see that they would put so much emphasis on the “secret” if it was normal type.

  6. If I had to guess it’s attacks, it looks like Trump Card, Hyper Beam, and Giga Impact- all normal type moves. I don’t know if this means it will be normal or if the Pokemon company is keeping its attacks all neutral to make for more of a surprise later on.

  7. I think this eeveelution would be flying. No before you point out the obvious, it doesn’t have wings. I know but think of it this way:

    Scyther (Bug/Flying), it has wings, can’t learn fly

    Doduo/Dodrio (Normal/Flying) : Has no wings can’t learn fly

    Victini (Fire/Physic): Has wings, still can’t fly

    What I’m trying to say is, just because it doesn’t have wings, doesn’t mean its not a flying type…that or its a fighting type :p

  8. Please do something about the site, it’s so slow, this is the second time it’s made my whole computer come to a halt and beep. I don’t know what you did to it to make it so slow but the last one was fine

    1. Slowiness is mostly likely the server’s fault. Check out yesterday’s post for more information on that.

      But if the site crashes your computer, you are probably in the need of a new one.

      1. Did you seriously just blame my computer for your site being so slow? I’ve never been on a site before that’s made my computer do that, at first I thought it was a coincidence, but when it happened the second time I came on this site it did it again. It’s not the fastest computer, but I certainly don’t need a new one to browse the internet, there’s plenty of other pokemon news websites which don’t lag so much 😉

        1. I said that it was mostly likely the server’s fault.
          But you said the site brings your computer to a halt. I’m pretty sure if that happens it happens at other sites too.

  9. Honestly, i am more excited about the battle gameplay footage. It looks beautiful. Sylvion is a good name, however i keep misreading it as slyveon

  10. I was thinking it most likely would be Normal, but now I’m thinking Flying. Google Sylviidae a genus of Old World warbler birds, also Sylph a Western mythological air spirit.

    1. Ha Ok I posted before reading the previous comments, and just like them I agree with this Eevolution probably being Flying.

  11. guys in the diagram that was posted on the official website, you could see that every opposing pokemon is super effective on the other, like flaeron is opposite to glaceon and flaeron has a type advantage, sylveon is opposite to jolteon which means that sylveon could be flying or ground type, or a new type that is super effective on electric, personally i think that there will be a new type!

    1. The diagram is merely the the order in which the Eeveelutions appear in the Pokedex.
      But still, Sylveon could be a Flying-type, therefore weak to Jolteon, an Electric-type.

        1. glaceon is opposite to flareon, fire super effective on ice, and leafeon is opposite to vaporeon, grass super effective on water.

          1. Yes, I was saying it to Claus H.Luiz. He said they’re in order of Pokedex, but they’re not. Leafeon comes earlier than Glaceon.

  12. Cool gamefootage 🙂 i have a question though. Some people thinks it is shiny. Why do u think so? And Sylveon sounds weird.

  13. I’m sure I’ll get used to it sooner or later, but it looks quite different from any of Eevee’s other evolutions somehow. It reminds me of Audino too.. I can only see it as a Normal type, mostly because I only see Audino when I look at it. But it makes me very excited for what else is to come.

    1. You aren’t the only one. My brother is torn between Ghost and Normal. I’m caught with Normal, Dragon, and Flying. Others do agree with the Ghost speculation.

  14. “Silva” is the Latin root meaning woods/forest. It’s not the same spelling, per se, but it’s certainly something to keep in mind.

    1. Forgot to mention that “silva” is a feminine noun. However, a related word, “silvani,” is masculine and refers to gods associated with the woods/forest.

    1. It actually might be a flying type because ‘Sylph’ is a mythological creature of the air. I’m not sure, I’m just guessing 😛

  15. I wonder what was that beautiful Card attack it used?! Maybe its a “Gamble” type, or a “Luck” type?! It defiantly uses physical attacks, some that it got from it’s previous evolution Eevee…. Beartic!

  16. i think sylveon is normal type female gender specific eeveelution, and there will be a normal type male gender specific eeveelution. to make the normal type less bland and somewhat more special.

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