PJ’s Note: We investigated the source of the rumors and it appears to be someone attending DigiPen, a college focused on game design in Washington state near Nintendo’s Headquarters. They claim to have played a beta version of the game.

  • Fairy will be a new type. It is weak to Poison and Steel, immune to Dragon, super effective against Dragon, Dark, and Fighting, and Fire and Psychic-type Pokemon take half damage from it.
  • Sylveon is Fairy-type. Some older Pokemon will be reclassified to Fairy, such as Mawile (Steel/Fairy).
  • Mewtwo has two new formes, not just one. Both are activated via items.
  • The professor’s English name is Patrice. (PJ’s Note: Although it’s not the name of a tree, it is a masculine French name and sounds kind of like PA-TREE-SS)
  • The Starter final evolutions are Fire/Psychic, Grass/Fighting, and Water/Dark.
  • The first Gym is Bug, the second is Fairy, and the fourth is Fighting.
  • A few attacks will be dual-typed.
  • There will be a new type of battling style, “Sky Battles”, that Flying-type Pokemon and Pokemon with Levitate can participate in.
  • You will be able to see a Pokemon’s EVs at a certain in-game facility. You will be able to boost the EVs through mini-games. It will take about two hours to get one stat to max EVs.
  • ====Updates Below=====
  • New move: Belch a Poison-type attack with a base power of 120 but can only be performed if the user is holding a berry and the attack consumes said berry
  • New move: Draining Kiss a Fairy-type attack which has a base power of 60 and heals user for the same amount that it damages the enemy for

Pokébeach tells us to be aware of this information, though also he warns to take it with a pinch of salt. He is being kind enough to share this despite risking losing credit if it is false, which is quite respectable in my opinion. After all, we here at PokéJungle also share anything that comes our way, so that we can all discuss its legitimacy together, instead of just one person at the top making all the decisions. I think Pokébeach taking this stance is a credit to the fans.

The only issue is that Pokémon Smash has suggested that Sylveon’s type is effective against Ice, which would clash with Pokébeach’s source. If this information is to be believed, then Smash’s last Eevee-Akiyama friends special does not necessarily reflect what Sylveon’s type is, but rather was relevant to Shokotan’s own abilities instead. Sounds like a bit of a longshot, but it’s the only way the rumour would still work.

One thing for sure though, even if this info is false and Smash’s Eevee Friends Special is instead to be taken seriously, then we are still probably dealing with a new type. Sylveon-Nakagawa was weak against poison, and the only Types that exist that are weak against poison is grass or bug (Gen I), and it definitely can’t be the former.

Do you think this info is true, false? If you think it’s true, why? If you think it’s false, do you still think there is a chance for Fairy? Let us know below!


    1. A Duel type of what though? Because we know it’s not Fighting, so check that off, and the thing is either resistant to or super effective against Ice. There are only so many Pokemon in that list. Which means, taking off the Eeveelutions we already have, and then the lack of immunity to Poison, presuming that they didn’t mean that it was actually WEAK to Poison, then the only thing left is Rock. So, if it didn’t resist Poison, then Sylveon would HAVE to be a Rock/Grass type. Cause also, Bug hasn’t been weak to Poison since Generation 1. And I severely doubt they would have another Eeveelution sharing a type with a past one, let alone the fact that Type combination is all but impossible for Sylveon thematically.

        1. Sylveon couldn’t be pure rock either, since on smash they said that she didn’t resist poison, while rock does.

          1. Rly? i thought resist was like it took 0 damage last time i checked like Normal type can’t hit ghosts but u probably know more then me so idk anymore I’ll just wait patiently til they reveal it’s type cause i’m out of ideas 😛

    1. That was only in Gen 1 as a matter of fact Bug and Poison used to be supereffective against each other in Gen 1.

  1. – A new type that is both immune to Dragon and super-effective against it, while at the same time being weak to both Poison and Steel (which really don’t provide good offensive coverage)?

    – EVs can be seen in game and can be boosted through mini games?
    – Attacks being dual typed?

    – Two Mewtwo formes?

