Pokémon GO : What We Need to Ask!

Gathering the evidence. Identifying the certainties, probabilities and possibilities.


You would be quite hard pressed to not have come across Pokémon GO at this point. It carries twenty years worth of hope and dreams, from current fans to old, even piquing the interest of those who have not touched their Gameboys for almost two decades. So what is Pokémon GO? Although I am sure it is unnecessary to explain, for the sake of a well-rounded article I offer the following brief summary: Pokémon GO is a location based application for smart phones that aims to get you to go out, capture, train and battle Pokémon in the real world. Nothing has ever come this close to fulfilling the life-long dream that all Pokémon fans have shared since the very first time we twisted round our cap, grabbed our rucksack, and left pallet town. The potential to deliver is there.

According to a recent Ingress report, Pokémon GO will have a closed beta this Winter, with the final application being released early 2016. Youtube seems to be the origin of the popular rumor that the application will be released February 27th to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the launch of the original Gameboy games in Japan, although Niantic’s official twitter account insists it is not yet ready to announce an official release date. Additionally, Niantic have urged us not to be fooled by fake beta sign-up sites that have been floating around.

Niantic, a former Google start-up, are working together with Nintendo and the Pokémon Company to make this application a reality. Jun’ichi Masuda (one of the original creators and director of new main-series Pokémon games), as well as Tsunekazu Ishihara (President of the Pokémon Company) are also working closely with Niantic to make sure this entry stays true to the spirit of Pokémon. Niantic’s significant industry presence in Japan can be attributed to Ingress, a location-based smart phone application that has lead to a niche yet undeniable social phenomenon. Having now tried Ingress myself, I have learnt a lot of new things about the very area that I grew up in, and made discoveries that I would not have otherwise. The marriage of these different parties has so much potential, and I can’t wait to see what Pokémon GO has in store for us.

This article will gather everything that we currently know about Pokémon GO in one place, for the purpose of identifying features that will be present in the final product. By looking at the evidence we can read between the lines to make predictions. I invite all of you to join in via the comment section, we can update the article or even make a follow up one. With that all out of the way, let the journey begin!

Obtaining Pokémon



It has been suggested that wild Pokémon can be obtained by physically walking towards a location where they have appeared. It has also been said that no matter where you are, you should always be able to find a Pokémon within five minutes. “Certain Pokémon will only exist in certain parts of the world” meaning that to ‘catch ’em all’ will be no easy task, you will actively have to meet up and trade at events, and Niantic even expect that some people will take time off from work to travel the world.

With the aid of Pokémon GO, we will see real life trainers having more in common with their fictional counterparts from the TV series and games. Chances are that people who do not get around much will have an army of their local Pokémon, and be proficient at using them in battle.  The sheer scale of what Pokémon GO could offer us is both daunting and exciting. This level of immersion is is what many of us have always dreamed of, which means it will not always be easy. Or at least it should not be if it has been executed correctly. It will be a true challenge that will force us to explore out and about. I say bring it on.

Region Specific Pokémon?

As mentioned in the last section, we now have official confirmation that some Pokémon will only be available in certain parts of the world. Kangaskhan an Australian exclusive? Flabébé only in France? Pancham only in China? Only time will tell, but what kind of exclusives could you see as plausible? Let us know in the comments!

“Pokémon will live in different parts of the world depending on what type of Pokémon they are. Water Pokémon will live near the water. It may be that certain Pokémon will only exist in certain parts of the world. Very rare Pokémon may exist in very few places” – John Hanke. 


Trading has always been core to Pokémon games, and yet there has still been no confirmation on how trading will work in Pokémon GO. How trading will be handled could take one of two different routes. There could be a type of GTS-like system, where you can trade with people all around the world, much like the one we take for granted in the core games. The problem is that this would defeat the purpose of having to leave your house and travel far to catch ’em all. This is core to what Niantic are trying to create here, and so a GTS-like system could prove hazardous to their goals. Not to mention that it would make it easy for trainers to buy their way to victory by relying on the online Pokémon smugglers of eBay.

