June Corocoro Leaking! [UPD 5]



  • “Panda” Pokémon‘s name is Yanchamu, it’s is the “Mischievous Pokémon” and is a Fighting-type. The leaf in its mouth is its trademark. Its new attack allows it to switch out and lower the opponents stats. Yanchamu is able to learn a new move Parting Remark.
  • “Bird” Pokémon‘s name is Yayakoma, it is the “Robin Pokémon”, is a Normal/Flying-type and is known for its beautiful chirping. Because it is fond of humans, it’s popular amongst trainers. It can learn Flame Charge.
  • Yellow/Black Pokémon‘s name is Erikitel (Erikiteru), it is the “Generator Pokémon” and is an Electric/(Normal?)-type; learns a new move called Parabola Charge. Whilst damaging surrounding Pokémon it restores its own HP. It absorbs sunlight and generates electricity. This Parabola Charge (パラボラチャージ) uses uses 8 Japanese characters, a new record for an attack name which normally only use up to 7.
  • “Goat” Pokémon‘s name is Gogoat (Gōgōto), it is the “Ride Pokémon” and is a Grass-type; is able to be ridden by the player. Gogoat is very gentle, and observes its trainer carefully. The Pokémon learns Horn Leech. Gogoat moves according to the feelings of the trainer (waiting for a clearer scan for clarification)
  • New Pokédex is shown in the top right corner, it is the red expanding tablet device
  • Boxart for Pokémon Y is featured in part in the lower right hand corner
  • Chespin is the Shelled Chestnut Pokémon. Its head and back is covered by a hard shell. It can protect itself using its shell when attacked. By focusing power into the spike s on its head, they become sharper and harder.
  • Further information on Fennekin:  Fox Pokémon. It’s a fire type Pokémon, the heat that it blows out of its ears is over 200 degrees Celsius. [UPD5] It loves twigs, which it carries around with it to eat as a snack.
  • Froakie is the Foam Frog Pokémon and said to be able to jump as high as the third floor of a building. The bubbles coming from its chest and back are bouncy, and protects it from enemy attacks. It temporarily blinds its opponents by launching foam into their faces.



  • The region is known as the Kalos region. It seems to be based on France!
  • You are able to customise a little — “You can choose the way you look”. Skin tone and hair colour can be changed.
  • Gogoat can be ridden in Miaré City, one of the main cities in the Kalos region.
  • On the right the screen for the start of a battle is shown. The text reads “Miniskirt Rika challenged you to a battle”, artwork for the character is also shown.



The cover for this issue has now shown up. the boxart for X & Y are shown along with the four new Pokémon, which would suggest are the only new Pokémon showcased in this issue.


[UPD:3 ] In this picture we can see two bird Pokémon perched on a bush. The smaller one (left) appears to be Yayakoma, the bird on the right however, is larger and has a full orange body instead of a blue-grey. Meaning that it could possibly be the evolution for Yayakoma. Its wings are also white, although the underside of Yayakoma’s wings could also be white. On the extreme left of the picture we can also see a normal Yayakoma for reference. It’s entirely possible that the low quality of these images just makes the Pokémon look a little odd, but we’ve thrown it out there for debate. Hopefully higher quality scans will clarify it all soon!

What do you guys think? After all, Pidgey and Pidgeotto really don’t look that different, maybe it’s a similar kind of relationship? Or perhaps, as one sharp reader pointed out, a gender difference?

[UPD 4:] The Pokédex splits Pokémon into 3 different areas and registers them accordingly. Central Kalos dex, Coastal Kalos dex and Mountainous Kalos dex. The number of Pokémon spotted in each area so far is 77, 51 and 6 respectively. 

EDIT: Some of the text is very tiny and blurred, but we’ll try to give you as much as we can make of it! We won’t ignore it just because we can’t make out the whole thing, we’ll share all that we know with you! That’s what makes us PokéJungle!  -Kriff

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  1. Awesome finally some fresh new info I see the pokedex up on the top it looks cool looks like a tablet almost

      1. Doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility. Azurill is Normal and Marill is Water, after all. I’ll admit an Electric-type Mawile pre-evo doesn’t seem likely to me, but I’m all for keeping an open mind at this stage.

        1. it also has the same triangle on its head as Mawile does, and the screenshots show it standing up… it’s definitely possible.

          1. but it also has a second type which is thought to be normal so I can’t see an dual type evolve into a pokemon without either of its types.

          2. I’m not saying it definitely will (although you can see a resemblance). If you can now ride a Pokemon, then changing a Pokemon’s typing isn’t exactly out of the realms of possibility.

          3. But riding has nothing to do with the typing of a pokemon which directly effects the core gameplay while riding seems to just be a little thing in the game like a pokemon following you. So no I wouldn’t say because you can ride pokemon an Electric/Steel type can become a Steel type. Also the only resemblance I see is the little yellow triangle in its black head and even that is different.

          4. oh sorry they are both yellow. I guess that means that Rattata evolves into Nidoking.

          5. Jesus, mate, the guy only said there was a possibility. No need to rage so much. It’s only Pokemon…

          6. I am not raging I am just pointing out how it isn’t a possibility. I was raging at Ed for thinking because they share a color they are related. (Also I don’t want this guy to ruin my precious Mawile, and no I am not a genwunner.)

