Weekly Wrap Up 7/24-7/30

Weekly Wrap Up is our end of the week digest of smaller news stories that are just as important, but didn’t get a dedicated post. Here’s what you missed from July 24th-July 30th!


Pokémon Sun & Moon

  • Global Mission #9 has begun! Win As many lotos as possible at Festival Plaza and Tourist Bureaus until August 7th. Both targets have already been completed.
  • Japanese Solrock/Lunatone serial code released. Code: OYAJI30YEARS

Pokémon International Championships

  • Pokémon Sun & Moon will be the official games used for the 2018 Pokémon Video Game Championship circuit. There was no mention of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
  • The European International Championships will be held at ExCel Lonfon on November 17th-19th, 2017
  • The Oceania International Championships will be held in Australia, February 2018
  • The Latin America International Championships will be held in Brazil, April 2018

Pokkén Tournament DX

  • A special controller will be available launch day in the US – check it out here!

Pokémon GO

  • Pokémon GO is in the process of being updated to v 0.69.1 for Android, and v1.39.1 for iOS – official update notes can be found here

Pokémon Shuffle

  • The following stages have begun repeat runs from July 24th to July 31st: Hitmonchan, Entei, and Kyurem
  • The Shiny Mega Tyranitar competitive stage is available in Pokémon Shuffle from July 24th to July 31st
  • The Survival mode has been updated with new stages
  • Shiny Tyranitar, 30 Hearts & 10,000 Coins given to all Pokémon Shuffle players as a special gift

Pokémon Duel

  • New trailer was released confirming that Mega Evolutions will be coming in the next update – you can watch it here

Camp Pokémon

  • Camp Pokémon has been updated to version 1.3 – update details here
  • You can watch a new trailer showcasing a 360 tour of the update here
    1. Atleast we have all these different spin off apps and thing like GO that churn out constant content and news. Back in the day we just had to sit and wait patiently between main games with absolutely zero news and hope that a spin off might be announced lmao

      1. yea thats true! I like Pokemon go so you can pop out all the news you want

    1. If you’re referring to the lack of news between USUM’s announcement and the next big batch of information, nahhhh. It’s common for there to be a good two to three months of absolutely nothing about the game after it’s first announced.

    2. Prolly not. Game freak doesn’t do delays. If it were in anyway gonna be delayed they wouldn’t have even mentioned it. For Pokemon they’re much more diligent about keeping things on track. The amount of time between USUMs reveal and when we’ll get news isn’t terribly out of the ordinary.

    1. It does not mean moon from what I’ve seen. Could be an official name tho lol

  1. Yo when does world’s start or whatever doesn’t that have a rep of revealing stuff?

    1. Worlds does typically reveal things in recent years, like Mega Slowbro and Crabrawler

  2. I’m actually glad we’re not getting USUM info, they definitely gave too much with with Sun/Moon and ORAS. That said, I want a little bit of info to get the hype going, but I can wait tbh.

        1. Anybody who praises the lack of info must be dealt with harshly and immediately

          1. He said he wanted info to get the hype going but not nearly as much info the one that we got from SM and ORAS

      1. I’m sure we’ll get something soon. My guess is August CoroCoro, but we never know with Game Freak.

          1. I do too but I don’t like the idea of being a Litten the first half of the game

  3. So as there’s prob gonna be something involving USUM in August, what would you like to be in the first leak/news? I’m curious about if they are going to show what Alola is going to be like in these games.

    1. Does it take place after Sun/Moon? Are there more Alolan forms of Kanto Pokemon?

  4. Theory: if alternate starter evos are thing, they’ll be opposites

    Archer Deci VS??? Deci
    Heel Incineroar VS Face Incineroar
    Seelie Primarina VS Unseelie Primarina

      1. We shall see. Supposedly he’ll be posting something in the next few days once he can get his stuff together. Sounds like he’s trying to find a translator for whatever it is he has.

      1. Honestly it’s these kinds of low key supposed “leaks” That seem the most believable and often come true. Does this guy have a reason to lie about this? Hell if I know, but I can’t see why would lol

    1. Idk if I should trust someone who has a blue circle after his name so it looks like he’s verified 😛

    2. I don’t know why he wouldn’t just post it in Japanese but I’m gonna have hope

      1. Idk, but maybe he just wants to confirm it before he posts it. It’s easy to fake a bunch of Japanese characters and right it off as a really leak. If the text checks out then that gives it at least a little more legitimacy.

    1. I was going to but it leveledup so slow I didn’t want to bother with it. I really should’ve stuck with it though. Ground/Dragon would’ve been amazing for my team

    2. I did. A Power Construct one actually. I traded my Zygarde to another game where I already had all the Cells and created a Power Construct Zygarde, then traded it back. It was probably one of the funniest playthroughs I’ve ever experienced.
      Still a shame we can’t have a permanent Perfect Zygarde outside of battle.

  5. I like this Weekly Wrap Up. So we dont need to an article for the small stuff, but its nice to go over. I cant think of anything else that would be included though. I’ll let you know if I think of anything.
    Regarding SM news. I believe some before August 10th (or on the 10th). I personally dont have a problem with waiting though. Its not like they cancelled the games. I just think we need to gain little more patience. The more impatient you get the longer the waits feels. Go play something else. Like PWT or smash. Battle Frontier always needs someone to complete it

        1. Dawn wearing Tates Clothes in RSE. And maybe they Pose like they do in ORAS. I thought it would be cool

          1. How about you draw what I think I look like. I am not gonna give you any help at all. Just draw what you think I look like. You can even draw a cascoon if youre stumped. Just gather my personality from here. No help at all from me.

        1. true…..but you can make some stupidly adorable art chick who gets really into it
          like the kind who have those blank walls and slosh paint like a lunatic all in the sake of art

  6. did everyone die?
    ……….-___- well i’m starting Flower Fields in Paper Mario
    I have two Power Plus Badges and All for nothing so i am Mario God Incarnate Super God like a single hammer attack will do 9 damage

        1. whatever point is its better than letting that loser win with cheesy legends

    1. If it was true there would have been an article of it instead of the wrap-up article that we have now. Or it would be included in the wrap-up article.

    2. Well there may be a leak shown off tomorrow Supposedly a guy got his hand on a pic from an up coming trailer. To it doesn’t seem like the guy has much of a reason to lie, but who knows at this point.

