2013 PokéJungle Fundraiser


You may have noticed that during breaking news lately the site has been pumping out more errors than page loads. That’s a big, big problem for us right now.  Sadly I couldn’t even update the CoroCoro post while it was an ongoing story because the site would only sporadically load enough for my edits to go through. If you’ve been curious about the problem, it’s actually our site hitting its RAM usage limits or  the CPU limit which automatically renders an error to whoever gets lucky enough to be the visit that the site can’t handle.  Lately it seems most of us have been (un)lucky enough to see these white pages instead of a friendly Sewaddle.

I have a HUGE request: please donate now if you can so that we can upgrade to a virtual private server (VPS) or even a semi-dedicated server so that we can continue to provide you with high quality news, articles, and more. This affects all three of our current sites and two which will be launching this year; PokéNe.ws (Twitter news service) and Leavanny’s Library (our long-time-coming wiki based Pokédex and game resource site). Although the site does make some money from advertising we need to raise $500 for this transfer so that the site doesn’t go up and down as news comes out.

If I felt like we did the exact same thing as any other Pokémon fansite out there I wouldn’t waste your time or money with this request, but I feel like I’ve spent 9 years cultivating a unique experience for users based around original content, engaging stories, and a community of quality commenters. I’m a college student with college loans and the rest of the staff are in similar situations, which is why we’re reaching out.

Please, consider donating. Even $1 makes a difference because we would only need 10% of our visitors to donate to fulfill our goal in just one day. I haven’t had to ask in two years, and I would have preferred not to have to ask at all, but after what happened on Monday I can’t provide a quality experience with our current hardware.

Thanks for reading.  If you can’t donate, don’t worry.  The staff and I do this because we love Pokémon, we love creating content, and most of all we love you guys. Sharing this on social sites such as Twitter and Facebook also helps us out a ton.

By the way: the errors are NOT caused by the new layout.  Still very much open to ideas about how to further improve the site 🙂  Please feel free to use the contact form!

Much love,


ps- I will update periodically with donation totals if we can raise some money. Currently at $145.77 Hopeful that we can raise the remaining $354!! Awed and humbled by the messages of support and am eternally grateful!

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  2. Money? you’ve got to be fucking joking right? The errors are being produced because of an alteration to the site that YOU made because YOU thought nobody would see the news on the old layout. You want it fixed, change it back. Besides, this is Pokemon. You are not getting a single fucking penny from me.

      1. I guarantee you lost half of your readers after the word donation. Nobody gives a fuck as long as you provide the information. There are plenty of other places they can go. Switch the layout back and there will be no errors and therefore no need for donations. I never had a single problem with the old layout. Also all this bullshit about ‘the layout isn’t causing the errors’ is bullshit. Half of it is now Flash based rather than HTML. Flash is fucking retarded.

        1. Not true, this is not the first time the site has asked for donations, and the site actually grew from that time. If you don’t like the site, please leave and leave those of us that enjoy it alone.
          – Everyone else

        2. You can’t guarantee that half of the readers stopped after they read the word ‘donation’ unless you’re a psychic…or put up a poll. That’s foolish. You seem to be basing that crude opinion of yours all on your personal feelings and not facts.

          How long have you really been apart of PokeJungle? If it’s been been 2+ years, then you would know that people actually do give a damn about the site and will help out if they can. I’ve been here since around ’08, and I know this site has a lot of people who love it. If you’ve got such a problem with the site that you have to criticize it’s asking of donations, then you can easily not give a damn yourself and leave. Instead of stating how many other places there are to go, follow your own example and go. Peace~✌☮

        3. Watch what you’re typing, please. I think the fact we already have a large amount of donations and support from other readers proves they do care, just as we care about what they say. You didn’t have a single problem with the layout before because the traffic has never been this high before and it mainly affected admin areas of the site. If the layout was causing the problem it would be constant, it’s not.

          Again, thanks for sharing your opinion and I’m sorry you don’t like the direction we’ve taken. If you give us some positive critique and get rid of the downright offensive and unnecessary language we will do what we can to try make you at least little happier.

        4. Flash based? Just because a site’s content is dynamic doesn’t means it’s flash. HTML 5 and Ajax (Javascript) can do that job properly. And those are all executed client side in your browser. More Javascript won’t mean that the server has to do more work.
          And if you think there are better sites, well, I’m happy if you would just go visit them. I’m sure they will welcome your heartwarming opinions. 😉

    1. PJ is simply asking for a donation, not requiring it. I mean, it’s not his fault that he runs the best pokemon fansite in the world…. Any site improvement has my support, and i hope enough money is donated. College in the most expensive city in the world has to be, well, expensive. I will try to donate any spare money i have.

    2. Shaun has OBVIOUSLY not been a PokeJungle member for very long because I don’t remember there being such cunts around here. PJ, a.k.a. Paul, is not someone, I believe, who’d ask us for money EVEN if he needed it. He’d only ask us if it was a vital necessity to the website’s future and functions and was left with a bare minimum of choices. He asks because he loves this site, this staff, and these PokeJunglers. He also never said you MUST donate, as a donation should never be forced, he’s only asking if you can. If you can’t, it’s cool; no worries.