    1. From Bulbapedia:

      Erikiteru is based on a lizard. It may be based on the spotted salamander, a salamander that can photosynthesize.

      Name origin:
      Erikiteru is likely a combination of elekiter and エリマキトカゲ erimaki tokage (frill-necked lizard).

      I suspected those ears would become a frill before reading that, but now it seems confirmed. Finally, a frilled lizard pokemon, albeit with a freaking solar panel as a frill, judging by erikiteru’s description. It does make me hopeful that this pokemon that I find pretty ugly (despite liking the new batch) will have a use after all (evolving into a badass frilled lizard).
      I would bet a lot of money against this electric/nomal type lizard based on the concept of solar energy ever evolving into the japanese myth-inspired steel type mawile.

  2. It looks like you can ride pokemon, that is awesome. Look underneath the goat.

    1. Also if you look closely there seems to be a saddle which could be used as a key item to open up riding to other pokemon such as Rapidash, Arcanine, Sawsbuck, etc.

      1. But Gogoat’s classification is the ‘Ride’ Pokemon. I think it may be the only one, but I hope not

    1. AWWWW YEEEEAAAH! I hope this isn’t exclusive to the goat thing, either, I want to ride a Scolipede!

  3. Yanchamu <3

    If these Pokemon are legit and not a fake scan, I would love it. I especially like the Ram's and Yanchamu's designs. 😀

    1. Also if you haven’t noticed the region is in the background. And chespin’s pokedex page is on the right.

  4. Eriki-whatever you call it looks to me like a Mawile Pre-Evolution… MUST HAVE PANDA.


  6. DAT BIRD. I want it on my party.

    The lizard is a bit cartoonish for me…but the rest are pretty cool.

    1. Totally agree! As of now Gen VI’s designs are pretty cool, may need some time to get accustomed to that lizard (I didn’t know it was a lizard) thing though.

  7. I’m thinking I may very well have decided on my second Pokémon for my Y version team- that adorable Electric lizard (first one is Chespin).

  8. It’d be cool if the panda will evolve to become grass/fighting. It looks badass.

        1. Confirmed: Yveltal, Xerneus, Sylveon, Chespin, Froakie, Fennikin, Gogoat, Yayakoma, Yancham and Erikitel are Fire/Fighting. They have canceled Grass types. xD

  9. The Panda one is awesome 😀 Pokémon has needed a proper panda for a long time. Being a cheeky fighting type makes it even better. The bird is strange, but I like its simplistic look. The ram is bad ass, and I love the riding aspect. It doesn’t look like it would evolve, but it would be nice if it did. The lizard thing is a bit weird, not overly sure about it yet. It is cute and electric is good, but it’s hard to know how it would evolve. My gf thinks its hat thing looks like a samurai’s helmet. Hoping this is legit, but not too fussed, I just want a panda.

  10. I wonder if riding a Pokemon means we’ll actually see the player surfing and flying on them too.

      1. As of now I’m inclined to think it’s just that one Pokemon that you can ride on in a specific area (the city). Pokejungle says it moves in accordance to the feelings of the trainer. Wonder if it’s serving as a testing ground for actually getting to see the Pokemon you’re surfing and flying on. Similar to that park in D/P/Pt that served as a testing for HG/SS’s walking with Pokemon.

        1. It seems kinda bad to me that it would just be on pokemon, it seems like they’re saying you have to pick this pokemon for your team if you want this kind of regular gameplay experience….

          1. Well the one in the second picture has a saddle thing on it. It’s probably a rental ride that you have to pay for in-game. If you own your own one, you may just be able to ride on that though.

          2. A saddle key item would be nice. HMs could become a thing of the past! Have Blastoise hold a saddle and you can surf. Have Staraptor hold a saddle and you can fly to pokecenters.the moves could become TMs and a moveslot wouldn’t have to be used up. Obviously that’s just something I think would be really cool and not something I actually think would happen

        2. I think that this feeling of the trainer thing has to do with the trailer’s quote:
          “The more you battle together, the stronger your bond will become!”

          1. Oh no doubt about that, Masuda even talked about a new mechanic involving bonds. I’m just wondering if this is a stepping stone to finally seeing the Pokemon you’re riding on, be it flying or surfing.

    1. in the first picture which pokemon is fighting yanchamu in the right side image of Gogoat!!!!It could not be gogoat because it is bigger.

      1. in this picture, the image that is near yveltal……we can see that yamchamu is fighting with a bigger version of gogoat or something similiar……im 100 % this is a new pokemon

        1. I doubt they would so blatantly reveal another pokemon without giving the sugi art for it….besides that picture looks like it could just be Gogoat using a move.

  11. I wish I could read Japanese ha, I wanna know what Chespin’s Pokedex entry says!

  12. Yahoo!!!!! I really like these new Pokemon. I can’t wait to learn how we ride ontop of Pokemon! I can’t wait for the rest of the leak!

  13. Yayakoma is very cute!We should also get more information, such as the release date.

  14. This is so exciting!! FINALLY they make a robin-based pokemon 😀 and the panda looks awesome!! can’t wait for more!!! Also, the first thing i thought of when i saw that lizard pokemon was mawile xD So will the pokemon be our form of transportation instead of the bike? that would be an unexpected twist :p

    1. Well we have skates as well…so its hard to say. Skates may have replaced running shoes and the riding Pokemon may be a new HM since anything to do with riding on Pokemon (Surf, Waterfall, Fly) is an HM.