          1. Ooooo fun
            kinda reminds me when i was in maybe the 4th grade and they had these polygon templates and i always used them to draw

          1. I’ve seen some of it. From what I did see it was good. My only complaint is that whomever mixed the audio did kind of a crappy job. the dialog, background sounds, and music are all out of wack. sometimes you can’t even hear what the characters are saying because it’s all over the place…..Which is a shame since it seemed good

    1. Bottle Cap Farming. Loving all my mythicals. Trying to raise happiness in Meoletta when Im done

  7. Oh yeah, staring from tomorrow I’ll be on here a lot less because my vacations end and ill be busy with school shit and because I’ll have to sleep at a reasonable time so I’m not going be up at 3:13 am like I am Right now

  8. Possible Spoilers for SU:
    few sources claim that something even worse is gonna happen to Lars and he won’t ever appear in the series again. They seemed sad about it

        1. “Hey, let’s redeem one of our most hated characters and finally give him development only to totally get rid of him!”

          Sounds like the crewniverse

          1. im sorry but for me it worked. I dont think he was that hated, he was the kind of character who wasnt like for steven and his life, while everyone seemed to treat him like the little kid who doesnt have anything to worry about when everyone knew he did. Lars was the more realistic character, afraid in situations where you may think you will stand tall but will eventually swallow your pride and back out. someone who strives to be a popular kid but finds himself to scared to confront them even when accepted. Lars told steven how it is, not sugarcoating anything. He was a good character and the development with him was fantastic, he finally recognized his flaws and faults and eventually self loathed only to be given a second chance. If what butter read was real (take everything with a grain of salt cuz you are just going to disappoint yourself), then it is just going to move the story itself forward at the expense of a character who never really had a purpose to the story and still really doesnt. Hes a minor character but a very well created character in my opinion

          2. No. Like… I’ve been in the fandom since Season 1. Unless he’s being shipped with Sadie, people HATE Lars. Every single episode that was supposed to develop him left him unchanged. He wasn’t realistic, he was just an asshole that no one liked.

          3. But that’s the only time anyone likes him. The fandom hated Lars until season 5. Killing him off would be so amazingly stupid

          4. i guess this is why i choose not to read anything in the fandom. i form my own opinion lol

  9. Bored…….
    I want to make a fire type pokemon based around fireworks
    maybe something along the lines of

    Kabango (placeholder)
    Combustion Pkm
    Soundproof/Flame Body HA: Aftermath
    it is a very bright yellow and red colored bipedal dragon, it has a face sililar to those festive dragon costumes with fins and a kooky grin with crazed eyes and eyebrows that resemble fuses, its arms and legs have three golden spikes on their arms and human like hands and feet and a long flamed tail
    “it sweats fireballs from its palms and throws them at high speeds, these fiery blasts explode on contact resulting in a sparking ember shower”

        1. i just wanted a pokemon to literally shoot fireworks out of its fingertips or even from its feet and tail

          1. it can still spew out flames from its mouth
            Kabango sweat out fire from their pores and that means it can be from literally anywhere
            and they’re pretty hyper and wild so they start flinging flames like crazies and they explode with glittery burning embers

    1. I’ve given up on getting Articuno…….I’ll try for the others, but I’ve only ever found one Articuno raid with enough people around to take it on and at this point it’s not even worth it lol I’d really like to get Zapdos tho lol. Also still gonna be on the lookout for Lugia.

        1. NICE!! I still haven’t even seen a raid for Lugia yet. I’ve taken part in one and seen a few others for Articuno, but Lugia hasn’t even shown up anywhere near me.

  10. Do you guys hate Supergirl? I’m catching up with with Arrowverse, I’m at the first season of SG and it’s pretty great! Of course, it has the feminist filler stuff, but looking past that it’s worth watching!

  11. I bough Splatoon 2 last night, but haven’t been able to play it yet………I’ve either been in pain due to this weird sickness I’ve gotten this weekend or working on an edit for a client………I’ll get to it eventually lol

    1. weird sickness eyyyy
      symptoms?, discolored stool? Worrying Fluids gushing from wrong places?

      1. It might be some sort of flu. Friday morning I woke up feeling a little stiff and sort of in some pain like I had been doing physical labor my body isn’t used to. Then that night I got the shakes and was freezing. The last couple of days have followed that pattern where I wake up stiff and in pain, then I’m sort fo fine in the afternoon, and then at night I’m suddenly in fever town. Idk what’s wrong with me lol

        1. have you been swimming per-say?
          sounds like a common flu just keep yourself hydrated and take Advil
          there’s really nothing you can do other than let your body fight it off yourself

          1. I have not been swimming. It just really odd that I’d get the flu in this way since I work outside all the time and rarely get more than a cold or chest cold. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll all good tho. I’ve already called off work yesterday (although I would have done that regardless lol) and I’d prefer not to have to call off again so soon………….Hmmmmmm I work in retail……..I swear to god if I got sick from one of the dirty customers that come into the store I’ll kill someone. People are gross……

    1. Times have changed… Typical gamers too. It wouldn’t be worth it to put the BF in just for people that wanted it. HGSS had many features, but they were all meant for the typical gamers of the times when it came out.

      1. Thats fucking bullshit. If games like GTA, BotW and Monster Hunter with hours of content sell well, then there is no excuse to put such little effort into your games. Typical gamers don’t give a shit about mobile games

          1. Intended? Yes, but typical? Not really. The average demographic of players is tends to lean toward the early adult side of things.

            But that’s beside the point. Regardless of whether or not people are able to play mobile games easily, wouldn’t you want to at least attempt to compete? Giving up and saying “they probably won’t even finish” is a horrible take on the game, especially for the position of a director.

    2. I’ve seen the second quote before, but not alonside the first quote. This seems like a euphimism for “we care about profit more than the quality of the games and the dedicated fans.”

      Side note, we need Morimoto to direct another game. With Emerald and HGSS on his record, I’m not sure they could go wrong with him.

    3. That reminds me, do we know who’s directing USUM? I mean, I know it’s unlikely since we know virtually nothing, but that seems like the kind of tidbit of info that might have been dropped silently.

      Fingers crossed that it isn’t Ohmori or Masuda. We need fresh blood.

      1. I believe there were rumors of Takkao Unno being on the project who directed BW2

        1. That makes me inclined to believe it’ll lean more towards sequel than third version then.

      1. Battle frontier, walking with pokemon, extensive safari zone control thingy, tons of significant characters to battle, easy rematches, superbosses, etc.

        They really went above and beyond with HGSS. Honestly if they could create a game on par with that, I’d wait like 3 years for it.


    1. It’s not against the rules to talk about this kinda stuff in the comments per say, but try to keep everything Pokemon related so the comments section doesn’t get too convoluted haha

      You can join our discord chat if you’d like to talk about randoms stuff: http://pokejungle.net/chat/

  13. So how is someone with access only to their phone and laptop able to watch Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 2?