Limiting trading to ‘local’ only would assure the most authentic Pokémon experience, though in this age where everyone is connected Niantic may be hesitant to commit to just that. It is possible that they choose to meet somewhere in the middle, by allowing trading only with registered friends, although this will not stop the online buying and selling of Pokémon. It will be interesting to to see the final format of trading, please share your thoughts speculate below in the comments.

“Pokémon trading is going to be huge. You can’t get all of them by yourself. If you want all of them you’ll have to trade with other players” – John Hanke.

Wild Battles?

Although in general I am very optimistic for Pokémon GO, there is one concern that I feel I need to get off of my chest. We may be overlooking something that is very possibly a deal breaker. We haven’t actually seen a wild battle yet, only wild Pokémon have balls hurled at them. Do we even battle in the traditional way by choosing a Pokémon for battle and selecting attacks? Is it perhaps like the Pokéwalker in which you do have a Pokémon with you and can attack, but there are no moves to choose from? Or, perhaps in the worst case scenario, are we just throwing balls, rocks and Pokéblocks like in the safari zone?

Potentially there could be a lot of disappointed fans, but a lack of traditional battles is a possibility that we have yet to rule out. This includes battles with other trainers, as potentially even these could be automated when encountering someone. The fact that the Pokémon GO Plus allows you to catch nearby Pokémon without even having to know what they are, all by pressing the flashing button (s?) in sequence would also support the idea that the battling may not be very advanced.

My cynical side can see how not providing the full battle experience on an app would also be an effective way of keeping the main series relevant. What do you guys think? I bring up this possibility only because there is nothing I can see to entirely disprove it, and so I decided to share it with you to discuss. Are my concerns unlikely to manifest? Would a lack of traditional battling ruin Pokémon GO for you?



If we are to read into the Pokémon GO announcement trailer beyond that of a mere demonstration of what could be, items such as Pokéballs, Super Potions and even Honey seem to exist. Honey seems quite interesting; could you spread honey in a certain location and come back later in the day to see if it has attracted a Pokémon?

Where will we get items? Will we pick them up during our travels? Will there be in-app-purchases for easier access to items? It has already been confirmed that certain places act as Pokémon centers on the map, including your home which you can register, will these locations also provide a Pokémart? It has also been confirmed that exploring around and meeting certain goals when walking will have “payoffs” for trainers. This kind of reward system is very much in line with Pokémon’s previous pedometer-related venture, the Pokéwalker, and comes as no surprise. This could mean rarer Pokémon or rarer items, only time will tell!

“Measuring how far people have walked and all of that will have specific payoffs for players in Pokémon Go” – John Hanke.


The presence of Pokémon Gyms in Pokémon GO was confirmed a while back now, but how exactly will they work? Will there be eight? Will they each feature a brand new Gym Leader? Will they be at specific locations? Will each be unlocked after a certain amount of steps?  Not much is known other than they will supposedly be “rare” and take a “little more effort to get there”.

“Gyms will be a bit more rare. You want to find gyms so you can level up your Pokémon and battle there, so it will take a little more effort to get there” – John Hanke.



To what extent will Pokémon GO represent a Pokémon game? Will it be a vanilla app where you can catch, battle and trade? Or will there perhaps be more to it?

The presence of Gyms that was confirmed last month suggests that there will be more is store in terms of narrative than many initially expected. This was perhaps also hinted by Jun’ichi Masuda during the announcement conference when he mentioned he would contribute “world design” to the project. Niantic’s founder, John Hanke, even hinted that there will be some kind of story within Pokémon GO. It will be interesting to see if there will be a professor or a traditional starter given to you in the beginning of the game. Will this vary depending on region? Could there be Gym Leaders for each region? How much will go into making this so called ‘world’ that is actually our own?

It is worth noting that Niantic’s Ingress actually has an ever-growing fiction, including comics and novels affected directly by events in real life. The route the story takes depends on things such as the way players interact with the app, and the victories or losses of the two competing teams.

“I would expect there to be a narrative along with Pokémon, but some of that stuff we’re still working out” – John Hanke.

Teams and Battling


Niantic’s Ingress has two competing teams who fight over territory on a worldwide stage. Pokémon GO will also have competing teams, although how this will work has yet to be confirmed. Could we see leaderboards scoring each team on performance?