    Sorry, but I find this to be too good to be true. For one, Dragon, Dark, and Fighting almost completely dominate the competitive scene. For Game Freak to create a type to balance out the type metagame by threatening the dominant types and giving some of the lesser types some coverage seems to be a bit too generous.

    Attacks being dual-type also appear to get confusing. What if you used a Water/Electric move in a double battle against a pokemon with Storm Drain and the other with Lightningrod? Which pokemon will intercept the attack and have it ability activated?

    And why three Mewtwo formes? I really can’t see a way for the movie to find the time to have three of those formes animated. It’s not like Deoxys in which it can change forme upon will.

    So yes, I am calling foul on this one. It’s only a coincidence that the source who gave Pokebeach that information correctly predicted that there would be an Electric-type move that recovers the user’s HP.

    Would such moves revolutionize the entire Pokemon battling scene? Yes. But I just can’t see Game Freak doing that here.

    1. “Dragon, Dark, and Fighting almost completely dominate the competitive scene.”

      If this is the case… tell me why the top 20 pokemon in OU are primarily Steel and Water types, while fighting types lag behind the Psychics(which is third behind Steel and Water)? The lack of Dragons in Top OU can be blamed on the small number of Dragon Types.

      Oh, and there’s all of ONE Dark Type in Top 20 OU, and that’s Tyranitar, who arguably wouldn’t be there if he lacked Sand Stream.

      1. You could look at it from a western fairytale point of view as well. The hero always beats the dragon at the end, or the evil (dark) while often being poisoned (Snowwhite, Sleeping beauty et.c.)

    2. “It’s not like Deoxys in which It can change form upon will”.

      You’re assuming you know everything there is to know about Mewtwo and its new ability to transform. You personally have no idea if it can change its form at will; as a matter of fact, given the footage from the new movie, it seems to me that that’s exactly what Mewtwo did. Nothing in the clip suggests otherwise; nor has it been officially announced as being otherwise – unless, by chance, you’re actually assuming this said rumor (that you so apparently disbelieve) is correct in saying Mewtwo requires an item to do so.

      That being said…I can see there being two new forms; one for each version. At the same time, I agree with you; I think common sense would tell us that if there were going to be two new forms (instead of just one), they would both be in the new movie. No signs point to two new forms in the movie – just one. So, more than likely, we’ll have one new form (the one we’ve seen), with two different sprites (one for Y and one for X).
      I still say (for those of you who even bothered reading my other posts), Fairy will be the new type.

    3. “Would such moves revolutionize the entire Pokemon battling scene? Yes. But I just can’t see Game Freak doing that here.”

      Don’t forget… Dream World did happen and Drought/Drizzle (which IMO, changed the Pokemon battling scene) were given as well as a number of Moxie/Sweepers

      As for the dual-typed attacks, I agree there- there would be very confusing in terms of resolving the effect from in-game “suction” abilities. The only way to resolve that is to identify that (for example) the first listed type on the dual-move will be accounted by effects first > followed by the second > two-part damage calculation (one based on each type) > averaged.

      “So yes, I am calling foul on this one. It’s only a coincidence that the source who gave Pokebeach that information correctly predicted that there would be an Electric-type move that recovers the user’s HP.”

      I’m pretty sure that this was their source for previews into Black/White, so there is still some credibility with that group, IMHO.

  2. I don’t think this is true because if Mewtwo had another new form they would of revealed it by now (July is around the corner, the movie is airing in July and no Movie 16 news in sight) and dual type moves don’t make any sense. I think Sylveon can possibly be a new type of Pokemon but what type it is I have no idea. From what it sounded like in the post, it appears to be Dragon type, since it’s apparently weak to Ice types. But the heck do I know. We’ll have to wait and see.

    1. It can be Flying Type as well, since it appears to be weak against ice …

  3. Are we talking aerial battles??? My goodness I thought of that years ago, would be nice to see it implemented now 🙂 I like the dual type attacks as well, Like “sorry if these names are wrong” FreezeShock and IceBurn could obviously be Ice/Electric and Ice/Fire respectively!