  14. Omfg the episode was so good,
    Next week is gonna be the single greatest episode of humanity

    1. I’m so pissed I missed the entire climax. Everything from Morty entering the castle to Summer and Morty coming back… UHHHHHHGGGG

        1. Jerry is without a doubt the biggest loser in the world
          a wolf tries to attack him at his mailbox but instead of it wanting his bag of chips it wants his paycheck which Jerry gives just so the wolf can chew it up and spit it out

          1. oh just Summer and Hemorrhage divorce and the Morty bot Rick left in place tries to gain sentience
            a Summer visits Jerry telling him never to look back

    2. I don’t know I’m not exactly excited for Pickle Rick. I will probably find the family therapy storyline (the storyline that I am guessing will be occurring concurrently in the episode) more engaging.

  15. I feel a combination of joy and salt

    -Rick and Morty….. enough said “My sister died in the spaghetti” (if you missed this line I’ll tell you when it was
    -Doomfist is fun as fuck my dewdz

    -My second dualshock broke so no multiplayer
    -The SU leaks… I knew about them like a few days ago but goddamnit they’re still ticking me off
    -Today’s been a bit of a shitty day

      1. (Tbh they’re more like rumors)
        The stuff about Lars leaving the show in some sense

    1. I am actually impressed telling of a story with so many characters, sure some are cliche, a lot… but somehow they made it work~

  16. Ngl I’ll never get why people worship the Battle Frontier, with the exception of the Battle Hall and Battle Castle (both of which are in Sinnoh’s Battle Frontier) its just a bunch of RNG effects with a boss at the end to make you feel like you’ve achieved something. It’s artificially prolonging your gameplay and imo is a poorly designed feature. If they’re going to bring it back, I’d rather they focus on stuff that isn’t a pure RNG bullshit filter onto the Battle Tower. Also the Battle Tower clones should just have the rental feature added to them like the PWT did, all imo

    Tbh I feel like they should focus on their main story more than some post-game attraction, because if you can’t get the most played part of your game right you shouldn’t even bother with the bells and whistles you tack on.

    There should be difficulty options (with the current level of difficulty being ‘easy’ or ‘normal’) and they need to work on a better level curve – half of the games end with you in your Level 50s unless you grind a lot, with the exception of Kalos, Alola, and Kanto in HGSS (and the last is depending on how much you grind overall). Honestly in game, nothing above Level 70 really matters besides teaching Pokemon certain moves they should get at lower levels. And iirc we’ve never had a trainer with Pokemon over Level 90, but Barry in Plat and Red in HGSS are pretty damn close.

    1. Eh, I guess people want a BF is because they want a SO is because they’re tired of the repetitive battles from the Battle Maison/Tree. They actually want more variety even if it’s just RNG bullshit.

      Focusing in the main story is important indeed important but Pokemon is a game that always makes you want more and more. And to fulfill that need is what the post-game is for.

      Anyways, even though my favorite game is lackluster in post-game, I don’t want Pokemon to be lackluster on that department as well, especially when the older games (like HGSS) kept me playing for hours.

  17. I have two fakemons ready to be shared and a third one in the works… these were some fun one to make ;3
    Just give me a few hours

    1. I also have one to share and I’m ashamed of its dex entry but you’ll probably like it :p

  18. Here’s some Fakemon Dex entries :0

    The Firefly Pokémon
    Literal firefly
    Acid: Flitterbug can change the colour of their tail-fire. Trained Flitterbugs can put on shows that have many unable to believe their eyes.
    Base: They create beautiful scenery in forests that leave even their predators stunned.

    The Wasp Pokémon
    Oriental hornet (exaggerated electrical properties)
    Acid: As Vespul are busy, demanding, and snobby, their name is used to refer to a certain class of people.
    Base: It absorbs light to produce electricity in their tail. Due to this, they’re often around Flitterbug at night.

    1. “Trained Flitterbugs can put on shows that have many unable to believe their eyes.”

      I see what you did there 😛

        1. Regional Decidueye

          It likes to believe that the planet earth turns slowly

          1. This is going well
            Than where do the Ten thousand lightning bugs come in

          2. The lightning bugs are fireflies ?‍?

            Regional Deci has the ability Insomnia

  19. Some regional variants

    Regional Roggenrola (Rock/Poison)
    Based on granite and its radioactive properties, it doesn’t change much aesthetically besides changing colour to mostly silver, but the shape of its gems as Boldore/Gigalith changes and it looks a lot meaner.

    Regional Barboach (Water/Rock)
    Based on a bird-eating catfish, it’s much faster and offensive orientated. It’s an ambush predator that waits for birds to gather around rivers, but when it’s desperate it’ll use Smack Down for a more risky method of getting food. Looks much more slick as Barboach and Wiscash, as well as more savage looking.

    Regional Gurrdurr (Fighting/Grass)
    Based on a caber tosser, it has kept its affinity for wooden weapons from Timburr rather than changing it up. In fact, it’s partially plant itself due to a deep affinity and respect for nature. Its Wood Hammer is ferocious. It has a kilt made of vines.

    Regional Ryhorn (Steel/Normal)
    Based on Dürer’s rhino, looks way smoother in all stages than the Kantonian counterparts. It’s much more cold and calculating than past Ryhorn.

    Regional Solrock and Lunatone (Fire/Cosmic and Ice/Cosmic)
    Are now more reminiscent of the sun and moon than simple meteorites in the shape of them. Lunatone is now a full moon. They’ve adapted to the larger amount of cosmic energy in the Caledes region, which gives them more strength and less need for their defensive rocky shells.

    Regional Bonsly (Rock/Grass)

    It’s an actual bonsai tree now, I guess. Totally original concept I swear.

    1. Oh God the memories of me desperately trying to guess your regional Ryhorn typing are coming back

        1. I mean, it being part grass because the rhino is a woodcut print still makes sense 😛

    2. Justification 4 nerds

      Roggenrola – Lives in quarries and ate more granite

      Barboach – Couldn’t compete with other fish Pokemon and thus partially eat birds, based on an irl phenomenon

      Gurrdurr – Actually the original branch, but as they live in remote areas their name reflects the newer variation that was brought in for construction. Thus they use wood rather than construction materials. Original names were Timburr, Lumburr, and Caburr. Caber tossing was inspired by them in this universe.

      Ryhorn – Hardened for predator protection

      Sol/Lun – No need for rocky outer shell due to better offensive properties and speed

      Bonsly – Moved into forests to avoid Water-types, became actual trees due to lack of competition with other tree Pokemon thus evolving to fill a niche

      1. Tbh Barboach just gives me a hillarious mental image. All I can see is this schlong shaped fish just jumping up and flailing into birds to kill them in order to eat them

        1. Imagine a Whiscash breaching the murk leaping several feet in the air and swallowing whole a swellow or Swablu

          1. Nah fam, bird eating catfish lunge whilst the birds are near the water, flying up is dumb it’s a cat fish

          2. So why the frack are you making them pull this remoraid crap when you showed me they just eat at the shoreline

          3. They shoot rocks when they’re desperate, because they birds they shoot down are gonna be free food to other regional Barboach that get to it first. If you actually read, you would’ve seen me mention desperation.