Niantic’s founder John Hanke suggests that there will be multiple teams to join, and that it will be like what has been seen in the fiction before. But what does that mean exactly? Traditionally “teams” in Pokémon represent the antagonists. Will Pokémon GO add something slightly new to the mix? A Magma versus Aqua type scenario? Could each team be named after game versions such as Team Red, Blue or Green? Or will there perhaps be an entirely different naming convention? How will the victories of each team affect the narrative like they do in Ingress? Is the group battle we saw in the announcement trailer perhaps meant to represent the different teams battling over territory?

But what about the battles themselves? How far do you have to be from someone to battle? Niantic has expressed interest in allowing those living in more remote areas to be able to interact with Pokémon GO. A way to get around a lack of inhabitants would be for the app to leave behind an AI opponent based on the parties of trainers who have passed through the area. Could battles actually be something like this instead of randomly initiating them with people nearby? Perhaps a mixture of both?

“There will be teams to join in Pokémon, more than two. Those teams will compete against one another” – John Hanke.



Events for Niantic’s Ingress have been held all over the world, with some of the more recent ones in Oakland, Milan and Okinawa. Thousands of people travel from all over the world to attend, and with Pokémon’s phenomenal reach Pokémon GO is sure to exceed these numbers. Niantic’s John Hanke has already confirmed that meet-ups for Pokémon GO are a done deal. It will be interesting to see all of the trading and battling that will go on, as well as what kind of exclusives that could be on offer. Could these “competitive” events also be a way to catch legendary Pokémon, such as the Mewtwo in the announcement trailer? Or perhaps events could act as the Pokémon league to decide which trainer who has collected each badge will become the champion?

“We’ll have events for Pokémon as well. Those are competitive, but they can also be places to trade stuff with other players” – John Hanke.

Pokémon GO Plus


The Pokémon GO Plus is an optional bluetooth device that will vibrate and flash in multiple colors when a Pokémon is nearby, without the necessity of being glued to your phone the whole time. This initiative is in part a way to encourage people to look around and enjoy the world we will be exploring, and is very much in line with Nintendo and Niantic’s company values. It should be noted that there is no “sound guide” on the device. Perhaps a missed opportunity, as the prospect of being able to hear a Pokémon’s cry through the device could have been quite cool. Will you be purchasing a Pokémon GO Plus? How will you be wearing it if so?

“Part of the idea of the game is, you’re outside and you can see beautiful things. If you’re always staring at your phone, you’re not seeing the world around you” – John Hanke.


In conclusion, much of Pokémon GO is still shrouded in mystery, but there are still some hints we have been given that we can ponder. Masuda Jun’ichi suggested that they are looking at ways Pokémon GO can connect to the main series, just how might this work? Additionally, Niantic’s founder John Hanke also suggested that Niantic is willing to evolve with the times, and would not be against implementing AR devices to work in conjunction with Pokémon GO when the time and technology is right. How this might work is still a mystery, but only time will tell!

Alas! Despite having gone through a lot of material we are left with some unanswered questions: We don’t know if we will see double or triple battles, the former being a staple for competitive battling, and what will become of mega evolution? When we will get definitive confirmation that Pokémon GO is not limited to first generation Pokémon Pokémon? Is it safe to say that IVs and EVs will not be part of Pokémon GO? What about breeding or egg moves? Judging from Hanke’s comments the focus for this iteration seems to be on simplicity, but it will be interesting to see what aspects are carried over.

“This is a Pokémon experience that’s brand new, and yet it goes back to the very origin of the franchise. It’s about a kid who goes out in the world and finds Pokémon. If you strip away a lot of the complexity and stuff that’s been added on, it’s the most basic expression of that concept” – John Hanke. 

Wish List

Finally, following is a Pokéjungle wish list for Pokémon GO. Just some food for thought. If you have any ideas post below and we can update the post!

  • Night and day exclusive Pokémon (Hoothoot, Gastly etc).
  • Gym Leaders differing for each region to encourage you to someday travel the world like a real Pokémon master.
  • Local rankings/scoreboard for Pokémon trainers.