    The two Mewtwo forms Mewtwo X-Forme and Y-Forme sound about right too 🙂

  4. I really hope this isn’t true. I think we’re getting a new type, but I hope this information listed is false. Dual-typed moves? How confusing will that be?

    And if this was true, I will find it highly unfair if Fairy gets a gym, and Dark winds up still not getting a gym. I mean, c’mon, dark’s been waiting since Gen 2 for a gym. And Fairy comes along and is like yeah, I gots a gym b*tch…right away!

    1. I’d imagine if it’s true, dual typed moves would be restricted to a unique move of a legendary to make them even more OP XD. Like the way FreezeShock and IceBurn could/’should have been dual types. And the source didn’t say there wasn’t going to be a dark gym, I’d prefer a dark gym to be around the 5th or 6th gym anyways..

      1. I know the source didn’t say there wasn’t going to be a dark type gym 🙂 But it did say there was going to be a fairy type gym. So if it turns out that there is no dark type gym, it will be highly unfair haha.

    2. Gamefreak wouldn’t let any outside sources test their game, deffinately not digipen, if anything, too. So, yes. It’s fake.

    3. Dark is way too awesome to get a gym. That is why it has always been a part of the Elite Four, which is way better than a Gym 😉

      1. exactly. dark types are so kick ass that they woudnt dare make them a gym

  5. We know this has to be fake by now. Sylveon was shown to be SE or Resist Ice.

    This claims that Sylveon should be weak to Steel and Poison, but Sylveon wasn’t really effected in any way against Poison (Neutral damage).

    As for Metagame relations. Gamefreak doesn’t care about our metagame they have their own. That seems to be all they care for. So I highly doubt any leaks, this one and the one before which was similar are real. So FAKE FAKE FAKE.

    I still think Fairy has a chance to exist, just not by what has already been shown. Sylveon is either Rock or Fire based on the show, but Fire is already taken and she doesn’t look like a rock type so new type is the only thing possible even with the new info given.

  6. You say in this post the Sylveon was weak to poison in Smash, but in the translation it’s only written to be “not resistant”? @[email protected] There’s enough of a distinction for me to have been confused for quite a while, haha. But I’m relieved to hear it is indeed weak – plus acting as such a counterweight to dragon. Everybody looking for a buff to poison has been quite handsomely rewarded.
    Wonder why fire’s resistant though. Doesn’t feel like it makes inherent sense, and I always thought fire was quite strong anyway.

    Other bits and pieces: I’m feeling the usual “ew plz no” to a third mewtwo, but I guess it’s no shocker to us at this point. If Mewtwo₁ is the embodiment of minimalism, I hope Mewtwo₂ is an entire Gundam.
    Dual-type attacks sound like more trouble than they’re worth. I’m not opposed to the idea itself, but the battle UI has to be rejigged for it, and think about that empty space next to all the single-type attacks! Ugh! (You can see my artisty inclinations coming into force here.)
    Sky battles seem as much a gimmick as triple battles as well, but at least it makes more inherent sense. I wonder if they’ll consider sea battles in the same way? (I know sea battles exist, but yanno… http://awkwardzombie.com/index.php?page=0&comic=062507) And very pleased to hear the possibility of an EV checker. It’s well time something like that was chucked in.

    I find it amusing the other websites have to take such a defensive stance on rumour-mongering. Like, how did it ever become such a matter of life and death? Meanwhile at the PJN mill this is just business as usual. All these sources should be coming to us.

    1. I didn’t mean for this to become the length of a forum post.

      Sigh the link is broken; take out the bracket at the end of it. .__.

  7. Yeah I’m not buying this crap. While I do believe the other Fairy Type rumor (assuming this is from a different source than Hiro) this seems too good also Slyveon is super effective against Ice and according to this rumor Fairy Type has no interaction with ice type what so ever. And the New form of Mewtwo is named Awakened form hinting towrds only one new form. And everything else seems to good to be true.