          4. Shame those are the only holes you’ll ever poke ☺

            And also lol you didn’t poke holes, you’re pathetically nitpicking over a kids series that has used even shittier justification then I have before

          5. Symbiotic moss earthen, if you’d bother to read rather than just trying to argue :=)

          6. When did you say moss in your description
            You just tagged that on after I said that

          7. It lived in nature more.

            More contact with nature.

            More chance to pick up the moss.

            If you live in forest, you adapt to forest.

            Understand, kid?

          8. I understand you just added that after I debunked it

            “Regional Gurrdurr (Fighting/Grass)
            Based on a caber tosser, it has kept its affinity for wooden weapons from Timburr rather than changing it up. In fact, it’s partially plant itself due to a deep affinity and respect for nature. Its Wood Hammer is ferocious. It has a kilt made of vines.”
            No mention of moss

            Gurrdurr – Actually the original branch, but as they live in remote areas their name reflects the newer variation that was brought in for construction. Thus they use wood rather than construction materials. Original names were Timburr, Lumburr, and Caburr. Caber tossing was inspired by them in this universe.
            And still mentioning of moss or symbiotic relationship

            all your words only added it after my hole poking :]

          9. I didn’t mention the moss, I just told you that it got the moss from living in nature, and both of those mention it living in nature. 🙂

            Bitch I’m more likely to poke holes than you lol

          10. Yeah which doesn’t make it a plant
            Sawk and Throh live in forests and their not plants hell they weave their own belts out of vines

          11. It’s not a plant, it has a symbiotic moss only found in the Caledes region.

            Think before you speak bitch

          12. So why is it a grass type then? If it’s not a plant it shouldn’t be a grass type

          13. Paras isn’t a plant, it’s an insect with fungi on it

            Exactly the same as Regional Conkeldurr

          14. Also you didn’t debunk shit lol, it’s just that I didn’t give enough explanation because I’m out and about and messaging in breaks

            Maybe you should try getting out ?‍♂️

          15. Maybe you should come up with regional forms that make sense and don’t have to stretch so far to justify

          16. Tell GameFreak to do that first boo, I’d like to see you make a fun Alola form that makes complete and total sense

          17. Grass/Flying
            Bigger lighter petals that are so “drapery” they are whisked into the air via strong gusts, years of being airborne allows them to scatter it’s spores easily and is closer to sunlight
            (And no the petals don’t spin like a propeller just kinda parachute or parasols)

          18. Vileplume isn’t that sort of flower? Why would it become that sort of flower? Why would it need to parachute or parasol? #debunked bitch

          19. They don’t become that plant it is inspired by that plant which is a parachute flower which is what the theme is a flower that works like a parachute, its already gigantic petals change due to super perfect climate making them bigger and longer and thinner, they become so big that strong gusts of wind uproot them into the air, and they gently float in the sky, soon after years of living in the air they develop a lifestyle around it

            Same with Exeggutor plenty think that it’s type was inspired by the Madagascar dragon Palm

          20. That’s dumb. If Vileplume was exposed to more sunlight, it wouldn’t do jack shit. Why? Because the flower it’s based off of doesn’t do photosynthesis. Hell, Oddish doesn’t photosynthesise using sunlight, it uses moonlight. It can’t learn synthesis or morning sun, but it does learn Moonblast and Moonlight.

            And if Vileplume did photosynthesise (which it doesn’t because it’s not green and has no leafs of any colour) the petals wouldn’t change. It’d be the leaves. The petals would change to get out of the way of the leaves to allow more sunlight, or not at all unless the things it wants to pollinate changes.

      2. Dude better idea scrap the granite radiation and go for Cinnabar, cinnabar is by the books a toxic mineral and is 100% more believable then radioactive granite

        So it’s diet of poultry turned it into a rock… Barboach live in murky waters and use their whiskers like a super radar to find prey (if anything other Pokemon should be in competition with them)

        …..its partially a plant out of deep affinity and respect of nature… Yeah calling bullshit how does respect for nature affect them on a biological scale

        So the Spikes Pokemon who’s body is tough enough to take down an entire building isn’t tough enough…

        Where are you getting rocky shells from? honestly these would be better as megas not regional because the rock parts are their bodies, you should make the Rock/Fire and Rock/Ice because they would live in extreme cold and heat that outgrew their cosmic ties

        THE ENTIRE FREAKING POINT OF THIS POKEMON IS TO NOT BE A GRASS TYPE, Bonsly and Sudowoodo live in freaking forest period where would you find a water type in a heavily wooded area, you should’ve gone the extreme and have it live in the desert and it turning into a rocky desert tree Sudowoodo love arid regions even less chance of water

        1. 1) It’s because granite is associated with the city of Aberdeen, Aberdeen is a city in Scotland, my region is based in Scotland. Cinnabar isn’t special to Scotland at all, at least what I know of.

          2) It turned into a rock type because it hunts Flying-types. Rock resists flying. Uses rocks to smack down birds. Do you even read bro. It also camouflages to the rocks in the river.

          3) They became integrated with nature and formed a symbiotic relationship with some moss, suck it. It’s also a reference to caber tossing, another Scottish thing because get this – it’s a Scottish region. Them worshipping nature means they’re in nature longer than and thus have a higher chance of developing the grass typing.

          4) Their bodies are made of rock. I decided to go a Minior style and presume they’re not solid rock the whole way through. Why would they lose their Cosmic (or if I didn’t have cosmic, Psychic) typing? They’re still from space? You don’t ‘outgrow’ being from earth. It’s never been confirmed whether their rocks the whole way through or not, so I’m using creative liberty. It’s also just a reference to the sun and moon.

          5) The whole point is it becomes more defensive because the whole line has shit Special Defense and a shitty defensive types. Not that it becomes more offensive.

          5.1) We’ve never seen a Sudowoodo in a desert.

          5.2) Every time we see Sudowoodo it’s usually not been deep forest, and the few times we have there’s other tree Pokemon taking up the niche.

          5.3) It’s just meant to be straight bonsai, because we’re probably never gonna get another bonsai Pokemon due to Sudowoodo and I want to make a bonsai Pokemon.

