Pokémon Smash! May 12th — FINISHED! [UPD1]

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Phew, been an incredibly busy day today. We got the latest Corocoro leaks to you the fastest, continued to provide you updates throughout the day and now we’re bringing you live coverage of Smash! Our updates will all be posted below as well as a live stream.

We’d like you to come and take part in our site chat too which can be found HERE. Come along and talk about the new Pokémon revealed today and what’s going on in Smash! Also be sure to follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook!

Smash wil begin in about and hour!

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  • Smash is now LIVE!
  • The anime episode reairing this week is The Punchy Pokémon
  • The next episode has been confirmed as an X & Y special!
  • Anime episode has now finished
  • Back to the weekly feature on Genesect
  • Time for the Eevee Friends feature, this week with Sylveon!
  • The hosts are testing which types Sylveon fits… what could it be?!
  • The hosts tested to see if Sylveon was Fighting – she failed.
  • Next they tested to see if she was strong against ice – she was!
  • She was strong against Ice, so they tested if she was Steel by attacking her with  poison type – She wasn’t resistant to it, in fact, it was super-effective against her!
  • Back to the Genesect feature. Things are getting crazy!
  • We missed a little here but we’re assured nothing important happened.
  • We’re in the studio now for a B2W2 battle, an Eevee Friends Special!
  • Finished! Tune in next week for the Smash X & Y Special!!

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    1. Thanks! Didn’t want to embed that one just yet as I’m not certain is Zephyrsonic will be streaming this week.

      1. And kriffix knows it too that I will be streaming Smash next week. He prefers my streams and he said alot of you guys like me streaming it ;P

        1. Thank you! Yeah, I asked a couple of weeks back and people were a little sad that I didn’t have you up on the post. Will be great to get you back in, would be good to maybe work closer with you at some point too!

    2. Does anyone know how to type on this stream so that it shows at the top of the video?

      1. They were airing a kind of DHA Fish Oil infommercial 5 mins ago, and I don´t know why but I watched like half an hour of that stuff.

          1. Have you tried the link Claus posted earlier? Or watching the one embedded on YouTube?

      1. July most likely….since that’s when the movie airs. They’ll probably do another Sylveon skit to test what she’s strong or weak to with the rest of the types.

  1. Is there a particular reason why smash are airing episodes of ash releasing / parting with his pokemon? Today primeape and a few weeks ago butterfree

    1. Subtle hints you can’t migrate your old Pokemon? Ha, I sure hope not. I wouldn’t look much into it.

      1. Ooooh. >_< Don't even kid about that, I don't want to have to leave my Pokémon behind. Some of them I've had for over a decade!

        1. It’s something I’ve worried about honestly, but more and more I’m believing we will be able to migrate. GameFreak wouldn’t do that and suffer that backlash. But trust me, I feel you there, I’ve got my first ever Pokemon (Treecko, now Sceptile) that I’m waiting to hopefully transfer to X and Y!

          1. If they did that I might cry, I lost my Diamond years ago and have spent both Black and White 2 trying to get them back, thank Arceus I managed to migrate my Mewtwo from Fire-Red and a few others over before that happened but still, I’m in the process of migrating everything that I moved from HeartGold to Black to White 2 right now in preparation for X and Y, if we couldn’t migrate then I’d have to let them all go T.T

          2. I doubt they’ll prevent migration. When X and Y were first revealed, I was worried about not being able to migrate old Pokemon, but more and more I think we’ll be able to. They’re giving away that Mewtwo with Hurricane for B/W2, why give it away if it’s gonna be stuck on those games?

          3. True, I hadn’t thought of it like that, besides yeah, there would be soooooooo many complaints about it if we weren’t able to, and I haven confidence in them that they won’t make that mistake 🙂

      1. He has Oshawott in later episodes if I remember correctly cause it was seen in screenshots presented…though maybe not.

  2. Well, it seems it’s official guys. Sylveon is not Fighting, Steel or Poison. Not that there was much doubt in my opinion though.
    Now that we have the video up, I can listen to it properly. When I was watching it on Keyhole it was all jumpy and the audio kept cutting off. Please read above for the corrected info.

    1. I wonder if there’s anything to the fact Sylveon is being played by a female. Female only evolution as people have speculated?

      1. I think that’s what they have proved. I looked like the Eevee-guy didn’t want to dress like a Sylveon.

      2. Most likely. In the anime, this guy named Virgil had an eeveelution team, and one eevee that he said is the only female on his team. It didn’t know what it wanted to evolve into, and I assume because of the new ending, it’ll become a Sylveon. Which might be 100% female.