  8. I don’t understand why Fairy Types would be weak to Poison and Steel, but neither would get resistance from Fairy type move, and the opposite case with Fire and Psychic types.

  9. Horribly fake in my opinion. Gamefreak wouldn’t be stupid enough to give a beta version to college students. That information would be out so quickly they would redo the entire game. (That was obviously was a joke). Plus there would be so many leaks it would ruin everything. Nice try

  10. I could believe everything up there except for two things. One is not big, but it just seems like an odd thing for Mawile to be part Fairy. The big thing that makes me doubt it is the dual type moves. How would that work? It makes the game a lot harder that’s for sure.

  11. Mewtwo will have two new forms because if you check the source file of the picture on the japanese movie website, its document is titled “m2x” – which is a shortened version of “Mewtwo X” which is the form in the new movie.Now “Mewtwo Y”, which will be the second form, has yet to be revealed.

    The new Panda bear pokemon has an new ability, where if you send him out in battle it lowers the opponent’s “X”. Which is similar to Arcanine’s “Intimidate” which lowers the opponent’s “attack”. X and Y stats will play a new role in the game.

    The upcoming event Mewtwo for 5th Gen Games comes with two moves it normally doesn’t learn, Heal Pulse, and Hurricane. Heal Pulse in 6th Gen is a Fairy and Psychic Type move. If you trade this Mewtwo to Pokemon X version, it will unlock a certain scenario in the game (once you reach that point) where Mewtwo’s form will awaken to Mewtwo X – which is version exclusive. If you transer that same 5th gen Mewtwo event to Pokemon Version Y, it will become the new version exclusive Mewtwo form which has yet to be revealed. Deoxys will also get two new forms. And Arceus will get a Fairy Type Plate. Jynx, Sableye, Absol, and Mawile all get evolutions as well.

    1. I forgot to mention that Basculin-Blue is exclusive to version X, and Basculin-Red is exclusive to version Y. Basculin gets an evolve form by fusing both striped forms to make the evolution of Basculin, who is both red and blue striped.

      1. Do you have any proof or are you just going off of rediculous rumors you heard?

      1. That’s is awesome if it’s true. You know Satan is always depicted as a goat.

        1. Really? I mean…really? Nothing makes that awesome. Nor does it make anything about Satan awesome. Mind what you say and have some common courtesy to others.

          1. Fanaticism is reductive.
            Try to understand what you’ve read.
            Don’t think simple.
            Don’t let your brain make simple connections while seeing satan and awesome words being in the same sentence.
            Don’t degrade the content of phrases.
            Mind what you mind.

          2. He said “That’s is awesome if it’s true.” directing it to the last comment, then he said, “You know Satan is always depicted as a goat.” which is a whole new statement. So calm down. Btw, “Mind what you say and have some common courtesy to others.” practice what you preach because believe it or not some people believe in satan and just because your or another religion is against it doesn’t mean you can say negative things about it. Just as they can’t say, “satan is awesome, or Jesus sucks”, you can’t say, “Jesus is awesome and satan sucks”. Because as you said, “Mind what you say and have some common courtesy to others.” BTW I don’t believe in satan, nor jesus, i believe in freedom of religion and respect any and every one of them. With all that said, It would be pretty awesome if the new goat pokemon’s dex number was #666.

    2. This is great speculation, but what source did you get this from? If indeed this is true, I would like to be provided a source to be able to go through more speculations that may be true as well. Whatever source you provide, if what you are claiming is true, must have more information that is true also, and I would like to know more as well. How do you know this information? Do you work for Nintendo? What’s up with this? And as other people may say, where’s the proof? Everything you say sounds completely believable and if it is true, well sir, I give kudos to you.

    3. The “Mewtwo X” thing has little backup if based only on the filename from the MOVIE site. If that is going to be the only alternate form for Mewtwo in the movie (at this point, do you expect a second one?), why emphasizing the X?

  12. Sounds like the Fairy typing would balance things out a little bit. I personally think Dragon is OP and Poison is underwhelming (but slowly making a comeback). Fighting types have been getting huge boosts as well with the introduction to fourth and fifth generation Pokemon.