      1. What if they show in this generation that you riding a lapras during surf or flying on a lugia to another place?

  15. Is it just me, or does anyone get the vibe that the electric Pokemon looks kinda like Mawile? I know they probably have no relation, but it was just something i noticed, can’t wait to draw these later when better scans come out~ Gogoat looks awesome!

  16. Also, it seems this time the pokedex is based on an ipad or smartphone. Just a random comment :p

  17. Oh wow it looks like you can’t change at least the hair and face. Well it’s not full customizeation, but I’ll take it! Lol

    1. Might be some form of clothes customisation too it doesn’t say but I’m still happy with changing hair and skin 😛

      1. Definitely! This makes Pokemon a more imersive RPG! Can’t wait for X & Y to come out!

    1. It’s definitely a start! Though what I’d really like is to replace the cap with a cowboy hat, personally.

  18. The Kalos region is based on France!!!
    I knew that the region’s bird would be a robin, too!

    1. Pretty sure we already knew that the region would be based on France ever since the first trailer.

    1. I think no one cares about that Pokemon lol. Thanks to nintendo telling us nothing about it

  19. wow if you look closely at the second pic where the trainer is riding Gogoto you can actually see Froakie on top of the roof or something
    could that mean that Froakie is like a ninja pokemon and we’ll finaly have a fast Water pokemon more that 115 ???

    1. Actually from what I see when I look at that pic is Fraokie ontop of a street light.

    1. Ohohoho, I beg to differ, my misinformed friend. At that size? Those are their knuckle busters. (Left hanging from their wrists for easy access. Kalos is clearly the country of thugs.)

    1. Maybe this means we’ll get at least one more page involving the new Mewtwo form.

  20. The watches look cool! The weird thing is they dont seem to have buttons. It would be nice if this time the watches could display holograms to represent the whole 3D aspect similar to how the poketch represented the touch screen for the ds.

  21. Thanks for the pokedex entry translations! Love that Chespin, second favorite starter.

  22. i bet that when smash airs to “give us the information” we will also get a new trailer….it makes sense

    1. We’ll get the trailers for the screenshots posted in the pictures. So some battle footage for each and stuff on trainer customization.

      1. Well it seems probable that the trailer will be of the new info…and hopefully a sylveon type reveal

  23. We’ll also be getting info on the 19th, which most everyone believes will be Sylveon’s type reveal.

          1. If it is new type, they might be revealing other old Pokemon to take on the new type, hence “lots”? We’ll find out eventually haha.

          2. But they could add the type, similar to Magnemite going from electric to electric/steel.

          3. Please clarify your point. Personally I’m not in favor of a new type (I’m not against it either), but I think all the signs point towards a new one.

          4. All the signs have pointed to new types for about 4 generations now. Yes there is always a chance that one will appear but one never does. Last news report said something about Smash on the 19th would be about info from this CoroCoro which makes perfect sense. Though they are probably only going to get a 10 minute segment to give us all this new info, the 4 Pokemon, Pokedex, new Playable Characters, and the Riding feature with Map info.

            The three older ones were just to reference what big news has been in the past. This is pretty much how the news following a CoroCoro released info has always been.

          5. How does that screw over everyone? That just means something new will be taken into account. Are people going to die if they have to reorganize a team they used in a previous generation?

          6. that wont screw anyone. Pokemon was always about thinking new strategies to defeat opponents. so haters will just have to accept it.

  24. By body wasn’t ready! But this is enough info to make of for the long wait/until the release. Or maybe I’m exaggerating haha.

  25. I am almost content with all of this information… the cover shows Mewtwo, so we might be getting some new Mewtwo information, or is that for the Manga adaption? All I hope for now is more information on Sylveon and I will be happy. 🙂

  26. All of them look really good. This comment brings nothing to the conversation.

  27. i wonder if Yayakoma will evovle into a fire/flying snice it can use Nitro Charge

      1. Well i bet the panda’s evolution is going to be cuter! A big fat cuddly angry panda

        1. Probably not if it’s a Fighting type, though I guess that depends on your whole aspect of ‘cute’ lol.

  28. So, is it only me or has anyone else noticed that there’s a Clefairy pointing out the Box arts on the front cover?

    1. I noticed that too, and I’m taking it as them hinting at the Fairy Type info coming soon!!! I can’t wait 🙂

  29. *random person interjecting here* Me, I’m getting kinda curious about the rest of the page around Xerneas and Yveltal. Yveltal seems to be on an extra long page that folds out, and we are only getting the inner most part of the Xerneas page with some info on the starters.

  30. I was on Bulbagarden and one of the members there pointed out that Chespin’s moves in the one screen shot are Tackle, Growl, Vine Whip and Rollout. Those moves make sense. Anyone care to confirm?