          1. The CoroCoro that revealed Sylveon made it sound like she was the only new evolution.

            Look at the new Mewtwo. Its going to most likely be the same mewtwo as before but now has a female voice. We know Mewtwo is genderless so gender doesn’t play any role but it has a Female Voice actor in this new one. Cosplaying using a female doesn’t mean its female only and current information on Eevee and its evolutions say its going to mostly be male. With the way they are basing things around this movie and with CoroCoro saying that all of Eevee’s evolutions are in the movie and only showing 8 of them that pretty much means Sylveon is just 1.

          2. Maybe there is some appearance differences between male and female of Sylveon like Unfezant. It suits the title XY (which can be explained as chromosome in sex determination system) and the reason why there is only one eeveelution shown up in the movie.

    1. Steel makes sense. But they didn’t say she was weak to those three. Only thing we know is she is either SE against Ice or Resists Ice. We know she isn’t resistant to Poison either.

      Though if Fairy would totally make sense for her to be weak to Steel.

    1. Doesn’t Corocoro officially come out on the 15th? Why would they go over what we already know from 4 days prior as “big news.” If they’re hyping it as big news, it’s gonna be stuff we don’t already know.

      1. Not everyone buys the magazine? Maybe that’s why.
        Those who don’t buy it could find out by watching the show.

        1. But everything that’s been revealed in Corocoro has been announced worldwide so far on the day it’s come out. Meaning, why would they then 4 days later go over things already known if it’s “big news”?

          1. Because not every buys Corocoro or owns a computer? Ya, I know it’s hard to believe but it is possible. Pokemon Smash always hype things up that have already been revealed in Corocoro.

          2. In this day and age? Not buying it. Why promote it as big news? The very word “news” implies it’s new. If the majority of people know about it, it’s not big news. Masuda’s gonna be on the show, it’s obviously something important. But we shall see…the waiting game continues.

          3. That’s just how it has always been done. News repeats the same thing for days and sometimes weeks. So long as its still big enough to be reported its news even if its weeks to a month old.

            They did the same thing with Mewtwo who was leaked a few days before Smash and headlined it as Big news. Most of the time their Big news is a download event.

          4. Leaked does not mean official. Just because the Mewtwo form was leaked beforehand, there was debate as to if it was real or not because there was yet to be an official source claiming it true. Smash wound up revealing the big news as that Mewtwo form.

            With this, it becomes official news on the 15th, we’ll know the English names and everything. But my gut instinct tells me there’s more news on the 19th and it pertains to Sylveon. Hey, if I’m wrong, I’ll be on here admitting I was wrong and I’m an idiot haha. Let’s wait and see bud 🙂

          5. CoroCoro was officially released before that Smash too if I recall correctly. Either way it was known before Smash and all Smash did was show us all we knew.

            Same when they revealed Sylveon. Same when they released the first info for Pokemon X and Y.

          6. Corocoro revealed that Mewtwo form before Smash? I don’t remember that, but then again my brain’s pretty much fried right now!

            I’m just gonna say it again, let’s wait and see. I still wanna believe we’ll get Sylveon’s type on the 19th. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.

          7. Mewtwo’s new forme was not leaked by CoroCoro. Pokemon Smash has always reviewed the news leaked from from early obtained scans of the magazine. Leaks aren’t planned by Nintendo, so while it isn’t new to us, it is still new to the show.

          8. That’s what I’m saying about the Mewtwo news. It wasn’t planned to be leaked.

      2. Have you not watched Smash before? Their idea of ‘news’ is ‘what we haven’t revealed on the show before but what everyone else in the world including some remote islands without access to television or internet have known about for some time’.

        I’m hopeful of new material after all this Sylveon business tonight, but make no mistake that if they do no more than go over what CoroCoro showed us and yet still treat it like ‘omg! shock! news!’ it will hardly be the first time.

          1. No, that’s how it has always been. Next Smash is going to just review what CoroCoro just showed us.

  3. Well, we learned that Sylveon is not Fighting, Steel, or Poison. Since these Eeveelutions have had this type we can rule out Fire, Electric, Grass, Water, Psychic, Dark, and Ice. That leaves Flying, Ground, Bug, Dragon, Rock, Ghost, and possibly Normal or a new type. Ghost and Rock seem unlikely, so I am crossing those off. Flying, Ground, Bug, Dragon, Normal and a new type are the more likely types. It really depends if the Fairy type turns out to be real. It is logical, and they are keeping it a secret so who knows. They are trying to figure out its type, and they went through ones we already know, so my bet is indeed on Fairy type. So sue me if you don’t like it, I think it is a nice idea.