          1. Im just saying the granite radiation thing is a humongous stretch and if anybody should ever make a Rock/Poison type it should be based on cinnabar

            It’s just stupid that such a newfound diet would shift their composition from fish to mineral, and why would they need to spit rocks to down them, they have perfectly good lure like whiskers they can use to attract prey fish or bird and swallow them down

            Not denying the whole caber toss thing (I’ve actually done it) but it’s just like plenty of humanoid Pokemon could thrive in the forests and not turn into a plant it’s just really stretching just to justify a on the fly idea

            I said lost their cosmic ties as a similar means to Alolan Exeggutor as they said they outgrew their reliance to psychic telepathy, and I’m pretty such lun and sol are solid to the core, this Pokemon in theory just can’t exist without three typings unless you cut out the middle man

            Dude it’s already a defensive Pokemon all of its dex entries state it has extremely powerful armor that resist magma and direct cannon blasts,

            Exactly, Sudowoodo and Bonsly are timid Pokemon that avoid confrontation via mimicking plant life but it is scientifically proven they are minerals instead of plants, I say that some Sudowoodo could easily adapt to live in deserts since they would never have to worry about water which is their enemy

          2. Rats can’t shoot electricity, fish can’t shoot water, cats aren’t actually evil – it’s all exaggeration in Pokémon lol. Why should it be cinnabar when exaggerating something relevant to Scotland makes more sense for the region?

            It’s not actually changing into a mineral, it just uses rocks, maybe having rocks on a few parts of its body. Rock =/= being a rock, Lycanroc just has rocks on it, Magcargo just has a rocky shell, etc. It adapted the ability to manipulate rocks for camouflage and hunting – it’s not that far-fetched for a fantasy series.

          3. But cyanide is a chemical
            Cinnabar is just a toxic rock that works soooo much better because they are found in volcanic deposits

            Roggenrolla could have their bodies be made of the stuff and they fight by releasing toxic dust and as they evolve they get poisonous shards that cinnabar can be, it just makes so much sense

          4. Earthen. It’s a reference to the fact that it’s Scottish. Granite is important to Scotland. Can you not get that though your thick skull

          5. It’s just pushing it just to fit a theme, it should just be how the Pokemon itself adapts

            It’s like if the region was Greenland and half the Pokemon became ice types

          6. The Roggenrola ate granite at one of the many granite mines in the Scottish region, and became granite. It’s exaggerated like a rat shooting electricity and an arctic fox spitting ice. There are concerns over granite being hazardous.

          7. Did I say it ate through that? It obviously has some way to absorb sustenance

          8. It eats in refresh, and Gigalith has a mouth so the Gigalith are the granite and the babies were mutated


          9. Granite is radioactive, Pokemon biology isn’t the same as real biology, radiation mutates


          10. Pokemon biology is different fam

            And pancakes don’t give you psychic powers, sunlight doesn’t make you a dragon.

          11. It could end if Earthen wasn’t such a stubborn ass who can’t accept when he’s wrong ?‍♂️

          12. You’re wrong for not realising this is a fantasy kids series that exaggerates stuff for it’s design contents and straight out ignores logic when it conflicts with their interests™

          13. so then why are working on stuff that requires a decent amount of logic to work? I mean regional forms need it to justify why they change

            I mean duh it’s gotta be logical

          14. Boldore (Moon) : It explores caves in search of underground water. It’s not comfortable around water, so this Pokémon takes great care in lapping it up.

          15. Sure you’ve done an actual caber toss lol, picking up a log and throwing it isn’t a caber toss lol, there’s strict regulations and shit. And as I said, symbiotic moss because it handles plants so much. Not every humanoid Pokemon handles plants that much.

            So you’re allowed to headcanon that Sudowoodo likes deserts based on nothing but typetbut I’m not allowed to speculate their not completely rock based on a similar Pokemon? Your logic sucks lol also the whole point so they’re from space. Exeggutor isn’t ‘from’ Psychic, it has psychic abilities. But Solrock and Lunatone are from the cosmos. Also, if I had to sacrifice a type for ‘sun that came from space’ and ‘moon that came from space’ I’d eliminate the shared rock type because it’s less interesting and the sun isn’t made of rock, whilst moon also changes to make it more of a duo.

            Dude the whole point is they’re in very deep forest (weather is only from rain pretty much) and they’ve became Grass types to fulfill a niche of having no other grass types around. Their shape is already perfect for becoming a tree, it’s just the inner workings that need to change. It’s also just a cute reference to how it wants to be a tree

            If pancakes are good enough for GameFreak these are good enough for me. You’re just being super nitpicky when even Pokemon isn’t that specific lol

          16. (It was at a fair so complain to them if it wasn’t by the books and stuff)

            Why does it have to fill a niche they aren’t obligated to turn into a grass type they are rocks that look like trees but not plants themselves, I am saying a desert is the perfect environment for them it has nothing to do with type it is the sheer known fact Sudowoodo hate water and deserts have little rainfall but since there are no trees in the desert it changed to local desert plantlife like dead trees and cacti to avoid confrontation with other Pokemon

          17. We’ve never seen Sudowoodo in a desert, if Sudowoodo loves the desert so much why haven’t we seen one in one?

            Fam. It became tree because it was deep in a forest, and could fulfill an unfulfilled niche. Became tree because it wanted to become a tree, similar to Bagon to Salamence. If Exeggutor could become dragon through pure bullshit, Sudowoodo can become grass.

          18. Because of its natural camouflage wouldn’t let it blend in with open deserts that’s why it changes to look like desert plants, are you just not understanding what Sudowoodo is?

            Well Salamence it just grew wings it’s not like it’s changing its body composition, and the Exeggutor thing is hairy but I like to believe that the dragon traits were locked deep in its genetics and the non Alolan bodies couldn’t access these traits

          19. Bitch I’m just saying that if Sudowoodo was so perfect for the desert it would’ve stayed in the desert, why would it move to the desert if it does fine in plant based areas?

            Then Sudowoodo had deep grass traits in its body, and non Caldesian Sudowoodo can’t handle the grass energy hence why they want to be trees ?

          20. It can live in both but a desert dwelling Sudowoodo makes much more sense as a regional then it actually becoming a plant because of bullshit

          21. Exeggutor becomes a dragon out of bullshit.

            Raichu becomes psychic out of bullshit.

            Bitch the whole franchise is bullshit, you just can’t accept it for some dumb reason

          22. Raichu is the only one I will agree with you with the bullshit
            But taking into account of genetics and so forth it is possible that Exeggutor were always Dragons but their bodies could not access these genes but this form allows it

            It’s not as solid as I like but it’s the only thing we can work with

          23. And Exeggutor was psychic until it wasn’t 😉

            Admit it you cornered yourself biatch, ‘deep down genetics’ can be used for anything.