    1. you can see that the grass move has 25 pp and vine whip only has 15 and unless they changed the pp of vine whip again that move is not vine whip…razor leaf however does have 25 pp so it could be that also the bottom move kinda looks like 20 pp and rollout does have 20 pp so it could be rollout…chespin looks like a pokemon that can learn rollout imo

  31. About name speculation
    エリキテル(Erikiteru):エレキテル(one kind of Electrostatic generator)

    1. エリキテル(Erikiteru):エレキテル(one kind of Electrostatic generator)+エリマキトカゲ(frill-necked lizard)

      1. How cool is Erikiteru’s evolution gonna be since it’s a frill-necked lizard. I want it!

  32. More info than I expected. I am pretty happy. I still want(ed) Sylveon’s stupid type. :/ I am also sad with the limited player customization.

    1. This may just be what you can do with the character at the beginning. You probably get to unlock new outfits later on in game.

  33. Someone translate Chespin’s moves. It’s on the one where you can read the Electric thing close up

    1. The bottom move might be rollout, read that elsewhere, but the person wasn’t sure.

      1. I agree with the person who mentioned that Chespin’s moves are Tackle, Growl, Vine Whip and Rollout. With Tackle and Growl I am 100% sure as I could make out all the Hiragana to compare them with a list of the japanese names of the attacks. Vine Whip and Rollout at least shared some of the Hiragana that I could make out while looking at the third and fourth attack, furthermore they are highly likely regarding chespins type and it’s description

        1. If Chespin became Grass/Rock I’d be extremely happy! But a lot of Pokemon can learn Rollout that aren’t rock type.

          1. chespins pokedex entry in the scans says it sharpens its thorns…maybe it is a steel type?

  34. Protip: Clicking the pic.twitter.com link in the tweet brings up a far bigger resolution image.

  35. OK guys, I’ve updated with some more information on the individual new Pokémon. There was a new, clearee version so it made it legible. There are still some buts that are too blurry too read though, like what it is that Fennekin carries around with it. For a split second it looked like “Small bird”, but for obvious reasons this would be incorrect lol. Poor Yayakoma…XD

  36. So the bird can learn Flame Charge huh? This makes me want a fire/flying evolution for it. That would be cool! lol

    1. I perfectly agree with this speculation. “Robin” = “rouge-gorge” in French = “Red throat” and we can see a little yellow triangle near the eye of Yayakuma, which could perfectly fit with a final Fire/Flying type.

      I mean this color pattern is strangely close to Fire-type Pokemon (even if color is not always revealing Pokemon type of course!) but I can imagine a kind of flame thing or red and yellow feathering.

    2. No guarantee, because a couple of non-fire Pokemon that can use that move. Beartic!

  37. Yanchamu seems like it would be dark/fighting or grass/fighting or evolve into such

  38. -looks at the bottom picture-…….uhhh does that player look like…he’s running……..diagonal?????

      1. it can still be grid based and include moving diagonally, like pokemon mystery dungeon.

  39. Now that we have the character art, I wonder how much of the male protagonist’s outfit will be used on Satoshi’s (Ash’s) outfit for the X & Y anime.

  40. So does the fact that the region is only shaped like france throw the Nordic legendaries idea out the window??

      1. Indeed. Last generation we had a variety of Legendaries based off different ideas, so nothing’s out the window because of the region inspiration.

        So happy to see the region based off France though, makes me excited.

  41. …..wow I’m really surprised this much info was leaked ^_^ I’m already in love with the robin! And character customization is awesome! I have a good feeling about this generation!

  42. I think we are still missing 3 pages. The Xerneas one, the Yveltal one, and then a backside to the Yveltal one. I am pretty sure the page with the Female PC is the backside of the page with the robin. So I think it is Xerneas, Robin, Yveltal, back of Yveltal, Female PC, and Male PC.

  43. 2nd page with the characters, what is that thing in the top right hand corner? It looks like something that is new, does anybody know?

  44. Something I haven’t seen anyone mention. Look at the image where the guy is riding Gogoat through that plaza… THERE ARE OTHER POKEMON IN THERE. There is a red butterfly thing to the lower right of Froakie, some girl is carrying a Grey Cat/Dog thing, but I haven’t picked anything else out yet.

    1. To me the red butterfly looks rather like a Yayakoma, the robin bird pokemon introduced and if you mean the girl on the lower left of the picture i really don’t see her carrying a pokemon to me it looks like a grocery bag that contains a baguette (further hinting at the region being based on France?)

      1. Maybe, but you clearly see the Robin at the left side of the scene on some kind of street sign, and that thing on the right has a lot more red, its entire body seems to be red, which is clearly not the case of Yaykoma. As for the other thing? Maybe it’s a bag, but I certainly don’t see any food in it. To me, I see a grey head with a white muzzle and a large pink inner ear. We just need a clearer image.

  45. What I wanna know is what the heck are those bracelets on the male and female characters arms. It looks so sick! Reminds me of Sonic Riders ZG

    I was so excited when I saw the scans and I can’t wait to ride on Gogoat when I don’t feel like walking anymore.

    Now I just want to see some version exclusives to decide which version to buy. :3

  47. Lmfao, scrolling through all the comments and seeing all the Chespin icons. I love it! Chespin ftw!

  48. That bird-like thing in the corner of the picture with Gogoat is potentially a new Pokémon. At first I thought it was a butterfly, but it appears to have a tail feather.

    1. If you’re thinking of what I think you are, it’s just Yayakoma. You can see its tail behind the orange. 😉

      1. I was wondering if it was an evolution. But yeah, as you say it just seems to be Yayakoma. The underside of its wings being white threw me off.