    1. wait what?! Why is Ground likely? Or at least more likely than Ghost? Not that I say it will be a Ghost, but look at it’s empty light blue eyes. Also, Frillish is a pink ghost type too. Being ignorant I’d say that Rock and Ground are ‘the same’ so why rule out rock but not ground?

      1. You’re absolutely right. Just because Sylveon doesn’t look like a regular Rock or Ground Type doesn’t mean we can cross it out. However, I see no further evidence leading to believe it could be Rock or Ground. I would say Ground is a possibility because of its light tan color. That is the only reason it is among those, and it wouldn’t make much sense for it to be Ground type either. I consider Bug type s a possibility due to its eyes, but that isn’t much of a reason either. Dragon could be possible, but it seems so odd, but you never know either. I surely didn’t expect Frillish to be part Ghost, but then again that is only part Ghost. I’m not saying a dual type Eeveelution is what Sylveon is, but if it is a Monotype than I am sure it is not Ghost type.

        1. I think it says she resists Ice so Dragon, Flying, and Ground are out as well. Rock is the only type listed as “Strong Against”, though that is only from an SE perspective. Since she isn’t Steel the types left to resist Ice are Fire, Water and Ice and the only types that are SE against Ice is Rock and Fire.

          I mean Fire appears twice, but Flareon kinda debunks this, though Gamefreak isn’t one to ignore the possibility.

          We can also rule out the last “Fairy” rumor since it wasn’t SE against anything and Ice wasn’t listed as a Resistance. meaning that if Fairy exists, the one posted before was fake.

          My money is on new type, but Gamefreak is a company of trolls so I’m staying open to any possibility now.

  4. This is my theory. I don’t know if the 19th will show this, but I think there will be another Eeveelution to go with Sylveon. I think in the new movie coming up something bad will happen and all of the pokemon(pikachu, sylveon, etc.) will be kidnapped except Eevee. Eevee must save the day and Eevee shows it is just too weak to save the day. When all hope is lost Eevee evolves into the new Eeveelution and saves the day. What do you guys think of my theory?

    1. I agree. I’m sure Sylveon is 100% female, and resembling the X gene. We need a 100% male Y gene, and eeveelutions ALWAYS come in pairs. Hopefully we get another!

          1. No it will just make it annoying to get also, Espeon looks female so it might fall in that category of getting female Eevees which will put people off of getting it.

          2. But they might give you a female eevee egg at some point in the game, this has happened before except not specifically female ofc.

          3. I think if theres a male only evolution it would have to be dragon as thats the only original special type left HOWEVER i disagree with u saying espeon is girly as i always thought its whiskers looked like a moustache although i see what your saying. However I think all the eeveelutions are supposed to be feminone looking and appeal to girls except Umbreon, Jolteon and ironically enough Leafeon which is strange but awesome bc grass types are usually girly. If you dont believe me vaporeon looks like a mermaid and look up flareons original trading card…so if vaporeon, flareon, espeon, glaceon, and sylveon are all girly and those 3 ommitted are masculine then its only fair we get one more manly ground/flying/ghost/dragon type eevee although I dont like the idea of a dragon type bc thats not a real element rock or ground would be great.

      1. We’re only getting one Eevee Evolution based on all the publicity. The CoroCoro with Sylveon pretty much said its the only new Eevee Evolution. I can see Sylveon being male as well.

      2. Completely reminded me of the X and Y theme that i overlooked when thinking on this, and seems more reasonable than a dual type, I actually really hope that this is the case :p

  5. I hate the idea of a new type, way to late in the series to be introducing something that drastic

    1. But this game is a new generation on a brand new system…if they were going to introduce a new type, now makes the most sense since you’ll already be extremely limited in communicating with past games. It’s essentially starting from scratch.

  6. they are going to reveal the official names in ENG of the four new pokemons and another gameplay footage for those. Maybe, they might also reveal the FAIRY type afterwards.

    1. Even if they did, this fairy version contradicts the one posted eariler…so that Fairy is wrong. She may not be Fairy at all as well.