It was a long article but thanks to everyone who read it, especially those who stuck through until the end! – Kriffix

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  1. As long as battles are semi traditional, I’ll be interested. This article did get me a little bit more excited. Something tells me I’ll have a lot of grass and bug types where I live… We’ll see.

    1. “Man dies by falling off the edge of the Grand Canyon while trying to catch a shiny Pokémon in the new mobile phone game, Pokémon Go!

      This just in. The Pokémon broke free of the ball and fled.”

      1. Yeah…. They should probably have warning features. Like if you’re about to fall into a ditch or… A volcano… Or.. Something

    2. If there are shiny Pokémon, I’m gonna be annoyed if I can’t send them to the main series games! :/

      There NEEDS to be a Poké Radar type thing though! o_O

      1. Agreed! They did say that they were trying to figure out how to connect GO to future main series games. It could be things like useless Potions or something, but it could also be Pokemon. Pokemon Global Link, Bank and the Dream Radar app were all external and sent legendaries ton the main games. It’s really no different.

        1. Sure is a relief to hear they’re working on main series compatibility. ^_^ Just allowing potions and stuff across would be like nails on a chalkboard to me though! :/

  2. The only thing they could do to put me off is if they made it so you had to wait a certain time before you could catch more Pokemon unless you pay to speed it up.
    I have no idea if that sort of thing is in Ingress but I think it would ruin this game unless you were willing or able to put hundreds of dollars into the game.

    1. Maybe you get to pick your starter as any basic evolution (Not yet evolved Pokemon), in which case, Dedenne would count.

  3. I`m hoping to get Bulbasaur to evolve it to Venusaur but if evolving is not possible than i want Vensaur right away. He already chilling at my home.

          1. Precisely and it fucking pisses me off because it’s so common I don’t like to use it. It’s so defensive it turns me on…rage mode.

          2. I feel your rage
            they claim its not overpowered, but it is they all know it is
            Same with Prankster

    1. Evolution is probably in the game. If it wasn’t, it would take out one of the best parts of Pokemon

        1. Well, they would probably work as follows: Give Pokémon item, trade it, it comes out of Pokéball, it evolves.

  4. I’ll get the Pokémon Go Plus. The game’s free so I don’t mind getting a (probably not too expensive) accessory.

  5. Idea for feature: You could pick any basic Pokémon as your starter. You could also pick smaller Pokémon that don’t evolve like Dedenne, Pachirisu, Delibird.

  6. Do you guys think we’ll get a Nintendo Direct next week, or will we have to wait until early February?

    1. What causes u to think we WOULD get a direct next week?(just curious) I honestly think we’ll have to wait until February when we’re closer the the anniversary for anymore news of any kind. They did their spiel for this month and now we have to wait for February to get the next batch of information.

      1. Well, Nintendo has had some incredible January Directs in the past. I’m curious as to what changes will occur this year, because it’s going to have a “new format”. Perhaps it will be like a “mini-E3” each time or something, with lots of new games announced? I’m so excited to see!

        1. Well Idk if they would announce a new Pokemon game in a regular direct per say as it seems like they would do it separatly, but I will say they REALLY need to announce something soon……patience is wearing thin and I can’t take this wait any longer. Technically this isn’t the longest wait between games we’ve had, but with Zygarde being teased all this time a normal wait has turned into a terribly unbearable one hahaha

          1. I know the wait between Diamond/Pearl and Platinum was like hell for people in the past…this is basically becoming another version of that. You are certain we’ll get a new game this year? I want to say that I am, but the Volcanion distribution being only for X/Y/ORAS, along with the year-long Mythical distributions, makes me a bit concerned. You know The Pokemon Company is going insane when fans are left hanging with new Pokemon forms for half a year without a sign of a new game. I still see no reason to believe that Zygarde’s forms will be outside of the anime. That said, if they are, we’ll probably see the announcement next month.

          2. Well there are many factors keeping it from coming this year, but we know for a fact we are getting a pokemon game eventually. We all begged for them to stop yearly releases, so we are getting what we asked for, even though it may be hard for all of us. Patience is a virtue. Just look at it this way, The longer we wait, the more time they spend on developing and polishing, meaning the better the game will be.