    1. Not bad, not bad.
      They /kinda/ look a lil’ basic in design, I guess, but I’m just happy there’s NEWS!

      1. It carries a big tropical tree branch, similar to Conkeldurr wielding bricks. It becomes Fighting/Grass and learns Wood Hammer

        1. A bamboo stick is easily used as a weapon so its evolution would definitely use one. A panda being Fighting type is quite understandable. And yes I will be naming mine Po, just like many others will be doing.

      2. If Yayakoma learns Flame Charge, could it end with a Fire/Flying type of Normal/Fire type?
        In French “robin” = “rouge-gorge” which means “red throat”.
        This color pattern could easily inspire a partial Fire-type… + it could represent innovation for a bird encountered at the beginning of the adventure!

    2. Better than first revealed GEN V Pokemon!
      + the starters are way better than Gen V ones
      + the legendaries are better than reshiram and zekrom :/

  49. Can anyone read the text pointing to Xerneas (Next to Fennekin)? I can make out “Key” and “Run”, so it might be something to do with roaming? My kanji practice is so badly outdated I can’t recognize anything…

  50. Does anyone else notice that lady holding her groceries (with a Baguette inside!) has a leash on her Fennekin like it’s a poodle!?
    I’m LOVING the European theme.

  51. i wonder what moves chespin has in that scan the 4th move kinda looks like a ground or rock type

  52. Something tells that bird next to Yayakoma is just another Yayakoma. Although it appears larger, it does just seem to be closer. The orange body looks like a printing error. I’m pretty sure I’m right although I could be wrong

  53. I don’t think it’s a Yayakoma evolution, I think it’s a gender difference. Japanese Robins ARE dimorphic.

    “It is true that the two Japanese robins are sexually dimorphic,

    though rubecula is not, but in akahige which is intermediate, sexual dimorphism is slight, the females differing only by having the pigments of

    >> the throat more rusty brown or orange, <<

    less reddish, than in the males."

    1. I didn’t even consider that! It does seem like something GF would do

  54. Hey, what about this thing? Is it possibly something new? Looks like a new Pokemon, but I don’t know. It isn’t too big, and I just wanted to know if anybody could tell.

    1. Might be the new animation for Pokémon being released from their Pokéballs.

  55. Disqus won’t let me log in, but then I’ve been having all sorts of trouble with this site ever since Pokejungle changed the layout…

    Anyway, I wonder what the English names are. All the stuff should be announced officially internationally on the 19th, right?
    I want to see these in action soon.

    Also, Chespin learns Tackle, Growl, Vine Whip, and Endure, apparently.
    And Electel is definitely Electric/Normal.

    1. Hey Number. No wonder we haven’t seen you around recently. A couple of my friends have said the same thing, will have to bring it up with Paul.

    2. Oh, yeah! I forgot that we’re supposed to get globally released information on anything new!
      Yeeessss! Can’t wait for the English news. Wonder what their names. Hope their not crappy.

      1. 14th internationally. America will get it in the afternoon on the 14th. Earlier if we are lucky.

  56. the girl trainer is hot, definitly older than 10… and the electel reminds me of mawile, must be the color scheme, SO PUMPED, eagerly awaiting more scans 😀

      1. Regardless of her age, people can take artistic liberties with her when it comes to fanart, that’s why I prefer it to be ambiguous (but she looks older than 10 in the official art to me..)

          1. In the June 2010 CoroCoro, it was stated that the Black and White protagonists were older than ten. The Black 2 and White 2 protagonists, in turn, also looked older than player characters from previous games. Based on this, it seems fair to assume that these protagonists, judging by their appearances and recent trends, are older than 10.

          2. And where exactly has it “Officially” stated she’s ten? True pre gen V protagonists were all ten but it was stated that in gen V the characters were to be older so I’d be more surprised judging by the looks of the new characters that they’ve kept with making them older instead of reverting them back to 10…

      2. Um no, as of generation 5 Masuda stated that the protagonists were going to be older. Since Black/White they’ve been around 14 or 15 years old. He didn’t specify.

        1. Nope. They are 10. The B/W Protags in B/W2 are older by 2 years maing them 12 but you don’t even see them in B/W2 and you don’t control them so that point is null.

          1. Go looks at either Hilda or Hilbert’s bulbapedia entry. In the trivia section it states that an issue of Corocoro said that they are older than previous playable characters, but doesn’t say by how much.

  57. I don’t know if it’s just coincidence but has anyone notice there’s a Clefariy next to Ash sort of smiling/laughing on the cover. I’m more and more anxious to find out if in fact there will be a Fairy Type now!

    1. That’s just the regular Clefairy manga that appears in every issue of Corocoro.

      1. Don’t crush my dreams! ;_; lol jk, I read that down in the comments but as I said I will take it as them hinting at the Fairy type lol

  58. I doubt the new theory of the yayakoma. Coro coro wouldn’t accidentally leak the pokemkons evolution in that picture. If you notice, in the picture of the trainer riding the goat, they only show Pokemon that they have already revealed.