    1. Then that’s the tip off. That this IS a New Element. Because, we know what the elements do currently. And, as I was unsure of the wording, if Sylveon is actually resistent to Ice, as I wasn’t sure if that meant it was super effective or not, then there are only four types that do that. Three of which we already have Eeveelutions, Fire, Water, and Ice. Leaving Steel. If it isn’t steel, then quite simply, Fairy, or something similar, is a Go.

  7. Well, since it’s strong against ice, we now know it isn’t just a plain ol’ normal type. That would be EXTREMELY disappointing.

  8. You guys are totally missing it!!! Read the translations one more time! Sylveon is not Fighting-type. Sylveon is not Steel-type. Sylveon’s type is super-effective against Ice. Sylveon’s type either does not resist Poison or is not immune to Poison (depends on the translation’s accuracy). Therefore, it is confirmed to be either Rock-type or a new type with those properties. This is…like…a breakthrough moment unless I’m misunderstanding something.

    1. Which also means Pokebeach’s information is wrong regarding the Fairy type things, correct? I’m discussing this with a friend right now trying to figure it out haha, it must be a new type (If Sylveon is rock type I’ll fall over in shock). But, the strengths and weaknesses pokebeach listed are wrong because no ice is mentioned, unless I’m just not understanding something.

      1. Well, Pokebeach simply stated that it is weak to Poison and Steel, immune to Dragon, and super-effective against Dragon, Dark, and Fighting. That fits the criteria set by Pokemon Smash except for Ice-type being excluded. The source could’ve simply omitted the Ice-type by mistake, but I find it weird that Fairy-type would be randomly super-effective against Ice-type unless there’s folklore that references it.

          1. Lmao @ You guys saying ice has to many weaknesses lol… Ice is strong against Dragon, Ground, Rock, Flying, Grass, and Bug. ice is only weak to fire, fighting, steel, and rock…and in a battle between an ice and a rock pokemon i guarentee you the ice pokemon is probably gonna use ice beam faster that you can say power gem so does that even count as a weakness? Bravo at making ice more lame than it already was Jynx, Pisolwine, Glaceon and frosslass can suck it!

          2. Ice is strong against Dragon, Ground, Flying, and Grass. Ice is weak to Rock, Fire, Steel, and Fighting.

          3. I personally like ice types, but in online play ice type pokemon aren’t the best competitively, simply for the fact that they are weak to both fighting and steel, mach punch is a fairly common move especially on conkeldurr, and scizor is/was a common pokemon, running technician and bullet punch, add that to the fact that rock is a common move type used due to the fact that it hits, fire, flying, ice and some of the more popular dragons (Salamence and dragonite, and to a lesser extent altaria) super effectively, hitting the rest with neutral damage while only garchomp and flygon resist it

        1. If you notice as well, Pokebeach doesn’t have any Resistances PERIOD listed. Outside of the Dragon Immunity. So, it’s quite possible that, if it’s true, then the they were accidentally omitted or not mentioned, as it SURELY has some Resistances, such as maybe Resisting Dark as well as being Super Effective. Otherwise, then we at least know the rest of what he said is not true, and that there is no certainty to what the Fairy Type, or whatever the New Element is, entails. At the very least, they DID Eliminate every Element in that short test.

          1. Pokebeach’s was from a list posted back at the beginning of May. There were no resistances posted on purpose. There was one before that listed no SE damage before as well. It was very similar to the new info.

            [quote]I can confirm that this month’s CoroCoro has a feature on the long-rumored Fairy-type, although the Japanese name of the Type is “Yosei”, so I am uncertain if this means that Hiro was necessarily correct.
            Sylveon is a pure-Yosei Type Pokemon, and is known as the Maryoku Pokemon, “Magical Charm”. The attack shown in the trailers for the Mini-Movie is called Mirakuru Hou, “Miracle Cannon”, and is said to heal the opposing Pokemon, yet greatly reduces their Attack and Special Attack.

            Clefairy, Togepi, Jigglypuff, Audino, Chansey, Skitty, and Dunsparce are shown with their “Normal” Type changed to Yosei Type. The magazine mentions that a recent event in the Pokemon World has awakened a long-ago sealed power, explaining the Type Change. More Pokemon are said to awaken to this power, hinting at additional Type changes.

            A Type Chart is shown displaying how Yosei Matches Up.
            – Yosei is immune to Dark and Dragon
            – Yosei is weak to Psychic, Poison, Bug, and Ghost
            – Yosei resists Fire, Water, Ground, and Flying.
            – No Type is weak to Yosei.
            – Fire, Water, Ground, and Flying resist Yosei.
            – No Type is immune to Yosei.[/quote]

            Ice isn’t listed as a resistance and nothing is supposed to be weak to it.