      1. that might be so, but it is resistant against 4 types and is only weak to two, being ice and dragon itself, so personaly i think that its a pretty good move actually to bring in a weakness to dragon.

        1. Weak to fairy its ok..but immune against it? I dont like that…but whatever…btw if thats the case, steel type has resistance against 11 types…11! (including itself) and weak against 3…so Steel type would be more OP than Dragon…xD

  13. Oh for gods sake. Sylveon type is strong against ice?! Ice is my favourite type. It needs to resist something apart from Ice ! O_O WHY GAMEFREAK, WHY?

  14. If fairy turns out to be fake then I’m calling “Magic” or “Mystic”. It seems like that’s where we’re heading with Sylveon using that strange magical move.

  15. Don’t take this the wrong way but the name ‘Fairy’ sounds off to me I don’t mind a new type, in fact I find it exciting and Mawile getting a type upgrade (If its true and also Mawile needs and evolution) will be good since so far Magnite Evolution is the only Pokemon that had a type upgrade.

  16. These rumors were leaked to Pokebeach back in February. While the Smash translation states that Sylveon is weak to Poison but strong against Ice and the rumor itself contains no information between a Fairy and Ice relation, could it be possible that the source’s information was assumed to be final at the time, but was changed in the time period that Pokebeach was contacted and the production of the latest Smash episode?

  17. Reading this too:

    he Male Player Character is named Aaron

    The Female Character is Gillian

    Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Togepi, Mawile families are being retconned to Fairy. Mawile being Steel/Fairy. Sylveon is Fairy but I didnt think anyone had doubts.

    There are 16 new evolutions to past gen Pokemon. Sylveon not included.

    Chansey line is still Normal

    Gogoat isnt the only Pokemon you can ride on. This applies to most quadripeds (ie: Ponyta, Tauros)

    HMs are being cut out of the game. They are now default actions for Pokemon. Birds can fly as well as fish can swim. The HMs still exist as TMs 93-100

    New move: Belch a Poison-type attack with a base power of 120 but can only be performed if the user is holding a berry and the attack consumes said berry

    New move: Draining Kiss a Fairy-type attack which has a base power of 60 and heals user for the same amount that it damages the enemy for

    New move: Fairy Dust (fairy), makes the pokemon levitate. Same effect as Magnet Rise.

    New move: Rose Thorns (grass), hurts opponents that switch into battle. Same effect as Stealth Rock.

    New move: Mirage (psychic), makes you think that the pokemon has been switched by another one in the team, but it hasn’t. Similar to Illusion ability.

    1. Seems pretty cool, same about the Mawile evo…but coming from 4chan makes me doubt a lot…

      1. Agreed. 4chan has given some bad information in the past, but I would like to see something like this in a Pokemon Game, more or less the HM part, but that gives a more realistic feel to the games.

    2. I love these rumors!!! Fairy Dust is just perfect I’ll only accept it as a type if that is a move. And the Mirage move is also awesome! Sixteen evolutions? I can’t tell if that’s too little or too many. The best rumor is that the male player is named Aaron.

    3. If it’s true (I think it’s fake, but hey, rumour is fun while we are waiting until the release in October):

      Rose Thorns is soooooo coooool! Finally a field-move for Grass-type.

      And Mirage is a bit….. useless? If you pretend to switch out but in fact do not, then it’s the opponent’s turn, and he hits you then your illusion is gone.

      I love reading rumours anyway =D

  18. Seen this too in 4chan: ”The projects are split across many groups. All I know is Mawile has an evolution. Looks like Froslass but darker. She holds her earjaw in both hands like a ponytail.”

  19. Eh, I’m taking this as a grain of salt. To be honest, I think Mewtwo’s only gonna get one form. The website has both big hexagons filled, and it’s not right that they wouldn’t show both his new forms together at the same time. I believe when they revealed Kyurem’s new forms they showed them both at the same time on the main website. Since there’s only one new form on the main website as of now, I believe that’s the only one we’re getting. I could be proved wrong, but that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

    1. the filename the current formes picture has on the official website is M2X.png
      surely the x is coincidentally one of the 2 version titles, right?
      …add that the “masculine”-sounding mewtwo from movie1 still hasnt shown up and you can see where this is going.

