New Pokemon News via Nintendo Direct 9.4.2019!

Nintendo is releasing a Nintendo Direct today September 4th, 2019 at 6pm EST (3pm PST). It will be 40 minutes long and will share new details about what we will be seeing in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

This article will be updated after the release of the Nintendo Direct tonight a 6pm EST!

What are you anticipating?

Pokemon? Galarian Forms? Abilities? Moves? Characters? Locations?

You can watch the full Nintendo Direct here!

Let us know what you think below!

Live Updates

  • Customize Your Look: In addition to tops and bottoms, trainers can change their outer wear and gloves! You can further set yourself apart by selecting new hair colors, styles, and make-up!
  • Collect League Cards: After defeating some trainers, you might receive a League Card. Additionally, you will be able to select a pose, expression, background, and decorations for your own League Card! These will be shown during battles between players.
  • Pokemon Camp: Develop your relationships with your Pokemon in Pokemon Camp! When in the Wild Area, you can visit other players camps as well! Pokemon Company recommends it!
  • Curry on Rice: Trainers can combine berries and other ingredients to make Curry on Rice! There will be more than 100 types. Trainers will be able to review curry recipes they have made using their Curry Dex.
  • New Pokemon
    • Polteageist A new ghost type Pokemon with a body made of tea that resides in a teapot!
    • Cramorant – flying/water. Swallows anything when using surf or dive. After this, when attacked, it activates its ability Gulp Missile to damage its attacker.
    • Previously released Pokemon Alcremie can be found in multiple flavors!

Aside from news regarding Pokemon Sword and Shield, your Super Smash Ultimate Mii Fighter can wear a new costume allowing you to dress as a Team Rocket Grunt! This new DLC is available for purchase today!