Red, Blue & Yellow won’t utilize unnecessary restore points

The virtual console release of the original Pokémon titles, Red, Blue and Yellow, on the Nintendo 3DS will not utilize some of the normal features Gameboy VC releases do. Restore points, which allow you to save a game from any point and resume play later, will not be available. This may be seen as a loss to those who are interrupted during a particularly long or trying battle, but given the game’s built-in saving feature it should not be too much of an issue. Remember trainers: save often.

Nintendo seems to be paring down the features in order to minimize risk of tampering. The three games were famous for their bugs and glitches during their original release and fans have gotten much more devious throughout the years. Pokémon X&Y saw a short lived bug which allowed the 3DS’ built in web browser and camera to confer any monster into a trainer’s PC box. It is not surprising they’re having to double down on security with new releases, undoubtedly wary of what people may do after the source code is found and combed through.

Still excited for their release on February 27th?! If only some Pokémon weren’t completely useless in them… RIP my sweet prince Kingler.

<3 PJ

  1. Am i the only one not that excited for this? Dont get me wrong this is pretty good, and Red was my first game… I guess there’s just better things i thought should have happened than pokemon rbg rerelease. But nostalgia is a powerful thing.

    1. I feel the exact same way. I expected a great announcement these months, but all we got is a game that already came out and which we can still play on our old gameboys and even online. To me it’s a huge disappointment. I’m still hoping to see something worth being excited for, but I don’t expect anything. Luckily Super Mystery Dungeon will come out in a month (in Europe), so at least there’s something.

    2. I’m excited because I’ve never had the chance to play Yellow or Blue. I grew up on Red but these are the only 2 versions (other than Gold and Sapphire) that I’ve never played.

    3. They’re just filling the void with small time remakes or filler just to get the demographic off their back so that they can work in secrecy

  2. Can’t say I’m surprised nor disappointed about the save state being removed. In a game where u can save anywhere u want there really isn’t a use for it……..well except for cheating……I guess hahaha Either way I prolly wouldn’t b using those cheats so it doesn’t really affect me.

  3. Not surprised at the least
    Just makes cheating all the more difficult
    Besides its still a Pokemon Game nonetheless regardless of it being a virtual console

  4. Honestly I see very little issue
    I mean it’s RGBY it has no shinies or major encounters
    Unless you just want to save during a fight that’s fine but other than that very little outside cloning

  5. Seriously. This doesn’t really matter at all. You could save at any time in R/B/G/Y, that’s why they removed it. It would erase all difficulty in the game if you could just restore to the previous save during a major site.

    Anyways, there was some new NX news today! Keep in mind that his might end up being fake, so take it with a grain of salt. Firstly, the details come from a GFK survey. It states that there will be exclusive NX titles (obviously), people could connect with players around the world using Nintendo Network, gameplay flows between the NX console and the handheld device, earn and share gaming achievements, triumphs, and defeats with your friends, surf the web or make calls on your TV, supports 4K/60fps video streaming, and gameplay graphics are naturally at 900p/60fps (The resolution could be boosted depending on the developer). What comes with the NX is the console, a sensor bar, game controller, and HDMI Cable. Lastly, the NX may work with smartphones and the PC and would heavily rival the PS4 and any upcoming consoles. God. The NX sounds like a freaking monster of a machine!

    Lonks (from Pennsylvania):

    1. The NX is going to have to be a monster to rival competitors. If they had a remote play feature for ANY iOS OR Android device like Sony has for the Xperia, that’d be killer.

  6. It looks like we’ll probably be waiting until February for a Direct after all. I hope we finally get a new Pokemon game announced next month (on or before the 27th) as well as other Nintendo-related things! Let’s hope that CoroCoro magazine delivers on its promise to be world-changing.

    1. I hope a new game is announced too. I dont think you should expect it on a certain day and certain way because that just builds you up for disappointment, but i see where youre coming from. I cant wait until year of pokemon takes off fully. And those event pokemon monthly soo amazing and since i have ORAS and XY i get to have 4 of each!! Finally!! I will be fully ready for competitive battling with some event legends on my side.

      1. I only mention the 27th because of the anniversary, or “Pokemon Day”. What better time to announce a mainline Pokemon game than Pokemon Day? 😛

    1. Yea. I’m guessing that it either got cancelled or is releasing in 2016 as one of the 20th Anniversary titles. It’s been in development for some time. I really want to see that special blue Pikachu. Anyways, I still remember demon Pikachu that came from the depths of hell…

    2. I don’t care for the game, but I’m sorta pissed we haven’t heard anything about the game considering how the initial reveal stated “it would put the popularity of Pikachu at risk”

  7. So a lotta Zelda Buzz lately
    Mostly Hyrule Warriors Legends and Twilight Princess HD
    All Amiibo unlock little buffs including the new Cave of Shadows which is Wolf Link only
    My personal favorite is using the Ganondorf Amiibo which increases damage taken
    Imagine doing a Hero Mode, No Heart Containers, Ganondorf Amiibo and dare I say no saves? a true test

    1. A true test?
      4x damage means nothing if the enemies in TP can’t even touch you .-.

      Also locking a new dungeon and a new difficulty mode behind amiibo is stupid.

        1. Everyones bitching about the wolf and ganondorf amiibos and I’m over here like “Hero mode is available from the start and Cave of ordeals is better than the new one cause you get a real prizes…”

          1. Whateves, if I get cash to burn I’ll get the Wolf Amiibo and Game solely for Zelda Wii U

  8. Is it just me or is nobody talking about the superbowl ad Nintendo said they’re doing for pokemon?

      1. I’m thinking it might be showing the rerelease of the original games, get lots of old fans tjat didn’t already know, and then at the end show some shadow and say watch Feb 27 for a big announcement

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna b a new Pokemon GO commercial. Hell maybe at the end of it they say it’s available “RIGHT NOW” and then everyone can get on immediately lol

    2. I’m just hoping we get some kind of teaser for the main series. Maybe an “announcement of an announcement” to occur on the anniversary? Probably not, but it’s worth thinking about.

  9. I need to get my mind out of college for a while, and I’m bored. Move/Ability ideas?

    Pollen burst
    – Grass/60/100%/Special
    Damages foes and if a grass type of the opposite gender gets hit, it becomes infatuated.

    Soul Crash
    – Psychic/120/100%/Physical
    The user takes 30% recoil

    Ability: Vivid dreams
    Allows the user to use moves when asleep

    Flame Spectra
    – Fire/Varies/100%/Special
    The move’s power varies from 30-90, the chances of burning the foe increases as the move’s power decreases (max of 70% and min of 10%)

    1. I feel ur all move based on love isn’t it ? …I think these concept r neat ….but i have a problem with Pollen burst it should be exclusive for male gender but male Gogoat with milk drink is not logical too .

    2. Blindside
      Dark 120 Physical
      “The user waits for an opening and strikes the opponent within 2 turns”
      Fire Status
      “The user burns its injuries closed restoring half their maximum health”
      Sand Trap
      “The user transforms the ground into quicksand, all who enter cannot leave”
      Force Volley
      Psychic 25 Physical
      “Sending a barrage of psionic blasts striking the opponent 2-5 times”

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