      Shaun, in case you didn’t know, this isn’t a site where you can come along and be crude and vulgar to your wild heart’s content. This is a site where respecting one another’s opinions and debating with respect is appreciated. If ya can’t hang, go away. No one likes a rude bitch. Not to say that you are one…but you sure did spasm like one, and that’s obviously not appreciated.

      AnYwAy… I’m sure we’ll reach $500 soon enough, as this site has a lot of l♥ve.

    3. You couldn’t be more wrong. These errors have been around LONG before the layout was updated and because of the significant traffic increase since the reveal of X & Y, they have only increased. The decision to ask visitors to donate IF THEY CAN, wasn’t an easy one to make. I think you’ve been a little offensive to Paul here, the decisions made were made as a team. WE decided what WE thought was best and what would make things better for YOU the viewers, because we want to give YOU the best experience we can. Changing back to the old layout would actually severely increase the errors, so unless it’s absolutely necessary, that’s not even a consideration.

      I’m half tempted to delete this comment because it’s not really something I think other readers should have to see. We’ve only asked you to donate if you are able and willing to. You’re clearly not willing to and that’s fine, but please, have a little respect for yourself, us and the other readers.

        1. Haha, that’s fine. I think it’ll be launched properly soon, along with the Twitter news service, which should be exciting.

  3. So you’re telling us we should pay because of an overcomplicated update which has not only destroyed the point of me visiting this site instead of Serebii but is causing errors too?! 🙁 Sorry PJ but I much preferred the old layout. I thought it’d just take a few days to get use to but it’s not that at all.

    1. I don’t think you understand. The new layout has nothing to do with the overloading of the system, the high amount of traffic is the cause. The site has experienced similar problems in the past, usually around the time we’re all dying for new information, even with the old layout. The money will be going towards solving this problem plus sustaining all of their upcoming new additions.

      1. Exactly!

        “So you’re telling us we should pay because of an overcomplicated update which has not only destroyed the point of me visiting this site instead of Serebii but is causing errors too?!”

        I don’t understand why people have to be rude.

        PJ never EVER said you •should• donate, as that would mean you’re obligated, he’s only asking for your kindness.
        Got a few extra dollars lying around? Donate it. Ya need those extra dollars for some chips? It’s cool. No worries.
        This is a FREE site and PJ and his staff do it for FREE during they’re FREE-time. Asking for a donation of at least $1 shouldn’t any kind of a problem, unless you have no way of sending your donation, as in, you don’t have credit card.

          1. Elaborate on why it’s repulsive and inappropriate please? Graphically or just the meaning behind it? I wouldn’t have made it and left it as it was if I thought it repulsive.

          2. It sounds like an order more than request. It may be something like “Please help us to stop the errors” I’m a bit overanalyzing it but that’s how I “really” feel about it.

          3. Does that mean you’re in charge of the new icons? I’d just like to say I absolutely adore them!! They’re the cutest and really tie the sites together. Also, the banner’s fine to me, for what it’s worth – strikes me as more of a light-hearted parody of propoganda – which I figure was your intention. x)
            Congrats on you guys already getting a bit of cash in, or rather, thank you so much to all the people who’ve donated! ;o;

          4. Ah, sorry! As in the icons/graphics/logos that each site has now? The sewaddle and whatnot, basically. My bad, yeah, they’re too large to be ‘icons’. ==

    2. We’re not telling you to do anything. Especially not telling you to donate because of an “overcomplicated update”. We’re asking people to donate if they are able and willing to. And the update has nothing of significance to do with the errors. Can I ask what the point of you visiting here and not Serebii is/was?

  4. Obviously people stopped reading after the word donation. It’s not the site layout that is causing the problem, it’s the total amount of users at a time eating up all the RAM of the site. Upgrade the server, more RAM, more people, no more problem. Newer users don’t understand how hard PJ works on this site, so be respectful please.

      1. Were you here last generation?
        If you were, you’d KNOW that this site receives a lot of traffic when news for a new generation is in the horizon.
        There’s traffic for new gen CoroCoro leaks, info, pics and even ROMs. All of that leads to these errors.
        There errors even happened as recently as the revelation of Pokemon X & Y and, the then unknowingly named, Xerneas and Yveltal CoroCoro scans were shown which showcased they’re Sugimori artwork.

        So, yeah, it is a coincidence.

      2. Actually, yes it is a coincidence. Obviously you guys don’t understand the concept of RAM usage on a server. Layout has NOTHING to do about the donation request. Layout also has NOTHING to do with RAM usage. But because hundreds of people are attempting to log on to the server at once, it creates errors. However, when PJ has enough money to upgrade the server, these problema will be nonexistant.

        1. These errors always occur around busy news times (they were terrible last year with BW2 but they were more confined to the admin side of things). But you’re totally correct about traffic and server overloads. The layout may have increased the load a minuscule, unnoticeable amount but it’s certainly not to blame. Because we updated in a busy news period it’s easy to blame it on the layout.

