The Galar Starters: What We Know So Far

29 days until Pokémon Sword & Shield release! Our Pokémon Sword & Shield journey into Galar starts on November 15th, but how will it start? Likely, you’ll meet a local professor in a new-to-you region. After what feels like endless dialogue with a parent–historically your mother–you’ll arrive at the starting line for all Pokémon trainers: … Read more

New Pokemon News via Nintendo Direct 9.4.2019!

Nintendo is releasing a Nintendo Direct today September 4th, 2019 at 6pm EST (3pm PST). It will be 40 minutes long and will share new details about what we will be seeing in Pokemon Sword and Shield! This article will be updated after the release of the Nintendo Direct tonight a 6pm EST! What are … Read more

Weekly Wrap Up 7/24-7/30

Weekly Wrap Up is our end of the week digest of smaller news stories that are just as important, but didn’t get a dedicated post. Here’s what you missed from July 24th-July 30th!   Pokémon Sun & Moon Global Mission #9 has begun! Win As many lotos as possible at Festival Plaza and Tourist Bureaus … Read more

Pokémon GO – How to Coordinate with Local Trainers!

Greeting Pokéjunglers! Pokémon GO’s full release is fast approaching. It is currently due sometime before the end of next month. Many new features have been added for BETA players in recent days, such as the ability to use Pokémon candy (formerly evolution shards) to increase the maximum potential of a given Pokémon, or the ability … Read more

E3 2016: Pokémon Director Jun’ichi Masuda Set to Attend!

Greetings Pokéjunglers! I am sure I need not remind you, but 2016 promises to be a huge year for Pokémon. The 20th anniversary of the beloved franchise brings along with it re-releases of the original Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow games that started it all, as well as the much anticipated Pokémon GO. In addition to … Read more

Pokémon GO : What We Need to Ask!

Gathering the evidence. Identifying the certainties, probabilities and possibilities. Introduction You would be quite hard pressed to not have come across Pokémon GO at this point. It carries twenty years worth of hope and dreams, from current fans to old, even piquing the interest of those who have not touched their Gameboys for almost two decades. … Read more