          24. What does that even mean lol? Bonsly has deep tree genetics too, boom

          25. how many times have you used the Pikachu excuse (and Archer fish boom suck it, and cats are evil)
            Well we don’t know where else Lycanroc has rocks who knows maybe its organic
            And saying Macargo isn’t a rock is dumb because it’s freaking lava it’s melted rock

            So if it’s not a rock itself them why is it a rock type by all means it should stay a Water/Ground type if that’s you logic

          26. Not all fish Pokemon are Archer fish. And suck what earthen? Hold on I’ll get the microscope

            So why can’t the Barboach have organic rock? It’s already part Ground lol

            It’s not a rock itself, but it has parts of rock in it and uses rocks.

          27. Because it has parts of rock coming out of its body organically, just like Lycanroc

            Why do you even bother replying if you can’t get the meaning though you thick skull lol

        2. I actually made evolutions of Lunatone and Solrock that were Ice/Psychic and Fire/Psychic because they shed the outer layers of their bodies (So similar to Minior, but instead is a permanent evolution)

          1. I know this Pokemon just really needs triple types

            Otherwise it’s either removing rock or psychic to get the extreme temp

    3. I love the idea for the Regional Barboach, it’s also ironic that it becomes the predator for bird Pokemon.

          1. You know maybe people would be nicer to you if you weren’t a gift cunt sometimes ☺

    4. Barboach makes a lot of sense, especially since they also hide in rocky areas underwater.

  20. I just minmaxed the fuck out of this thing and I don’t even feel remotely bad

      1. Alright cause I have a plan for my Fire starter (since my stuff is all in the works I won’t reveal much cause I want more than small scrappy ideas before they become solid) to be a Ram and to have ties to Aries the God of War

  21. Well I think for now I have game names for my fan games in like my fifth something scrap and revive process (I have a problem with keeping ideas) so how about

    Pokemon Spirit and Nature versions?
    Based on Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland (Just about my range of livleyhood)
    Starters are
    A still unknown Grass starter
    A Fire type Ram
    And A Water type Bubble (Yeah I said it, a Bubble :P)

    The Legendaries
    Spirit Version is a Dark/Grass Snake
    Nature Version is a Water/Steel Otter

    They are based on the Abenaki tribe Deities of Glooscap (The otter) and Malsumis (The Snake)

    So thoughts?

    1. Other perks
      -We will get a Snowball Pokemon
      -So far as I know (Cause I may change my mind) there will be no Regional Variants
      -There will be at least 3 new Mega’s, I promise that much

      Edit at least three NEW Mega’s

      1. Regional variants are cool tho, it’s just that some people put too much thought into them because everything needs logic for some reason in this fantasy series #aimed

        1. Yeah a real world phenomenon that is heavily based on science and genetics is a fantasy

          1. ‘Heavily based’

            Every mammal laying eggs
            A cat fucking a whale
            Rats shooting electricity
            Living sludge
            Living ice cream
            Foxes spewing elements
            Whack-a-moles with fabulous weaves
            Llama God
            Space God penis dinosaur
            Poisonous gorilla-bear-hamsters
            Orangutans on fire turning into psychic statues
            Fire monkeys
            Grass monkeys
            Water monkeys
            A horse that is ground because it has mud on it apparently
            A unicorn
            A Loch Ness monster
            Reviving fossils
            Living candy floss
            Living perfume
            Acids not corroding metals
            Boomerangs not hitting birds
            Psychic pancakes
            Glass jellyfish
            Buff mosquitos
            Clean cockroaches
            Christmas lights
            Bamboo rocket ships
            Paper swords
            Fat dragons that don’t shit

            Very science based

          2. Psychic pancakes
            Being a ghost though being social sudden dragon out of nowhere
            ‘Different trash’ despite every region having different trash

          3. Wasn’t you who said that pancakes was a rumor of why it changed not the pancakes itself >:)

            Just more amounting info that regional variants are stupid and make no sense and should never exist

          4. That was just something I offered to calm one of your bitch fits lol

            And if you just concluded that Regional variants are dumb, then mines are allowed to exist no matter how dumb they are to you ☺

          5. you should at least try to be better than GF and actually make them with logic and reasoning

          6. Fam. GameFreak didn’t use hard logic and reasoning. They used Alola Forms to make cool redesigns and fill up types. They still don’t always use perfect logic for their normal Pokemon designs. Such being a snob when the creators don’t even follow the bullshit standards you made lol

          7. so questioning your outrageous reasons with blunt logic makes me wrong

            at least i don’t do outlandish concepts that try too hard to be a type they don’t work with

          8. that may be so but of all people you should agree that regional forms need it, i mean its just beyond excusable that the concept of environmental adaptation can just occur without a proper catalyst
            it is just something that cannot exist without good reasoning

          9. If the base Pokemon don’t need to be total rational their forms don’t need to be either.

          10. weak argument and you know it
            because that’s basically your cowardice saying that if you deem any pokemon irrational it means you can just say anything and still think you’re right
            which is a big pile of dookie if you ask me

          11. Just stop already
            I don’t like regional Variants either,but it’s clear you both can’t change each other’s opinion. So just stop

          12. You love arguing with random people on the internet over the science of a children’s game

          13. no you’re a closed minded idiot who doesn’t let others speak their mind because in ur mind ur always right and no one else opinions matter when in reality your idea are just as stupid as ours

          14. if i was an idiot I would’ve never noticed all the weird reasoning for their types but apparently i’m the only one gutsy enough to speak my mind and say that doesn’t make sense and why, not blindly praising

            and how are my ideas just as stupid i put plenty of work into my ideas (except maybe those on the fly ones when i ask to pitch me a combo)

          15. It your eyes it doesnt make sense, But we like them its a Kid games for crying out loud it doesnt need logic in everything

          16. It needs logic if its regional variants do you just don’t understand that this is something that requires it

          17. yes it does, it is pretty fucking simple
            different environment changing to survive
            not magically becoming something else to support a lame fan idea

          18. yeah i’m being dumb
            i don’t just say things because i think they sound right but in reality it can be easily disassembled and proven untrue

            i guess i’m just dumb for understanding what it means for a regional variant is its whatever i want it to be and can say anything to make it sound right instead of how this individual pokemon adapts to its newer habitat and develop traits that help it survive or what the environment does to that, that’s just wrong and illogical

    2. I think the version names and water starter need work, but this sounds really interesting :0

    3. Blazing Spirit, Vibrant Nature? Something like that? I guess they don’t really fit the legendaries though.

  22. I love the way you wrap up the week the same way I have to wrap my man-cock around my meaty leg to keep it from thrusting forward and creating a gay-boy shishkabob. Skewering you through and through on accident because so much poke talk makes my spire very erect and pokey. Taha become legend trainer peace lil whore

      1. The Palace themes and Mementos get a little ear grating after a little while to me. Other than that, all the songs are amazing.

          1. I haven’t heard it much since I use some of the DLC costumes, but it’s a great battle theme. I also really like Mass Destruction from Persona 3.