          Thanks for being so supportive Chicolumbia! 🙂

          1. No problem, fan of Pokejungle for about 3 years now, and i hope for many more good years. Keep doing a good job Moving.

  5. I would love to donate some money, i just wish i had money to donate… Always a problem for me, desire but lack of funding.
    And is it just me, or am I the only one who likes the new layout? It’s clean, it’s bigger, it looks nicer. I would be happy to run a few ads on my dA account for this place, been here since gen V started, hate to see the site crap out at VI… And to those of you who deny this site has any weight in the fandom, remember how PJ went out of his way to cover rumors that sites didn’t before him? The 3 fake covers should be more than enough proof alone to state that at least he said “ok guys, this is fake, here’s why: yadadadada.” Some sites were posting those images as TRUE, even Serebii fell for one of them. This is why I like this site: it covers ALL aspects of the franchise, not just the cold hard facts, but the fun and always mysterious rumors that cross the eyes of the net, some of which people end up finding out are true later.
    Even if he asks for donations, if you can’t give them directly, why not mention it around? if you like the site, donate or help. if you don’t, there’s X door, move Y feet to X door and exit to Z pokemon site.
    Thank you for bearing with my through this text wall. -PM

  6. I shall elaborate a bit.

    These memory errors have been going way back till last year. You guys didn’t notice not so much, but the whole admin panel was half broken for months. I could sometimes barely get a post up, and there was some kind of error that prevented us from editing posts alltogether. There has been even a week (the week that I came back) that we didn’t post any news just because we couldn’t post any.

    Is it a coincidence that this happened with the new layout? Actually, no. We chose to launch the site right before the Corocoro leaks, just because we knew we would get a lot more traffic. But it’s the traffic that is causing all these errors. The site stats have been booming so hard, even with the old layout it would’ve crashed. And we chose the layout just because it is easier on the memory. And it is. Except not enough. We disabled Buddypress and switched to Disqus so we could save more memory. This all didn’t help.

    And why does Paul need your money, don’t we have ad revenue, you may ask. Yes, but we don’t make a lot. We get in a whole year what Serebii gets in a day or so. Paul needs to pay a lot upfront, to ensure he gets the minimum cost. He doesn’t have just hundred of dollars laying around, the site barely breaks even with this host. Switching to a new host would mean we make losses for a long time, that’s why he is asking you for money. And you don’t have to pay if you don’t want. And even if you want, we don’t ask much. One dollar gives you barely a hamburger. But it sure helps us to run the site. We are a fansite after all. Go check kotaku and ign and go see that they are riddled with big banner ads. We don’t want to do that. Our primary concern is giving you news in way not many fansites do. Remember that even though we as a staff also have bills to pay on our own, we are still chipping in a bit. The choice is yours, but I can 100% guarantee you this money is going towards the site. I wouldn’t approve if Paul used the money for something else, and if he did, I would be gone already. I’m still here. Think about that.

  7. All of this nonsense about the new layout being the cause is stupid. I personally am glad to help. The site is great and although it took me a couple of days the new layout really has grown on me. Thanks to all the staff for working so hard to make the site better.

    1. Same here. At first I wasn’t too fond of the new site, but when I step back and really look at it, it’s pretty convenient.

      1. I think it was just a very drastic change and that takes time to get used to. Plus at first there was still some glitches but everything seems to be cleaned up now and it looks great.

  8. If you are in the NYC area, and want to buy Fire Emblem: Awakening, go to Nintendo World! We have copies, unlike Gamestop! I just got two copies today!

  9. Urg..a bit unsettling seeing people being rude but it can’t be helped at times. vov

    I’m not able to donate sadly but I wish you all the luck to getting to your goal PJ <3

    Also I remember there being a thing where you put ads on to get some donations as well by clicking on them if I remember correctly. I would take of add block to click on them from time to time, could it be a possibility to do that again? It might help people who don't have access like myself to help more.

    1. While that does stimulate donation, the amount of money set for each click is very, very low. I’ll make sure it’s considered, though. Thanks for your support!

      1. You are right. But keep in mind that once Google noticed that the clicks are manipulated, they might investigate and even ban your account. Not only clicks are the ones that matter, but the conversion is important. If I click on Ad for a product and I didn’t buy that product on the clicked page, it may raise a red flag with Google. If I click on the ad and close the ad immediately before 7 seconds, it will also raise a red flag.

        I’ll see what I can do guys. You are doing a great job in building PokeJungle. I really don’t comment here, but I read almost every post since you are in my Google Reader (If you don’t believe me, I can attach a screenshot). I even cite you on my blog a lot. I’ll see what I can do by sharing this in Twitter and G+ and Tumblr. Perhaps people there can help. 🙂

  10. I would have loved to donate but sadly I don’t have a credit card and I am broke. But I hope you guys reach your goal! 🙂

  11. I hate how people don’t like the new layout. If you don’t like it then you should probably just use an RSS feed or something to read pokejungle. Just stop complaining.

  12. I hate this new layout. The old one was leagues better. Im not going to donate shit all if you’re just going to keep it the same.

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