          3. We are left with two possibilities now: either we get Pokemon Z this year and *possibly* Generation 7 next year, or we get nothing again this year and 100% CERTAINLY Generation 7 next year. It’s a toss-up right now. I just think it would be ridiculous for an entire anime based on the third legendary of Kalos (with multiple new forms not seen in-game) and just…leave it at that. We’ve never seen anything like that before. I think it’s all up to that “world-changing” CoroCoro magazine next month. If we get a new Volcanion form…it’d basically be confirmed. We have to get a new Gen 6 game. If it’s Eternal Flower Floette, the same conclusion can be drawn. It’s all a waiting game, my friend, and as shown by this long paragraph, I’m very excited for it to conclude.

          4. I think we also have a 3rd possibility of getting Gen 7 this year too. I really can’t c them skipping ANOTHER year so we r definitely getting something. As to what we end up getting is up in the air, but I think the general consensus is that by the end of March we will have an announcement of something. I personally think we’ll end up getting another Gen 6 game. I do believe that it won’t b what anyone is expecting however. Sure it may b in some sort of spirit like past titles, but after all this time all current and old speculation and theories have been made out dated within a matter of a few months. Whatever they end up dong next is gonna b something interesting. If it isn’t then I’ll b very disappointed hahaha

          5. Just imagine it…no news about anything until February 25th or 26th, when they announce a “Pokemon Day Direct” for the 27th. The fact that they even made a name for the anniversary date and want people to remember it (I.e. specifying that it’s on a Saturday) is very odd to me. What’s your opinion on this?

          6. Makes sense to me. I can’t imagine they can go very much longer without saying anything at all. The anniversary date is their best chance to announce as all eyes will b on Pokemon in general anyways. Y not use that publicity to announce a brand new game? Whether it makes sense or not, it still means we’re in the dark for another month or so lol

          7. I didn’t even know Pokemon D/P existed until about a month after it came out lol. I didn’t realize Pokemon was still around.

  7. So I been thinking a lot since we’re all expecting news of a new game being announced, I wonder if GF will take a step back and you know show us the other “demention” or “timeline” of Kalos without mega evolution and just basic mon and what would be the plot line be, also if the meteor in ORAS was attracted by mega evolution since it was deoxys or because of the will it appear in the other “demention” and if it did how they would get rid off it??? I know ppl already asked this question or answered them but I was ranting.

    1. That’s a very interesting idea, I hadn’t thought about that possibility. In my opinion, though, that would be better suited for Generation 7 and beyond. An “alternate timeline” would be an excuse to get rid of Mega Evolution in future installments and substitute it for something new. I personally feel like we have one new Kalos game with Mega Evolution coming this year.

      1. Oh I think that too I’m thinking more in the future. I honestly think the “dimension or alternate timeline” would be great for Diamond and Pearl remakes you know since they deal with time and space and Girratina with distortion world. I also thought of like about the two version games of a future gen that maybe one game will start in the dimension without mega evolution and the other with mega evolution then after a certain point into the game you switch dimensions. I wouldn’t know how ppl would like that?

    2. Not to sound pessimistic but extremely unlikely
      Kalos is the birthplace and discovery of Mega Evolution
      Sycamore’s whole reason of existing is studying Mega Evolution same for Korrina and Gurkinn, we’ve hit an irreversible timeline that will not ever disinclude the concept of Mega Evolution

      1. You do make a valid point but then how would you explain that Kalos and Hoenn exists in the same world, then zinnia said that in a different dimension where they were gonna send the meteor it was a different Hoenn where mega evolution doesn’t exist are you suggesting Kalos doesn’t exist there???

        1. 1: Numerous trainers make remarks about other regions and their occurrings so other regions must exist in this alt demension
          2: I am not saying it doesn’t exist im saying that the region would still exist. But the whole key point in all of this is we are in a set path where Mega Evolution exists and this demenional timeline is very much solid at this point claiming that all previous games outside the Meteorite Event is nothing more then alternative demenional whooie (from a in game perspective)
          We the people can grasp this concept but it will take an outstandingly reality time distorting dosage of demension hoping to break through this continuity

          In other words: Mega Evolution is here to stay

          1. Im not saying throw away the concept of mega evolution I’m saying it states in game that there are different dimensions where mega evolution doesn’t exist, we’ve seen Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova without it and now we’ve seen Kalos and Hoenn with it why can’t we see Kalos without it too. I’m also saying what if they explore those dimensions maybe they said about the other Hoenn without mega evolution to hint us in future gens they can go from one dimension to another and tie it in somehow into dimension hopping for example hoopas rings or other contraptions like Girratina distortion world.

