Pokémon Camp, Surprise Trade & MORE Announced!

Today’s Nintendo Direct has just finished airing a segment for Pokémon Sword & Shield, featuring some spicy new announcements for the games in an all-new trailer:


  • Pokémon Camp lets you play and cook with your Pokémon all over Galar. Set up your tent almost anywhere and discover new sides to your Pokémon
    • When camping players can cook up a special curry to feed themselves and their Pokémon. There are hundreds of different curry types, so players will need to mix their ingredients and different berries to find the best curry suited to their team
    • Players can also visit the campsites of other trainers when connecting suing local wireless or the internet. When visiting players can interact with the Pokémon other trainers have our inside their campsite
  • Surprise Trades are essentially the return of the Wonder Trade feature, using the Y-Comm system. This new system allows to you friend and new players to battle with, even when you’re engaging in other activities during the game. Surprise Trades can be carried out over the internet or through the local communication
  • League Cards are a new form of collectible in Sword & Shield and give players a way to customise a collectible card featuring themselves. The Player card is visible at the start of Link Battles and all League Cards can be traded with other players
  • Full players customisation has been completely returned. Visit a boutique to customise your clothing and create the latest trend, or visit a hair salon to get a trendy new ‘do. As in previous games each location has different items for sale

New Pokémon

What would a new trailer be without new Pokémon? Answer: a disappointment, maybe? Two (three?) new Pokémon were announced in the latest trailer:

  • Polteageist is the Ghost type Black Tea Pokémon. It is often considered a pest by the people of Galar as it’s best is made of black tea and as such it can pour its power into any leftover tea and create more Polteageist
  • Cramorant is the Flying/Water type Gulp Pokémon. This Pokémon will try to eat anything it can fit into its mouth. Cramorant’s new ability Gulp Missile allows it to return with a catch in its mouth after it uses Surf or Dive. When in this special Gulping Form receiving any damage will cause Cramorant to fire its catch at an opponent
  • Alcremie has a number of different forms and appearances depending on which flavours the Pokémon creates and the decorations it chooses
  • While not officially announced, a new fish Pokémon can be seen when Cramorant returns in its Gulping Mode

A Japanese version of the trailer was also released and is definitely worth a watch.

How do you feel about all of the announcements today? Did they live up to your expectations? Are you stuck in your Gulping Form trying to process all the information? Head to the comments below and let us know, or why not pay a visit to our Discord server and join in the never-ending discussion?

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