Nintendo Unveils Strange New Switch Peripheral—Is There Poké Potential?

Nintendo released a surprise trailer for a new peripheral for its Switch console; the device looks like a ring and has room for a Joy-Con to be inserted. It also comes with a leg strap to put the other Joy-Con into.

Currently there are no other details. Players in the trailer can be seen manipulating the ring by waving it around, squeezing and shaking it, but the game remains off-screen.

This could be a new fitness game by Nintendo, but if the peripheral has compatibility with other titles, could you see it being used in a Pokémon game? In the previous games, Let’s Go Pikachu! and Eevee!, players had to throw Poké Balls with the Joy-Cons to represent the physical action of throwing a ball. Is there anything you think this ring could be a stand-in for?

Very interested in hearing your thoughts and what you think of this new device! Leave a comment!

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