  59. YESS! New update!
    I feel as though the bird may not be an evolution, but instead a male/female difference, as female robins tend to lack as much red on their chest as males. The size difference isn’t very significant either so I can’t see enough difference to make it an evolution.
    Yanchamu and Electel are definitely my favourite Pokemon of this bunch. :3 I hope more Pokemon will be ridable~

  60. Nah, that’s not an evolved version of Yayakoma. It’s bigger because it’s closer, and it looks fully orange because it’s a head on version so you only see it’s orange head. And the wings look white because they’re the undersides, notice the blue lining? Also, that tail looks exactly the same.

  61. The bird pokemon is nice and all but I can’t help but feel let down just because that hooded fake bird we saw a while back was so much better.

  62. If today they revel these 4 pokemon on Pokemon Smash , then Next week is big news too !! If not , they will just show new game play/new trailer

  63. I’m p sure it’s just another Yayakoma, though at an oddly foreshortened angle – you can see the red head, but not much of the body behind that.

    And Yayakoma *does* in fact have white under-wings – you can see an edge of its wing in the battle screen shots on the page introducing all the ‘mons.

  64. To piggy back on the possible Yayakoma evolution, if you look at the first scan and directly to the right, it looks like possibly an evolution. For the same reason, completely different color scheme.

  65. i guess the normal/electric pokemon is inspired by solar pannel.

    it’s a normal pokemon generating electricity artificially thus the double type

    1. One of the few themes I imagined a “Light-type” had available to it was solar energy. I don’t doubt the possibility of a “Fairy-type” but if they’ve made this adorable lizard Electric/Normal, I feel safe ruling out “Light-type” for another generation.

  66. What Does The 1000 Mean on the cover Of CoroCoro!?? YX 1000 Pokemon ? Totally?

  67. I like the pokemon this time even if the lizard makes me laugh xD If they are making Pokemon based on the animals found in France there will have at least one cow hahahaah

  68. There is so much information that i had to reread the entire article multiple times!! The only thing that i find weird is that from the information we have now, we can only customize our characters skin tone and hair color. However that got me thinking as well…. isn’t France the “Fashion capitol” of the world? I would love the idea of buying different outfits at a store and changing the hair at a hair salon. Gives the game a new dynamic. I absolutely love the bird Pokemon and i hope it evolves into a fire/flying type. Did anyone else also notice the watches the characters have on them? Reminds me of the watches we had in Diamond/pearl/platinum however they are much more cool looking.

  69. This is all so cool 🙂 Love the goat, and the lizard 🙂 the box art is okay… Better than Black and White but not as good as Heart Gold and Soul Silver. The pandas great, the tongue puts me off a bit though. I’m so happy with this 🙂 but the fact the types are still not revealed… Hints to something extraordinary. Also there’s a blonde woman speaking in one of the pics with a blue back ground, is that the new professor ?

    1. That’s not the Panda’s tongue, it’s just biting on a leaf. And what types aren’t revealed?

  70. I just saw some more scans showing the starter evos. I’m guessing those are fake? I hope they are because I was going to pick Fennekin but I’m not sure I will if it’s going to end up with a weird balloon tail…..

  71. If u look to the left of the girl in a scan you can see a bit of a new pokemon… Accidental or hinting at something else?
    You can also see the starter selection screen.

      1. Chespin is not like my mom, it doesn’t have eyes in The back of its head

  72. About the hypothetic evolution, I don’t think it’s one. I think it’s simply the same Pokémon, but in another position. This can explain why we don’t see the bottom of his body, giving the illusion that the whole body is red.
    But what do you think about what we can see on the 2nd scan, at the top right corner ?

    1. To me, that picture at the top right corner is just a Yayakoma head with something obstructing the bottom. Like an attack or when it comes out of the ball. We will no doubt see the scene moving next week on Smash.

      1. Yeah probably. But… Well… I don’t know, it kinda looks like a duck head xD Strange!

  73. Well if Yayakoma is based off of a robin, then maybe he male and female versions will look different and that’s what you see in the last picture.

  74. I bet when the Panda pokemon evolves, its wielding a big tree branch.

    Probably learns Wood Hammer.

  75. I’m more inclined to think Yanchamu end up with a bamboo staff or something.

    I want to put the Go-Goggles on Gogoat…

  76. I gotta admit, I’m a supporter of Elikiteru! I’ve always liked the unique pokemon.
    I also wanted to say that after reading as much info that was translated for him I have a hypothesis:
    – He’s a lizard
    – Has Protrusions coming from his head (which he can freely lift/move around according to the screenshots)
    – He’s electric type
    – He generates electricity from solar rays

    Add these facts together and those silly flaps on his head when evolved could turn into Solar Panel-like frills meaning he could be a Frilled Lizard Pokemon! Using his frills to collect the sun’s rays to charge his electric powers.

    1. I just hope it gets a snout when it evolves because when i first saw it i thought it was a rat

      1. I’m sure it’s a possibility, most of the previous lizard-like pokemon have more of a lizard reptile mouth, only exception is scraggy and Scrafty! The way his mouth/smile looks it could get more of a pointed mouth like the lizard image I posted.

    2. Going from its move, Parabola Charge, right now Elikiteru have parabola ears, its evolution might have paraboloid frills if they based it on frilled lizard.

  77. So…everyone remember how Swablu goes from Normal/Flying to Dragon/Flying. I have a feeling that Erikitel will go from Electric/Normal to Electric/Dragon.

    1. I would love to see a mix of my electric type frilled lizard idea mix with the dragon idea! Even if i doesn’t have wings they could make it look as vicious as drudigon etc.