          1. TBH, I haven’t played the game in a few weeks. I can’t beat the final boss for the life of me, even on Easy.

          2. Oh Kamoshida was pretty easy to me, you just gotta learn the patterns

  23. Speaking of Fakemon, I’m planning to completely redo my region and Dex. Although I did like making Selos based off of Sweden/Norway, I just found a better location that I could base my region around that would be refreshing for me.

      1. Tbf she looks much older in this one rather than a redesign, but she looks amazing :0

          1. well it’ll be a while
            they really fixed the system! you don’t go down if you lose and you get a buffer if you lose too many times

    1. that used to be my favorite track
      i’d build up kraken and slither up the wall

  24. So movie 20 is coming out in November (5th and 6th in cinemas) so Marshadow and the Ash Hatchus may be out early November/late October. Think the Chus will come out before the movie tho, like six weeks before so all six can be distributed and then the USUM exclusive movie hat Pikachu will come out afterwards

    Marshadow should be out soon too tbh

          1. Maybe, but it’s another Sinnoh reference probably given “lake verity” and everything

      1. Neither seem to fit them. What are they in Japanese? I would prefer they stay the same for more minor characters, western audiences would cope.

        1. It’s the two companions so I understand giving them English names. It’s Makoto and Souji respectively.

        1. good thinking, i just use my power armor i mean i like my set up so far
          2 ink saver mains
          special and sub saver
          and 2 quick respawns and fast super jump

          i can’t wait to add another slot on my gear

  25. So they’re doing a Salazzle event weird….
    maybe we’ll see the Totem Salazzle soon

    1. Doubt it, because it’s an American event and the English Dub isn’t even off Melemele yet.

      1. It’s probably tied to a TCG event, or battle ready events are gonna become a re-occuring thing.

  26. If we don’t get the PWT or a Frontier in USUM, they should give us more battle tree trainers at the least

    Kanto – Red, Blue, add Misty and Brock

    Johto – add Eusine, Karen, Lance, and Jasmine

    Hoenn – Wally, Anabel, add Wallace, Steven, and version exclusive Maxie/Archie

    Sinnoh – Cynthia, add Barry, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn

    Unova – Colress, Grimsley, add N, Alder and Iris

    Kalos – Version exclusive Sina/Dexio, and Add AZ, Diantha, Sycamore, and Shauna

      1. Is irrelevant ?‍?

        Jk, I just think other characters would take priority over her, like champions and rivals. I like all the BW GLs tho

          1. That’s more because she’s a model than she’s important. All the GLs in BW have involvements in the story, besides the triplets and their useless asses.

          2. I just like them being positive for each other, I don’t care if they’re friends or fuckbuds

  27. Pokedex Number: 22
    Marvineon (Marvelous-Lumineon)
    Classification: The Light Kite Pokemon
    Height: 6’07
    Weight: 64.3 Lbs
    Type: Water/Flying
    Ability: Multiscale/Illuminate (Hidden Ability: Marvel Scale)
    HP: 80
    Attack: 69
    Defense: 85
    Special Attack: 91
    Special Defense: 100
    Speed: 120
    Base Stat Total: 545
    Pokedex Entry: Marvineon’s six fins help it swim at high speeds but also allow it to zoom through the sky for extended periods of time. Due to their intense glow and tendency to glide above the water, they have gained the name “Ocean Beams.” This said glow is so powerful that they frequently outshine lighthouses.
    Evolves from: Lumineon when exposed to a Shiny Stone

    A majority of this height increase is due its tail length. Its tail becomes a lot more kite like in shape and its six fins spread out and gain a somewhat feathery appearance. It gains a few pink spots, such as on its forehead and its pink spots tend to be where the glow comes from. On a shiny Marvineon, the blue and pink spots are reversed. Additionally, the blue spots become the source of its glow.

    BAM Fanmon 1

    1. I like it, I have a shiny Lumineon from fishing in W2 and would be interested in evolving to this.

    2. Like it, although I find it funny its stats are higher than all the starter Pokemon :p

      1. I did the OMG crobat route. I find crobat to be a good model for most cross gen evos

      1. That’s the whole point, this thing is literally lightning speed with mediocre other stats

          1. Also it’s not even the most wild statted Pokémon I’ll show

    1. With the infinite Lumiose loop yeah. Though I much prefer IV checking in SM and also swap method. Tauros is faster than bike, though you can’t do it that well one handed so I have to take a break from my computer to do it. Hatch Powers helped too.

        1. But you don’t have to worry about bush leaping Pokemon in Lumiose centre and don’t have to pay any attention at all, just hold down left or right and press a/b when hatches happen. I also liked keeping an eye on how many eggs were left to hatch by the Super Training Screen.

          1. That means looking what I’m doing. Also the loading screens if you go out of the route use up hatch power time. Idk if you like it then that’s cool, I just think Lumiose centre is Serperior.

  28. Gonna play a game with you guys because I’m bored

    Basically to shill Fakemon and kinda see how I did on the names, all these Pokemon are evos or prevos of previous Pokémon. Guess what they’re related to and how, and most right wins… Absolutely nothing! I’m just bored lol


    1. Minimi is Mimikyu pre-evo?
      Bundleby maybe related to Diggersby?
      That’s all I can guess.

    2. Oranguru
      Arbok (duh)

      I recognize some of these 😛

    3. Oranberryguru
      Some Umbrella Pokemon

    4. Branchain is a Tropius evo (Branch + Plantain)
      Pawsib is an Absol prevo (Possibly + Paw)
      Minimi is a Mimikyu prevo (Mini me)
      Adnokana is an Arbok evo (Anaconda)
      Bundleby is a Tropius prevo (Bundle + baby)
      Sparsarol is a Dunsparce evo (Sparse + ‘a roll’, it’s a hoop snake)
      Kopimi is a Mimikyu evo (‘Copy me’)
      Gouramour is a Luvdisc evo (Kissing gourami + amour)

  29. Pokedex Number: 45
    Harpring (Harpy-String)
    Classification: The Harp Pokemon
    Height: 1’02
    Weight: 5.3 Lbs
    Type: Flying
    Ability: Keen Eye/Gale Wings (Hidden Ability: Resonance)
    HP: 25
    Attack: 25
    Defense: 35
    Special Attack: 65
    Special Defense: 45
    Speed: 75
    Base Stat Total: 260
    Pokedex Entry: Although it possess wings, it is extremely poor at flying due to the weight of its wings compared to the rest of its body. It can run quite fast and is good at escaping danger. It is known for the sweet sound that plays through its harp-like wings as it runs. If it is cornered, it will create a shrill sound from its wings whilst screeching in order to harm its offender and call for backup.
    Evolves at: Level 19