          2. It’s just infinitely unlikely that Gamefreak would take a gigantic leap backwards with something as pointless as a Mega Evolutionless Kalos region where it all started
            It just seems all buck for no bang for something as pointless as demenional hopping since if the only reason to do so is just to view a region without Mega Evolution existing
            And the distortion world though a alternative demension but not so much that powerful events such as the meteor effect would not have any influence as it is nothing more then a pocket demension with the absence of time and space

            Point is it sounds good on paper but extremely lackluster in reality

          3. I know it is an obscure idea but see your statements are about getting done with mega evolution all together my statements are more of dimensional hopping, I mean imagine going back to Kanto from the beginning and having you coming close to defeating team rocket again and then they found some sort of way to go thru dimensions and get a mega evolution mon come back and beat you so what is that the end of it then, no you would go out and find a way of going thru dimensions and getting your own mega come back and tie in both dimensions probably one dimension wouldn’t be that affected by the other but yet in ORAS the dimension without megas was unaffected, it would only be affected if the meteor was sent there.

            Now saying that I mean it’ll be a new game combing “two” regions together like GS all over again I do understand it is a long and hard shot to think up of a way to do it and to tie in the unaffected dimension but tell me you wouldn’t play that game.

            And distortion dimension might not be affected by anything happening outside of it but still a different dimension we traveled to so proven that dimensional travel was thought up in the past maybe as a point of getting it started.

          4. It be easier just to be in the demension where mega evolution exists
            It is just so much work for something barely useful
            And all this cross dimensional talk is confusing, I just wouldn’t get your hopes up for Gamefreak doing something like this for future games I really don’t think they intended for cross demenional games to be a actual thing but more of a nod that we ARE in a alternative timeline

          5. Yes I won’t disagree with you it is a very confusing idea a probably hard to come up with and make into some sort of plot that really puts everything into perspective, but but that’s what I love about GF that makes a game intended for kids and teenagers and puts adult concepts that still makes us question what they’re going to do next. That’s why I get my hopes up or give into my imagination of theories of what’s next even if it’s a hard thing imagine itll happen cause I know nobody had ever talked about megas before it happened so anything is possible.

    3. Those are neat concepts to ponder about. Yet, it would be “radical” for GameFreak to make a game with that perspective. To me, I rather leave it to a fan to create a game or create a story that follows the timeline.

      Anyways, to actually elaborate on the topics you placed, we know that the Pokemon Universe now has a split timeline. One timeline where Mega Evolution was never discovered (PRE:XY) and where Mega Evolution was discovered (IMAGINE ALL GAMES WITH MEGA EVO).

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      Recap of the timeline: R/B/G = R/S/E > G/S/C = DPPt > BW > B2W2 >/= X/Y. It stays the same in the Mega Universe.

      Essentially, we would see a regress in technology in the words without Mega Evolution (No Link Cable Meteor Transferring), in a sense inventions such as the DexNav, Holo Caster, and Kalos’ special holographic PokeDex would have not happened. I believe that the Fairy-Type wouldn’t have been discovered. So, Pokemon like Flabebe would be classified as a Grass-Type and older Pokemon would keep there old typing. Lastly, some locations would look different such as Shalour City!

      I guess the plot would have to be rewritten completely. I believe that Lysandre would just use Yveltal to destroy the Kalos Region or Xerneas to try to give him and his team everlasting life. I honestly do not know in this regard.

      Lastly, (sorry for the long post, it was interesting) if the other Hoenn got hit by the meteor… they all dead. lol.