    2. Yep, and Azurill, a Normal type Pokemon, evolves into Marril, a Water type Pokemon.

      Also, Azurill, has a 50% chance of changing gender’s when it evolves.

  78. The 2nd scan seemed to be cut off there might be an important information about Xerneas and I’ve also looked in different sites all of them are cut off. I wish I could read Japanese so I could read what it means

  79. I believe Erikitel is the pre-evolved form of Mawile.

    Look at this image of Mawile and compare the triange slit in the middle of its forehead to Erikitel’s.

    1. They color scheme is quite similar and the slit on the forehead is quite similar as well, but Elikiteru is a “lizard” which to jump to a bipedal creature with a huge mouth coming out of its head is quite a stretch. Plus Mawile (deciever pokemon) is a steel type which uses dark type moves as well. Elikiteru (Generator pokemon) is an electric/normal type also quite a jump in types and description.

    2. I think that if they were related, the magazine would have at least hinted something about it.

  80. I don’t like the male protagonist, he looks really dull, and as someone else said, like James. The goat is growing on me (but I was hoping for something more friendly looking). The boxarts look nice, and I love the way the trainer’s sprite pops up when you’re challenged, makes me wonder how they will change Gym Leader encounters to feel more special than a normal trainer encounter.

    Now I want a bigger resolution of the map!

    1. Completely agree with you there. Since black and white, the male protagonist has basically stayed the same colour wise. He has the same coloured clothes, same hair. I miss it when they were all so different :-/

  81. My guesses for their english names (i know that these are not likely and im just doing it for fun :P):
    Yanchamu= Pandem. from panda and pandemonium. I think (assuming its the basic pokemon of its evo chain) a short simple name fits it and it has a nice ring to it. pandemonium also alludes to its “mischievous” ways. (personally, i think this panda has the potential to become fighting/dark although a grass/fighting bamboo-wielding panda ninja doesnt sound so bad either :p)

    Yayakoma: Chirbin. from chirp and robin. i think this is self explanatory :p Crobin sounds nice too from “crimson” and “robin”

    Erikitel: Solizap: from solar, lizard, and zap (sounds too confusing so probably wont be a possible name tho xD)

    Gogoat: I personally wouldn’t mind gogoat staying with that name alhough considering this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capra_(genus) Capras would be nice (since lapras is known for transporting people too) im just kidding on that one :p

    well that’s that just needed to get my random ideas out there. im really excited to learn more about these and the other new pokemon though 🙂

  82. Cool little thing about this is that the region name, a quick glimpse of the region, official character art for the trainers, 2 new moves, 4 pages of info, and the name of the main city of the region were all in the June issue when BW was coming

    Then in the July issue we got 7 new Pokemon, so while I’m not gonna get too excited, I’m gonna expect the same kind of issue we got during BW for July to be released next month 😀

  83. If you look carefully, the x and y in the boxart have an image. I think x’s is a forest and y’s is the sky or something. Does this have something to do with their types ?

  84. Did you know the filename for Mewtwo’s new form in the site data is “M2X” – Mewtwo X. This means there is a Mewtwo Y, as Pokebeach’s sources have been highly accurate so far, already having said Mewtwo will have 2 new forms.

  85. Miniskirt Rika, lol. This France thing is hot.

    and anyone else notice the new device on their wrist.

  86. The scan with the box art, to the left of the box art is a cleFAIRY right? Also above the box art what does it say with that giant Z? And what is that red thing with the arrow turning into a bigger red thing?
    And for an opinion, I like the design of Gogoat, but I would dislike if it was the only ride-able (rideable? idk) but if it is then I don’t like its grass typing. Grass type itself is one of my favorites, but if I can ride this pokemon, it’s going on my tea. I wouldn’t want two grass pokes though, which means that chespin might not make it. and I like chespin. a lot

    1. I think it’s the page of Corocoro where what inside is shown, something like index. I don’t know, maybe it’s the cover of Corocoro(?). So those things are not related to Pokemon, I think.

    2. I don’t think you ride on your own caught Gogoat, I think there are just some around Miaré city you can hop on

  87. I think you guys are jumping the gun. That bird is Yayakoma with it’s wings open. In the gameplay footage, his front is all orange.
    And the bird in the back is smaller because he’s farther away, so proportions.

  88. If you look at the battle picture next to Yayakoma, you can see it’s wings extended like in the picture. Obviously not an evolution.

  89. Do you guys think that the next episode of Pokemon Smash will only reveal what has been featured in this month’s corocoro issue, or perhaps that they will give us something that we don’t already know? I have a feeling that the new type might be revealed next episode due to the fact that Junichi Masuda will appear on the show

    i am so EXCITED OMG

  90. Wait a sec… The fake looks almost exactly like the real scan! Maybe the creator of the fake only had a limited time to sneak in and get a glimpse… The only dif. is the wrist watch.

    1. There’s not any information on them in this issue. I expect they’ll be showcased another time.

  91. I really don’t think it’s a new evolution in the image. I thought so at first, when I was looking over the scans, but it’s actually pretty close looking to the Gameplay image of yayaKom(onody)a [Yes I have an english name for it :3]

      1. Well it’s an amalgamation of Komadori an other name for the japanese robin and monody a song sung by one person

        1. Ohh. Interesting.
          Makes me wonder what Yayakoma’s English name will actually be.

  92. Why has no pokemon site blown up the picture of the region map above the female character’s arm??? I want a close up look at it!!!