      1. Well, there might be only one Mewtwo still. As far as I know there’s only one in the anime. Sure that’s coincidence, but that’s just it. It could just be pure coincidence. If they’re not advertising the rumored 2nd form change already, then there’s probably not gonna be one.

        EDIT: And it seems I am right. There is actually only one Mewtwo in the anime.

        1. Yeah, the movie site suggests this is the same Mewtwo from the first movie. The voice change is still a mystery, and it may simply be an attempt to give Mewtwo a “new image” like they said on the Japanese movie site.

  20. I was paying attention until I read the Psy/Fight/Dark part. I’m tired of it lol. Its a fanmade overhyped idea and nothing more.

    1. I really don’t see Froakie becoming a Dark type, based on the description we got from Corocoro on him. Unless he suddenly turns evil or something. Dunno

        1. Huh, interesting. I guess it could rob buildings since it can jump to the 3rd floor of a building. Hmm…it could use foam as a disguise.

  21. Oh, Christ, this is SO Fan-servicy.

    “You will be able to see a Pokemon’s EVs at a certain in-game facility.” “Fairy is weak against Poison.” “The Starter final evolutions are Fire/Psychic, Grass/Fighting, and Water/Dark.” “Dual-Type Attacks?”

    This is crap that people request and there’s nothing to back any of it up. These rumors are made up to make people happy and give them false hope.

    1. well, there is something that backs it up. Pokebeach said that one thing this source told him, apart from all of this info, is a new electric move that deals damage to the enemy and heals the user. and in this corocoro, it has been revealed that Erikiteru has that move. that’s why Pokebeach has revealed this info.

      1. That’s just confirmation bias. When you make up a huge list of things, chances are at least some of them will be true simply by coincidence, and healing electric type move isn’t that out there – personally, I’ve expected one for a while.

  22. I have a cool idea for an ability. I know it’s not related but what if there was an ability that reversed the type effectivities of a Pokemon. Meaning a fighting type move would be not very effective on ice but super effective on flying. Likewise when a psychic move is used on the Pokemon with that ability it is not very effective. Since most Pokemon have two abilities in competitive battles you can’t be sure whether the Pokemon has it or not. Obviously only a few Pokemon would have the ability so if you knew which ones do then there’s a chance of guessing. What do you think?

  23. Fairy being weak to Steel actually makes a lot of sense. It is often stated that contact with iron is dangerous to Fairy-folk.

  24. weak to butterfly nets DUH nah being serious if ur going to give Ice more weakness it going to be more weak then bug types

  25. I think that the whole Fairy-type thing in 99.9% IMPOSSIBLE!!! I think that Sylveon-Nakagawa was just gagging because what they put in her face smelled nasty. Anyone can choke and gag after smelling that…

  26. The only thing I believe about PJ’s notes is the first gym leader using Bug-types.

  27. Looks like someone should have saw the clip where Sylveon was using either Sky Attack/Brave Bird. That is what I believe I saw in that clip.

  28. I can live with a bug eevee, hopefully that’s what it is, besides this new type talk.

  29. the new types will be fairy and demon.

    xerneas will be fairy/fighting.

    yveltal will be demon/flying

    the two new forms of mewtwo will be psychic/demon and psychic/fairy.

    sylveon will of course be fairy type, and there will be a new demon type eeveelution to complement it.

  30. So the fairy, bug type gym and sky battles thing was true, so does that mean everything else is too?

  31. Lol, these comments are so funny! “Fairy type isn’t real, this is such fanservice, just because he got the electric move right doesn’t mean he’ll get the rest right!” XD reading these comments when most of the leaked information has been proven true just makes me laugh, because now we get to see all the people who deserve an “I told you so!”

  32. megapokemonrumors.postagon.com
    Spoilers Ahead!

    Pokemon XY Starter Final Evolutions Dual-Types:




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