      1. I’ll take anything that doesn’t involve the discovery of Fairy Types
        but i did theorize why Flabebe ISN’T a Grass Type so just them classifying them as a Grass type just irks me even if the scientist didn’t know of the fairy type

  8. The ideas are all super exciting. The only thing that bothers me is the idea of exclusivity for varying regions and countries. As awesome and completely Pokemon-like that is in theory, it’s a really crappy way of making people miss out on stuff in the real world. This isn’t the Pokemon world and a majority of people simply can’t afford just going out of their “area” or even country. Like for example, if trading is restricted to a local community, and you can only find Bulbasaur in southern America, then I’m totally stuck until I somehow find a way to get to southern America. I guess what I’m saying is that it sounds so fantastic in theory, but in practice, how likely is it that people will be able to travel to get some of these (rare) Pokemon? It’s also why I don’t think we’ll be restricted to local trading, it’ll probably be worldwide with some sort of restrictions or barriers put in place.

    And I truly truly hope they have battles be relatively close to the main games. Anything else would be really disappointing if you ask me. I mean if they plan on having gyms around, then I imagine the battles and combat will be similar to those of the main games.

    Nevertheless, I’m absolutely psyched about this game and the potential it has. I can’t wait to hear more!

    1. My only problem with this video is that it goes too quickly to fully appreciate the towns and buildings. As it pans across the whole region it looks a little blurry only to come clear for a second b4 it moves again. Either it’s nice to c hahaha

      1. Wow, you went there. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THOSE POOR CUBONE HAVE BEEN THROUGH. :””'(

      1. I agree. Although I’m not going to get hyped up about it, any glimmer of hope is better than none. :/

        1. I don’t know if you heard, but TPHD news is going to be provided through the Japanese Zelda Twitter account. We can expect a lot of that information to be localized for the rest of the world in the next Direct.

          1. Are you planning on purchasing Fire Emblem Fates? I really want to get the Special Edition, but stores are cancelling pre-orders due to the sheer demand!

          2. I’ll tell you what, I got Pokemon: Super Mystery Dungeon and Fire Emblem Awakening for Christmas but I haven’t been able to start Awakening yet. If I play through that and enjoy it, I’ll absolutely get Fates (and the past games in the series)!

          3. OMFG! You need to get to playing Awakening. It’s one of my most favorite 3DS games next to OR/AS! The story, music, and waifus are just outstanding. Anyways, enough nerdgasming, I heard that Super Mystery Dungeon is hard af. That’s why I don’t want to pick it up! lol.

          4. Yeah, about that…I’m stuck on this STUPID AS HELL level called Sheer Mountain Range in Chapter 11 with 13 floors. It’s impossible. But I promise I’ll get to Awakening this weekend!

          5. I’m watching a LP of the game. Almost every move misses in the game. lol. Plus, the level spikes seem rediculous! They just want you to recruit and use stronger Pokemon!

  9. Man. As Chico said, this place is getting boring. I think we need to do something as a community. Why don’t we try developing a game, or pondering new theories, or creating fan-megas; just something to keep us active and chatting!

    1. I actually recently changed my major to Game Design, so I have a sketchbook and everything about a game I want to create sometime in the future. Too bad I have yet to take any art classes yet, my drawings are booty. (and not the good kind either)

      1. I’m only good at creating menus and such; nothing more. Plus, I know nothing about programming or anything. I know ShinyNoivern tried to make a fan-game for this site. If we get enough people that have skills to work on it… we could make it happened!

        1. I miss that guy. Who knows what he’s up to now. I am taking basic programming this year so I understand how it works. I’m totally up for doing something creative with that!

          1. I really enjoy the process, and I don’t find it difficult to remember the built-in variables or method structures and all that. If I didn’t have time restraints I’d have a much better time.

          2. Yeah I know what you mean. I worked 30 hours a week while being enrolled full-time in school last semester, so it was a huge challenge for me. You still into film stuff?

          3. Yeah, I am! Halfway through my third year of Video Production class. I’m also in my second year of Theatre Tech club at our school (sound and lights for musicals and such). I’m not as talented as some other people in my Video class but, hey, I put in my best effort. It’s quite a stressful experience.