            With the one on Pokebeach the guy intentionally said that Fairy type would not have any resistances. Since it doesn’t list Ice as a resistance or as being weak to, its pretty easy to see all the info on Fairy Type Pokemon so far as fake.

        2. There isn’t, though it wouldn’t be immune to Dragon or SE to dragon as in Folklore Dragons were at the top of the food chain and small fairies would run for their lives if one ever showed up. Steel would be a pretty common weakness as in folk lore Cold Iron was used to prevent Fae and other Fairy like creatures from harming or harassing the owners of the metal. Poison makes no sense because Fae can be poisonous creatures. Same with Dark as most Fairy in traditional folklore are evil or conduct ill deeds. There are some that do good, but it was more common for Fairies to be evil or mischievous. Ghosts and Spirits were associated with some Fae/Fairies….Fighting could make sense as the righteous could defeat the evil fairies. Don’t think there was much else….Elemental energies….Electric, Water, Fire, Ground, Grass….would most likely be resisted as Fae can represent these elements themselves.

          1. I think you’re taking the folklore thing too literally. I think fairy is just supposed to be goodness, magic, cuteness, healing etc. I know this is a lot different from what we know as fairies but Game Freak really doesn’t care about any of that.

          2. you are generalizing the abilities of many faires in lore into one super-faerie… some fairys may have evil/dark or poisonous in nature but not all of them. just as some may have affinities to certain elements like ice or fire. but not all… this is what double typing in pokemon is for. if you want a poisonous fairy, maybe a poison/fairy pokemon will be created…. simple as that. fairies as a whole are supposed to represent magical/mystical creatures where dragons have represented one form of mythical creatures in themselves… dragons…. but there are more than just dragons in mythology, and fairy could represent those creatures….

    2. did anyone ever speculate Sylveon might b a dual type like idk steel/fighting (i just picked that type from the top of my head!) but i kinda believe now Sylveon might b Female evo IMO

  9. i dont understand why people cant figure it out. ifshe is strong against ice, it must be either firec, ice steel water. so steel is the only option but she is not resistant to poison so it automatically screams a new type. duh

      1. im sorry. what im trying to say ice move is not effective on these four types. ice fire steel and water. the second test for sylveon

  10. If slyveon was strong against ice, and not fighting or steel, then that leaves only two options: Fire or Rock. We already have a fire eeveelution so its got to be rock. However that doesnt fit the appearance. I’m thinking our little Fairy type speculation is bang on.

  11. Come on Ice doesn’t need a new weakness they’re making the type very horrible
    if there is a new type it should be
    Weak to : Poison – Dark – Steel
    Resist : Fighting and some other types
    Strong against : Dark – Fighting
    I mean did they seriously add a new weakness to Ice ????

  12. Well, it confirms Sylveon is actually a new type right? Coz she was weak to a poison attack, and the only type weak to poison right now is grass, and since she’s super effective against ice, she obv. can’t be grass (and well duh, Leafeon)…

    And fighting, fire, rock are strong against ice, but none are weak to poison.. so yeah. Just really confused if it’d be actually “Fairy” type. Sounds too cheesy and doesn’t fit the whole elemental/ability names of types.

  13. If it’s a new type, all I can say is thank Arceus that Poison is superffective against it. Because seriously, Poison has been Pokemon’s buttmonkey type for way too long now.

    It’s looking more and more as though Sylveon is a new type…unless someone wants to argue that’s she’s a rock or fire type! Hopefully we will get confirmation next week.

  14. If you read it says sylveon isn’t fighting or steel does supper effective damage to ice but is super effective by poison theres no type like that so new type or unless they dual typed it with something grass which would be pointless

  15. “attacking her with poison type – She wasn’t resistant to it, in fact, it was super-effective against her!” the only type that poison is super effective against is grass. Grass is already taken by leafeon. This confirms a new type. And whining, disagreeing with or hating the facts won’t make it any less inevitable.

  16. The type is indeed Fairy. In mythology, fairies are weak to iron (steel), and their little bodies can’t take the toxins of poison.

  17. I’m almost 98% sure it’s a new type. Why else would they be teasing us by showing us the types that are super effective and weak to it. They want us to speculate within the types that we already know when really the answer is nowhere near.

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