New Pokémon & Fairy Type Revealed [UPD 2]

The E3 Nintendo Direct has confirmed that Fairy Type is now a real type! It is Super Effective against Dragon Type Pokémon, but other type effectiveness has yet to be confirmed. A new Fairy Type attack was also released; Moonblast damages foes and can also lower Sp Atk. Some Fairy Type Pokémon: Sylveon Marill (Water/Fairy) Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy) … Read more

More Fairy Type Rumours

PJ’s Note: We investigated the source of the rumors and it appears to be someone attending DigiPen, a college focused on game design in Washington state near Nintendo’s Headquarters. They claim to have played a beta version of the game. Fairy will be a new type. It is weak to Poison and Steel, immune to … Read more

June Corocoro Leaking! [UPD 5]

Translations: “Panda” Pokémon‘s name is Yanchamu, it’s is the “Mischievous Pokémon” and is a Fighting-type. The leaf in its mouth is its trademark. Its new attack allows it to switch out and lower the opponents stats. Yanchamu is able to learn a new move Parting Remark. “Bird” Pokémon‘s name is Yayakoma, it is the “Robin Pokémon”, is … Read more

Massive News on the 19th! But Most Likely Sooner!

Masuda has just updated his twitter once again and this time he has promised us “Massive News”. It seems our reply from him a few days ago was indeed hinting at something much bigger! “Pokemon X and Y news coming on 19 May. Jun’ichi Masuda to appear on Pokémon Smash” Masuda links to Nintendo UK, … Read more

Sylveon’s Type Hinted at in Promo

One of the scenes from the newest trailer (please watch if you haven’t!) revealed this shot with all the Eeveelutions and a badge of sorts depicting their types behind them. As you can see, Sylveon is backed by a strange pink egg-shaped one which also has a sort of wing design at the bottom. As … Read more

“TOP SECRET” Trailer for Genesect Movie

httpv:// The official Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel updated on Valentine’s Day with this new trailer.  The movie, “Extremespeed Genesect and Mewtwo’s Awakening”, will being hitting Japanese theaters in Summer 2013 and will also feature the newest Eeveelution, Sylveon, in the preceding Pikachu short. Excited to see a Genesect vs Mewtwo battle royale? A Japanese magazine … Read more