          4. Yea, he’s been gone forever. I kind of wish that he completed his fan-game. Anyway, we could make a ROM Hack! There have been plenty of good ROM hacks like Pokemon Gaia. Hell, we could demake Pokemon Diamond or Pearl, just something neat!

          5. I just played Undertale for the first time (in a single sitting) and I’ve been so inspired to make at least one video game of my own in the future. I suppose I’m just looking for expertise and inspiration.

        2. I’m taking some programming classes right now. It’s not necessarily hard, but it’s very hard trying to learn it for the first time. Once you understand how computers work and read the language it gets easier. But nah, this game I was talking about making it sometime in like 10-20 years haha. Not anytime soon. 😛

  10. Ideas for my new Fossils
    Ankylosaurus that creates earthquakes with their bony tails
    Anklub Rock/Ground Ankrush Rock/Ground

    Stegosaurus with lightning rod plates
    Electriscute Rock/Electric Conductodon Rock/Electric (Names are WIP)

        1. Those would be cool names. I’m assuming the Lunar legendary would be some sort of rabbit and Solar would be like a falcon or something, idk.

          1. You’re right…. :/

            That being said, it’d be cool if a Hare/rabbit moon legendary was like fairy/dark or fairy/grass fairy/ground. I feel like rabbits go with fairies.

          2. Awww but it would fit with the theory of clefairy (the original fairy pokemon you could maybe argue..??) comes from the moon!

          3. I greatly dislike that theory unless they provide solid connection towards fairy types and the moon I don’t want none of that talk
            Besides Clefairy are extraterrestrial Pokemon with a long connection towards the moon long before the recon but that does not mean all fairies are

            This is why Cresselia isn’t a fairy

    1. We need a freaking Stegosaurus and Triceratops! The Stegosaurus should be Rock/Electric, while the Triceratops should either be Rock/Grass or Rock/DarkI Also, I’d like to see a Rock/Fairy Velociraptor. Man, just image how much damage Play Rough would do!

      1. Absolutely no freaking way in hell would I allow the Fairy Type to even grace the bloodthirstyirsty savagery that is a Velociraptor
        How can you even THINK that would make the tiniest bit of sense

        Also I’m kinda trying to avoid giving the Triceratops the whole Electric horns vibe, I’m kinda dead set with a literal thunder lizard attracting lighting bolts with its pointy scutes and storing it in its body to discharge if attacked

        It’s more of a change of pace if ye ask me with a big heavy electric type apposed to the speedy ones

        1. Just image it: a powerful Rock/Fairy Velociraptor. It would be an amazing Pokemon! The irony of it would be crazy. Though, I could see a Velociraptor fossil that is Rock/Fire. I just like the idea of a Fairy-Type fossil!

      2. If you want a fairy type dinosaur, I think you should go with something… Less ferocious and cuter. I’d suggest the Mei. It’s a small dinosaur that has big, beady eyes and small feathers.

  11. Mega Arcanine: Arcaninite
    Typing: Fire/Dragon
    Ability: Drought or Solar Power
    Original Stats: A: 110 – D: 80 – SA: 100 – SD: 80 – S: 95
    Mega Stats: A: 145 – D: 80 – SA: 145 – SD: 80 – S: 115

    Mega Ninetails: Ninetailite
    Typing: Fire/Ghost
    Ability: Cursed Body or Flame Body
    Original Stats: A: 76 – D: 75 – SA: 81 – SD: 100 – S: 100
    Mega Stats: A: 76 – D: 80 – SA: 151 – SD: 105 – S: 120

    I’m returning to my Mega creation series. It was fun to make in the past, so I wanted to try it again solely with the First Generation this time.

    1. Mega Rhyperior: Rhyperiorite
      Type: Ground/Rock
      Ability: Solid Rock
      HP: 115
      Attack: 170 (+30)
      Defense: 150 (+20)
      Sp Atk: 55
      Sp Def: 105 (+50)
      Speed: 40

      Mega Excadrill: Excadrite
      Type: Ground/Steel
      Ability: Tough Claws/Sand Rush
      Hp: 110
      Attack: 175 (+40)
      Defense: 70 (+10)
      Sp Atk: 50
      Sp Def: 75 (+10)
      Speed: 128 (+40)

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