    1. Yeah, sorry for this comment. I commented twice, but when i tried to delete it, it turns into Guest.
      I’ve never had this problem before, so yeah… Don’t know how to remove it.

  93. Opinions on this information Leaked by an Anonymous Source:
    – There are three new types appearing in X/Y, and one of them is Fairy. The Fairy Type is weak to Poison and Steel, is immune to Dragon, but it’s also super-effective against Dragon, Dark and Fighting, and Fire and Psychic-type Pokémon get half damaged by them. Two confirmed Fairy-types are Sylveon (Fairy/Flying) and a new Pokémon called Patrogen, which is an Electric/Fairy-type. Another new type is called the Celestial-type, which is super effective against every type except the third new type, the Genetic Type. The new Mewtwo forms will be Genetic type, being created by mixing the genes of Mew and Mewtwo using a new item called the DNA Fuser (Genetic Mixer.) There are two other types– Light and Sound which will be revealed during a later CoroCoro in the future.

    – The gym types go in this order: Fairy, Electric, Bug, Dark, Grass, Celestial, Steel, and Dragon-types respectively.

    – The Elite 4 types are Light, Sound, Dragon, Fire, and the Champion (Genetic types.) The Elite 4 is now renamed to the Fascinating Five, and are now overleveled based on other games, being in the 60-70s in just the first battle.

    – The professor’s name Is Professor Chancé, which is a man that has close relations with the villainous team of the game– Team Chronicia. This is a team of trainers that are looking for the chromosomes hidden inside the DNA of the X Pokémon and the Y Pokémon, in which they are taken to the lab for extraction.

    – Team Plasma reappears in this game, but newer than ever. N’s identity has been changed to Rika, and he is always undercover, helping you through the game, because Team Plasma is now run by Colress and Rika (N) is the headmaster. Team Plasma is not the villainous team, as they are on your side. Professor Chancé is actually the Leader of Team Chronicia, but you do not find that out until later. The true Professor is known as Professor Louve, and he actually is going to be the Professor aftergame, due to Chancé being the Professor, unknown of his diabolic ways, until and before you travel to Victory Road. You meet Louve after they retreat, and he says that he awaits you in Miaré City, which is where the Pokémon Lab and the starting location for the game (hometown) is located.

    – There are over 200 new Pokémon introduced in the Kalos Region, with about 15 of them being legendaries.

    – Pokémon no longer use HM’s, because they will be replaced with alternate routes of transportation rather than a move. Some HM’s (8) are accessible through in-game happenings and are required in order to beat the Fantastic Five. The other 8 are accessible through in-game events, and can help you explore the rest of Kalos.
    – The Kalos Region consists of 4 main locations: North, South, East and West, starting at the middle then going South and then West to complete the main storyline and then East to North for the Aftergame.

    1. The eveelution sounds great but I highly doubt they will break that Pokemon tradition of Pokemon being one type. The new plot sounds very interesting indeed! That would be a great storyline. And maybe I being hopeful but I hope there is more than one type. Would be awesome

    2. Ok….Sylveon is Weak to Poison and STRONG against Ice. Your entire top half was just destroyed. Its not worth posting Fake rumors that have been debunked. If it says Sylveon is Fairy and Fairy doesn’t have SE to Ice or Resists Ice, its Fake because Sylveon has been shown to be strong against Ice.

      Celestrial would never exist. That is way more OP than Dragon could ever hope to be. I also seriously doubt HMs are being removed. They are a staple to the Pokemon world. If anything “Riding” feature secures that HMs still exist as that has a high chance of being an HM if it can be used outside of just that city shown.

      Currently released info contradicts this rumor.

    3. I could punch mutiple holes into this rumor, but it’s early in the morning and I have to head to class in a bit. I will say this though, if that person thinks that N would cross dress for an undercover mission I think they must not have a firm grasp on how gamefreak works. When making this up the person must not have realized that the character named Rika is actually a lass. XD

      1. Thank you for your opinions, and I would like to see you punch more holes into this rumor when you have time, just so we can see how reliable this information (leaked on 4chan) is.

        1. Leaked on 4chan… ‘Nuff said. Rumor is unmistakably false.
          I mean, I actually got a lil’ chuckle while reading this.
          Anyway, thanks for giving us an interesting read.

    4. Obviously this was bad rumoring, and so that’s why I wanted your guys opinions since I will later be posting a personal rumor of mine that I would like you all to give negative/positive comments on and judge the probability of this being in the actual game as well as the mechanics and any connections as to why my rumor is true. Be specific, and I promise this’ll be a good rumor…
      This is the new Dicie, with better rumors, out.

  94. Omg! What if those bracelets are Bond Bracelets and they help evolve certain pokemon or at least help level them up.

  95. OK so the yayakoma evo thing at the bottom is silly i see no difference in the two bird Pokemon .. the wings on the one on the left are gray and yet it says that it has a full orange body????

    1. Possibly new Pokemon? But coro coro probably put the pictures in there so small that they would be teasers

    1. I think you’re right. I looked at the picture posted in the article n it shows the hand animation.

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