Red, Blue & Yellow won’t utilize unnecessary restore points

The virtual console release of the original Pokémon titles, Red, Blue and Yellow, on the Nintendo 3DS will not utilize some of the normal features Gameboy VC releases do. Restore points, which allow you to save a game from any point and resume play later, will not be available. This may be seen as a loss to those who are interrupted during a particularly long or trying battle, but given the game’s built-in saving feature it should not be too much of an issue. Remember trainers: save often.

Nintendo seems to be paring down the features in order to minimize risk of tampering. The three games were famous for their bugs and glitches during their original release and fans have gotten much more devious throughout the years. Pokémon X&Y saw a short lived bug which allowed the 3DS’ built in web browser and camera to confer any monster into a trainer’s PC box. It is not surprising they’re having to double down on security with new releases, undoubtedly wary of what people may do after the source code is found and combed through.

Still excited for their release on February 27th?! If only some Pokémon weren’t completely useless in them… RIP my sweet prince Kingler.

<3 PJ