    Pokedex Number: 46
    Harbilee (Harpy-Jubilee)
    Classification: The Innocence Pokemon
    Height: 3’01
    Weight: 65.3 Lbs
    Type: Flying
    Ability: Keen Eye/Gale Wings (Hidden Ability: Resonance)
    HP: 40
    Attack: 40
    Defense: 50
    Special Attack: 85
    Special Defense: 50
    Speed: 95
    Base Stat Total: 360
    Pokedex Entry: Harbilee is an extremely friendly and carefree Pokemon. No matter what happens to it, it will never turn violent due to its own will. This unfortunately leads to it becoming an easy target for malicious Pokemon and people who desire its food or its valuable string-like feathers. It will never fight back when it is abused but it will never forget its abusers. When it become filled with enough anger, it will patiently wait for to evolve…
    Evolves: When it learns Punishment (Level 38)

    Pokedex Number: 47
    Harpunish (Kinda self explanitory, wouldn’t ya say?)
    Classification: The Grudge Pokemon
    Height: 6’07
    Weight: 129.4 Lbs
    Type: Flying/Dark
    Ability: Vengeful (Hidden Ability: Resonance)
    HP: 71
    Attack: 90
    Defense: 78
    Special Attack: 115
    Special Defense: 78
    Speed: 63
    Base Stat Total: 495
    Pokedex Entry: This Pokemon remembers any suffering it experienced in its life and will hunt down anyone who had wronged it. A victim will be alerted by its presence when they hear the sinister tune that comes from its wings as it descends. If it happens to evolve without holding a grudge, it will instead fight to take revenge for other Pokemon that have been wronged in the past.
    Evolves from: Harbilee when it learns punishment (Level 38)

    Vengeful: If this Pokemon took damage within the current turn, its attack will do double damage for the turn.

    Blasting Volume: The user’s sound based moves do 1.5x times damage. Additionally, sound related moves that hit multiple foes do 1.0x damage.

    The entire line is based on harpies with literal harps for wings. In their previous forms they have a mostly white and baby blue color scheme but will gain a greyish and navy blue coloring when they fully evolve. In their first two stages they will frequently have their wings spread open but will tend to cloak themselves with their harp wings after becoming Harpunish. Interestingly enough, Harpunish only needs one of its wings to actually fly.

    Additional note: Blasting Volume is not a signature ability, it’s just the first Pokemon I’ve shown to have it so I’m explaining it here

    1. This sounds really good, but I think it’d be better to explain the ability Blasting Volume by saying that ‘sound moves aren’t reduced by spread attacking’, kinda explains it better :p

    2. So you want it to be slow so it definitely gets hit? Or maybe hit it with a super weak attack in doubles?
      Seems like a cool line. I hope the wings feel natural to the design, not just stuck on.
      I was thinking of a Harpy Eagle Pokemon but then I thought that’s probably what Staraptor is meant to be.

      1. Oh crap I overlooked the doubles part… may wanna balance that out

        Oh the wings definitely will for the first two, the feathers are string like and it literally strums them. Kinda in a Decidueye-esque way
        The third one may look weird due to its posture but I hope not

  30. Pokedex Number: 99
    Tuneitini (Tiny and Tune, play on Teeny Tiny)
    Classification: The Tiny Wing Pokemon
    Height: 0’04
    Weight: 0.02 Lbs
    Type: Fairy/Flying
    Ability: Serene Grace/Speed Boost (Hidden Ability: Sap Sipper)
    HP: 10
    Attack: 5
    Defense: 10
    Special Attack: 70
    Special Defense: 25
    Speed: 110
    Base Stat Total: 230
    Pokedex Entry: Tuneitini are among the smallest Pokemon and are considered to be extremely cute. They are commonly found within gardens sipping on the nectar of plants. They tend to make a sweet sounding whistle noise as the dart about. Contrary to this sweet appearance, they will brutally hunt down and consume Cutieflies that come close to its nectar.
    Evolves at: Level 19

    Pokedex Number: 100
    Humivibri (Humming-Vibrate)
    Classification: The Fairy Bird Pokemon
    Height: 1’00
    Weight: 2.2 Lbs
    Type: Fairy/Flying
    Ability: Serene Grace/Speed Boost (Hidden Ability: Sap Sipper)
    HP: 20
    Attack: 10
    Defense: 20
    Special Attack: 90
    Special Defense: 50
    Speed: 130
    Base Stat Total: 320
    Pokedex Entry: As it flies, its wings move at an unbelievably fast pace that allows it to travel miles in mere minutes. In order to satisfy the amount of energy it uses to fly, it consumes large amounts of nectar and Ribombee per day. It’s coloration will become more vibrant as it gets closer to evolving. Additionally, it will begin to require more nourishment.
    Evolves: When it learns Fiery Dance (Level 38)

    Pokedex Number: 101
    Solaphony (Solar-Symphony)
    Classification: The Sunbird Pokemon
    Height: 3’11
    Weight: 9.3 Lbs
    Type: Fairy/Fire
    Ability: Serene Grace/Channeler (Hidden Ability: Drought)
    HP: 45
    Attack: 30
    Defense: 40
    Special Attack: 130
    Special Defense: 80
    Speed: 170
    Base Stat Total: 495
    Pokedex Entry: Moments before it evolves, it will fly upwards at sunrise before encasing itself in a cocoon of light that bursts with a radiant flash as it hums a beautiful tune. This phenomenon is referred to as a “Double sunrise” due to the amount of light it emits. The flames that engulf its body are painless to all it does not desire to attack. Legends state that its burning feathers can be used to communicate with the dead.
    Evolves from: Hummivibri after learning Fiery Dance (Level 38)

    Channeler: Ghost type attacks act as STAB moves for the user.

    Note: There IS some lore to this believe it or not. Two of the myths involving hummingbirds in Mayan culture are that…

    The hummingbird is the sun in disguise who is trying woo the moon.
    Hummingbirds would piece the tongues of kings, which when poured on ancient scrolls and burned, ancient spirits would appear.

    To reference this, Solaphony has wings that resemble sunbeams and when they all are together, resemble the sun. Additionally, its eight tails all have feathers with a scroll/spell tag-esque shape to mimic the sacred scroll. (Ideally they’d say the word Sun in Kanji on them but I’m trash so….)

    This thing…. dies to priority so fast xD
    And trust me, there’s a lotta ways to kill this thing, so don’t worry about those stats for a moment

    Also it’s meant to be Harpunish’s counterpart

      1. Thank you!!!
        Hey, if you were a bird that was in constant need of food and a bug decides to try taking your food, what would you do?

      1. May or may not have scheduled it for a specific time as a placeholder and forgot to change the publishing time after Moltres had still not gone live lmao

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